A letter from the Directors of the Nether. blished missionary society in London land Missionary Society.

was brought to us, and awoke, in the first To the Rev. Dr. Ashbel Green, chairman place, the learned and pious Mr. I. F. of the standing committee of missions of Vanderkemp, who, upon particular infor. the General Assembly of the Presbiterian mation that it was to be sent throughout church in the United States of America. Christendom, was seized with an ardent REV. SIR,

desire to go and proclaim the tidings of Your very acceptable letter dated Phi. salvation to the heathen; he made a Jadelphia, 28th April, 1804, came safe to voyage to London, to visit the English our hands, and we acknowledge our obli- brethren; upon his return, he was stigation for the opening you have made formulated by his zeal, to form a small soa brotherly correspondence with you. We ciety here, in Rotterdam, and in other have learned with pleasure, from the parts of our country, from which our soworthy brethren at New-York, with whom ciety originated. Then he went again to Fre have corresponded since the year England, taking with him the pious young 1800, that the missionary spirit increases teacher, Mr. 9. 7. Kicherer, which brein all parts of your country; we trust it thren, in the year 1798, made the first has been excited by the same spirit which voyage to Africa, on account of the Lonin these last days has, amidst all the don society, and some societies with us. commotions of the world, enkindled so Brother Vanderkempwas ordained a teachmuch christian zeal for the conversion of er in England. the heathen, and for the instruction of 3. What are your leading religious destitute christians, especially of those principles? on your own borders, who, in such a 1. Our society have wished to estabmultitude, call for help.

lish themselves, simply, upon the Gospel We thank you particularly for your of Grace for sinners, according to the inminute statement of the furtherance with structions of the Saviour and his apostles, which this important undertaking has as will be explained to you in a small been blessed; and we perceive also with pamphlet which accompanies this. gratitude the communion with our glori.

4. What obstacles or difficulties have fied Head, which is the only sure band you had to surmount? that can produce brotherly co-operation ;

A. After the first mission to Africa on and that he has graciously pleased that account of the English brethren, we also so many different christians should here. engaged some other missionaries, and in, with one heart and one soul, wish to sent them to those parts, to serve withinbe the evidence that he will openly ap- land: therein we had no great difficulty; prore all who truly engage in this work and throughout the whole we have met for the enlargement of his kingdom. This with more encouragement and assistance also strengthens the hands of all here in than obstruction, both from the pious here Europe, of different religious societies, and in that country. and of different ranks, who have united 5. Have any opposed you by writing, in this weighty undertaking; and it gives or by governmental influence ? us boldness to request your help in mutual A. Some small pamphlets were publishlove and labour, and by your prayers. ed, containing reflections on our under

You have the goodness to ask from us taking; but none expressly in opposition some particulars respecting our society to it: nevertheless, the government has about which you have had only some im- always been friendly and helpful to us, perfect reporis: we shall satisfactorily an. although it was not necessary for them swer your questions, but it will not be ne- to countenance it by public authority, cessary to be very particular, as we must which indeed we never asked. Both the especially refer to the printed pamphlets English and Dutch governments at the sent herewith, which we request you to Cape of Good Hope have been very faaccept in love.

vourable to the brethren. You ask is,

6. What are your funds? 1. How long has your society existed ? A. Voluntary contributions, and gifts

Answer. Since the month of December, from devout people, have not been incon. 1797.

siderable, and have hitherto been suffi. 2. What were the circumstances and cient. motives which led to its institution? 7. What is the number of your mis4. A report from a then lately esta. sionaries? Vol. II.


4. You will see by the pamphlets sent stand from the little printed account sent herewith that the number of the Dutch herewith. missionaries is not vet very great; but Brother Kicherer, with his friends, when we join, from time to time, in the went upon a new missionary voyage in same work with the English brethren, un- October, 1804: we hope soon to receive dertakings can be set forward, for which information of his arrival at the Cape of there is great encouragement. We have Good Hope. These brethren have receiv. now also in our employ Dutch brethren ed new instructions for Africa, with the from a religious missionary seminary at approbation of the English brethren. Berlin.

