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is Cato by the young gentlemen of the college, as they call themselves, and the Busybody by the company on Wednesday night last and I believe there will be another to-night. They have been at a great loss for a fine lady, who I think is called Dorinda, but that difficulty is overcome by finding her, which was to be the greatest secret and as such 'tis said to be Miss Anderson that came to town with Mrs. Carter.” William Allason, writing from Falmouth, Virginia, in 1771, said: “The best sett of players that ever performed in America are to open the theater in Fredericksburg on Tuesday next and continue for some weeks.” Quincy saw Hallam in The Padlock and The Gamester in New York in 1773 and thought him indifferent in tragedy but better in comedy, while some of his company “acted superlatively."..

Occasional amusements of a less formal or permanent nature existed in great variety. Itinerant performers passed up and down the colonies. Dugee, an artist on the slack wire, began his exhibitions in 1732 at Van Dernberg's Garden in New York. Mrs. Eleanor Harvey made quite a sensation as a fortune teller shortly before the Revolution. Exhibitions of dwarfs, electrical devices and displays, musical clocks, and Punch and Judy shows


Showing four-poster bed with curtains and valance, and truckle bed to be pulled out from beneath the larger bed. In the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass.

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