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A. Blakcy inw. śdet
InMen, we various ruling Passions find,
In Women, two almost divide the Kind?
Those only ford they first or last obey


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Universal Prayer. DEO OPT. MAX.

TATHER of All! in ev'ry Age,
T In ev'ry Clime ador'd,
By Saint, by Savage, and by Sage,

Jehovah, Jove, or Lord!
Thou Great First Cause, least understood :

Who all my Sense confin'd
To know but this, that Thou art Good,

And that myself am blind;

ed of a teade Prayer as the lumd terminated in piety of the

COMMENTARY. Universal Prayer.] It may be proper to observe, that some passages in the preceding Esay, having been unjustly fufpecta ed of a tendency towards Fate and Naturalism, the Author composed this Prayer as the sum of all, to Thew that his fystem was founded in free-will, and terminated in piety: that the First Cause was as well the Lord and Governor of the Universe as the Creator of it; and that, by submission to his will, (the great principle inforced throughout the Efay) was not meant suffering ourselves to be carried along by a blind determination, but resting in a religious acquiescence, and

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