unto me, but unto thy name give ing about her sickness, child, glory, The infinite love and &c. she observed, “I wish to boundless mercy of God, thro'hear no conversation but upon the Redeemer, are my only hope. religion.” To some persons preOh, my deceitful heart, my wick sent, expressing a wish that they ed heart ! Not by works of right-might die with the same comeousness which I have done, but posure, joy, and triumph as slie according to his mercy he saved manifested ; she observed, “you me by the washing of regenera- must pray.” She strongly intion, and renewing of the Holy culcated this interesting duty upGhost.” On being asked, if she on all who desired the consolawas not afraid to die, consider- tions of vital piety on the bed of ing the solemn and endless con- death ; exhorting them at the sequences which succeed that same time to place no confievent, she replied, “ No ; why dence in creature efforts as the should I fear my departure? I ground of pardon and justificahave often dedicated myself and tion. my all to God ; and he is faith- To the wife of a neighboring ful to fulfil his promises to all clergyman, who with her huswho trust in the merits of the band visited her the afternoon Redeemer. Why should I fear before her death, she observed, to die? 'Death is the portal into “ I had calculated to enjoy much bliss.' Jesus is mine, and I am happiness in your society, and his. I know in whom I have in that of others, for whom I believed ; and that I shall yet have peculiar attachment. We praise him for I shall see him as may appoint, but God often sees he is. He is able to keep that fit to disappoint.” After this, which I have committed to him looking up with a smile which against that day, and I can cheer- depicted on her countenance the fully and cordially resign my all angelic rapture of her soul, she to his sovreign disposal.” She said, “ I do love Jesus.” She repeated the following: repeatedly observed that Chris« Jesus can make a dying bed,

tians would generally die as they Feel soft as downy pillows are ; had lived ; and strongly recomWhilst on his breast I lean my head, mended it to all to be watchful, And breathe mylife out sweetlythere.” prayerful, and heavenly-minded,

Being asked if she realized and to adorn the doctrine of God this, she replied, “ I do, my dy- their Saviour. ing bed feels soft," and then ad- She observed to this effect ded with emphasis, “and sweet.” | respecting impenitent sinners, Soon after this, none but females “ Since I have lain upon this being present, she desired that sick bed, my mind has been one of them might pray with deeply impressed with " sense her. As they declined through of the awful state of the impenwant of confidence, she observ-itent. How dreadful to fall seed, “ I think I have sufficient cure and stupid in the hands of strength to perform the duty." that God who is a consimins She then attempted it, but was fire !" soon interrupted by the return She was a subject of partial of men into the room. While derangement, a part of the night some of her friends were speak- l before her death. But in all lier

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lucid intervals, she appeared to the commanding passion of your
be filled with joy unspeakable heart, and his glory the govern-
and full of glory. After she was ing end of all you do? Are the
struck with death, she was able things you do for God and your
to speak but once, answering in neighbor influenced by a scrip-
the affirmative to the question, tural and well tempered zeal
whether her faith, confidence which is according to know-
and joy continued ?- The above ledge? Does Christian affection
is but a specimen of what she increase as its objects multiply?
uttered on the approach of the But I forbear-it would be diffi-
pale messenger. No essential cult to get to an end were I dis-
alteration has been made in the posed to go on.
language attributed to her. In I wish to hear whether the at-
one or two instances, slight ad- tention and solemnity among
ditions have been made to illus- your people continue, what num-
trate sentiments, which; by rea- ber have joined the church, and
son of extreme bodily weakness, how many candidates there are
she expressed too laconically to for the communion, and wheth-
be readily comprehended, by er the young converts hold out.
persons who wero not present God bless the parents and chil-
at the interesting scene. dren of your family, and of his
(To be continued.]

great mercy, make them all the
children of his grace!

I pressed



March 28, 1805. Letters from a Father to a DEAR DAUGHTER, Daughter.

