“ Can Freemen sleep secure o' nights “ While wrongs repeal the Bill of Rights ; To curb, forsooth, Sedition's crew, “ All honourable men and true As he for whom, at Maidstone tried, “ I swore so lustily and 1-03“ Back'd by right noble Blue and Buff-folk, “ Earl Thanet, Oxford, Norfolk, Suffolk, “ (Who told the Court, and told my Lady, “ Of morals, locks, post-chaise, and Paddy), “ In whose behalf too lied and swore “ Whig-commoners as many more : “ Hal Grattan, Whitbread, Taylor Mic-, “ Who, for an opposition Chick, “ Can swear a tolerable stick : “ Though nothing like us old game-cocks, “ Brindsley, the Barrister, and Fox.” — But if the friends of Britain feel The rancour of our patriot's zeal,

mine; but soRRY I AM TO SAY THAT, from whatever cause it arises, There SEEMS AT PRESENT LITTLE PROSPECT OF RESISTING IT WITH EFFECT. I have no difficulty in saying that the present system of the government of England is a

system of terror-the system of ROBESPIERRE, &c. &c. · Mr. Fox's Speech at the Whig Club.-Courier, May 2, 1798.

His general plaudit he bestows
As freely on his country's foes.
Cast her old slough, Allegiance;
When, teeming with a nation's woes,
Her baleful womb's convulsive throes,
Gave to the world its ravening brood
Of anarchists baptiz’d in blood,
Who, fraternizing with the rabble,
Those brick-makers of modern Babel,
Uprear'd her dread volcanic frame
Surcharg’d with Insurrection's flame,
That, towering in gigantic pride,
All powers of heav'n and earth defied :
Fox, with congratulating smile,
Enraptur'd view'd “ the noblest pile
“ That mortal wisdom e'er devis’d,
“ And haild Eutopia realiz’d.” *

* It had frequently been the practice -to recur to a Speech of a relation of his (Mr. Fox), delivered at the commencement of the French Revolution, stating something like these words:


Lord Holland. House of Lords, Jan. 8, 1799. We cannot help being struck with the happy coincidence

But when Aboukir's rescued strand,
Brave Nelson ! thy resistless band
Beheld, of seamen bold and staunch,
The thunder of destruction launch
On faithless Gallia’s naval host;
Round Egypt's gratulating coast,
While Britain's Cross triumphant wav'd,
Blest ensign of an empire sav'd !-
Proud of the palms his valour won,
While Albion glories in her Son;
And strains of gen’ral joy proclaim
The vast accession to her fame.*_

and sympathy in sentiment between our great Whig Orator, and the Sans-culotte Orator of the human race" (as he modestly termed himself), ANACHARSIS Clootz, who thus addressed the French Legislative Assembly:

" The trumpet, which indicates the Resurrection of a Great Nation, has resounded to the four corners of the world. The WISDOM of YOUR DECREES, and the Union of the Children of France, THAT RAVISHING PICTURE OF HUMAN FELICITY," &c. &c. &c.

* Horrenda latè nomen in ultimas

Extendit oras : quà medius liquor
Secernit Europen ab Afro :
Quà tumidus rigat arva Nilus.

Hor. Od. Lib. III. Od. iii.

See Faction, sickening at the deed,
From scenes of honest joy seceed,
Enshroud in tavern-haunts aloof
Her clouded brow and cloven hoof,
And prompt her chosen Advocate
Ills to enlarge on and create ;
And mingle with adult'rate wine
His stream of eloquence malign:

“ Friends, whose subscriptions line my fob, “ True subjects of my Liege, the Mob; “ Long since, you know, in sullen spite, t “ I bade the Commons' House good night, “ And march'd off, confidently judging “ They'd my secession take in dudgeon ; “ And, for the safety of the nation, “ Intreat me to resume my station.

* “ The last time (I mean this time twelvemonth) I took occasion to speak to you in this place, upon public affairs, I stated that the circumstances of the times were such as to suggest to me a conduct (Secession from Parliament) which I have, as far as it depended upon me, pursued.”

Mr. Fox's Speech, Anniversary of his Election for

Westminster, Whig Club.-Morn. Chron. October 11, 1798.

“ For, as old Cato at Rome's shows
“ Thought fit to introduce his nose,
“ Merely to take it out again,
And stalk away in high disdain : *
“ So I, on my secession-hack
“ Mounted, in hopes to gallop back,
“ Hail'd by the rabble's plausive shout,
“ Just as the Roman Churl went out.

“ Though such has been my drift, 'tis fit “ That you should know your Chairman's bit. “Sirs, at my stratagem they laugh, “ (Old birds are n't to be caught with chaff,) “ And jog on merrier than before, “ Since OPPOSITION 's now no more. “ Now this is horribly provoking To one who loves to clap a spoke in “ Each wheel of government's machine ; “ I thought I should have burst with spleen : “ When opportunely You commanded, « And straight from apex of St. ANNE,+ did

* Cur in theatrum, Cato severe, venisti?

An ideo tantum veneras, ut exires ?- Martial. . + Mr. Fox's Mansion on the summit of St. Anne's HILL, near Chertsey.

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