13. What are your hopes and prospects 8. Are they all men of education, or not? for the future?

A. But few besides Dr. Van lerkemp A. Our hope is, that our Lord Jesus and Mr. Kicherer have had an academic Christ, who was so evidently with our cal education; but we require good na- missionaries, will establish a true church tural understanding, and an aptness for both in Africa and elsewhere, whereby the missionary work which they under the poor and ignorant natives may em. take; and, above all, a hearty love to brace the truth, and their lives be there. the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the souls of by truly reformed, and his honour estabtheir fellow-men.

lished. We can say but little as to our 9. What instructions do you give your future prospects: could we once have a missionaries?

general peace and open navigation, we 4. We instruct them to qualify them- should have prospects from our Asiatic selves beforehand as much as possible settlements; but this is uncertain. We with all the requisites for christian mis. have reason to stand astonished that, by sionaries, as well with respect to their the blessing of the Lord, so much has preaching, as to the conduct of the mis- been done in so few years; and we wish, sion; (such instructions have hitherto moreover, to see what other ways will be been carefully given by our brethren ap- opened. pointed for that purpose at Rotterdam;) 14. What advice can you give to us! and also relating to the common doctrine A. Far be it from us to presume to of salvation by the knowledge of the gos. give any advice to your superior know. pel, and its necessary fruits, without be. ledge, and greater experience, especially ing restricted by the peculiar system of respecting the places and circumstances any particular church.

of your extensive missions, which differ 10. What are the places to which you so much from ours. Prayer, and the conhave already sent missionaries?

tinual committing our society to the polls A. For our own part, we have sent er and mercy of the Lord, is our princi: missionaries only to Africa, where the pal mean. Our society has spread itself extent of the country, and the prospect of through all our provinces, and many take a blessing, afford great encouragement. part in it in each city and village, where

11. And what other places do you con- the members meet on the first Monday template for them? A. If it please God to bless us, we meeting for praver, communicate infor:

in every month: as in England they hoid think of Madagascar, or Ce :lon; formation relating to the spreading of the which last island also a Holland sister, gospel, and keep alive and strengthen married to the Dutch brother Palm, is religious impressions. We send you now on a voyage, in the employ of the herewith the Report for 1804. English company.

We pray you to receive this little par. 12. What has been your success hi. cel in love, and the rather because it will therto?

confirm the foregoing letter. We request A. Besides the blessing which has at- an answer, and also some accounts from tended our undertaking here in this you of your proceedings, or concerning country, in many awakenings of the pic religious revivals in your country: such ous, and in instructing many of our igno. will very much oblige us. rant countrymen, the favourable reports We earnestly entreat a remembrance of of our missionaries give us great reason our society in your addresses to the throne for a thankful acknowledginent of the di- of grace; as ve also shall not forget yours: vine goodness; particularly in the year being with great esteen and love, past, a visit was paid to Europe by the The Directors of the Netherland worthy K'icherer, with three converted

Missionary Society. Africans, which were here, as well as in In the name of the whole, England, a very acceptable fruit of the

B. LEDEBOER, Secretary: labour of this brother, as you will under- Rotterdam, May 20, 1805.

Philadelphia, Feb. 4, 1806. of them able to read, and still more of PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL.

them are disposed earnestly to listen to To all who love the prosperit: of Zion, and what the Bible contains. Even the ame. are disposed to aid in propagating the Gos- lioration of their condition in this life, by

a knowledge and belief of the scriptures, pel among the Heathen.

would be an event calculated to produce The subscriber lately returned from a

a lively jov, in every mind influenced by royage to the East-Indies, touched in humanity: for their horrible superstition Europe, and was in London in August subjects them unceasingly to the most last, where he received from the Baptist dreadful torments, and annually deprives Missionary society in England, for pro- a large number even of life itself. But in pagating the gospel among the heathen, addition to this, how interesting must be one thousand guineas, to be sent in the the thought to every truly pious mind, spring to the missionaries in Bengal, for that many of these miserable creatures, the purpose of printing the sacred scrip- by having a Bible in their hands, may not tures in one of the languages of that coun- only better their worldly condition, but try. There are seven languages that the become truly converted unto God, and missionaries there aim to translate and through the merits of the Saviour, be publish the scriptures in. They have raised to eternal happiness and glory, made such progress in three of them that Among the many objects which we know it is expected that the above sum will en

are now soliciting the patronage of the able them to complete the work. The pious and the liberal, throughout our money is now in the hands of ROBERT country, we cannot but think, that this deRalstoy, Esquire, of Philadelphia, who serves a marked attention. Nor can we will forward it in due time. Should any forbear to add, that we have good reason individual, society, or congregation of to believe, that donations from the inhapeople in the United States of America, bitants of the United States, for the probe disposed to contribute to this good motion of the design which has here been work, Mr. Ralston will gladly receive specified, would greatly animate and enwhatever may be sent to him for that courage the worthy men who are engaged purpose, and add to it the above sum, to in the translation of the scriptures, by be forwarded to the missionaries at Se- giving them a striking proof that their artampore, near Calcutta.

duous work interests the feelings, and is (Signed)

accompanied by the good wishes of chris. BENJAMIN WICKES, Sen. tians, in every region to which the knowPhiladelphia, Nov. 4, 1804.

ledge of it has extended.

