always elegant in your dress, but taken by the people, from the never expensive ; or, I would rath: || junction of the Welsh mountain er say, never suffer yourself to be and Conewago hill, several miles profuse ; but your own good sense along the Welsh mountain, and will tell you that this article ought along the Conewago bill, as far as entirely to be directed by the state Colebrook Forge, within twenty of your husband's purse. In the miles of this place, (Harrisburg, management of your family, be Pennsylvania.) They were of difregular to exactitude and always ferent sizes and kinds. The danı pay every bill yourself : by this of Spring Grove forge, the seat of means you will avoid many impo- Cyrus Jacobs, Esq. in Lancaster sitions ; for it will prevent trades. county, was filled with them, and people and servants from combin they were shot without difficulty. ing to cheat. Be kind, and even It reinains for philosophers to acaffectionate, to all your domestics; count for this fall of ducks. but at the same time never sufer them to be guilty of the slightest disrespect. Let your conduct set them an example both of religion

ORIGINAL ANECDOTE. and morality; and above all things, avoid the practice of run Not long since, a silly fellow ning in debt. Cultivate those tal observed to a friend of his, that his ents with which nature has en

brother had removed to North dowed you, for the purpose of ren Carolina, where it was very proba. dering your society more pleasing ble he would prosper, as he was a to the object of your choice ; for man possessed of good talons. No though beauty may, for a time, de doubt, replied a wag, who was light the eyes of a husband, it is standing by; he will, I dare say, mental qualifications alone which find considerable use for them, as can insure the possession of his there is a good deal of the gouging heart.

business carried on there.


About the beginning of May,
the persons residing along the
Welsh mountain and Conewago

A new virtue is discovered in

the loadstone. The severest fits Hill, were astonished, on rising in

of gout will, it is said, be cured, the morning after a thunder storm, to observe large numbers of wild by the sufferer wearing a magnet

enclosed in a flannel case next his ducks unable to fly, on the ground, and in ponds of water. They were


man, striking the floor with his A Clergyman lately took for his stick, and casting a furious look at text these words—"The flesh, the

the querist-why, sir-that war world, and the devil”—and began

which gave you liberty to think, his sermon in the following man speak and act—that war which de.

I shall just touch upon the feated the machinations of a ty. flesh, pass lightly over the world, rant, built up the rights of humaniand hasten as fast as I can to the

ty, and gave America a rank and devil.”

a nane among the nations of the




As a certain Right Honorable
Lord, who is in the Irish list of
Irish Barons, was lately shooting While two men were employed
about the enviroris of his house in

in the interior of a family vault, the country, and observed a gen

about seven miles from Leeds, a tleman of the neighbourhood in the

meagre figure, black from head to field, hastily and insolently accost

foot, glided into the sepulcharal ed him with a'd you, sir, if

mansion; the man whose eye first ever I see you here again, I'll send caught the spectre became instantyou to H.'To which the

ly petrified with horror, his speech gentleman, with great coolness, in. | forsook him, and it was only by a stantly made this laconic and sig. || vigorous effort that he could jog nificant reply : If you do, my

the elbow of his fellow, and point Ford, I'll tell your father what a

to the object of alarm. Like the fool he has left behind him.'

shock of an electric spark, the terThis rod for the fool's back, ac

was communicated by the

touch ; but the symptoms were coinpanied by pungent pickle for the character of a wicked father,

not so strong in the second as in

the first subject : taking courage, came fresh from the tough old

he addressed the ghost in a faltercask of mother wit.'

ing accent, and said, “ In the name
of God, what is your errand to this

world ?“I have no errand ; I • It happened during the war,' was going past and I thought I said Patrick, commencing his sto would look in." These grateful ry

sounds instantly dispelled the illuWhat war ?' said one of the

sion, and the workmen recognized

in " them the well known voice company.

of a neighbouring chimney-sweep6 What war ?' reiterated the old er!!


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places was found the eighth of an inch thick.


It was

The City Inspector reports the death of

The wife of Mr. Bellinger, a 46 persons in this city and suburbs dur.

rope-maker of Monfleur, N. York, ing the last week.iz. 14 men, 7 wo.

was delivered in March last of men, 13 boys, and 13 girls.

four daughters, all living, with the

mother, and doing well. Dayton, Ohio) June 28. MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE.

Captain Porter, of the brig TriThe following melancholy oc

ton, from the Isle of May, informs, currence happened near Troy,

that there had not been any rain Miami county, on Sunday the 17th

for four inst.

years ; in

of A boy between 9 and 10


which all the Jackasses had died, years old, the son of Mr. Joseph

and that all the salt was brought Beedle, was found in an elm tree,

by human hands for a mile and a suspended by the neck.

half. supposed that in ascending the tree, and attempting to force himself between the trunk and a

On the 5th July, Dr. James Nibranch that grew almost perpendi- || blocks, a native of Ireland, but for cular, he lost his foothold, and was six or seven years past an inhabicaught by the neck between the tant of Brunswick county, Virtrunk of the tree and the branch,

ginia, was shot, and instantly ex. One of his arms was confined, and

pired. The next day a coroner's being thus unable to extricate him- inquest was held over the bodyself, his own weight soon choaked the jury found, that he came to his him to death. The child's parents

death by two bullets and a buck were at meeting about two miles shot being fired in his left side or off. His younger brothers were

breast, from a gun or pistol, by at the house, which was near; they

some person to them unknown. A heard the noise, and ran to the Mr. Benjamin Edmund was taken tree, and from thence to the meet up on suspicion of having commit. ing; but before the unhappy pa

ted the murder, but no evidence rents could come to his relief, their appearing to authorise a commitchild was no more.

ment, he was discharged.

