young heathen Chief; that they had est party took the centre, and placed yams, &c., prepared to eat with the themselves opposite our house. Imme. bodies of those slain in war; and diately the firing commenced; and it that Viwa would become an easy prey, was reported at the settlement, that the as many whales' teeth had been sent to young Chief had killed one with his different Chiefs, to engage them on the musket, and orders were given to beat side of Bau. At this time an old Chief the drum ; (they have a certain way of came from Bau with a request, that the beating, by which all know an enemy Chief of Viwa would cease to prepare for has fallen ;) the supposed victorious parwar. Soon after his arrival, the Priest ties shouted for joy, and rattled their professed to be inspired by their gods ; spears, clubs, and other weapons, clapand as he was near my house, I went to ping their hands in exultation. A sesee and hear. After various gesticula- cond report was, that another enemy tions, he said, “I am the Chief of war. had fallen, and orders were given for I only am strong and wise to fight. I a repeat on the drum. But immediately can do as I please. War is that by it was said, the enemy had gained a which I amuse myself; I love it; I landing, and the Viwa people were mak. wish now to sport therein. War is the ing for the fortification to defend them. proper exercise of Chiefs; it becomes selves. This was followed with shouts, thein. There are two things worthy thie "Our enemies have gained an entrance attention of gods and Chiefs,-war and into the town.' The men of Nameua feasts. Go on ; build your walls; erect had been placed around the fence near your fences. Fighting is good. I will us: the enemy rushed suddenly and fight; my hand is strong, and long also. overpowered them, and all the horrors I can extend it to Somosomo, to Tonga, of murder followed. Some, to save them. to Britain, and all lands. Why do you selves, leaped over our garden.fence, not go and burn Somosomo ?

both at the front and back of the house, erect your fences; the people of Vun their eneinies pursuing them to death. galea are erecting theirs, and all the One was killed close at our door, and cities are preparing for war; but none another at the window. The firing was will prevail against Bau.' He then awful, and they were falling dead on addressed the old Chief of Viwa, and every hand. I took Mrs. Cross and the said, 'Your children are shooting and children into the middle room, made amusing themselves with war : if they a bulwark of boxes to keep off the shot ; go too far, lay your preventing hand and we committed our cause into the upon them.' The god then called for hands of our heavenly Father, believing yang-gona, (kava,) that he might drink he would preserve us. I gave directions, and walk about, for he was weary with at the commencement of the fight, to sitting, having come in a canoe from the domestics and Teachers, to come Bulu (the supposed residence of the into the house and keep the door shut; gods) yesterday, and having been awake but, looking out at the window, I saw all night, watching over the people of the dead bodies surrounding us.

In Viwa. Yang-gona was prepared, and

the midst of this, a person came to tell he drank abundantly. After this, he us, that the enemy had been let into withdrew without farther ceremony. the town by treachery, and that the His departure was indicated by the whole was previously arranged by the Priest's feigning to faint, and then young Chiet and Seru of Bau, with a appearing like one awaking from his view to destroy the men of Nameua. sleep. The old Chief then offered me In less than an hour the war was over ; his hand, and said, that the god who a hundred were killed near our house, had just visited them was his son, who and the men of Bau were busily engaged died, went to Bulu, and became the god in conveying the bodies of the slain to of war. I corrected his error, and pro their canoes, that they might be taken claimed to him the one living and true to Bau to be divided amongst their God.

different friends for the purpose of being “ Meanwhile the men of Viwa were baked and eaten.

One hundred and strengthening their fortifications, and the seventy were slain. When it was over, young Chiet gave orders for them to Seru called to say, we need not fear : assemble to receive instructions respecte the war was over, and we might dwell ing the manner in which they were to in peace: he had love to us, and had proceed. About noon it was reported given direction to his men of war not to that the enemy was near, and, to etfect a touch us or our premises. Next mornlanding in different parts, had divided ing Seru called again, to request we themselves into three parties : the strong would not leave the land, and go to


Lakemba. I replied, “We are not thinkanother man who had been killed, was ing to remove ; but I wish your wars sent as a present to another koro to be were over.""

