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Hverage Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended September 1st. Wheat, 54s. 70.-Rye, 26s. 70.Barley, 25s. 10d.Oats, 20s. Od.-Beans, 27s. 2. Pease, 328. Od.

Beer or Big, Os. Od. Oatmeal, Os. Od.


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Irish ...


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London, Corn Exchange, Sept. 3.

Liverpool, Sept. 4.
9. d. S. d.

9. d. S. d. Wheat, red, new 46 to 50 Hog pease. 27 to 28||Wheat, per 70 lb. Amer. p. 196 lb. Fine ditto 52 to 60 Maple

28 to 30 Eng. Old 9 4 to 10 0 Sweet, U.S.- O to Superfine ditto 62 to 64 White

30 to 34|Waterford 8 3 to 9 0 Do. in bond 24 O to 26 Ditto, old

to Ditto, boilers. 35 to 36 Limerick. 8 3 to 9 0 Sour do. . 33 0 to 36 0 White, new 48 to 54 New ditto, • -to Drogheda 8 6 to 9 3 Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Fine ditto 55 to 62 SmallBeans, new30 to 33|| Dublin 8

0 to 8 8 English 28 0 to 31 0 Superfine ditto '65 to 70 Harrow 28 to 30|Scotch ..90 to 9 6 Scotch 26 O to 30 0 Ditto, old to Tick, new. 25 to 28|Irish Old


25 0 to 29 0 Foreign, new to-Ditto, old -to

Bonded ..

4. O to 5 Bran, p. 24 lb. 1 0 to 1 1 Rye 28 to 32 Foreign

to Barley, per 60 lbs. Fine ditto, -to-Feed oats 18 to 20 Eng. 4 6 to 5 0

Butter, Beef, ge. Barley 24 to 26 Fine .

20 to 22 Scotch 4 0 to 4 6 Butter,p.cwt. s. d. $. d. Fine, new .

26 to 27 Poland ditto 20 to 23 Irish .... 3 10 to 4 Belfast, new 79 0 to 800 Superfine 27 to 28 Fine. . 23 to 24 Oats, per 15 lb.

Newry 78 0 to 790 Malt

42 to 52 Potatoe ditto . 24 to 25 Eng. pota. 3 3 to 3 Waterford 72 0 to 73 O Fine 56 to 60 Fine . . 26 to 28||Irish do.. 3 1 to 3 5 Cork,pic.2d, 72 0 to 74 0

Scotch do. 3 4 to 5 5 3d dry 68 0 to 0

Rye, per qr.30 0 to 32 0 Beef, p. tierce.
Seeds, gc.


- Mess 110 0 to 115 0

- Fine ..93 to 9 6 - Middl. 65 0 to 75 0 S. S. d.

s.l-Middl. .8 6 to 9 Pork, p. brl. Must. Brown, 7 to 12 6 Hempseed to

Beans, per qr.

-Mess 56 0 to 60 0 -White 5 to 8 0 Linseed, crush. 46 to 52 English.34 0 to 37 0 Middl. . 54 O to 55 0 Tares, new,. 36 to 16 0 New, for Seed - to lirish .. 34 0 to 36 0 Bacon, p. cwt. Turnips, bsh. 22 to 28 0 Ryegrass, 18 to 26|Rapeseed, p. l. £30 to 31 Short mids. 30 0 to 32 0 -Red & green-to - 0 Clover, red cwt. 50 to 60 Pease,grey30 0 to 32 0 Sides 28 0 to 0

-Yellow, to-0-White 66 to 100-White : 40 0 to 46 0 Hams, dry, 50 0 to 55 0 Caraway, cwt. 56 to 65 o Coriander .. 8 to 14 Flour, English,

Green 30 0 to 32 0 Canary, qr. 42 to 16 0 Trefoil

: . 14 to 30 p.240lb.fine41 0 to 13 0 Lard,rd.p.c.42 0 to - 0 Rape Seed, per last, £29 to £31. IlIrish 39 0 to 42 0 Tongue,p.fir. 42 0 to 48 0

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per b.

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......183. Od.

EDINBURGH.-September 12.

