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Eyton, Rev. John, A.M., recollections of, 551
False religions, self-righteousness of, 39
Family government, common defects in, 28
Fathers, Christian, a plea for the, 463
Feejee humanity, evidence of, 268
Fervent spirit, thoughts on a, 967
Fletcher, Mrs., mentioned, 553, 554
France. On Romanticism, and the present

state of French literature, 35, 156, 260, 350-
Notes on the literary history of France: The
Pascal family, 776, 871, 1090-scene of the
French Revolution, 144—numerous editions of

the French Bible, mentioned, 600
Fryth, the martyr, mentioned, 482, 487
Gale, a young seaman's first, 50
Galloway, Rev. W. B., work by, noticed, 298–

views of, on episcopal ordination, examined, 756
Gardiner, Bishop, character of, 487—his plea

for Latin words in the English Bible, 591
Garrett, of All-Hallows, sufferings of, 478
Geology, why avoided in this Magazine, 87-Dr.

Harris's views on, noticed, 87-proofs of the de-
luge from, 755—the facts of, not contradictory

to Scripture, when properly understood, 809
Geneva English Bible, mentioned, 595, 596
Germany, ecclesiastical affairs in, 445—a “His-

tory” of, noticed, 494—work on the recent
secession from the Papal Church in, noticed,
498—work on the rationalism of, noticed, 707
-a pernicious principle of the rationalists of,

considered, 953
Government, human and divine, contrast be-

tween, 1211
Grace and nature, remarks on, 791
Grace, the economy of, and the spiritual privileges

of believers, 972
Guizot, M., character of, as a writer, 352
Haddick, Messrs. H. and J., notices of, 627, 628
Hamilton, and other Scottish martyrs, mentioned,

Hampton-Court conference, the, mentioned, 598
Hayes, Middlesex, parochial doings in, 773. Seo

also Methodism in former Days.
Heavenly state, the, considered, 1221
Henry VIII. and the Bible, 589, 592
Henwood, Mrs., death of, mentioned, 428
Hervey, Rev. James, notices of, 965, 1097
Hiding-place, the Christian's, 670
Honolulu, description of, 368
Hora Biblicæ. No. XVIII. The festival of the

golden calf, &c., 64-No. XIX. Blood revenge,
173–No. XX. Illustrations of Scripturé, 475
No. XXI. Gaza, 585-No. XXII. The shower
of stones, 688—No. XXIII. The helmet the
hope of salvation, 792—No. XXIV. Mount
Gerizim, 891

Jerusalem, sepulchral village near, 349—trades,

&c., in, 684—work on, noticed, 1231
Jesuits, works on the, noticed, 186, 391
Johnston, Sir Alexander, mentioned, 215
Judgment, future, basis of the, 1217
Justification by faith, doctrine of, referred to, 66
Keats, Shelley's lament over, 789—the grave of,

at Rome, 790
Knox, Alexander, quoted, 21, 989—“Remarks"

of, on the character of the Rev. J. Wesley,
examined, 343-347—his charge of literary dis-
honesty against the followers of Mr. Wesley

answered, 347, 348
Lambert, John, martyrdom of, 492
Law, distinction between the subordinate and

the proper sense of the term, 1212—the safe-
guard of liberty, 1214-divine, three peculiari-

ties produced by the, 1215
Lazarus, remarks on the parable of, 1217
Longitude, mode of finding the, explained, 44
Lord's house, claims of the, 769—decorum in the,

Lovefeasts among the early Christians, notice of, 81
Mahomet Ali, new city of, 991
Manning, Rev. Charles, extracts from the parish

register of, 773-account by, of the experience
of Mrs. Jane Farmer, 865-Mr. Wesley's visits

to, 867-869
Market-Raisen, origin of Methodism in, 149
Marler, Anthony, mentioned, 591
Marriott, Mr. T., communications from, 248,

363, 449, 458, 546, 656, 686, 865, 964, 1080, 1186
Mary's reign, and its martyrs, 593, 595
Masson, Gustave, communications from, 35, 156,