As he seemed disposed to talk On the tidings of the catastrophe at of nothing but war, we left him, and Viwa reaching Nameua, eighty women went to another great Chief, Vacikoso, a were strangled to accompany the fallen very large, powerful man in his day, but warriors to the land of spirits.

now enfeebled through age. I asked, as After the hearing of these things, we he professed to embrace Christianity two had family prayer, and retired for the years ago, if he now loved the Lord night.

Jesus Christ. He said “ It is very good, 17th.--I left Viwa for Bau, where we and I am trying to do so.” We left this went to the house of Tanoa, to whom populous city greatly regretting that I all Feejee pays respect. He is, in a had not a Missionary to stand up between certain sense, Prince of Kings, a vene the living and the dead, that the moral rable old man. His house surpasses, in plague might be stayed. When we had magnitude and grandeur, any thing I sailed about ten miles, our men exclaimhave seen in these seas. It is one hun. ed, “ They are going to roast a man!” dred and thirty feet long, and forty-two We made sail for the spot, and saw the feet wide, with massive columns in the dead corpse in a small canoe ready to be centre, and strong, curious workmanship taken to the oven, as soon as it was suffiin every part. Tanoa received us very ciently bot. Portions had been cut off, graciously; and on my offering a pre and sent to a great female Chief, the sent, he clapped hands, which was the Queen of Rewa's mother. Afterwards highest mark of respect, and an acknow. I saw the old woman, who is much reledgment that he was in the presence of spected by the Feejeeans. She seems an a greater Chief than himself. If the old, hardened cannibal. people had clapped hands at his instance, On our arrival at home, after taking a that would have shown respect; but little refreshment, Mr. Jaggar narrated doing it himself showed the greatest. the following facts :-One of the servants He beckoned me to sit on the mat by of the King of Rewa, a few months ago him. I told him it was my great wish ran away : she was soon, however, brought that a Missionary should live on his land back to the King's house, when, at the at Bau, and teach the people: he replied, Queen's request, her arm was cut off " It is very good.” I said, “Will you below the elbow, and cooked for the build him a house ?” He said, “ I am King, who ate it in her presence, and building that part of the city which was ordered her body to be burnt in different burnt down; but it is in my mind to parts. The woman is still living. build you a house." Having urged them Two men that were taken alive in the to renounce Paganism, embrace Chris war at Viwa, were removed from thence tianity, and strive to enter the kingdom to Kamba to be killed. Seru, the Bau of heaven, we bade them farewell. Chief, told his brother Raivalata the man

We then called on Seru, his son, whose ner in which he intended them to be killed. life is characterized by war, cruelty, and He said, “ That will be very cruel,” and bloodshed. He has thirty or forty wives : that if he would allow them to live, he the principal one was seated by him, while would give a

Seru answered, he was sleeping on his mat. On being “Keep your canoe : I want to eat men.” roused from his slumber, he gave me with Raivalata then left the town, that he lordly indifference his hand, the savage might not witness the horrid sight. The being depicted in every feature of his following cruel deed was then perpecountenance. Having told him what trated : The men doomed to death were lands I had visited, and our object in made to dig a hole in the earth for the visiting them, I added, “When will purpose of making a native oven, and were Four wars cease in Feejee?” He replied, required to cut fire-wood to roast their own “We will fight till we die: we will teach bodies. They were then directed to go our children to fight, and our children's and wash, and afterwards to make a cup children shall fight.” I said, “It is a of the banana-leaf, which, from an open pity in so good a land for your people to vein in each person, was soon filled with be destroyed.” He answered, “It will blood. This blood was drunk in the prebe very good for them all to be dead.” sence of the sufferers by the Kamba peoWhile we were there, we were told they ple. Seru then had their arms and legs were going to eat a man, and that his cut off, cooked, and eaten, some of which body was in the oven. Our patives were were presented to them. Seru then orsent to inquire more particularly into this dered a fish-hook to be put into their matter, and found it even so; and that tongues, which were drawn out as far as


possible, and then cut off: these were trunk, leaving what remained to dry in roasted and eaten, while they tauntingly

the sun. said, “We are eating your tongues. They sometimes eat the human body As life was not extinct, an incision was raw; but they say it is better baked. made in the side, and the bowels taken Sometimes the blood is drunk warm, and out, which soon terminated their suffer at other times cold. They also drink ings in this world. Mr. and Mrs. Jay- the blood of pigs. gar passed the town at the time this 19th.---Though few have as yet emtook place.