Some other important considerations, WE whose names are underwritten, which it is hoped will as much encourage ministers of the gospel in the city of Phi- the liberality of the public, as they ani. ladelphia, do hereby certify that we are mate the hopes and labours of the mis. fully ascertained that the statement made sionaries in India, ought to be briefly by capt. Wickes, in the foregoing adver- stated. At Serampore, the immediate tisement, is perfectly correct. We also seat of the mission, there are a type fountake the liberty respectfully to recom- dery and printing presses, together with a mend to the pious and the liberal of all valuable library,consisting chiefly of books denominations of christians, in the United containing the various copies and readings States, an attention to the important ob- of the scriptures, with whatever can matejects which this advertisement holds up rially facilitate the labours of a translator. to their view. Nothing, it appears to us, Learned natives can be procured to assist can be more interesting to a truly bene- in the work: and the local situation of the rolent mind. The design contemplated, mission is such as will render its distri. is not to disscnsinate the favourite tenets bution throughout India easy and imof any particular sect of christians. It is mediate. The missionaries themselves, to print and propagate, among a race of (among whom is the laborious, learned, heathen who are sunk and degraded by and pious Mr. Carey, professor of Ori. the rilest and cruelest system of super. ental languages, in the college of Fort stition and idolatry, the pure word of eter. William, at Calcutta) have been so long nal life contained in the holy scriptures, engaged in studying language, and transwithout any gloss or comment whatso- lating, that the employment bas become ever. If this can be extensively effected, in a good degree habitual. the happiest consequences may be ex- Seven languages are spoken in India: pected to follow; since the natives of In- the Ootkul, which prevails among form dia, unlike most other pagans, are, many millions of the inhabitants; the Telinga

and Kurnata, each spoken by about seven The Rev. Mr. Clark, New Brunswick millions; the Mahratta, used by eight The Rev. Mr. Ingles, the Rev. Mr millions five hundred thousand; the Ta. Richards, Baltimore. mul, by upwards of nine millions; the Joseph Nourse, Esq. Register of the Hindostanee, by at least forty-five millions; United States, Washington. and the Bengalee, in which the translation The Rev. Dr. Muir, Alexandria. is already completed, by a number of the The Rev. Mr. Grigsby, Norfolk. inhabitants nearly equalling the population The Rev. Dr. Furman, the Rer. Dr. of the United States of America. The to. Keith, Charleston. tal of the benighted idolaters of India, The Rev. Mr. Clarkson, the Rev. Mr. equals about the one-eighth of the whole Clay, the Rev. Mr. Holcombe, Savannah. race of men now dwelling on our globe.

N. B. The Printers of Newspapers How animating the prospect, that the Holy Bible, by the efforts of pious chris- who shall insert the above, will have the tians in Europe and America, is likely satisfaction to reflect, that they have lent soon to circulate among these millions of their aid to promote the cause of piety wretched people, by whom absurd and

and benevolence. injurious Vedas and Shasters are now pro- Extract from information from Seramnounced divine. ASHBEL GREEN, senior pastor of the

pore, dated November 14, 1804, pub2d Presbyterian Church.

lished by the Baptist missionary society

in London. J. HENRY C. HELMUTH, pastor of the German Lutheran Church.

“Our brethren were going on with the William Rogers, professor of En- Pentateuch, and a second edition of the

translations of the Bible. Besides the glish and belles lettres in the univer. New Testament, they have printed great

sity of Pennsylvania. John Hev, pastor of the Independent part of the third volume of the Old TestaChurch.

ment. They have printed a considerabie Joseph Pulmore, rector of the Epis. part of 10,000 copies of Luke, Acts, and copal Church of St. Paul's.

Romans, which are published separately. James Gray, pastor of the Scotch They have begun printing the New Tes

tament in Mahratta and Hindostanee. Presbyterian Church. GEORGE Potts, pastor of the 4th lated into Mahratta and Orissa. A gen.

The New Testament is nearly all transPresbyterian Church. WILLIAM WHITE, pastor of the 2d into Malay; and å plan is formed for

tleman is translating the New Testament Baptist Church. Joseph Shaw, pastor-elect of the As- translating the scriptures into Chinese." sociate Congregation.

N. B. Donations or collections made at SAMUEL Helfenstein, pastor of the any time during the present year will be German Reformed Church.

in season, and duly forwarded. JACOB J. JANEWAY, co-pastor of the 2d Presbyterian Church.