260, 350, 776, 871, 1090
Matthew's Bible, so called, history of, 491
Methodism in Former Days. No. XXII. Os-

motherly, 139–No. XXIII. Tract Societies,
269—No. XXIV. Animadversions on Bishop
Lavington's Charge to the Clergy of his diocess,
363—No. XXV. General Oglethorpe, 575–
No. XXVI. Hayes, Hillingdon, and Ux-
bridge, 865—No. XXVII. Wesley's Contem-
poraries, the Revs. J. Hervey and S. Walker,
1097—No. XXVIII. Wesley at St. Bartholo-

mew's, 1186
Methodism, Wesleyan, misrepresentations of,

in the “ Christian Witness," replied to, 175,
285—“History” of, in the Channel Islands,
noticed, 498—the system of, closely resembles
that of the early Christian church, 759, 765—
the Rev. W. Sorley's attack on, noticed, 813,
1020_history of, in Sweden, 820_extensive in-

fluence and untrammeled action of, 1210
Miracles, superstitiously connected with mar-

tyrdom, 78
Africa, Southern. Cape of Good Hope, 1135,

1136—Great Namaqualand, 1137
Anniversary of the Wesleyan Missionary So-

ciety, 614
Ceylon. Batticaloa, 96-Jaffna, 720—Trinco-

malee, 826
Finances of the Society, 615
France, 201, 307
Gibraltar, 513
India, Continental. Goobbee, 718—Mysore,

198—Negapatam, 200
South-Sea Missions. Australia, 1242–Feejee,

308, 403, 406, 929, 930, 932, 933, 1239
Friendly Islands, 308, 1031-New South
Wales, 515-New-Zealand, 97, 308, 1240

Ignatius, epistles of, referred to, 759
India, and its people, a series of papers on, by

the Rev. W. Arthur, 659, 995, 1100, 1190
Indian, argument of an, 47
Integrity, Christian, rewarded, 164
Intolerance, rebuked, 137
Ireland, distress in, 411, See also RELIGIOUS


Jacob's well, a scene at, 785
James I. and the Bible, 597, 598
Jay, Rev. W., autobiography of, 1180
Jerome, strange views of, on the parable of the

sower, 81-statement of, on the origin of Bi.
shops, 760, 761

Switzerland, 202

West Indies. Demerara, 308—Jamaica, 98
Mont-Blanc, view of, from the Val d'Aoste, 655
More, Sir Thomas, mentioned, 483, 488
Mysore, reminiscences of a Mission to the, by the

Rev. W. Arthur, 40, 165

Napoleon, passage of the Alps by, 583
Niagara, the hermit of, 48—the falls of, 283
Nichols, Mr. James, Southey's letters to, 255
North British Review, extract from, descriptive

of Messrs. Wesley and Whitefield, 985-stric-

tures on the extract from, 1109, 1203
NOTICES (Characteristic) OF BOOKS, &c. See

A History of Germany, 494
Ancient Devotional Poetry, 390
A Plea for the Outcasts of Israel, 183
Bakewell's (Mrs.) “ Parting Precepts," 1021
Barrett's “ Boatman's Daughter,” 182
Baynes's (Mrs.) “Young Mother's Scrap-Book

of Knitting,” &c., 1233
Bennett's Lectures,” 1230
Binney's “ Education,” 919
Browning's Convict Ship,” 494
Brown's Comfortable Words,” 389
Campbell and Richardson's “Sermons," 184
Charlotte Elizabeth's Posthumous Poems,"

301—“ Zadoc,” 709
Cheever's Wanderings of a Pilgrim,” 709
Christian Proprieties, 183
Clark's (Benjamin) “ Domestic Sanctuary," 88
Clark's (Dr. John A.) “Glimpses of the Old

World,” 1127
Clark's (Thomas) “Union Tune-Book,” 918
Cochrane's World to Come," 603
Cole's “Observations on Public Schools," 709
Cornwell's School Geography,” 1126
Cumming's " Is Christianity from God?" 390
D’Aubigne's “Domestic Worship,” 299
Davies's Estimate of the Human Mind," 393
Davis's Family Religion,” 1230
Desgodetz’sRome in its Ancient Grandeur,"711
Dick's Solar System,” 604
Dunn's “ Biography, &c., of the Gospels,”

494—“ Dictionary of the Gospels,917
Duval's Reasons for refusing to continue a

Member of the Church of Rome," 495
East's Forgiveness of Sin," 392
Edwards's “Late-Hour System,” 86
Ellis's (Mrs.) “ Prevention better than Curé,".