A man who hail witnessed braced Christianity at Rewa, its collateral this bloody deed gave the particulars as effects are felt. A great Chief at Bau above stated. It was confirmed by lotued and died at Rewa, and Mr. Jaggar several others at different times; and a was allowed to give him a Christian buFeejeean, who has loturd, gave me, rial in the place sacred for Chiefs; and in person, the same blood-chilling ac his widow was not strangled, because she count.

was the widow of a Christian man. After a war at Verata, Seru had the In the evening, we were surprised by children of the slaughtered taken to Bau, the discharge of a number of muskets and fastened to trees, that his own chile simultaneously : we sent to know the dren might kill them with the bow and reason, and found it was in consequence arrow, and thus learn to be warriors, it of a man being taken ill, and they were being the custom of Feejee to train their firing to drive the devil away, having a children for war in this way. A few persuasion that he had inflicted the months since, a man was bathing in the pain. Rewa river, when a shark devoured him; 20th.-I preached to the natives, in a on the hearing of which, a near relative house belonging to a Chief, and was strangled the widow.

much pleased with the number of perAbout the same time, a young woman sons present, and their generally serious ran away from the King's brother at behaviour. At eleven A. m. I preached Rewa. She was, however, soon brought to the Mission family : the rain deback, when fifteen muskets were fired at scending almost in torrents, prevented her; her brains were then beaten out more than one European attending. with a club, and the body was roasted In the afternoon, rain still pouring and eaten.

down, Mrs. Jagger met her class ; at the The father of the present King of close of which she called on a native Rewa was one of the greatest cannibals woman to pray. I was surprised at her ever known.

He used to say, when fluency; and as we were in an adjoining vegetables were brought him, “What is room, divided only by reeds, I requested there to eat with it?” They answered, Mr. Jaggar to give the subsequent part “ Pork.” “ No; that will not do." of her prayer, which was as follows:“ Fish,” “No; that will not do. Have “ Thank you, God, for putting love into you got a (ikalevu) great fish?” meaning Mr. Waterhouse, to leave his wife and a dead human body. He used to feel children, and come from such a distant people: if fat, he said, “ Your fat is land, to tell us about the things of God. good, I must eat you :" if lean, he sent He has not come to seek the riches of them to be fed. He liked man's flesh this land ; but in love. I thank you for especially in the morning. If his sons having preserved him on the waters from did not eat with him, he beat them. winds, rocks, and reefs; and no wonder ! This account Mr. Jaggar had from the for all things are easy to you; things difpresent King's brother, a very intelligent ficult are easy. Give us a retentive me

mory, to keep what we heard bim say in A Chief, a relative of Tanoa, made the morning! May we go to hear inhis escape, and was pursued until they struction, whether it rain greatly or blow found him in a tree, from which he was violently! Bless who is ill : help brought into the presence of Tanoa. His her, that she may not fear death. Give hands were then tied, and he was made us a mind to endure ; not to be discouto sit before Tanoa, who kissed him, rayed, and go back," &c. They give her while with his own hands he cut off one an excellent character. One day she of his arms, when, having drunk some could not get a canoe to bring her to her of his blood, he threw the arm on the class; and, rather than lose the opportufire, and afterwards eat it in his presence. nity of meeting her Christian friends, she The Chief said, “ Do not do that to me : swam across the river, (one hundred and I am a Chief.” Tanoa then cut off the thirty-seven feet wide, which is infested other arm, and his legs; also as much of with sharks. his tongue as he could ; then divided the 220,-Tanoa, the old King of Bau,

