your letter.

your present position; and thus you God. have the Spirit of grace and stand in the shadow of the woe pro- supplication, and are brought to know nounced,—“ Woe unto you when all that the great turning point is elecmen speak well of you.” You are tion; that they are either chosen to not among the few who find the nar- salvation, or they are not; that it is row way, but you are among the not of him that willeth, nor of him many who walk in the broad way of that runneth, but of God that shewgeneral profession, and would subvert eth mercy; that no man can know the gospel of Christ. You join with the Father, only unto whom the Son those who would alter the dimensions will reveal him; that no man can of the ark, the pattern of the taber- know the Son, but he to whom the nacle and the temple: but who ever father will reveal him; and no man hardened himself against God, and can say that Jesus is the Lord but by finally prospered. If then you have the Holy Ghost. The man that is any conscience left, let the exhorta- brought to feel the force of these tion recoil upon yourself, be not con- truths, will not be able to rest in huformed to this world.

man doings, or human testimony; noAgain, you say make sure work for thing can satisfy such but the testieternity. You try in your letter to mony of God : the word of God must be very awful, but you are notwith- be brought home to the heart with standing abominably carnal; there is power, the efficacy of pardoning blood not one particle of spiritual savour in must be felt, the love of God must

The children of God be shed abroad in the heart, the Sathemselves, until better taught, are viour's name must be made precious, apt to take legal gloominess, for spiri. the mind of the Lord must be retual solemnity, and thus for a while vealed, and the salvation of Gud become imposed upon by the sad enjoyed. It is receiving these things faces, awful gesture, and sort of dam- in their power, importance and glory, nation language of the ministers of that constitutes what is called maSatan. The true christian's fellow- king our calling and election sure. ship with God is indeed solemn, but Nothing short of this can satisfy it is, at the same time, in the endear. those who are born of God. It is ments of redeeming and saving love. the small still, but powerful voice of

And now, by way of conclusion, truth, bringing the soul into fellowlet us see what it is to make sure ship with the Father and with his work for eternity. Be it then re- Son Jesus Christ, that gives assurance membered that none can do this, but while the everlasting covenant is unthose for whom the kingdom is pre- folded. The service of sin is rejected, pared; none but the redeemed can the world is overcome, the enemy resavingly turn to God; none can be treats, the affections are set on things conformed to the image of the Son of above, and not on things on the God, but those who are predestinated earth. Of these things the Lord's thereto. To make sure work then people are brought to feel their need, for eternity, is to make our calling after these things they long and seek, and election sure in us, it is sure for and these things they sooner or later the redeemed, but they cannot be sure realize, for they shall come and sing of it, until they are enabled to make in the height of Zion. And thus it sure in their own consciences; and those who believe through grace shall no one creature effort, nor all creature have the witness in themselves, and efforts put together can do this, for shall bear testimony against the inthe things of God knoweth no man,

ventions and doctrines of men, and only as the Holy Spirit is pleased to shall to eternity bear witness of the reveal them. Those who are born of truth of absolute election, divine predestination, everlasting righteousness, work prosper? Doth the true light eternal redemption, effectual calling; shine? God shines into our heart to in a word, that the Lord hath loved make manifest the evil of our nature, them with an everlasting love, and the brighter it shines the blacker we saved them in and by himself with an see ourselves.

And it shines in everlasting salvation, that they shall many ways. First, it discovers our not be ashamed nor confounded world sin, and reproves us for it: "all without end.

things that are reproved are made It is hy the reception, experience, manifest by the light which doth apand practice of these truths, that true pear, for whatsoever doth make man. christians let their light shine before ifest is light." Secondly, it shines men ; which light is of course offen- into the world : we have a sure sive to the carnal mind, for men love word of prophesy, which you do well darkness rather than this heavenly to take heed to, as to a light shining light. It is by these great truths into a dark place, till the day dawn that the true christian puts off the old and the day-star arise in your hearts

. man with his deeds and puts on the Thirdly, it shines in the face of the new man; is not conformed to this Mediator : God gives us the light world, but is conformed to the image of the knowledge of the glory of of Christ, and to him is revealed the himself in the face of Jesus Christ.” immutable counsel of God: this is Fourthly, discovers what he hath sure work for eternity.

done for us and in us: “I will bring If it be the will of the Lord, may the blind by a way they knew not; I he stir you up to a sight and sense of will make darkness light before them, the delusions you are under, that you and crooked things straight.” Fifthly, may be brought to think soberly, pray it shows us more and more of the evil spiritually, and walk humbly (not of our hearts, and the suitability and proudly as you now do) with the God all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ as the of eternal truth; for if you live and only way to the Father : “ The path die in any capital error, recollect you of the just shineth more and more will be found among those of whom unto the perfect day.” it is written, “s that he that loveth and Cherish, my dear brother, every maketh a lie, shall have his portion conviction, every discovery of sinful in the lake.” Your present position self, every reproof, every frown, and takes the work of God out of his every correction, for reproofs of inhands, disregards the honors of the struction are the ways of life. If Holy Spirit, and in part dethrones the God loves us he will not suffer us to Saviour ; and that under the garb of be deceived; he will stir us up, and human holiness and pious real for the

make us restless and uneasy, dissagood of sculs. May Almighty God tisfied, discontented, barren, lean, and tear off the mask, and cause you to miserable, that we may feel our need refuse the evil and choose the good, of the provision that he hath made So prays your old friend and ac- for us in Christ Jesus; nor will he quaintance,

allow us to stop short of the promised Surrey Tabernacle,

rest, or make up our happiness in the Borough Road.