Epistles to the Few, 602
Etheridge's Syrian Churches," 85
Faber's Tractarian Secession to Popery,” 392
Fairbairn's “ Typology of Scripture," 1126
From Oxford to Rome, 494
Galloway's Gate of Prophecy,” 298
Garden Flowers, 1022
Gascoyne's “New Solution of the Seals, Trum-

pets, &c., of Revelation,” 604
Griffiths's “ Chemistry of the four Seasons,” 497
Grigg's Observations on Sunday-School In-

struction," 1022
Guiton's “Histoire du Méthodisme Wesleyen

dans les Iles de la Manche,” 498
Guthrie, James, “Life” of, 187
Halley's Baptism,"

Hannam's “ First and last Covenant," 710
Harris's (Dr.) “Pre-Adamite Earth," 87
Harris's (Rev. Thomas) « Memoir of the Rev.

W. Bramwell,” 919
Henderson, Alexander, “Life" of, 187

NOTICES OF BOOKS, continued.

Hinton's “Memoir of William Knibb,” 496
History of the Society for promoting Female

Education in the East, 1128
Hook's “ Help to Self-Examination," French

Version of, 816
Hoole's Year-Book of Missions,” 1018
Hooper's Translation,” 184
Hughes's Female Characters of Holy Writ,"

Hunt's “Memoir of the Rev. W. Cross," 182
Jackson's Catechumen Classes," 494
James's (Rev. J. Angell) “ Christian Fellow-

ship,” 4954" Earnest Ministry," 1020
James's (Rev. J. H.)“Nature and Destiny of

the Human Soul,” 300
Jeffrey's Discourses,” 185
Johnstone, Mrs., “Memoir” of, 496
Jones, William, “ Autobiography” of, 86
Katterns's “Sermons on the Decease of Mrs.

Cox,” 496
Kell's “ Education for the Ministry,” 184
Kelly's Neophilus," 605
Kendall's “Ministerial Popularity,” 918
Leask's Footsteps of Messiah,” 606
Lee's (Mrs.) “African Wanderers," 496
Letters from the Continent, 1021
Life of Mohammed; Garden-Flowers of the

Year ; Life of Lady Russell ; Modern Jeru-
salem ; Life of Cyrus ; Truth, and other
Poems ; The French Revolution ; Caves of

the Earth, 1233
Lowthian's “Visit to Jerusalem,” 1231
M'Cheyne, Rev. Robert, “Additional Re-

of, 496
M Cord's Salvation," 709
M‘Culloch's “Literary Characteristics of the

Holy Scriptures,” 710
Marriott's “ Protestants of the Grisons," 299
Marsden's “ Churchmanship of the New Tes-

tament,” 185
Martin's “ Youthful Development,” 389
Mason's “Karen Apostle,” 389
Massie's Evangelical Alliance," 183—“Li-

berty of Conscience," 1020
Mcarns's “ Expository Lectures," 1231
Miles's “ Three Wives,” 389
Miller's (lugh) “First Impressions of Eng-

land,” 1230
Miller's (Rev. J. A.) “Memoir of the Rev.

T. S. M'Kean, of ti," 1128
Modern Jerusalem, 1022
Moore's “Use of the Body in relation to the

Mind,” 497
Morison's “Gospel Alphabet," 710
Murchie's “ Truth and Love,” 604
My Youthful Companion, 1022
Nelson's “ British Library,” 1019
Newton's (Rev. John) “Letters,” 605
Notes on Scripture Lessons for 1846, 494
Osburn's “ Hidden Works of Darkness,” 186
Outlines of a Ministry, 1231
Peddie's “ Discourses," 185
Peggs's “Baptist Mission in Orissa,” 184
Philip's "Sacramental Experience" and "Chris-

tian Experience,” 1230
Platter, Thomas, “ Autobiography" of, 1231
Prout's “Memoirs of the Rev. J. Williams,"

Rawlings's “ Wicked Warned," 392
Ritchie's (Elizabeth) “Memorial of Sarah

Ball," 709
Ritchie's Print of the Death of Dr. Chal-

mers," 1019

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NOTICES OF BOOKS, continued.
Romney's Engraving of “the Rev. Matthew

Henry's Chapel, Chester," 1231
Rosa, the Work-Girl, 918
Rowolon's “ Widower's Counsellor," 605
Searle's " Companion for the Season of Mater-

nal Solicitude," 1231
Sergeant's Sunday-School Class," 1022
Smith's Pastoral Exhortations," 494
Sorley's “ Danger of an uncertain Sound," 813
Southey's “Life of Wesley,” 86
Spring's “Obligations of the World to the

