other, and from one sabbath to wings; and ye shall


forth and another, shall all flesh come to grow up as calves of the stall. worship before me, saith the 42 And ye shall tread down Lord.

the wicked : for they shall be 34 And all flesh shall know ashes under the soles of your that I the Lord am thy Saviour feet, in the day that I shall do and thy Redeemer, the mighty this, saith the Lord of hosts. One of Jacob: for mine house 43 They also that erred in shall be called an house of prayer spirit shall come to understandfor all people.

ing, and they that murmured 35 For the earth shall be shall learn doctrine. filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the

LESSON CLXXIX. waters cover the sea.

36 For I know their works Thus saith the Lord that made and their thoughts : it shall thee, and formed thee from the come, that I will gather all na- womb, which will help thee : tions and tongues; and they Fear not, O Jacob my servant, shall come, and see my glory. and thou Jesurun whom I have

37 And I will set a sign chosen. among them, and I will send 2 For I will pour water those that escape of them unto upon him that is thirsty, and the nations, to Tarshish, Pul, floods upon the dry ground: I

I and Lud, that draw the bow, will pour my spirit upon thy to Tubal and Javan, to the isles seed, and my blessing upon afar off, that have not heard my thine offspring : fame, neither have seen my glo- 3 And they shall spring up ry; and they shall declare my as among the grass, as willows glory among the Gentiles.

by the water-courses. 38 Fear not; for I am 4 I will instruct thee, and with thee: I will bring thy seed teach thee in the way which from the east, and gather thee thou shalt go : I will guide thee from the west :

with mine eye. 39 I will say to the north, 95 Zion shall be redeemed Give up; and to the south, with judgement, and her conKeep not back: bring my sons verts with righteousness. from far, and my daughters from 6 The mighty God, even the the ends of the earth;

Lord hath spoken, and called the 40 Even every one that is earth from the rising of the sun, called by my name: for I have unto the going down thereof. created him for my glory, I have 7 Out of Zion, the perfection formed him; yea, I have made of beauty, God hath shined. him.

8 Behold, the days come, 141 But unto you that fear saith the Lord, that I will raise myname shall the Sun of righte- unto David a righteous Branch, ousness arise with healing in his and a King shall reign and


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prosper, and shall

execute every one in the name of his judgement and justice in the god, and we will walk in the earth.

name of the Lord our God for 9 In his days Judah shall ever and ever. be saved, and Israel shall dwell 15 In that day, saith the safely: and this is his name Lord, will I assemble her that whereby he shall be called, The halteth, and I will gather her Lord our Righteousness. that is driven out, and her that

10 And in the last days it I have afflicted : shall come to pass, that the 16 And I will make her that mountain of the house of the halted a remnant, and her that Lord shall be established in the was cast far off a strong nation: top of the mountains, and it and the Lord shall reign over shall be exalted above the hills; them in mount Zion from hence. and people shall flow unto it. forth even for ever.

11 And many nations shall 17 Sing, O heavens, and be come, and say, Come, and let joyful, 0 earth, and break forth us go up to the mountain of into singing, O mountains : for the Lord, and to the house of the Lord hath comforted his the God of Jacob, and he will people, and will have mercy teach us of his ways, and we

upon his afflicted. will walk in his paths : for the 18 But Zion said, The Lord law shall go forth of Zion, and hath forsaken me, and my Lord the word of the Lord from Je- hath forgotten me. rusalem.

19 Can a woman forget her 12 And he shall judge sucking child, that she should among many people, and re- not have compassion on the son buke strong nations afar off; of her womb? yea, they may forand they shall beat their swords get, yet will I not forget thee. into ploughshares, and their 20 Behold, I have graven spears into pruning-hooks : na- thee upon the palms of my tion shall not lift up a sword hands, thy walls are continuagainst nation, neither shall ally before me. they learn war any more.

21 Sing, O ye heavens ; for 13 But they shall sit every the Lord hath done it: shout, man under his vine and under ye lower parts of the earth : his fig-tree; and none shall break forth into singing, ye make them afraid : for the mountains, O forest, and every mouth of the Lord of hosts tree therein: for the Lord hath hath spoken it.

redeemed Jacob, and glorified 14 For all people will walk himself in Israel.





SECTION 1.- God the Creator.


7 For immediately there was

great and innumerable fruit, O LORD, thou spakest from the and many and divers pleasures beginning of the creation, even for the taste, and flowers of unthe first day, and saidst thus; changeable colour, and odours Let heaven and earth be made: of wonderful smell : and this and thy word was a perfect was done the third day. work.

8 Upon the fourth day thou 2 And then was the spirit; commandedst that the sun and darkness and silence were should shine, and the moon on every side; the sound of give her light, and the stars man's voice was not yet formed. should be in order :

3 Then commandedst thou a 9 And gavest them a charge fair light to come forth of thy to do service unto man, that treasures, that thy work might was to be made. appear.

