thee ! &c. Thou shalt hide them, &c. derness ? &c. A fire was kindled -Ps. xxxi. 1. 19, 20. 24.

against Jacob, &c. because they beHe that trusteth in the Lord, mercy lieved not in God, and trusted not in shall compass him about.-Ps.xxxii.10. his salvation : thongh he had com

The Lord bringeth the counsel of manded the clouds, &c.-Ps. Lxxviii. the heathen to nought, &c. The coun- 19.21–23. cvi. 24–26. sel of the Lord standeth for ever. The Lord reigneth, the Lord is Ps. xxxiii. 10,11. Prov. xix. 21. Isa. clothed with majesty, the Lord is xlvi. 10.

clothed with strength, &c.-Ps.xciii. 1. Trust in the Lord, and do good: xcvii. 1. cxlvi. 10. Rev. xix, 6. 80 shalt thou dwell in the land, &c. The righteous, &c. he shall not be Commit thy way unto the Lord: afraid of evil tidings : his heart is trust also in him, and he slıall bring fixed, trusting in the Lord.-Ps.cxii. it to pass, &c. The salvation of the 6, 7. righteous is of the Lord : he is their It is better to trust in the Lord, strength in the time of trouble ; and than to put confidence in man. It is the Lord shall help them,&c. He shall better to trust in the Lord, than to deliver them, &c. because they trust put confidence in princes.-Ps. cxviii. in him.-Ps. xxxvii. 3. 5. 39, 40. 8,9.

Blessed is that man that maketh My help cometh from the Lord, the Lord his trust.-Ps.xl. 4. Ixxxiv. 12. which made heaven and earth, &c.

He maketh wars to cease, &c. Be Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall still, and know that I am God: I will neither slumber nor sleep.-Ps. cxxi. be exalted, &c. The Lord of hosts is 2-4. with us; the God of Jacob is our They that trust in the Lord shall refuge.-Ps. xlvi. 9-11.

be as Mount Zion, which cannot be I trust in the mercy of God for reinoved, &c. As the mountains are ever and ever.-Ps. lii. 8.

round about Jerusalem, so the Lord Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and is round about his people; from he shall sustain thee.-Ps. lv. 22. henceforth, even for ever.-Ps. cxxv.

What time I am afraid, I will trust 1, 2. in thee. In God I have put my trust; The Lord is great : and our Lord I will not fear what flesh can do unto is above all gods. Whatsoever the me.-Ps. lvi. 3, 4. 11.

Lord pleased did he in heaven and For my soul trusteth in thee : yea, in earth.-Ps. cxxxv. 5, 6. in the shadow of thy wings will I make Happy is he that hath the God of my refuge, until these calamities be Jacob for his help, whose hope is in overpassed.-Ps. Ivii. 1. lxi. 3, 4. the Lord his God; which made hea

Through God we shall do valiantly, ven and earth, and the sea, and all for he it is that shall tread down our that therein is : which keepeth truth enemies.-Ps. Ix. 12.

for ever.-Ps. cxlvi. 5, 6. In God is my salvation, and my He healeth the broken in heart, glory: the rock of my strength : my and bindeth up their wounds: he refuge is in God. Trust in him at all telleth the number of the stars. Great times, ye people, &c. God hath is our Lord, and of great power : his spoken once, twice have I heard this, understanding is infinite, &c.-Ps. that power belongeth unto God.- cxlvii. 3, &c. Ps. Ixii. 7,8. 11, 12. lxi. 2.

Trust in the Lord with all thine The God of Israel is he that giveth heart, and lean not to thineown understrength and power unto his people. standing : in all thy ways acknow-Ps. Ixviii. 35.

ledge him, and he shall direct thy. They spake against God: they said, paths.--Prov. iii. 5, 6. Can God furnish a table in the wil Commit thy works unto the Lord,

and thy thoughts shall be established, cried concerning this : their strength &c. Man's heart deviseth his way, but is to sit still, &c. For thus saith the the Lord directeth his steps, &c. Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, In Whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy returning and rest shall ye be saved, is he.—Prov. xvi. 3. 9. 20.

in quietness and in confidence shall The name of the Lord is a strong be your strength; and


would not, tower : the righteous runneth into it, &c.- Isa. Xxx. 7. 15. and is safe.-Proy. xviii, 10.