Bible," 185
Staples's Macedonia," 604
Steinmetz's “Jesuit in the Family," 391
Stirling's “Orissa," 184
Stockton's "Consolation in Life and Death," 605
Storey's “Notes on Revelation," 182
Stroud's Physical Cause of the Death of

Christ," 1123
Styles's “Pulpit Studies," 185
Tayler's “Popery," 708
Taylor's (Emily) “Sketches of the Earth," 86.
Taylor's “Memoir of G. Waddel," 494
The Boat and the Caravan, 1231
The Christian Harp, 1239
The English Matron, 300
The excellent IV oman, 1230
The Face of the Earth, 1230
The German Reformation of the 19th Century,

The Launch of the Missionary Ship John

TV esley," engraving of, 88
The Life and Adventures of Zamba, 918
The Life of Cyrus, 1022
The Life of our Lord Jesus Christ, 709
The Life of Ramon Montsalvatge, 918
The Millennium, 711
The Retrospect, 708
The Seaman and his Family, 707
The Triumph of Truth, 604
Thom's “ Universal Salvation," 709
Thornley's (Margaret) Education," 183
Timpson's Memoir of Mrs. Fry," 186
Tischendorff's Travels in the East," 1021
Trotter's “Euclid,” 495
Twelve Years ago, 707
Tyng's Addresses to the Aged," 186—“ Re-

collections of England," 1127
Waddell's Sojourn of a Sceptic," 1020
Wardlaw's “ Divine Authority, &c., of the

Sabbath,” 606
Wildenhahn's Paul Gerhardt,” 299—“ Pil-

grimage,” 707
Wilson's Naturalist's Poetical Companion,”

Works of the Puritan Divines : Thomas

Adams, 498--Charnock, 709
Wylie's Scenes from the Bible," 918
Oglethorpe, General, biographic notices of, 575
Onuphre, St., impious rites of, 959
Open-air preaching, encouragement to, 860
Osmotherly, introduction of Methodism into,



Physicians, origin of the College of, 34
Piety, personal, Bishop Hall on, 765
A passing Thought on the Change of the

Sabbath-day, by Alec, 520
A Sea-side Sonnet, by Bernard Barton, 728
Christian Watchfulness, 416
Confessions of Spiritual Sin, by Alec, 104
French Revolution, and Rise of the London

Missionary Society, by Mrs. Ellis, 728
Speak gently, 832
The Bramble in Egypt, by Adeline, 208
The Memory of the Dead, by B. Barton, 1040
The Moravian Missionary, 624
The Morning, 312
The Shunammite Woman, by B. Barton, 1144
The Sky-Lark, by Mrs. Hemans, 624
The Spanish Armada, by T. Chamberlain, 312
The Voyager, 936

To a bereaved Mother, by J. Q. Adams, 104
Poor Louisa," melancholy case of, 458
Pope Gregory XVI., presentation at the court of,

561-Pius IX., religious intolerance of, fore-

shown, 602—high mass of the, at St. Peter's, 883
Popery, self-righteousness the fundamental prin-

ciple of, 39—specimens of the impostures of, 51-
61—its plea of antiquity examined, 66-68—the
candle religion" of, noticed, 81–Mariolatry
of, an innovation, 84-at variance with primitive
Christianity, 84—in Continental India, view of,
198-200—works on, noticed, 186, 299, 391, 392,
495, 604, 708—displayed, in the case of Francis
Spira, 334-proceedings of, in Feejee, 403, 933,
1240; in New-Zealand, mentioned, 716-recent
relic-show of, at Aix-la-Chapelle, 447-testi-
mony to the idolatry of, by a great cloud of
witnesses, 572—the seat of, why named “Ba-
bylon" in the Scriptures, 704_encouragement
of, in any plan of national education, depre-
cated, 919-gross superstition of, as exhibited
in the rites of St. Onuphre, 969—the Reforma-
tion from, in Sweden, 1027. See also RELI-