Na late letter you have ex

desire that I July 27th, 1804. would give you in writing my DEAR DAUGHTER,

view of the eternal world.” The O you possess a calm and words in which this request is

composed mind, and a couched are so general that I healthy and flourishing soul? feel myself at a loss for your Have you much of God's gra- precise meaning. If it be your cious presence

e? Do you feel wish that I should give you my liberty, accompanied with very thoughts respecting the destiny deep humility, in prayer? Do of the finally impenitent, the bithe views you have of God's ble will furnish you with a clear perfections render the contem- and full answer to the enquiry ; plation and worship of him the and the very nature of sin, undelight of your heart ? Do those repented and unforgiven, implies views excite in your heart a con- wretchedness. The heart opstant, growing care and endeavor posed to God cannot be happy, to please him and approve your so remaining. If you enquire self to him in all your conduct, where impure separate spirits moral and religious ? Is obedi- exist, the answer is, in hell. In ence to God in all you do or pur- what portion of the universe this pose, (without it we have no is, we are not informed. This true and genuine love to him) | we may be assured of, however, your high and principal and that such a creature must necespleasing aim? Is the love of God I sarily carry hell with him wheth

er he be or be not confined to separation from the body. The any particular region or place of very nature of it seems to imabode. Does your desire res- ply the contrary. I do not repect the final and future state of collect a text which expressly the saints, the friends and lov- and decidedly declares that the ers of God ? Here again the di- souls of saints go straight to vine scriptures will give you all heaven when they leave the bothe light and information you dy, unless it be the instance of need. The figures by which the thief on the cross ; there their state and place of abode are are however, many passages of represented are strong and live- scripture which seem clearly to ly, such however, as are suited suppose and imply it. I do not to impress the mind with super- mention the parable of the rich lative, though at present, in some man and Lazarus in the xvi. of degree, indescribable ideas of Luke as one, for though the pleasurable enjoyment. They passage which contains it may will see God—be ever near him seem to suppose the existence beholding his glory-contempla- of the saints in heaven after they ting with the highest delight the leave the body, it may be doubtpersonal glories of Jesus Christ--ed whether this truth is the pringratefully recognizing their im-cipal scope of the parable. In mense obligation to Him for the the Revelation of St. John are work of redemption (which they several passages which seem inwill now more clearly under-tended to communicate the pleastand,) not in the low strains of sing thought. The apostle's depraise and admiration which sire to depart and be with Christ earth teaches, but which heaven as preferable to a continuance inspires, and blest with the friend in the body, will, I think, pretty ly society of creatures possess- fully establish the supposition, ing the image of God, in all the that the spirits of the saints imperfection of which their natures mediately on their quiting a corare capable, who, while they rupt and defiling body, are so continually endeavor to increase perfectly purified that they are the stock of happiness most sui- fitted for and received to heaven. ly share in it themselves; and Possibly I have not in any who, while they enjoy the pleas- thing I have said, touched on ure of conscious likeness to God, the subject to which you wishhave the super-added satisfac-ed me to attend. If your ention of divine assurance that it quiry or wish was principally shall never be again lost, nor directed to this object, viz. whať their felicity abate.

mr views of the eternal world Should it be your wish to get are, as I am individually or perthe thoughts and views I have sonally concerned ? in other of the intermediate state, that is, words, what is the ground of my the state and abode of the souls hope of future happiness, and of saints departed, I answer, that what the evidence to support however the soul, many times, such a hope? In general, I anmay be wholly unconscious of swer in the words of the apostle activity and thoughtduring sleep, Peter, ist epistle Ist chapter. it will not prove that it is dor“ Blessed be the God and Father imant, and torpid, in a state ofl of our Lord Jesus Christ, who,

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told us,

according to his abundant mer- / since it has engaged my serious cy hath begotten us again to a attention, as a display of divine lively hope by the resurrection wisdom, and perfectly consistof Jesus Christ from the dead, ent and rational. To one posto an inheritance incorruptible, sessed of such views of it, extaand undefiled, and unfading, re- cies must be altogether unexserved in heaven for you, who pected and could rationally afford are kept by the power of God, no great support to hope. The through faith, unto salvation rea- best and most solid evidence a dy to be revealed in the last time: Christian can have of his good wherein ye greatly rejoice, tho' estate, is obedience. I may say now for a season (if need be) ye many good things for God, and are in heaviness through mani- obtain a character for piety afold temptations (trials,)” &c. mong men ; but if I should not