Behold the Lord God will come,&c. There is no wisdom, nor under- He shall feed his flock like a shepstanding, nor counsel against the Lord, herd, &c. Who hath measured the The horse is prepared against the day waters in the hollow of his hand, and of battle; but safety (or victory) is meted out heaven, &c.-Isa. xl. 10-12. of the Lord.-Prov.xxi. 30,31. xix. 21. I the Lord, the first, and with the

Whoso putteth his trust in the last; I am he, &c.—Isa. xli. 4. xliv.6. Lord, shall be safe : many seek the When thou passest through the ruler's favour ; but every man's judg- waters, &c. they shall not overflow ment cometh from the Lord.—Prov. thee, &c. For I am the Lord thy God, xxix. 25, 26.

the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour, If

ye will not believe, surely ye &c. And besides me there is no Sashall not be established.—Isa. vii. 9. viour, &c. I will work, and who shall

Associate yourselves, &c. take let it ? &c.—Isa. xliii. 2, 3. 11-16. counsel together, and it shall come to xlv. 21. nought : speak the word and it shall Thus saith the Lord thy Redeemer, not stand : for God is with us.—Isa. and he that formed thee from the yiii. 9, 10. Jer. i. 18, 19.

womb, I am the Lord that maketh all I will trust, and not be afraid; for things, that stretcheth forth the heathe Lord Jehovah is my strength. vens, &c. that confirmeth the word of Isa. xii. 2.

his servant and performeth the counFor the Lord of hosts hath pur- sel of his messengers, &c. that saith posed, and who shall disannul it? to the deep, Be dry, Isa. xliv, and his hand is stretched out, and who 24–27. shall turn it back ?-Isa. xiv, 27. I am the Lord, and there is none

There shall be desolation, because else: I form the light, and create thou hast forgotten the God of thy darkness, &c. Thou art a God, O God salvation; and hast not been mindful of Israel, the Saviour.-Isa. xlv. 6,7. of the rock of thy strength.-Isa. 15. 21. xvii.9, 10.

My counsel shall stand, and I will Thou hast been a strength to the do all my pleasure.--Isa. xlvi. 10. poor, a strength to the needy in his Is my hand shortened at all, that distress : a refuge from a storm, a it cannot redeem? or have I no power shadow from the heat, when the blast to deliver ? Behold, at my rebuke, I of the terrible ones is as a storm dry up the sea, &c. Who is among against the wall.-Isa. xxv. 4. you that feareth the Lord, &c. that

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peacë walketh in darkness and hath nolight? whose mind is stayed on thee, be- let him trust in the name of the Lord, cause he trusteth in thee: trust ye and stay upon his God.—Isa. 1. 2,3. in the Lord for ever, for in the Lord 10. viii. 17. lix. 1. Ps. cxv. 11. Jehovah is everlasting strength; for Fear not, &c. for thy Maker is thine he bringeth down,&c.—Isa. xxvi.3–5. husband, the Lord of hosts is his

Behold the Lord hath a mighty and name : and thy Redeemer the Holy a strong one.—Isa. xxviii. 2. 6. One of Israel, the God of the whole

The Egyptians shall help in vain, earth.—Isa. liv. 4,5. and to no purpose : therefore have Í But he that putteth his trust in me,


shall possess the land, and shall in- (or strength) in the day of trouble, herit my holy mountain.—Isa. Ivii. 13. and he knoweth them that trust in

Behold, the Lord's hand is not him.-Nalum i. 7. shortened, that it cannot save : nei Although the fig tree shall not ther his ear heavy, that it cannot blossom, neither shall fruit be in the hear? but your iniquities have sepa- vines : the labour of the olive shall rated.-Isa. lix. 1, 2. 1. 2.

fail, and the field shall yield no meat, Blessed is the man that trusteth in &c. yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I the Lord, and whose hope the Lord will joy in the God of my salvation. is : for he shall be as a tree planted The Lord God is my strength.-Hab. by the waters, &c. O Lord, the hope iii. 17-19. of Israel.-Jer. xvii. 7, 8. 13.

Woe to her, &c. she trusteth not in Behold, I am the Lord, the God of the Lord; she drew not near to her all flesh: is there any thing too hard God. I will leave in the midst of for me ? -Jer. xxxii. 27.

thee an afflicted and poor people, I will surely deliver thee, &c. be- and they shall trust in the name of cause thou hast put thy trust in me, the Lord.—Zeph. iii. 1, 2. 12. saith the Lord.—Jer. xxxix. 18. Not by might, nor by power, but

Leave thy fatherless,&c. and let thy by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts : widows trust in me.Jer. xlix. 11. Who art thou, O great mountain? be

