By Science youthful minds are taught to know, What to their God, their Country, Friends, they owe; Life's glorious scope, and whence it first began, What springs direct the Microcosm, Man ; What bids a savage like a fage to shine, Or makes an * Attila an + Antonine ; All that ennobles man's exalted race, All that Religion, Virtue, Truth, embrace ! 'Tis ber's with loftier feelings to inspire, And fit a mortal for the heavenly choir !

* The tyrannical King of the Hunns.

+ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, equally fam'd for his clemency and philosophy.

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Written and pronounced as an Exercise at the Public

Commencement, May 30, 1765, on taking the Degree of M. A. in said College.


IT WAS nobly done! the Muse's feat to

raise In this fair land, and earn immortal praise ! To civilize our first fam’d fires began, 'Twas yours to prosecute the glorious plan ; They peopled deserts with unwearied toil, Establish'd laws and tilld the fruitful soil ; 'Twas yours to call in each refining art, T'improve the manners and exalt the heart; To train the rising race in wisdom's lore, And teach them virtue's summit to explore.

What land than this can choicer blessings claim, Where sacred liberty has fixt her name ;


Where o’er each field gay Plenty spreads her store,
Free as yon * river laves the winding shore ;
Where active Trade pours forth her jovial train
O'er the green bofom of the boundless main ;
Where honest Industry's bright tools resound,
And Peace her olive scepter waves around ?
To such a state fair Science to convey,
And beam afar the philosophic day ;
To make our native treasures doubly blest,
'Was sure a scheme to fire each worthy breast ;
Was fit for gen’rous patriots to pursue,
Was fit for learning's patrons and for you !

As from the east yon orb first darts his ray O'er heav'ns blue vault, and westward bends his

way, So Science in the orient climes begun, And, like bright Sol, a western circuit run ; From eastern realms to Greece was learning brought, What e’er Pythagoras or Cadmus taught ; Her form illustrious Athens did illume, And rais’d the genius of imperial Rome ; From Latium's plains she fought Britannia's shore, And bid her barb'rous fons be rude no more ;

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Fierce nations roam'd around the rugged isle,
Till Science on its fields began to smile ;
Fair Cam and Isis heard no muse's strains,
Their shades were trod by wolves and fiercer Danes,
Till with the Arts Augusta's grandeur rose,
And her loud thunder shook the deep’s repose.
Just so, in time (if right the Mufe descries)
Shall this wide realm with tow'ry cities rise ;
The spacious Delaware, thro’ future song,
Shall roll in deathless majesty along;

and mountain shall be sacred made, As now is Cooper's hill and Windsor's shade.

Flush'd with the thought I'm borne to ages hence, The muse-wrought vision rushes on my sense. Methinks Messiah's ensign I behold In the deep gloom of yonder shadės unrolld, And hear the Gospel's silver clarion sound, Rousing with heav'nly strains the heathen round; Methinks I hear the nations shout aloud, And to the glory-beaming standard crowd ; New inspirations shake each trembling frame, The PARACLETE pours forth the lambent Aame, În renovating ítreams on ev'ry soul, While through their breasts celestial transports roll.


Stupendous change! methinks th' effects appear :
In the dark region sacred temples rear
Their lofty heads; fair cities strike my sight,
And heav'n-taught Science spreads a dazzling light
O'er the rough scene, where error's court was found,
And red-ey'd Naughter crimfon'd all the ground.

O haste, blest days ! till ign'rance flee the ball,
And the bright rays of knowledge lighten all,
Till in

yon wild new seats of Science rise,
And such as you the arts fhall patronize !
For this your names shall swell the trump of fame,
And ages yet unborn your worth proclaim.

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