Poyntz, the friend of Tyndale, mentioned, 488, 490
Prayer, turned to endless praise, 247-observa-

tions on, 1070
Preaching, remarks on, 884
Pretender, the last of the, 864
Prideaux's (Dean) “Old and New Testament

connected,” character of, 692, 694
Printing, rapid diffusion of the art of, 379, 381
Providential designs, and their manifestation, 148
Punishment, future, the doctrine of, considered,

Puseyism, referred to, 69, 97, 707, 716, 816, 1161

-works on, noticed, 185, 298, 392, 494, 710,
816, 1021

Paine, Thomas, account of, 150, 559
Palmyra and its ruins, visit to, 768
Parker's Bible, mentioned, 596
Pascal family, notices of the, 776, 871, 1090
Pastors, duty of people to, 880
Paul's Cross, various scenes witnessed at, 448
Perfection, Christian, observations on, 232
Philippians, St. Paul's Epistle to the, charac-

teristics of, 537

Railroads, probable effects of, in India, 1200
Raleigh, Sir Walter, visit to the garden of, 270
Rawlinson, Major, success of, in deciphering the

Persian cuneiform character, 806
France. Origin of the movement in Sens, 91

-The indirect influence of Methodism in

France, 194
Great Britain. Extracts from the Eighth Re-

port of the Wesleyan Committee of Edu-
cation, 187-Evangelical Alliance, 188—
Statistics of the Roman Catholic Church in
Great Britain, 191-Wesleyan toll-case, 193
-Methodist fast-day, 305-Minutes of the
Committee of Council on Education, 395–
Financial statement of the Wesleyan Mis-

SERMONS, continued.
The real and abiding Presence and Efficiency

of the Holy Ghost in the Christian Eco-

nomy, 121


sionary Society, 396–Documents relative
to the Government plan of education and
the Wesleyan Methodists, 499—Revival of
religion at Truro, 607-Extract from the
Minutes of the Wesleyan Conference, 919—
The Annual Address of the Conference to
the Methodist Societies, 1022, 1129—The
Catholic Institute, the “ Tablet," and the
Association of St. Thomas of Canterbury,

Ireland. The Ursuline convent in Cork, 89—

Romanism in Ireland, 301
Italy. The Jesuits in Italy, 94—Civil and re-

ligious condition of Italy, 817–Evangeliza-

tion of Italy, 1028
New Zealand. Extract from the journal of

the Rev. Walter Lawry, 714
Spain. Review of its religious and moral con-

dition, 397—State of religion in Spain, 506

-Suggestions for Missionary efforts, 712
Sweden. Extracts from Swedish letters: His-

tory of Methodism in Sweden, 820—Religion

in Sweden, 1026, 1132, 1235
Switzerland. Canton de Vaud, 399—Berne,

510–Rapid increase of the Roman Catholic

population of Geneva, 1026
Revelation, harmony of, with natural religion,

proved, 1216
Anderson's " Annals of the English Bible,"

371, 478, 589
Hamilton's “ Revealed Doctrine of Rewards

and Punishments,” 1005, 1211
Maitland's " Church in the Catacombs," 66
Ryland's “ Life and Correspondence of John

Foster, 794
Smith's “Sacred Annals,” 690, 805
Revival of religion, remarks on the, 154-account

of a, at Truro, 607; in the Friendly Islands,

Rewardableness of Christian virtue, established,

Rome, the Protestant burial-ground at, 786
Rossberg, fall of the, 342
Russell's (Dr.) Connexion of sacred and profane

History," character of, 693

Shelley, the grave of, 788
Shuckford's (Dr.) “ History of the World,” cha-

racter of, 692, 694
Simplon, crossing the, 889
Sin, selfishness of, 545
Southey's “Life of Wesley," third edition of,

noticed, 86-remarks on, from the “Cornish

Banner,” 252, 343
Spira, Francis, terrible consequences of the apos-

tasy of, 334
Stael, Madame de, critique on the writings of, 261
Standards of ancient nations, description of, 17

-of the Hebrews, conjectures respecting, 19
Stations of the Wesleyan Ministers, 901
Strait gate, difficulty of finding the, 1004
Sudden death, a happy case of, 247—verses on a

case of, by Mr. Edmeston, 248-additional re-

flections on, with impromptu verses, 455
Sudor Anglicus, a visitation of, mentioned, 482
Symbols used in early Christian art, 78, 79