things of this world. Arise, depart,

says God, for this is not your rest, it UNPUBLISHED LETTERS OF THE LATE

is polluted. And no small share of REV, W, HUNTINGTON TO A FRIEND.

sharp exercise do we need in order to

strip us of self, and to raise our afNo. 6,--To be Continued.

fections above the things of this Well, and how does my dear bro- world. This I know by sarrowful ther get on now? Does the blessed experience.


W. H. S.S.

I have sent sister M. an epistle but We will endeavour to open the have received no answer. She little text to you in the foregoing order. thinks what she loses by her silence, Firstly, then, the spot chosen. This for I have written another partly, is evidently the first work of one who which is on a beautiful subject, but intends forming a vineyard or garden, shall neither finish nor send it until I and is the department of the hushave one from her. This severe win- bandman only. He does not, as some ter tries me not a little, it is excessively people would imply, go to a desert cold; but blessed for ever be God, waste, and cultivate here a piece of who hath given us a better country ground and there another promiscuin hope, and hath promised to bring ously, just as it may happen; oh no, us to it. Our race runs through a such a proceeding in a literal point of wilderness, but the next country af- view would plainly prove a men desfords the prize for which we run. I titute of knowledge or judgment, nay am looking out every day in hope of void of common sense. Nor doth better weather, and intend, if God the Great Husbandman, the Lord of permit, to be with you once more in heaven and earth : his church is his the spring. Thus i flatter myself of vineyard, planted by his own right to-morrow, not knowing what a day hand, elect according to his foreinay bring forth, for our life is but a knowledge, chosen in him before all span. Farewell: grace and peace be worlds, saved by redeeming blood, with thee. My kind respects to your and appointed to dwell with him in spouse and all friends.

bliss for ever. Yes, “ a garden inEver your's to serve in Christ Jesus. closed is my sister, my spouse.” The

spot having been chosen is set apart for the purpose of a vineyard. So

Jehovah's vineyard is walled around A BRIEF OUTLINE OF A SERMON,

and fenced in, for the double purpose Recently Preached at Jewin Crescent Chapel, of protecting it and the plants therein

from the attacks of robbers, and from

spoilation from beasts and all animals, The vineyard which thy right-hand hath planted.—Psalm lxxx. 15.

which if allowed to enter would des

troy all that is therein. Here the A powerless ministry is an useless husbandman displays his skill in nurone: it may be eloquently delivered, turing the fruits of the earth. So in very pleasing to the natural mind, his vineyard the Lord takes peculiar and perhaps may amuse and afford delight: every plant, even the most great intellectual entertainment; but insignificant is the object of his care if it is not owned of God, it will and attention. This is his inheri: never bring glory to his adorable name tance. or profit the souls of his children. A minister that is not sent of God to


“ We are a garden walled around,

Chosen and made peculiar ground." declare his truth, cannot and will never be blessed by God. The sub- A word or two about the walls. ject for consideration this evening The first wall is predestination; the suggests three distinct ideas.

second, redemption; the third, sanc1. The sacred select spots which tification; and the fourth, glory. God chooses whereon to form his These enclose the spot all round and vineyard.

on every side, not a breach or crevice 2. The owner thereof, And is to be found in either, for were 3. The workmanship displayed in there the smallest imperfection in forming, cultivating, and ripening the even one of them, the purpose of

enclosing the ground would not be ac

fruits of it.

complished, Its walls are salvation, in the ground; yet some persons talk and its gates praise. It is filled with