Oats. Pease & Beans.
1st,......36s. Od. Ist, .....225. 6d. 1st,...... 208. 6d. 1st,...... 19s. Od.
2d, ......33s. Od. 2d, ......20s. Od. 2d,......18s. Od. 2d,.
3d,......30s. Od. 3d, ......18s. Od. 3d, ......16s. Od. 3d,......17s. Od.
Average of Wheat, £1 : 12: 4d. 9-12ths. per.boll.

Tuesday, September 11.
Beef (174 oz. per lb.) Os. 4d. to Os. 78. Quartern Loaf Os. 9d. to Os. Od

Os. 4d. to Os. 6d. New Potatoes (28 lb.) Os. 10d. to Os. Od Veal

Os. 5d. to Os. 8d. Fresh Butter, per lb. ls. 4d. to Os. Od Pork

Os. 5d. to Os. 6d. Salt ditto, per stone 16s. .Od." to Os. Od Lamb, per quarter ls. Od. to 2s.6d. Ditto, per lb.

ls. Od. to Os. Od Tallow, per stone 75. Od. to 9s. Od. Eggs, per dozen Os. 8d. to Os. Od

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Beans. Ist, .....33s. Gd. Ist, ..... 22s. Od. 1st, ....,18s. Od. Ist,.....18s. Od. 1st,.....18s. Od. 2d........3ls. 6d. | 2d ....... 198. Od. 2d.......168. Od. 2d, .....16s. Od. | 2d....... 16s. Od. 3d,...... 28s. Od. | 3d,......178. Od. 3d,...... 14s. Od. | 3d,.....14s. Od. | 3d,...... 14s. Od.


Beans. Ist, ...

... —s. Od. | Ist, ... 195. Od. 1st, ... 175. Od. 1st, 2d, ... -S. Od. | 2d,

155. Od. 2d,

3d, ... -s. Od. / 3d,
3d, 12s. Od. | 3d,

3d, Average, £1 : 1ls. 2d. 2-12ths.


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-S. Od. ... -S. Od.

... -S. Od.
... -S. Od.

S. Od.

-$. Od. ... -S. Od. ... 5. Od.

ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 20th

of July and the 20th of August, 1821, extracted from the London Gazette. Adeoek, D. Melton Mowbray, druggist.

Langstaff, W. Liverpool, merchant. Amold, G. Manchester, fustían manufacturer. Lawrence, J. Pimlico, wine-merchant. Atkinson, G. Bishop Wearmouth, dealer.

Lawrence, G. Stratford, Essex, silk-manufacturer. Atkinson, P. Rathbone Place, Oxford St. haber. Leasingham, T. Worcester, hosier. dasher.

Lee, J. Noble Street, jeweller. Baggeley, R. & Co. Stoke-upon-Trent, Stafford, Lynch, J. Liverpool, merchant. china-inanufacturers.

Meredith, J. Manchester, paper-dealer. Banks, W. Clapham, York, woollen-draper. Monk, A. F. Tollesbury, Essex, dealer in cattle. Barthrop, W. sen. Lincoln, Woolstapler.

Noble, J. Salford, brewer. Boddy, W. Hillingdon, Middlesex, farmer. Nutman, J. late of West Drayton, Middlesex, Boyd, A Commercial Road, master mariner.

vintner. Bullman, J. & T. Milnthorp, Westmoreland, mer. Pickles, J. Keighley, corn-dealer. cers, &c.

Pigot, W. Ratcliffe Highway, grocer. Burnett, H. Dodd's Place, Bethnal Green, oilman, Ponay, G. S. Little Yarmouth, brick-maker. Clark, H. late of Buckden, Huntingdon, grocer,

Porthouse, T. Wigton, Cumberland, dyer. de

Redward, C. B. Portsea, scrivener. Clay, T. Worksop, grocer.

Roberts, M. Manchester, grocer. Cloutman, J. Shoreditch, carpenter.

Roberts, J. Hull, blackbeer-brewer. Connor, C. F. Peckham, soap-maker.

Room, J. sen. Bristol, merchant. Couchman, S. Canterbury, grocer.

Sandback, J. Bird's Buildings, Islington, slater. Cox, T. Crediton, innkeeper.

Scarrow, T. & J. Carlisle wine merchants. Crackler, J. jun. Enfield Wash, farmer.