Their Redeemer is strong, the fore Zerubbabel.—Zech. iv. 6, 7. Lord of hosts is his name, he shall Take no thought for your life, what thoroughly plead their

ye shall eat, or what


shall drink; Jer. 1. 34.

nor yet for your body, what ye shali I the Lord have spoken it, and will put on, &c. Behold the fowls of the do it.Ezek. xxii. 14.

air, &c. yet your heavenly Father Blessed be God, &c. for wisdom feedeth them : are ye not niuch better and might are his : he changeth the than they ? &c. Consider the lilies, times, &c. removeth kings, &c.— &c. If God so clothe the grass, &c. Dan. ii. 20-22. 47. iv. 17. 32. shall he not much more clothe you,

Our God whom we serve is able to Oye of little faith, &c. your heavenly deliver us, &c. and he will deliver Father knoweth that ye have need of us.-Dan. jii. 17. 28.

all these things.--Matt. vi. 25, 26. Daniel was taken up out of the 28–30. 32. den, and no manner of hurt was There is one God, and there is none found upon him, because he believed other but he.-Mark xii. 32. in his God.-Dan. vi. 23.

Blessed is she that believes, for Thou shalt know no God but me, there shall be a performance of those for there is no Saviour besides me. things which were told her, &c.O Israel thou hast destroyed thyself, Luke i. 45. but in me is thine help.-Hosea xiii. Let not your hearts be tronbled; ye 4, 9.

believe in God, believe also in me. Asshur shall not save us, &c. for in John xiv. 1. thee the fatherless findeth mercy. Known unto God are all his works Hosea xiv. 3.

from the beginning of the world.When my soul fainted within me, Acts xv. 18. I remembered the Lord.—Jonah ii. 7. God that made the world and all

Trust ye not in a friend, &c. for things therein, seeing that he is Lord the son dishonoureth the father, &c. of heaven and earth, &c. he giveth to Therefore I will look unto the Lord, all life, and breath, and all things.I will wait for the God of my salva- Acts xvii. 24, 25. tion.-Micah vii. 5-7.

Let God be true, but every man a The Lord is good, a strong hold liar.-Rom. iii. 4.

If God be for us, who can be against us Rom. viii. 31.

Sect. x. To look with Faith, and The foolishness of God is wiser

Hope, and Perseverance unto God than men, and the weakness of God

in all cases : the Arguments for is stronger than men. 1 Cor. i.

such behaviour. 25. 27.

ABRAM's servant looked if God had God, &c. the Father of mercies, made his journey prosperous or not. and the God of all comforts, &c. We Gen. xxiv. 21. had the sentence of death in ourselves, . Fear ye not, stand still, and see that we should not trust in ourselves, the salvation of the Lord which he but in God which raiseth the dead : will shew, &c. and the Lord shall who delivered us from so great a fight for you, &c.--Exod. xiv. 13, 14, death, and doth deliver ; in whom Gen. xlix. 18. we trust that he will yet deliver us. The Lord, the Lord God, merciful 2 Cor. i. 3. 9, 10. 1 Sam. xvii. and gracious, long-suffering, and 34, &c.

abundant in goodness and truth.God, that comforteth those that Exod. xxxiv. 6. are cast down, &c.--2 Cor. vii. 6. When the people complained (or

Unto him that is able to do ex were as it were complainers) it disceeding abundantly above all that we pleased the Lord, &c.— Numb. xi. 1. can ask or think, &c.—Eph. iii. 20. God is not a man, that he should Luke i. 37.

lie; neither the son of man, that he Be careful for nothing, but in every should repent: hath he said, and thing by prayer, &c. let your requests shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, be made known unto God.-Phil. iv. 6. and shall he not make it good ?

The living and true God.--1 Thess. Numb. xxiii. 19. Heb. vi. 18. Titus i. i. 9. 1 Pet. i. 23.

2. Rom. iii. 4. 1 Sam. xy. 29. Therefore we both labour and suffer The Lord thy God, he is God : the reproach, because we trust in the faithful God, which keepeth covenant. living God, who is the Saviour of all – Deut. vii. 9. men, especially of those that believe. Not one thing hath failed of all the -1 Tim. iv. 10.

good things which the Lord your

God Charge them that are rich, &c. spake, &c. ---Josh. xxiii. 14. xxi. 45. that they trust not, &c. but in the 1 Kings viii. 56. living God, who, &c.--1 Tim. vi. 17. The king of Israel said, Behold this

In hope of eternal life, which God, evil is of the Lord; what should I that cannot lie, promised before the wait for the Lord any longer world began.Tit. i. 2.