To be a little more particular, at the same time feel in my - The perfect and infinite atone- | heart a supreme regard to his ment of Jesus Christ by his death will, and find in fact that it had on the cross, fully proved by his a commanding influence upon resurrection from the dead, is my actions, or, in other words, the great foundation and chief that it produced sincere obedisupport of my hope. He has ence, I should find no support

6 that none cometh to for my hope. The professed the Father but by him.” He is Christian who feels an indifferthe only, and a sufficient media- ence and unconcern whether he tor between God and men ; and pleases God or not, can have no has declared, by his inspired a- substantial evidence that he loves

postle-" That he is able to save him, for “ This is the love of to the uttermost all that come to God that we ep his commandGod by Him, seeing He ever ments, and they are not grievlives to make intercession for ous.”—The will of God is the us”-and“ that of all the Father necessary result of his unaltera. has given Him He will lose ble and infinite perfections; who

The gospel is full of ever opposes it is an infinite ofdeclarations of the sufficiency, fender—and no man or woman and expressions of the grace of who deliberately and knowingly Jesus Christ. It is full also of disobeys God, especially when it divine promises properto ground is an habitual thing, can feel the faith and hope of God's peo- comfort and support. On the ple. To recite these particu- contrary, a conscience void of larly, would be to copy a consid- offence affords both. There is erable portion of the bible. One not, at the same time, a man on only the Saviour has given us, earth that doth good and sinneth “ him that cometh unto me I not. I pretend to no such perwill in no wise cast out”-must fection as some boast of. I daiafford ample support and conso- ly offend, and all the day. more lation to an assured believer. or less ; nevertheless can say, I

I can boast of no extraordina- trust with a degree of sincerity, ry divine discoveries, no raptur- that it is my pleasure to serve ous views or feelings as the

sup- God—and say with David (perport of my hope. I have ever haps not with equal sincerity) viewed the religion of Christ, 1“ I delight to do thy will, my


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God.” At the same time, so of the New Testament, extraci-
many and aggravated are my ed from a publication of Gran-
offences, so many and frequent ville Sharf, Esq.
the defects of my best perform-
ances, that if the bible had not R. Sharp proposes the
informed us that God has for-

following rule,“ When |
given the great sins of his ser- the copulative xal connects two
vants on repentance, and looks nouns of the same case, (viz.
on his children with a com- nouns, either substantive or ad-
passionate eye, notwithstanding jective, or participles, of person-
their many infirmities and fail- al description, respecting office,
ings, I could find no ground for dignity, affinity, or connection,
hope. To find pleasure in re- and attributes, properties, or
ligious exercises will afford fur- qualities, good or ill) if the arti-
ther ground for comfort ; for cle o, or any of its cases, pre-
whatever habit may do, in this cedes the first of the said nouns
as well as other cases, it is or participles, and is not repeat:
not in fallen' human nature to ed before the second noun oi
choose religion. Nature is so participle, the latter always re
opposed to God and religion that I lates to the same person that i
the esteem and practice of its expressed or described by thi
must be from Him; and he on- first noun or participle ; i. e. i
ly can preserve and continue its denotes a further description o
existence in the heart. I can- the first named person ; excep
not go further, at present. Be- the nouns be proper names, o
fore I close, let me add one cau- in the plural number : in whic
tion, which I wish may be use-

cases there are many excer ful to us both ; it is this, that the tions." transports produced by self-love This rule is valuable n may never be permitted to be- merely in a philological vier come substitutes for the love of but because it enables us to co God; rather let obedience be rect the translation of seves made the measure of it. I wish passages in the New Testamel

, you all the best of heaven's bless- which, properly understood, ings, and am

ford many striking proofs coYour affectionate father. cerning the divinity of our Led

and Saviour Jesus Christ. Se

particularly Eph. v. 5. 2 Ths. Remarks on the uses of the defin- i. 12.

1 Tim. v. 21. Titusi. itive Article in the Greek Tezi 13. 2 Peter i. 1. Jude 4.

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