as if they can be planted in the vine. choice plants selected by himself, and yard when they please, and by their planted there by his right hand. own exertions grow and flourish until They are the special objects of his they arrive at fuil perfection. love and recipients of his grace, and 3. The workmanship displayed. when once placed there can never be All is at the disposal of the Great plucked up, though in his time he Husbandman in the vineyard of which transplants them to his vineyard on I am speaking, and no one beside. high. When God plants a soul in He waters them, and by him they his vineyard he calls him from the thrive. I really consider the religious briars and weeds of the world, the world (mark, I say the world, for the desert in which the vineyard stands, church of God is separate from the though preserved by its surrounding world) is now to be feared as more walls from the pollution of it: he injurious to the cause of God than says, “ Come out from among them, the profane world ; so many professing and be ye separate, and touch not his name, and so few possessing the the unclean thing, and I will receive life of God in their souls. I desire you, and will be a Father to you, and at all times so to speak, preach, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, declare the whole counsel of God, saith the Lord Almighty,” 2 Cor. vi. that I may be clear of your blood, 17, 18. The plants within the walls and stand at the last great day of have no connection with those with- reckoning to present my account beout, being quite of a different growth, fore an assembled world, not having deriving nourishment from the Head, the blood of one of you on my head. the True Vine, to which each is uni- I know not how long my Master will ted. A tablet is attached to each be pleased to allow me to serve him with this inscription,—“Ye serve the here, but at times I think that it is Lord Christ.” I dislike the term not far distant, when froin serving irresistible grace, it is decidedly an him here I shall be taken to praise incorrect one, since by nature we are him above. I abhor the idea of haall at enmity with God by wicked ving a claim upon God: my Bible works, and exclaim with one accord sanctions it not. All the plants of in our state of unregeneracy, “ We his right-hand planting will be nurwill not have this man to reign over tured, guarded, and flourish under

Resist it we have done, and his care, until he uproots them from should continue to do: irresistible a world of sin, to be transplanted to is that which cannot be resisted. mansions of happiness prepared for Invincible grace it is, for resist it as them in the regions of bliss, there to we may, our stubborn hearts and bloom through all eternity. perverse inclinations must bow at last to its sovereign sway. True

Bermondsey. godliness is to have Father, Son, and Holy Ghost manifest in us.


BELIEVER'S RULE OF LIFE, — AND the Husbandman,” saith Christ. He it is that places his chosen in the vineyard of his church. He it is that nurtures them : they grow up in him until in his good time they are

My Dear Brother, meet for glory. Every one with

You need not be afraid of plain sense knows that a plant can troubling me with your question ; . I never remove itself when once placed feel, I will not say flattered, but bo


E. H.


noured by the opinion you entertain they have been. (though through of my judgment, and earnestly pray mercy the world know them not,) so that neither you nor any one else grievous that the remembrance fills may be misled by it.

me with shame and self-loathing, and With respect to sanctification and will, I trust, cause me to walk softly the moral law, I think that the dispu- before God all my days : yet it is by tants have misunderstood each other, these very grievous falls that I have as neither party hold the sentiments been led to much richer views of the attributed to them by their opponents. fulness and freeness of God's salvaIf by progressive sanctification is tion, and the adorable Saviour has meant my nature becoming less sinful become the chief among ten thouor more holy, I must say that the sand, the altogether lovely. He only word of God and my own experience knows how my heart glow's and my give a positive denial to the doctrine,

eyes weep while writing this.

To My nature is as prone to depart from conclude this subject, if I were asked God, and seek its satisfaction from what is meant by progressive sanctithe dust as ever, and I believe that fication, I should say it is the work all those who are taught of God feel of the Holy Ghost in a poor sinner's this to their sorrow. But on the heart, emptying him of self-goodness, other hand, if it is meant that sanc- stripping him of self-righteousness, tification is progressive in the Holy and giving him increasing discoveries Spirit’s renewing us in the inner man of Christ's perfect, full, free, and day by day, increasing our faith, everlasting salvation, leading him to strengthening our love, and enabling say, “ Whom have I in heaven but us to deny ungodliness, and to put thee,” &c. off the old man with his deeds; I You mention the moral law: I must say that both scripture and ex- cannot find the expression either in perience prove that there is such a the Old or New Testament, but I thing as progressive sanctification, and suppose that the ten commandments though they say 'Give a dog an ill are meant, which some say are the name and he may go and hang him- rule of life, though Paul calls them self,' I will take the poor thing in the law of sin and death, and says and beg of God that he may dwell in that “ the law of the Spirit of life in my heart until spirit, soul, and body Christ Jesus hath made him free from are presented faultless before the it,” Rom. viii. 2; see also Gal. ii. 21, throne with exceeding joy. Not that where it is positively declared that it I mean to say that the believer is could not give life : therefore it cannot always conscious of progressing; on be the rule of life. I remember the contrary he mostly thinks other- riding on the H

coach with a wise, and is often making rapid pro- young student of Academy, in gress when he is crying out “O one of my journeys to W---, who wretched man that I am:" for while in course of conversation mentioned it is written “Pride goeth before des- the name of Mr. S-r. Ah, said truction, and a haughty spirit before a gentleman, he is an antinomian. a fall,” we do. read “ Before honour They knew not who I was, so I let is humility.” Some have have been them talk on. When they had done left to fall into sin that " they might I said, Sir, what you have said cor. know all that was in their heart." cerning Mr. S-r is a libel in your “Hezekiah humbled himself;” “ Peter sense of the term, for I believe that wept bitterly:" probably they never there are few his equals in real vital grew so much at any other time. godliness. He said that he believed They fell to rise the higher. And I it, all that he meant was that he held do believe that my falls, grievous as the sentiments of the antinomians.

June, 1840.)

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