2 Kings vi. 33. Be content with such things as ye We have no might, &c. neither have: for he hath said, I will never know we what to do; but our eyes leave thee, nor forsake thee; so that are upon thee. Ye shall not need to we may boldly say, The Lord is my fight in this battle ; set yourselves, helper, and I will not fear.--Heb. stand ye, and see the salvation of xiii. 5, 6.

the Lord with you.—2 Chron. XX. Every good gift and every perfect 12. 17. gift is from above, and cometh down I would seek unto God, and unto from the Father of lights, with whom God would I commit my caus is no variableness, &c.--James i. 17. which doth great things and unsearch

Casting all your care upon him, able, marvellous things without numfor he careth for you.—1 Pet. v. 7. ber.--Job v. 8, 9.

In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.Ps, y. 3.

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Like as a

Thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them will yet praise thee more and more.that seek thee.-Ps. ix. 10.

Ps. lxxi. 14. lii. 9. They shall praise the Lord that Thou, O Lord, art a God full of seek him.-Ps. xxii. 26.

compassion, and gracious : longThou the God of my salvation : on suffering, and plenteous in mercy and thee do I wait all the day, &c. mine truth.--Ps. Ixxxvi. 15. cxi. 4. eyes are ever towards the Lord : for

Even from everlasting to everlasthe shall pluck my feet out of the net. ing thou art God : thou turnest man: -Ps. xxv. 5. 15. 21.

to destruction, and sayest, Return ye Wait on the Lord, and be of good children of men.-Ps. xc. 2, 3. courage, and he shall strengthen thine The Lord will not cast off his

peoheart: wait, say, on the Lord. - ple, neither will he forsake his inPs. xxvii. 14.

heritance.-Ps. xciv. 14. Deut. xxxi. Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon 6, 8. them, &c. who hope in his mercy, to

The Lord is merciful and gracious, deliver their soul, &c. Our soul slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy: waiteth for the Lord, he is our help.- he will not always chide, neither will Ps. xxxiii. 18-20.

he keep anger for ever. Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the father pitieth his children, so the heavens : thy faithfulness reacheth Lord pitieth them that fear him, &c. unto the clouds.-Ps. xxxvi. 5. lvii. 10. The mercy of the Lord is from ever

Commit thy way unto the Lord, &c. lasting to everlasting.–Ps. cii. 8, 9. and he shall bring it to pass, &c. rest 13. 17. lxxviii. 38, 39. in the Lord, and wait patiently for These all wait on thee, that thou him ; fret not thyself, &c. because of mayest give them their meat in due the man who bringeth wicked devices season.-Ps. civ. 27. to pass, &c. Fret not thyself in any They soon forgat his works; they wise to do evil, &c. Wait on the waited not for his counsel.-Ps. cvi. 13. Lord, and keep his way, and he shall The Lord is gracious and full of exalt thee.-Ps. xxxvii. 5. 7,8.34. compassion : he hath given meat unto

And now, Lord, what wait I for them that fear him, he will ever be my hope is in thee.-Ps. xxxix. 7. mindful of his covenant.-Ps. cxi.

I waited patiently for the Lord, 4, 5. cxvi. 5. cxii. 4. and he inclined unto me and heard My soul fainteth for thy salvation : my cry; he brought me up out of an I hope in thy word.—Ps. cxix. 81. horrible pit, out of the mire.-Ps. xl. Behold, as the eyes of servants

look unto the hand of their masters, Why art thou cast down, O my &c. so our eyes wait upon the Lord soul? why art thou disquieted in me? our God, until he have mercy upon hope thoa in God, for I shall yet 08.-Ps. cxxiii. 2. praise him.-Ps. xlii. 11. xliii. 5. I wait for the Lord; my soul doth

God is our refuge and strength; a wait, and in his word do I hope. My very present help in time of trouble. - soul waiteth for the Lord, more than Ps. xlvi. 1.

they that watch for the morning : let My soul, wait thou only upon God: Israel hope in the Lord, for with the for my expectation is only from him: Lord is mercy and plenteous redemphe only is my rock, and, &c.-Ps. tion.--Ps. cxxx. 5—7. lxii. 5, 6.

Our bones are scattered, &c. but I am weary of my crying, my throat mine eyes are unto thee, O God the is dried : mine eyes fail while I wait Lord.—Ps. cxli. 7, 8. for my God.-Ps. Ixix. 3. cxix. 123. The Lord is gracious and full of Isa. Xxxviii. 14.

compassion, slow to anger, and of But I will hope continually, and great mercy: the Lord is good to all,

1, 2.

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