Schmueck, A. St Mary Axe, inerchant. Danby, M. Lucas Street, Commercial Road, mas Shepherd, E. Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Squ. ter mariner.

wine-merchant. Daries, W. Runcorn, flour-dealer.

Smith, H. Blackburn, cotton-manufacturer. Drake, J. Lewisham, master mariner,

Smith, J. St John's in Bedwardine, Worcester, English, F. Birmingham, draper.

hop-merchant. Flanders, J. Atherstone, bookseller.

Smith, H. W. Bird's Buildings, Islington, teaFlindt, G. London Wall, merchant.

dealer. Garton, S. Wood Street, Cheapside, silk-manufac Snowdown, J. B, Lynn, linendraper. turer.

Stabb, T. & Co. Torquay, Devon, & Prowse, J. Gilbert, J. Maidstone, rope-maker.

S. Botolph Lane, merchants. Goadby, T. Warwick, plumber,

Staniforth, W. Little East Cheap, wine-merchant. Gartrix, s. & Co. Manchester, calico-printers. Stanton, J. Worcester, timber-merchant. Haggart, J. Limehouse Hole, victualler.

Treadway, T. Sloane Square, china-inan. Hart, J. Edwardstone, Suffolk, maltster.

Vice, J. Valentine Row, Blackfriars Road, Surrey, Heague. J. Chalford, Gloucester, linen-draper. oilman. Horlson, F. M. Manchester, drysalter.

Warwick, R. Warwick-Hall, Cumberland, banker. Horton, W. Yardley, Worcester, timber-mer Webster, J. Derby, tailor. chant,

Wells, D. Friskney, Lincoln, merchant. Hoyle, J. Beech Street, button-seller.

Welsh, W. Liverpool, drysalter. Huybens, C. W. Castle Street, Leicester Square, West, J. R. Louth, coachmaker. picture-dealer.

White, J. Tarporley, Chester, innkeeper. Jagger, J. East Stonehouse, Devon, stone-mason. Wildlash. T. R. Aylesford, Kent, farmer. Keech, W. Axminster, grocer.

Wilkes, T. Liverpool, bell hanger. Kirk, W. Sutton, York, jobber.

Williams, R. Llangerul, Anglesea, draper. Ladkin, W. Leir, Leicestershire, victualler. AlphabETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

31st August, 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Bell, James, merchant and carrier, Glasgow. Thomson, Andrew, ship-owner, West Wemyss. Bennet, George, merchant in Keith.

Turnbull, Michael, hosier at Appletree-Hall, near Bowie, Henry, and Sons, manufacturers, Paisley. Hawick. Bruce, John, ironmonger, Edinburgh.

Williamson, Elizabeth, merchant and fish-curer Easton, Thomas, baker and flour-merchant, Rich at Letheron Wheel, county of Caithness.

mond-street, Edinburgh. Henderson, William, lately carrying on business

DIVIDENDS. as a flax-spinner at Mairsfield, near Dundee. Ferrier, Alexander, merchant, Kirkcaldy; a diviLawrie and Co. hat-manufacturers, Portobello. dend 27th September. Macy lliviay, Donald, drover and cattle-dealer, Fraser, James, draper in Inverness ; a dividend

residing at Balnacarnish of Aberchalder, county 14th September. of Inverness.

Perth Foundry Company: a dividend of 18s. per Macgregor, John, merchant and spirit-dealer, pound after 15th August. Glagow,

Smith, Thomas, mason and builder in Glasgow ; Moffat, Robert, cattle-dealer and builder at Mil a dividend 19th September. to, near Glasgow.

Sutherland, Thomas, merchant, Edinburgh; a Ralion, Atkinson, commercial-agent and spirit dividend after 10th September.

Inerchant, Candiemaker-row, Edinburgh. Walker and Parkin, late coach-makers in Perth ; Smellie, Robert, spirit-dealer, Calton, Glasgow. a dividend 17th September. Spence, Balfour, inerchant, Lerwick.

Wilson, Anthony, merchant and ship-owner, Aber. Sprunt, John, merchant, Perth.

deen; a dividend 25th September.

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.—The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afternoon.—The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.

Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Aug. 17{

18{ 19{

.830 M.64w.

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20 SM.45



fair day.




