------------— - - days from the latter, where he tarried one day—says a fever raged there with the greatest violence, supposed to proceed from want of rain, as they had not experienced any for four years—Could not tell what number had died, but victims to it were falling every day. One of the inhabitants informed him he had lost 9 sons, and another 3, in a very short space of time. The island contains about 800 inhabitants.

MARSHAL BAssoMPIERR E. It was customary with this com-mander when any of his soldicts were brought before him for henious offences, to say to them “By G–, brother, you or I must be hanged ;” which was a sufficient denunciation of their fate. A spy being discovered in his camp, was addressed in this language ; and the next day, as the Prevost was carrying the man to the gallows, he pressed earnestly to speak with the Marshal, alledging he had something of importance to communicate. The Marshal being made acquainted with his request, exclaimed in his rough and hasty manner, “ It is the way of all these rascals; when ordered for exeecution, they pretend some frivolous story, merely to reprieve themselves for a few moments : however, bring the dog hither.” Being introduced, the Marshal asked him what he had to say ? Why, my Lord,” said the cul


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prit, “ when first I had the honor of your conversation, you Wore obliging enough to say, that eitherwou or I must be hanged :-now, L come to know wether it is your pleasure to be so; because if you wont, I must, that’s all.” The Marshal was so pleased with the address that he pardoned him.

He who lives disorderly one year, does not live comfortably for five years to come.


To ou R PATRONs. Our credits for paper never exceed. ing three months, and having to pay. cash for every thing else necessary to the printing the Lady's Miscellany, we are obliged to alter our teams to quar. terly payments.

The City Inspector reports the death of 42 persons in this city and suburbs during the last oceek.-vig. 8 men, 12 wo. men, 14 boys, and 8 girls.


Among the attractive novelties exhibited in honor of our nation’s birth, on the 4th instant, none are more pleasing than the extraordinary assemblies of the Ladies in different places, where they have appeared to the number of many hundreds, chicfly in uniform dress, and decorated the proccosions and entertainments with their presence. All our festivities and commemorations would be tempered and sweetened by semale participation,

Fatal Accident–On the 15th inst.

Mr. Moses T. Crane was shot through the body and immediately expired. The circumstances as related to us, are as follows; Mr. C. sent a boy to bring him a fowling-piece, while he (Mr. C.) was engaged in cleaning another ; the boy returned with the gun, and

standing near the deceased with

the muzzle of the piece within a few feet of Mr. C. when the gun went off, and the contents were lodged in the most vital part of Mr. Crane's body, who fell and expired without a groan. M. Md.

‘PO corr ESPONDENTS. Mr. Quiz is inadmissible, from the personal allusions in his piece. * Chatterer to Censor, will be attended to &smetic Doctor is inadmissible, for reasons which will be explained to the author in a private interview.

Erratas–In the communication signed ‘ Adven,” inserted in the I1th No. of the Miscellamy, in the 5th page, 1st line, for “fertility,” read “futility;” and in 6th paragraph, for “the generality known,” read “too generally known.”

In Gensor, No. 1, 48th line, instead of reading “not attempting to reason upon their impropriety, as there are certain principles of good sense, to overstep which would be treason,” read, not at. tempting to reason upon their impro. priety, as there are certain principles of good sense, which to reason upon would be treason.—77th line, instead of “as,” read “at.”—The word “ us,” should have been thus—“us” “Examply gratia,' should be exempligratia,

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No. 317 Water-street, New-York: in half; early volumnes, containing twenty. six numbers each, (issued weekly ) at One Dollar the volume, payable quar. terly. Distant patrons to pay in asPostage to be paid on all letters directed to the Editors, *



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vol. x1.] Saturday, July 27,.... 1810. [No. 14. gesture, and the sentiment of pleaTHE CAVERN OF STROZZI.

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sure which suffused the countenance of Zanette, better informed me of the appearance of her lover.

. “Whatever ideas I had formed of this young man, I was soon convinced they fell short of what were due to him. Clad in a long and flowing robe of linen, drawn under his arms by a scarlet ribbon, and standing near a harp, the strings of which he touched with a masterly hand, he seemed an angel of heaven celebrating the glories of the most high. My heart had too long been consumed by a passion which had no distinct object, to remain insensible at such a spectacle. Soon the soft and pathetic voice of Antoni augmented his charms and my delirium— my senses were intoxicated, and the poison of love and desire entered my soul; I felt a devouring fever, succeeded by cold shiverings, run through my veins; my eyes, expressive of the languo I experienced, scarce distinguished any object: I heard nought but confused sounds, and I could scarce support myself. If Zanetta had not been absorbed in the contemplation of her lover, she must have perceived the situation I was in

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