In answer to solicitations for promoting WILLIAM COLBERT, minister of the the abovementioned plan, after giving an

Methodist Episcopal Church of St. account of his success, a worthy and in-

telligent correspondent makes the followW11.Liam Staughton, minister of ing remarks. the 1st Baptist Church.

• How truly eventful is the present peIt is respectfully requested, that riod! While a gigantic power is humbling the donations or collections which shall the thrones of Europe, and exhibiting an be made throughout the Union, may be ambition dangerous to the peace of the forwarded to any of the under-mentioned world and to the rights of nations; while gentlemen, who will remit them to Mr. a destructive philosophy, that undermines Ralston.

morals and religion, that threatens in its The Rev. Dr. Rogers, the Rev. Mr. progress to weaken the only sure ties of Williams, New-York.

society, and to prostrate the best interests The Rev. Dr. Stillman, the Rev. Dr. of man is spreading in all quarters of the Eckley, Boston.

civilized world; a spirit unusual and surThe Rev. Joseph Buckminster, Ports- prising is manifesting itself in different mouth, N. H.

parts of Europe, and I hope is enkindling The Rev. Dr. Dwight, New-Haven. in some measure in this country, not only Mr. Gallaudet, Hartford, Con.

to send a preached gospel to the benightThe Rev. Dr. M'Whorter, Newark, ed nations and destitute parts of the N. J.

earth, but to search out the habitations

destitute of the scriptures, and to put the regard, has seriously occupied the minds sacred volume in their possession! While of the directors. Their efforts have conthe camp of the saints is besieged by such sequently been principally directed to the numerous, subtle and potent adversaries, eastern and western coasts of the great with what pleasure do we witness the pi- peninsula of India, and to the important cus praying multitudes coming forth to island of Ceylon, nearly connected with it. the help of the Lord against the mighty! The society is already acquainted with May the Lord God of hosts be their rear. the steps which have been taken as to the vard til truth shall be established in the island last mentioned. The Rev. Mr. earth, till righteousness shall look down Vos, a veteran in the service of the Re. from heaven, and the kingdoms of this deemer, and formerly a faithful minister world become the kingdoms of our Lord in South Africa, near the Cape of Good and of his Christ!

Hope, superintends this mission. The " I think our Magazine is, at least, de. German brethren, Ehrhardt and Palm, cently supported, and hope it may prove accompany him on this embassy. Toge. extensively useful in promoting the great ther with these, the reverend bretlen and good cause of truth and piety on the Ringletaube, Desgranges, and Cran, have earth. In the last number, nothing inte. sailed for Tranquebar; these are intend. rested me so much as the extracts, exhi- ed to labour on the continent of India, biting the extensive and growing desire where the providence of God, after they for the sacred scriptures, and the unusu- have received the best advice from our al zeal manifested to aid the views of the Danish brethren at Tranquebar, may di. Bible society! O may the Lord increase rect them to settle, in the most eligible the desire, and smile upon and extensive. and promising spot. Unexpected delays, ly bless this pious work! The account of not uncommon however in all shipping the little boy, with his brood of chickens, concerns, protracted their stay in Europe melted me down! Surely out of the till the 20th of April, 1804, when they mouths of babes and sucklings the Lord sailed in the Danish ship King's Packet is still ordaining strength because of his from Copenhagen. enemies, that he may still the enemy and The goodness of God in preserving their the avenger!”

lives, when just leaving the coast of Den

mark, must be mentioned with peculiar Extract from the Report of the Directors gratitude. The essel was at anchor about of the Missionary Society, to

their three miles from the shore, and the bre. eleventh General Meeting, held in Lon. thren were proceeding to join it in a boat. don, on the 8th, 9th, ani 10th of May, When they had proceeded about three. 1805.

fourths of the way, the boat became [Continued from page 140.]

leaky, and the water rushed in so fast,

that they soon found themselves in the ASIA.

most imminent danger. In this emergen. The directors wish in the next place to cy, Mr. Vos having, happily, a tin vessel invite the attention of the society to the with him, they successfully employed it eastern world, the regions of which are in bailing out the water; by which means so vast in their extent and so full of ci. they kept themselves up, till the people vilized inhabitants, presenting to the on board the ship, perceiving their peril. christian mind many millions of our fel- ous situation, sent out their own boat, and low-men, long immersed in vice, error, took them safely on board. The directors and superstition, and for whose conversion had the pleasure of finding by the Cape few attempts have hitherto been made. Gazette, dated 11th August, 1804, that For some time past, the miserable condi. the ship had arrived safely at the Cape on tion of these nations, and particularly of its way; but no infoi mation has yet been those wbose commercial connexion with received of their arrival in India. this country aitords a strong claim to our

[ To be continued.)

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