243 M.50

M.49 29.582 M.64 ) Dull, with

M.473 29.705 M.62

Dull foren.
Aug. 1

A. 61 .626 A. 63 ) showers.

A. 58 .541 A. 60

rain aftern. M.45 .735 M.64 W.

M.45 .748 M.63 Dull, but Ditto.

.715 A. 61 )

.838A. 60 S



.832 M.65 Fair, with A. 59 .850 A. 64 )

A. 64 .820 A. 65

sunshine. M.47 .803 M.65

Dull, with

.851 M.67


Very warm,
A. 46 .710 A. 63

A. 58 .972 A. 65

sunshine. M.50 .654 M.65

Rain, with


.999 M.66

NE. Ditto.
A. 66 .621 A. 65 thun.& light.

A. 57

.923 A. 65 S M.49 .564 M.62

Thund. mor.


.985 M.63


Foggy foren.
A. 56 .579 A. 65

A. 60
.925 A. 63

warm aftern. M.47 .610 M.63

Dull, but


.850 M.63 7

Dull foren.
A. 58 .605 A. 60

A. 64 .742 A. 60

warm aftern. M.46 .181 M.63


.712 M.64 Morn. light. A. 57 28.993 A. 62

Cble. showers.

A. 56

.764 A, 64 S warm day. M.443 .998 M.59

Dull & cold,

M.51 .778 M.62 Dull & cold,

.850 A. 60
with showers.

A. 54

.777 A. 61 even. foggy. M.44 .675 M.59

Dull, but

M.46 .892 M.59


Fair, with .915 A. 59 fair. A. 54 .891 A, 58 )

sunshine. M.45 29.175 M.59 Fair, with


.999 M.59


A. 57 .465 A. 66

.969 A. 51

aftern. dull. M.46 .650 M.63

Warm, with


.884 M.56 Dull, and

A. 58 .650 A. 62


A. 53
.871 A, 54

very cold.
.522 M.60

Morn. clear,


Dull and

-737 M.56
A. 55

.610 A. 61
day rain.
A. 55 .790 A. 56

M.49 .427 M.62

Dull, but

.602 M.61

Dull, but
A. 59 .580 A. 62

A. 60 .561 A. 58S

M.48 .684 M.65

M.453 .546 M.55

Rain morn.

E. .684 A. 64s rain even.

A.52 .630 A, 56 )

fair aftern.
M.48 .561 A. 66
A. 64

Average of Rain, 1.471 inches.



9{|A. 55 10{A: 56



11{ 12{ 13{


29{ 30{


Dull day,

15{A. 59


.558 M.63} sw. Dull, but

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Brevet Col. Henry Darling, h. p. 8 Gar. Batn. Coldst. G. Col. Woodford, Lt. Col.

do. to be Maj.-Gen. in the army,

Sir H, F. Bouverie, K. C. B. Ist
July 19, 1821

do. Maj. W. Riddall, 62 F. Lieut. Col. do.

James M.Donell, 2d Maj. do.
Oct, 13, 1814 3 F, G, Lt. Col. Rooke, Lt. Col. with rank of
Capt. Geo. Jack, 21 F. Maj. do.

Col. in the army
July 19, 1821

Clitherow, 1st Maj. do. do.
-E. P. Buckley, Gren. Gds. do. do.

Cochrane, 2d do.

do. -G. Peebles, h. p. R. Mar. do. do.

Ensign & Lieut. Prendergast, Lieut. & -R. M. Oakes, 1 Life Gds. do. do.

Capt. by purch. vice Baird, ret. do. 1 Life G. Maj. Cavendish. fm. Dr. Maj. & Lieut.

F. Harford, Ensign & Lieut. by purch. Col. by purch, vice Lygon, 90 Foot,

do. do. 12 1F. Lt. Col. Plenderleath, fm. h. p. 49 F. 4 Dr. J. L. Hampton, Cornet by purch. vice

Lt. Col.

Aug. 9 Newton, prom.

June 28 9

Col. Blackwell, fm. h. p. 62 F. Lt. Col. Capt. Norcliffe, Maj. by purch. vice

do. Walton, ret.

Aug. 9 14 Lt. Col. M'Laine, fm. h. p. 7 W. I. R. 8 Cornet Ferguson, Lt. by purch. vice

Lt. Col.

do. Barlow, 40 F.

July 26.