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has come to see me, with a great number comforts, and to benefit his countrymen. of his men. I said, “Will you build us He can now read and write. a house for a Missionary at Bau?" He 28th. We arrived in safety at Somosaid, “I have come to tell you, if you somo, and found the brethren and sisters will send a Missionary, I will do it im- well, considering the trials they have mediately.” To have a Missionary there, had. The two Kings, and almost all is of essential importance: it is the metro the fighting men, were away at a great polis of Feejee, the seat of cannibalism, feast. Since my last visit, the Missionthe sink of iniquity. O that my voice aries have been in perilous circumcould reach Great Britain ! Feejee, of stances ; and, for a while, thought they all lands, needs help! Had I Teachers, should have to flee for their lives ; but, they would receive them in every island. of late, the King has appeared of a better We want men fearless of death for mind. The perpetual wars, however, of Christ's sake; men willing to be martyrs. this unhappy land, and the threatened We cannot count the number of fee- invasion of the Bau Chiefs, make it a jecans. Some men have just been at grave question whether the time to leave Rewa, who had never seen the sea be Somosomo is not come. A number of fore, and who speak an entirely different their slain have been brought and eaten language : they are willing to receive the in the presence of the Missionaries. At messengers of mercy ; but, until some the same time, one or two circumstances King or commanding Chief shall lotu, show the salutary influence which the Misthere will be great difficulties. The sionaries are exerting over the mind of the fields are ripening. Pray ye the Lord young cannibal King. A very large beauof the harvest to send labourers into this tiful canoe has been built here; and, as it is extensive field !

the custom to kill and eat as many human 23d.--The rain has abated ; and the bodies as there are planks in the canoe, wind is more favourable. Mr. and Mrs. the carnage on this occasion was exJaggar are preparing to accompany us to pected to be great; and, on its complethe District-Meeting. The unsettled tion, orders were given that so many state of things renders it needful for her men should be killed as a feast for the car. to go, as no female will be secure alone, penters. The Missionaries, Messrs. Hunt Mr. Cross cannot leave for a single night, and Lyth, went to the King with preas they are in constant peril from the sents, and entreated him to spare the men ; Heathen.

but he seemed deaf to their entreaties. 25th.–At ten A. M. we weighed an They continued to importune, until, like chor, and set sail for Somosomo, com the unjust Judge, he was wearied into mitting our cause to God.

compliance. But how he was to satisfy A great Chief, belonging to Bau, who the Chiefs in such a departure from their lotued at Rewa about two months ago, ancient customs, was one difficulty. has begged a passage to Somosomo and This, however, he surmounted, by sayLakemba, wishful to tell their Kings of ing, as his men were comparatively few, the true God and Saviour. I am much he wished to spare their lives. Thus pleased with him, and hope his mission the canoe was finished and launched, will be for good; but as they are all without being stained with human blood. engaged in war, it is doubtful.

It is also the custom, when a new canoe I conversed with our Chief about the of such magnitude takes her first voyage, native wars, the circumstances which led to kill and eat some of the people of to his lotuing, &c. For some time he every land at which she touches. One was the greatest persecutor that the or two of the Christian Tonguese were Christians had. About ten months since with the King on this occasion; and, as he was afflicted, and exhausted his riches they approached the different lands, the by presenting them to his gods ; during people fed into the wilderness to escape which time he was constantly troubled death. The King, however, gave comwith alarming dreams, intimating that mandment in every case, that no men his affliction was for persecuting the should be killed; and, when the Sunday Christians, and shooting at the Mission came, he said to the Tonguese, “ It is aries. At length he made known his your sacred day. We will not sail, and mind to Mr. Jaggar ; sending at the you may worship your God.” The casame time to the King to say, that if he noe eventually returned without one ingot better he would return to Heathen dividual having been killed. ism! Since then he has seen the folly In another instance, the people of of his past conduct, has renounced Hea- Viwa on this land were encouraging the thenism, and embraced Christianity as Chiefs of Bau in their wars. The King the truth, and is seeking to enjoy its mustered his army, and determined on


what reason,

war with Viwa. Messrs. Hunt and Hobart-Town were very kind, and asked Lyth took presents to His Majesty, and me to preach, that they might know begged, that if the people surrendered whether I was wise.” A similar ac. and asked pardon, he would have mercy count of Sydney was given by Joshua, and spare the innocent.

