bours and ports for trade. Somtimes taking fea as farre as to our navy; to learn there also what they can in the practicall knowledge of sailing and of sea fight. These wayes would trie all their peculiar gifts of nature, and if there were any secret excellence among them, would fetch it out, and give it fair opportunities to advance it selfe by, which could not but mightily redound to the good of this nation, and bring into faThion again those old admired vertues and excellencies, with farre more advantage now in this puritie of Christian knowledge. Nor shall we then need the Monsieurs of Paris to take our hopefull youth into thir flight and prodigall custodies and send them over back again tranf

form’d into mimics, apes & Kicshoes. But if they desire to see other countries at three or four and twenty yeers of age, not to learn principles, but to enlarge experience, and make wise observation, they will by that time be such as shall deserve the regard and honour of all men where they passe, and the society and friendship of those in all places who are best and most eminent. And perhaps then other nations will be glad to visit us for their breeding, or else to imitate us in their own country. · Now lastly for their diet there cannot be much to say, save only that it would be best in the same house; for much time else would be lost abroad, and many ill habits got; and that it should be plain,

O4 healthfull,

healthfull, and moderate I fuppose is: out of controversie. Thus Master Harl+ lib, yon have a generall view in writings: as your defire was, of that which at seves rall times I had discourst with you concerning the best and Noblest way of Education ; not beginning; as some have done from the cradle, which yet might be worth inany considerations, if brevity had not bean my scope, many other circumstances also I could have mention'd, but this to such as have the worth in them to make triall; for light and direction may bé anough. Only I believe that this is not a bow for every man to shoot in that counts himselfe à teacher, but will require finews almost equall to tliose which Homer gave Ulysses, yet I


am withall perswaded that it may prove much more easie in the assay, then it now seems at distance, and much more illustrious : howbeit not more difficult then I imagine, and that imagination presents me with nothing but very happy : and very possible according to best wishes; if God have so decreed, and this age have spirit and capacity anough to ap


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