18 Col. Sir W. P. Carrol, fm. h. p. Port. J. T. Goldrisk, Cornet by purch. do.

Serv. Lt. Col.

do. 9 Captain Campbell, Maj. by purch. vice


Lt. Reid, Capt. by purch. vice Wade,
Cavendish, 1 Life Gds.

Aug. 9

July 26
Lieut. Bacon, Capt.

Ensign Wright, Lieut. do.

do. 9 F. Cornet and Lieut. Lord Geo. Bentinck,

R. F. Waloud, Ensign, do.

do. Lieut. by purch.

do. 35

Lt. Stapley, Capt. vice Johnson, dead Gent. Cadet Hon. Geo. Finch, fm Roy.

do, Mil. College, Cornet by purch. vice

Ensign Wyatt, Lieut.

do, M‘Duffie, prom.


Gent. Cadet G. Cairnie, fm. R. Mil. Col. 11 Paym. Neville, fm. 19 Dr. Paym. vice


do. Nolan, dead

July 26 38

Col. Sir Arch. Campbell, K. C. B. from 13 Col. Hawker, fm. h. p. 20 Dr. Lt. Col.

h. p. Port. Serv. Lt. Col. Aug. 9

Lieut. Trimmer, fm. 91 F. Lieut. vice Gren. G. Hon. H. Townsend, Lt. Col.

Cooke, h. p. 76 F. rec. diff. do. 41

Major Godwin, Lt. Col. by purch. vice
Lieut. Col. West, 1st Maj. with rank of

Evans, ret.
Col. in the army

Capt. MacCoy, Maj. do. do,
Hanbury, 2d do. do. do.

Lieut. Borrowes, Capt. do. do. Jones, 3d do. do. do.

Ensign Ashe, Lieut. do. do,

[blocks in formation]

July 26

Aug. 9

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July 26

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H. C. Tathwell, Ensign by purch. Col. Yates, fm. 49 F. with Lt. Col. Brereton, h. p.

R. York Ra.
Lt. Seymour, fm. 7 Dr. by purch. vice Lt. Col. Hon. Sir C. Gordon, fm. 81 F. with Maj
Cradock, ret.

Sutherland, 93 F.
45 Gent. Cadet W. Foley, fm. R. Mil. Col. Maj. Spedding, fm. 4 Dr. with Capt. Havelock,
Ensign, vice Montgomerie, dead

32 F

Long, fm. R. Staff Corps, with Bt. Lt. Col. 18 Ensign M‘Alister, Lieut. vice J. Camp Sir J. Ř. Colleton, h. p. beli, dead


Lieut. Carroll, fm. 3 Dr. Gds. with Lieut. Wilmot,
Gent. Cadet D. O'Brien, fm. R. Milit. 4 Dr.
Col. Ensign.


Townshend, fm. 4 Dr. with Lieut. Parlby, 52 Lieut. Anderson, Capt. vice Shedden, 13 Dr. dead

Christie, fm. 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Serj. Maj. Sunderland, Adjt. with rank Bridgeman, h. p. Gren. Gds.
of Ensign, vice Monins, res. Adj. only A. Cameron, fm. 89 F. with Lieut. Ware,

do. h. p. 3 W. I. R.
Brev. Maj.

Gually, Maj. by purch. vice Cornet & Sub-Lt. Still, fm. 1 Life Gds. rec. diff.
Lt. Col. Burdett, ret.


between full pay of Infant. and full pay of Life 58 Lt. Col. John, fm. h. p. 18 F. Lt. Col. Gds. with Lt. Newburgh, h. p. 60 F.

Aug. 9 Paym. Clarke, fm. 84 F. with Capt. Prendergast, 61

Bt. Maj. Greene, Maj. vice Fane, Insp. h. p.

Field Off. of Mil. in Ion. Isl. do. Assist. Surg. Gardiner, fm. 4 Dr. with Assist. Surg. 64

Ensign Morritt, fm. 78 F. Ensign, vice Menzies, h. p. 21 Dr.

July 12

Sup. Assist. Surg. Sinclair, with Assist. Surg.
Lt. Col. Battersby, fm. h. p. Glengary Mouat, h. p. 21 Dr.
Fenc. Lt. Col.

Mackay, fm. h. p. 3 Ceyl. Reg. Resignations and Retirements.
Lt. Col.