The result was,

who testified of the kindness shown to he went with eleven hundred fighting him : “But,” said he,“ on going to the men ; and after killing a few, the rest chapel, I was surprised to find that they surrendered; but as there had been a great made

(organ) “sing. The deal of treachery connected with the Bau Chiefs wished me to tell them the root alliance, it was expected that the law of of my going : they assembled, and I extermination would be enforced : espe. told them the root of it all. I then cially as they had gained the fort, and went to Paramatta, in a vessel whose his warriors were anxious to massacre sail was fire. I looked, but could not the whole, and take the spoil. But the tell what made it go straight on : it had King commanded, that neither man, wo. no sails like our canoes, no man padman, nor child should be killed. They dling as with us; and yet, wind or no were accordingly spared ; and the war wind, it went straight. I found, moreparty returned without any of their usual over, that it listened to what was said, marks of triumph. These are glorious and stopped when it was toid, to let achievements ; and by one acquainted people go off. All that I could find as (like me) with cannibal Feejee, they the means of its going on, was, two must be regarded as the twilight of a things which went up and down." brighter day.

After remarking on

the wonders of July 2d.-W'e left Somosomo, accom. Sydney, Paramatta, the Missionary panied by Messrs. Hunt, Lyth, and Meeting, and his visit to New Zealand, Jaggar, for Lakemba; Mr. and Mrs. &c., he said, “I am thankful I have Tucker staying to protect the Mission visited Hobart-Town and Port-Jackson, premises and their families, during our and have seen so much : and now, for absence.

think you, can Missionaries 7th. I landed at Lakemba, and was leave such good lands, houses, and welcomed, as usual, by the Mission riches, and people that respect them; families. In the evening I waited upon and come here, where their houses are the King and Chiefs with presents. bad, their food bad, and they have to

8th. We entered on the business of endure bad words, and bad things? the District-Meeting, having all the bre. What is the conclusion? They come thren present except Mr. Cross. The in love to us, in love to our souls, not to sympathy of the District-Meeting was bring us worldly news, but the Gospel, expressed to him in a letter, as we pain- that we may not perish. You who fully felt the peculiarly trying circum come from Tonga to Feejee, talk about stances in which the Viwa war had leaving your land! what its riches, w

what placed him and his family.

its food, compared with what the Mis18th.—The Feejeean service was con sionaries have left ? Let us, then, atducted by Joshua, the native Teacher, tend to their instructions ; let us be who had been at Hobart-Town, &c., decided in religion. Remember, the and who, at the request of the Mission love of God is heavy; and remember, aries, gave a narrative of his travels, &c. the wrath of God is heavy also. This He stated, in a very touching manner, is the end of my report.".

When the circumstances which led to his ac Joshua had finished, the drum beat, and companying Mr. Cargill; also my visit Mr. Lyth preached to the Tonguese : to Kandavu, where they had determined Mr. Jaggar preached in Feejee in the to cut off the first boat's crew that afternoon, and Joshua gave his narrative touched on their land. He further said, to the Tonguese afterwards.

In the “On my arrival at Hobart-Town all evening Mr. Hunt preached, and I adthings were new to me; it seemed quite ministered the sacrament of the Lord's a new world, and I said to niyself, · Is supper. At the close of the sermon, a it real, or am I dreaming?' For some white


who had lived nine years in time I could not persuade myself it was Feejee, expressed a wish to disclose his more than a dream : at length 1 was mind, which was as follows :_“I have convinced of its reality, and gazed with been here some months, and often felt increasing wonder, and my soul fed under the preaching of Mr. Calvert and from me in astonishment. I then began Mr. Williams; but, last Sunday night, to love the Missionaries more than ever, when Mr. Waterhouse was preaching, I who had left such good things to come felt my sins a heavy load, and have had to Tonga and Feejcc. The Chiefs at no rest night or day since; and this

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