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Frost-Letters from Chenango Francis Perry, post-rider be. county, state that they experienced tween Staunton and Fauquier court a severe frost on the night of the house, Virg. has been committed 18th ult. which had greatly injured

to the Staunton gaol, upon the the crops of corn. Ice in many ll charge of robbing the mail.


At Granger, Dutchess county by

the Rev. Mr. Cobel, Mr. William Mr. Congecatharlachaga, is inadmissible, for which he will readily Kells, aged 11.

Allen, aged 18, to Miss Betsey perceive on perusing the errata of Censor in the 13th number of the On Thursday evening, the 26tit Miscellany, as corrected.

ult. at Belville, by the Rev. Mr. We also take this opportunity Sanford, Mr. Jeremiah T. Brower, to observe, which we would wish son of Mr. John Brower, of this cito be remembered, that criticisms ty, to Miss Phoebe Dowv, daughter upon compositions that have pre of the Rev. Mr. John Dom, of Belo viously appeared in our paper, will

ville, N.J. be discontinned for the future, as On Sunday evening last, by the we think they neither contribute Rev. Mr. Howe, Wm. M. Johnson, to the amusement or instruction

Esq. of 1. Orleans, to Miss Sarah of our patrons.

Rice, of Nova Scotia.

On Monday evening, the 23d ult.

On the 17th June, Mrs. Jane Mr. William W. Hyer, silversmith,

Kith, fidou f Cat. B. 8. Kin, to Miss Sarah Hagstaff, both of this aged 32 years city.

On the 30th ult, in the 81st year On Saturday evening last, by the of her age, Mrs. Taneca Mandeville, Rev. Mr. Cooper, James Dewitt, to after a tedious illness, which she Miss Catharine Heyer.

bore with christian resignation. On Wednesday evening last, by On the 25th March last, on his the Rev. Dr. Richard Moore, Ano Il passage froin Havanna to Monte drew Graham, Esq. of Montgo. | Veido, Mr. Samuel S. Taylor, in mery, Orange county, to Miss Hes

the 26th year of his age. ter Hardenbrook, daughter of Mr.

On Wednesday morning, Mr, Abel Hardenbrook, of this city.

John Alexander. At. New Orleans, on the 14th of

On the 29th July, Mre. Marga. June, by the Rev. Philander Chase, Beverly Chew, Esq. of that city, to

ret Dwight, aged 74 years, widow Miss Maria T. Duer, daughter of of the late Capt. Joseph Dwight. the late Col. Wm. Duer, of this city.

In England, Mr. Windham, a On Monday evening last, by the distinguished meinber of the House Rev. Dr. Romeyn, Mr. Abraham of Commons. His death was occaS. Egerton, to Miss Martha An sioned by receiving a blow on the derson, daughter of Col. Anderson, his, which gave rise to an indolent dl of this city.


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for me,

Who droop their heads as if they wept COLINETTA. Written by an English Lady. The pensive linnet has forgot to sing, TWAS when the fields had shed their

The lark is silent till returning spring, golden grain,

The spring shall all these wonted charms And burning suns had scar'd the russet

restore, plain,

Which Colinetta must behold no more, No more the rose nor hyacinth were Farewell ye fields, my native fields adieu!

Whose fertile lays my early fingers seen, Nor yellow cowslips on the tufted green :

knew, But the rude thistle wove its hoary

Where, when an infant, I was wont to crown,

stray, And the ripe nettle show'd an inksome And gather king-cups at the close of day, brown,

How oft has Lidia told a mournful tale, In mournful plight the tarnish'd groyes

By the clear lake that shines in yonder appear,

vale, And nature weeps for the declining year,

When she had done, I sung a cheerful The sun too quickly reach'd the western lay, sky,

While the glad goldfinch listin'd on the And rising vapours hid his evening eye, spray, Autumnal threads around the branches Cheard by my song, each jolly swain

flew, And the dry stubble drank the falling and rosy virgins throng'd around to dew,

hear : In this sick season at the close of day, Farewell ye swaing ! ye nymphs adieu ! On Lida's lap pale Colinetta lay, Tho'l, unwilling, leave these fields and Whose sallow cheeks had lost their rosy

you, dye,

Still may sweet music bless your happy And sparkles languish'd in her closing shore, eye,

But Colinetta you must bear no more. Parch'd were those lips whence music

Lidia! then if wayward tongue us'd to flow,

should blame No more the Aute her wearied fingers | My life, and blast a harmless sirgim's know :


drew near,

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