Gen. Cowell, fm. Coldst. Gds.

Calvert, fm. h. p. Lt. Col. do. Lt. Col. Evans, 41 F.
Sir John Campbell, fm. h. p.

Sir C. W. Burdett, Bt. 56 F.
Port. Serv. Lt. Col.

do. Maj. Walton, 4 Dr.

S. Cooper, Ens. by purch. vice Morritt, Cockburn, 84 F.
64 F.


Capt. Baird, 3 F. Gds. 84 Capt. M'Neil, fm. 1 Life Gds. Major by Wade, 29 F. purch. vice Cockburn, ret.

Aug. 9

Cradock, 41 F. 89 Lt. Col Mallet, fm. h. p. 56 F. Lt. Col.

Nickson, 1 W. I. R. do.

Ensign Broderip, 64 F. 90

Sir F. Stovin, K. C. B. from 92 F. Lt. Col. vice Maj. Gen. O’Logh

Appointment Cancelled. lin, h. p. 27 F.


Lieut. Caldwell, 21 F.

Lt. Farmer, fm. h. p. 76 F. Lieut. (pay
diff.) vice Trimmer, 28 F. do.

92 Lt. Col. Neynoe, fm. h. p. 27 F. Lieut.
Col. vice Stovin, 92 F.

Paym - Master Ottley, 82 F.

1 W. I. R. Lieut. Drummond, fm. 10 Dr. Capt, by

purch. vice Nickson, ret. do.
2 Ceyl, R. Hunter, Capt. vice M'Bean, dead Hospital Assistant Andrew Gibson.

10 Feb.
2d Lieut. Whitehead, 1st Lieut.


do. Gent. Cadet A. Morehead, fm. R. Mil.

Gen. Martin, Roy. Art. Leeds Castle, near Maid-
Coll. 2d Lieut.

July 26

Aug. 5, 1821
R. Donkin, Bath,

Mar. 6
Lt. Gen. O'Meara, Limerick,

Aug. 7
Col. Sir S. F. Whittingham, Qua. Mast. Gen, in


July 23 E. Indies, vice Maj. Gen. Nicholls

Lt. Col. SirH. F. Carr, K. C. B. 3 F. Gds. Ealing,

July 23, 1821

Aug. 18
Maj. Couper, 22 F. Dep. Qua. Mast. Gen. in Ja-

Maj. Shedden, 52 F. Hull, maica, (with rank of Lt. Col. in the army) vice

J. Cameron, late Scotch Brigade, Banff, Maj. Gen. Pye do.

Aug. 15
Fane, fm. 61 F. Inspect. Field Oft. of Mil. in

Dug. Campbell, h. p. 4 F. Ayr,
Ionian Islands, with the rank of Lt. Col. in the

Capt. Lutman, late 1 Vet. Bat. London, Jan. 29 army, vice Maj. Gen. Stuart


Wood, h. p. 22 Dr. Birmingham, May 31 Bt. Lt. Col. Hon. G. L. Dawson, h. p. 69 F. Insp.

Lt. J. Campbell, 48 F. Sydney, New South Wales, Field Off. of Mil. in Nova Scotia do.

Feb. 3. Maj. Raitt, h. p. 84 F. do. with rank of Lt. Col.

Lachoe, 60 F.

Martin, Invalids, Mold, Flintshire, June 29
Coghlin, h. p. 36 F. London,

do. 20

Sutherland, h. p. 47 F. (drowned,) Jan.
Maj. Gen. Sir J. Lygon, K. C. B. Lieut. Gov, of Kent, h. p. 60 F. Limerick,
Portsmouth, vice Lieut. Gen. Sir Geo. Cooke,

Aug. 6
Gowan, h. p. 22 F.

Feb. 2
K. C. B.

July 23, 1821
20 Lt. Homfray, R. Art. Zante,

May 18
Maj. Gen. Sir C. Halkett, K. C. B. Lieut. Gov. of

Ens. Taylor, 56 F.
Jersey, vice Lt. Gen. Gordon

Mills, h. p. 83 F.

do. 20 Col. Sir J. Colborne, K. C. B. Lt. Gov. of Guern

Blair, h. p. Glengary Fenc. Perth, Upper Ca. sey, vice Maj. Gen. Bayley do. nada,

do. 11 Unattached.