Sabbath, blot out the ! 61-primary institution

and design of the, 471-abolition of drilling on
the, in the Channel Islands, referred to, 499-a
series of tracts on the, by Ministers of various
denominations, noticed, 606_encouraging re-
flections on the, 657-institution of the, 963—
increasing abuse of the, lamented, 1024-system-

atic desecration of, in Sweden, 1236
Sabbaths, stormy, uses and duties of, 284
Sanctification, the doctrine of, referred to, 1129
Science and religion, not hostile, 968
Scotland, history of the Bible in, 598, 600

households of, in the seventeenth century, 1178
Scriptural Essays. No. XIII. The obligation of

the believer, to walk perfectly with God, 127,

Sculpture, in the ancient church, and its sub-

jects, 82, 83
Sepulchral village, a, near Jerusalem, 349
God's Displeasure against Sin, by the Rev. W.

Naylor, 849
Messiah's Humiliation and Triumph, by the

Rev. S. Dunn, 225
Ministerial Joy, by the Rev. J. Bedford, 1057
Noah's Ark, by the Rev. G. Leale, 745

Taverner, editor of the Bible, mentioned, 589
Tercentenary of the English Bible, referred to,


Genesis i. 1, 2....810, 811, 963
Genesis ii. 1-3; Exodus xx. 8-11; xxiii. 12 ;

Deuteronomy v. 15. ...471
Genesis iii. 24....806
Genesis vii. 16....745
Genesis vii. 19. ...703
Genesis xv. 5....982
Genesis xvii. 1....127, 232
Exodus xvii. 14. ...697
Numbers ii. 2....17
1 Chronicles xxi. 7....849
Job vi. 4; xx. 24; xvi. 12–14; xxxix. 19-25

...705, 706
Psalm xxxii. 7...

Psalm cx. 7. ...225
Psalm cxlviii. 8.... 284
Isaiah xxviii. 16. ...994
Matthew vii. 11....1070
Matthew vii. 13, 14. ...1004
Matthew vii. 14.... 1004
Matthew xxvi. 39....478
Matthew xxvii. 66. 476
Luke xvi. 19–31....1217
John xv. 4, 5; 1 Corinthians i. 30 ; 2 Corinth-

ians v. 17; xii. 2; Philippians iii. 8, 9;

Romans viii. 1....975
Romans xii. 1....870
Romans xii. 2. ...1187
1 Corinthians xv. 57... 477
Ephesians i. 3–12. ..973
Philippians ii. 1-16 ..762
Philippians iv. 8. ...243
1 Thessalonians iv. 13. ...75
1 Thessalonians iv. 14....475
2 Thessalonians ii. 11....1168-
2 Peter i. 16, &c. ...956
1 John iii. 2....1221
3 John 4....1057
Revelation i. 8. ...477
Revelation ii. 14....329

Revelation ii. 1-7. ...756
Thermopylæ, inscription on the monument at, 72
Toll-case, Wesleyan, decision on a, 193

Tomo Chachi, visit of, to England, 578-referred

to, 686, 687
Trial, the hour of, 445
Trinity, a shepherd's illustration of the, 1179
Truth, the rule of, 331
Tyndale, translator of the Bible, mentioned, 383-

388, 480, 490

VARIETIES, continued.

The seasons in Canada, 305
The tiara, 402
Travelling in Peru, 401
True philosophy, 717
Wonders of Shetland, 716

Ussher, Archbishop, the chronological numbers in-

serted by, in the English Bible, objected to, 696

Virtue and vice, two standards of, 548
Visiting the poor, benefits derived from, 585

the sick, observations on, 1082
Volcanoes of Hawaii, visit to the, 258


A bird's-eye view of London, 511
A dinner-party in Tahiti, 511
Anecdote of Lord North, 1030
Anecdotes of the late King of Prussia, 197
Arab endurance, 613
A Sabbath in New Zealand, 306
Australian farmers and the cockatoos, 96
Bohemian teams, 613
Boors in South Africa, 401
Chair of St. Peter, 305
Childhood in France, 1030
Commercial value of insects, 613
Crocodiles of the Uritucu river, 96
Curious estimate of wealth, 95
Dimensions of the principal European churches,

Douglus the botanist, 928
Excavations by ants, 95
First notice of traffic in coal, 824
Heroes at Borodino, 402
Labour in making a watch, 1135
Literary tastes of the Stuarts, 95
Lord Hardwicke, 306
Lord Thurlow and Horne Tooke, 196
Music in Liverpool forty yea
Nelson's kindness of heart, 1134
old hundredth, 717
Preparatory labours of a settler in Australia,