10 Upon the fifth day thou 4 Upon the second day thou saidst unto the seventh part, madest the spirit of the firma- where the waters were gather. ment, and commandedst it to ed, that it should bring forth part asunder, and make a di- living creatures, fowls and fishvision betwixt the waters, that es : and so it came to pass. the one part might go up, and 11 For the dumb water, and the other remain beneath. without life, brought forth liv.

5 Upon the third day thou ing things at the commanddidst command that the waters ment of God, that all people should be gathered in the might praise thy wondrous seventh part of the earth : six works. parts hast thou dried up, and 12 He that liveth for ever, kept them to the intent that of created all things : these some being planted of 13 Which spake but the God and tilled might serve word, Let the earth be made ; thee.

and it was made : Let the 6 For as soon as thy word heaven be made; and it was went forth, the work was made. created.



14 In his word were the 25 Then did the Lord constars made, and he knoweth the sider these things, and they all number of them.

were made through him alone, 15 He searcheth the deep, and through none other : by and the treasures thereof; he him also they shall be ended, hath measured the sea and and by none other. · what it containeth. 16 He hath shut the sea in

LESSON II. the midst of the waters, and with his word hath he hanged The Lord created man of the the earth upon the waters. earth, and turned him into it

17 He spreadeth out the again. heavens like a vault; upon the 2 He gave them few days, waters hath he founded it. and a short time, and power

18 In the desert hath he also over the things therein. made springs of water, and 3 He endued them with pools upon the tops of the strength by themselves, and mountains, that the floods might made them according to his pour down from the high rocks image. to water the earth.

4 And put the fear of man 19 He made man, and put upon all flesh, and gave him his heart in the midst of the dominion

beasts and body, and gave him breath, life, fowls. and understanding.

5 Counsel, and a tongue, 20 In the beginning, when and eyes, ears, and a heart, the earth was made, before the gave he them to understand. borders of the world stood, or 6 Withal he filled them ever the winds blew,

with the knowledge of under21 Before it thundered and standing, and showed them lightened, or ever the founda- good and evil. tions of paradise were laid, 7 He set his eye upon their

22 Before the fair flowers hearts, that he might show them were seen, or ever the moveable the greatness of his works. powers were established, before 8 He gave them to glory in the innumerable multitude of his marvellous acts for ever, that angels were gathered together, they might declare his works

23 Or ever the heights of with understanding. the air were lifted up, before 9 And the elect shall praise the measures of the firmament his holy name. were named,

10 Beside this he gave them 24 And ere the present years knowledge, and the law of life were sought out, and or ever the for an heritage. inventions of them that now 11 He made an everlasting sin were turned, before they covenant with them, and showed were sealed that have gathered them his judgements. faith for a treasure ;

12 Their eyes saw the majesty


of his glory, and their ears heard the words of the Lord are his his glorious voice.

works. 13 And he said unto them, 2 The sun that giveth light Beware of all unrighteous looketh upon all things, and the ness; and he gave every man work thereof is full of the glory commandment concerning his of the Lord. neighbour.

3 The Lord hath not given T 14 The works of the Lord power to the saints to declare are done in judgement from the all his marvellous works, which beginning: and from the time the Almighty Lord firmly sethe made them he disposed the tled, that whatsoever is, might parts thereof.

be established for his glory. 15 For sun, moon, and stars, 4 He hath garnished the exbeing bright, and sent to do cellent works of his wisdom, their offices, are obedient. and he is from everlasting to

16 In like manner the light- everlasting : unto him may ning when it breaketh forth is nothing be added, neither can easy to be seen; and after the he be diminished, and he hath same manner the wind bloweth no need of any counsellor. in every country.

5 Oh how desirable are all 17 And when God command- his works!' and that a man may eth the clouds to go over the see even to a spark. whole world, they do as they 6 All these things live and are bidden.

remain for ever for all uses, and 18 He garnished his works they are all obedient. for ever, and in his hand are the 7 All things are double one chief of them unto all genera- against another : and he hath tions: they neither labour, nor made nothing imperfect. are weary, nor cease from their 8 One thing establisheth the works.

good of another : and who shall 19 None of them hindereth be filled with beholding his another, and they shall never glory? disobey his word.

9 The pride of the height, the 20 After this the Lord looked clear firmament, the beauty of upon the earth, and filled it with heaven, with his glorious show; his blessings.

10 The sun when it appear21 With all manner of living eth, declaring at his rising a things hath he covered the face marvellous instrument, the work thereof; and they shall return of the most High: into it again.

11 At noon it parcheth the

country, and who can abide the LESSON III.

burning heat thereof?

12 A man blowing a furI WILL remember the works nace is in works of heat, but of the Lord, and declare the the sun burneth the mountains things that I have seen : In three times more; breathing


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