John Conolly, h. p. 60 F. at Montreal in Canada,

Jan. 20
Maj. Synge, fm. 18 Dr. Lt. Col. of Inf. by purch. Qua. Mast. M‘Phail, 75 F. Corfu, May 16
vice Gen. Cowell, ret.
Aug. 9, 1821 Surgeon Roche, h. p. Ireland,

July 21
Assist. Surg. Robson, h. p. 1 Drag. (late of Rifle
Medical Department.
Brig.) Ireland,

do. Hosp. Assist. James, from h. p. Hosp. Assist. vice

Dease, h. p. 1 Gar. Bat. do. do.
Watson, res.

July 21, 1821
Maj. Gen. O'Loghlin, fm. 1 Life Gds, with Lieut.

Col. Lygon, 90 F.

July 12

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July 3

in the army

a son.


July 27. At Dunnichen, the Earl of Kintore, to

Louisa, youngest daughter of Francis Hawkins, July 20. The lady of G. H. Freeling, Esq. of the

Esq. senior Judge of Circuit and Appeal, at Bas General Post Office, London, of a daughter.

reilly, in the honourable the East India Com27. At Castlecraig, the lady of the Honourable

pany's service. W. J. Napier, of a son.

Aug. 2. At Edinburgh, Captain Spear, R. N. Aug. 2. The lady of Mr William Mason, Nel to Mrs Grace, eldest daughter of the late Rev. son Street, of a daughter.

Patrick Grant of Croidale, Strathspey. 3. At Hutton Hall, the lady of Colonel C. Bruce,

4. At Milton, the seat of Sir David Hunter of a son.

Blair, Bart. the Right Hon. the Viscount Kel4. At Edmonston, Mrs Mushet, of the Royal

burne, to Miss Hay Mackenzie, the youngest Mint, of a son.

daughter of the late Edward Hay Mackenzie, of 7. At Stranraer, the lady of Captain John Mac

Newhall and Cromarty, Esq. Kerlie, R. N. of a son.

6. At Cornhill, near Perth, George Bell, Esq. 8. At Aberdour-house, Mrs Gordon, of a daugh

merchant, Leith, to Ann, third daughter of Laur. ter,

Robertson, Esq. banker, Perth. - At 56, Queen's Street, Mrs Charles Nairne,

8. At St George's Church, Hanover Square, of a son.

London, Sir Francis Sykes, Bart. of Basildon - At 11, Picardy Place, the lady of Mr Jones,

Park, Bucks, to llenrietta, eldest daughter of of the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, of a son.

Henry Vklebois, of Gloucester Place, Portman 9. At Calais, the lady of Major-General Beat

Square. son, of a son.

- At Hampstead Church, Dr Lushington, the - Mrs Ballingall, Newton, Auchtermuchty, of

counsel of her late Majesty, to Miss Carr, daugiaa son.

ter of Thos. W. Carr, Esq. Solicitor to the Ex11. Mrs Tod, Borrowstouness, of a son.

cise. 12. In Castle Street, the lady of Warren Hast

- At 24, Greenside Place, Mr David Thom, ings Anderson, Esq. of a son.

Stockbridge, to Alisop, the youngest daughter of 13. In Brunswick Square, London, Mrs D.

Mr Kirkwood, sen. engraver, Edinburgh. Maclean, of a son.

9. At Mary-la-bonne Church, London, William - At Rochainpton, the Viscountess Duncan Stuart, Esq. M. P. eldest son of the Lord Primate non, of a son.

of Ireland, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of Ad15. Mrs Blackwell, York Place, of a daughter.

miral Sir C. Pole, Bart. - At Hendersyde Park, the lady of Captain Dochfour, to Niss Charlotte Augusta Baillie Ha

- At Mellerstain, Evan Baillie, Esq. jun. of George Edward Watts, R. N. of a son. 17. At Lamington-house, the lady of Peter Rose,

milton, second daughter of the late Rev. ArchEsq. of a daughter.

deacon Charles Baillie Hainilton, and the Right 18. At Walton Park, Mrs Major Campbell, of a

Hon. Lady Charlotte Baillie Hamilton. daughter.