Pretty preaching, 306
Progress of manufactures, 197
Punctuation, 825
Robert Hall, 927
Shrimps, 306
Skating at Cabul, 717
Statistics of Paris, 1238
Superstitions of the Kalmuks, 717
The duration of married life, 95
The great snow-storm of 1620, 197
The nobility of Naples, 1030
The oak of Mamre, 927
The Pope, the Jesuits, and Mr. Newman, 196

Walker, Rev. Samuel, notice of, 1099
Walton's Polyglot, mentioned, 598
Watson, Rev. Richard, mentioned, 252, 256, 343
Welsh, Dr., tribute to the memory of, 983
Wesley, John, the Missionary ship, launch of, 88
Wesley, Rev. John, third edition of Southey's
Life of, noticed, 86 ; remarks on, 252, 343—
Tract Society instituted by, 269-quoted, 413,
440-notices of the case of “ Poor Louisa,” by,
458-letter written by, a few months before his
death, to the Rev. H. Anderson, 524-anecdote
of, 671—the Rev. W. Sorley's misstatements
respecting, answered, 814, 816—visits of, to
Hayes, 867–869-marriage of, mentioned, 868
-declarations of, against separating from the
Church, 869—and the Rey. G. Whitefield, con-
trasted, 985—extraordinary labours of, men-
tioned, 1020_authorship, journals, &c., of, de-
fended against a remark in the “ North British
Review,” 1109-a more careful study of the
writings of, recommended, 1129—farther defence
of the character, preaching, and authorship of,

against the “ North British Review," 1203
Wesley Papers. No. XX. Pastoral visitation,

21-No. XXI. Wesley on wills testamentary,
248–No. XXII. Letters of the Rev. John
Wesley, 332–No. XXIII. Remarks on the
style of the Rev. John Wesley, 449—No. XXIV.
Remarks on the Rev. Charles Wesley's preach-
ing, 546—No. XXV. Reproof, 656-No. XXVI.
Original letters of the Rev. John Wesley, 766
-No. XXVII. Remarks on Wesley's Notes
on the New Testament, 964-No. XXVIII.
Remarks on Wesley's Notes on the Old Testa-

ment, 1080
Whitefield, Rev. George, notice of, 986, 1020
Whittingham, the Geneva reviser of the Bible,

mentioned, 596
Wickliffe, mentioned, 375, 380
Will of God, the term defined, 1016
Witenagemot, constitution of the, 275
Wolsey, Cardinal, mentioned, 382, 388, 484

ago, 1238

Badger, Mrs., 1049

Grange, Mr. William, 15 Norman, Miss Rebecca, 119
Baily, Mrs., 430

Jaques, Mr. William, 733 Nicolls, Mr. Edward, 847
Baines, Mrs., 327

Harcourt, Mr. Richard, 1056 Obee, Mrs., 1049
Boulton, Mr. James, 326 Harper, Mrs., 632

Palk, Mr. Richard, 1047
Bradshaw, Mrs., 535

Heuson, Mr. William, 1054 Pound, Mrs., 846
Brailsford, Mrs., 1051
Holmes, Ann, 844

Rigg, Mr. John, 950
Briglin, Mr. Robert, 630 Holroyd, Mr. Simeon, 1151 Robinson, Mr. John, 116
Brown, Mrs., 638
Kelly, Mrs., 431

Sarson, Mr. William, 633
Byrom, Mrs., 743
Lawry, Mr. Samuel, 637

Savill, Mrs., 633
Carter, Mr. James J., 738 Lawson, Mr. Robert, 741 Smith, Mrs., 744
Cook, Mr. William B., 952 Lobb, Mr. James, 635

Sowersby, Mrs., 1157
Cowey, Mr. Thomas, 1154 Lund, Mr. Marmaduke, 11 Spanton, Mr. Robert, 1044
Crowther, Thomas, Esq., 737 Mackiness, Mr. George, 223 Steele, Rev. Arthur H., 842
Cullen, Mrs., 735

Marshall, Mr. James, 114 Stevens, Miss Elizabeth, 639
Dawson, Mrs., 636
Mathewman, Mrs., 629

Stubbs, Mrs., 1046

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