10. At London, Lieutenant-Colonel Charlewood, - At Duddingston, Mrs Hamilton Dundas, of

of the Grenadier Guards, to Agnes Margaretta,

Lady Campbell, widow of Lieul.-General Sir - In Bristo Street, Mrs Kyles, of twin daugh

James Campbell, Bart. of Inverniel, Argylishire. ters, who, with the mother, are doing well.

13. At Canaan Grove, Captain Archibald Ful20. At 47, Queen Street, Mrs llunter, of a

larton, late of the 38th regiment of foot, to Janet, daughter.

youngest daughter of Mr John Robertson. In Upper Grosvenor Street, London, the

- At West Bank, Lanarkshire, Samuel Lind. lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Guy Campbell,

say, Esq. of the High School, Edinburgh, to SuBart. of a daughter.

san, fifth daughter of the late Mr Alexander Lock- Mrs Mitchell, of Garnethill, of a son.

hart, of West Bank. - At Newton, Inverness-shire, the lady of Ma

14. At Rothmaise, Aberdeenshire, C. Bannerjor L. Stewart, 24th regiment, of a son.

man, Esq. of Kirkhill, to Anne, third daughter of 22. Mrs Payne, 21, Broughton Place, of a

the late Charles Bannerman, Esq. daughter.

15. At Niddrie, the Rev. David Wauchope, 24. In Hope Street, the Honourable Mrs Peter

second son of the late John Wauchope of EdmonRamsay, of a son.

stone, Esq. to Anne, fourth daughter of Andrew At Park-house, Mrs Gordon, of a daughter. Wauchope of Niddry Marischal, Esq. At Clapham Road Place, the lady of Nor

16. At St Margaret's, the seat of the Earl of man Macleod, Esq. of the Honourable Company's Cassilis, in Middlesex, Captain Baird, of the 3d Service, Bengal, of a son.

regiment of guards, eldest son of Robert Baird, 26. Mrs Bridges, 41, Northuinberland Street, of Esq. of New byth, and nephew of General Sir

David Baird, Bart. to Lady Anne Kennedy, eldest 27. Mrs William Dunlop, Merchant Street, of daughter of the Earl and Countess of Cassilis, a son.

- At Edinburgh, James Auchinleck Cheyne, 28. In St Andrew's Square, the lady of Gilbert Esq. of Oxendean, W. S. to Margaret Blair, second Laing Meason, Esq. of Lindertis, of a son. daughter of Andrew M'Kean, Esq. York Place. - At Longniddry House, Mrs Drysdale, of a

At Montpelier, Forfarshire, Alexander Roson.

bertson, Esq. writer to the signet, to Miss Katha30. At Durie, Fifeshire, Mrs Christie, of a son. rinc Alison, daughter of Johu Alison, Esq. of 31. At 41, North Hanover Street, Mrs Thomas

Wellbank. Ewing, of a son.

- At Tunbridge, the Baron Stanislaus ChauLately, Mrs John Semple, Greenridge, Lesma doir, of the empire of Russia, to Lucy, third hagow, of a daughter, being the nineteenth child, daughter of Sir Alexander Crichton, M.D.F.R.S. all alive, nine sons and ten daughters.

first physician to the Emperor and Dowager Empress of Russia.

17. At Selkirk, Mr James Ballantyne, White

hope, to Miss Anne, second daughter of Andrew MARRIAGES.

Henderson of Midgehope. Jan. 27. At Calcutta, George Ballard, Esq. of 20. William Arrot, Esq. of Manchester, to Isathe agency-house of Messrs Alexanders and Co. to bella Joanna, daughter of the Rev. Dr Garliner, Jane Elizabeth, fourth daughter of the late Cap. Edinburgh. tain Alexander Tod, R. N.

- James Stanislaus Bell, Esq. sugar-retiner in June 2. In Trinidad, Herbert Mackworth, Esq. Glasgow, to Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Wido Alguazil Mayor of that island, son of Sir Digby liam Roberton, Esq. Friars, hear helso. Mackworth, Bart. to Jessy, daughter of Jaines - At Dundee, William V. Kerr, Esq. account. Anderson, Esq of Cupar Grange, South Nepari- ant in Edinburgh, to Anne, daughter of Mr Thoma, F. R.C. S. Edinburgh.

inas Ivory, Dundee,

a son.

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