kissed her, she turned her head so

DR. BUSBI. as to present little inore than her

“ Och, by J-, then," ex The late Dr. Busby having chasclaimed the Hibernian, “ I'll be used some of the boys at Westcd if I kiss you at all. If you minster school, they resolved to won't let me play my part as a man

l'evenge it, which they effected ia should, you may do it all yourself." || the following manner : -They And with this he walked off amidst 1 daubed with filth the balustrades a roar of laughter.

of the stairs leading to the school, which the doctor, being infirm, al

ways laid hold of. He was much ANCIENT SCRAPS. incensed at the trick, and on reach

ing the school offered a reward of KNIGHTHOOD

half a crown to any boy that woulr| Knighthood was originally con

inform him who had a hand in it, ferred in England by the prest at

The apprehensions of those conthe altar, after confession, and the cerned may be imagined, when a consecration of the sword, during junior boy rose and said that he the Saxon heptarehy. The first would tell, provided the doctor knight made by the sovereign,with promised not to flog him, which the sword of state, was Athelstan, lí being agreed to, the lad directly on whom Alfred conferred this exclaimed." You, sir-you had a new dignity. The custom of ec

hand in it!". He rewarded the çlesiastics conferring knighthood boy for his wit. was abolished at a synod held at Westminster in 1100m and in the reign of Henry the ad, 1234, all

A. RITSONITE. persons having a yearly income of

A granivorous, herbivorous bibten pounds, were obliged to be

liopolist, of this town, who abstains knighted, or pay a fine to be excus

from all animal food and yet carries ed.

the flesh of a prize ox, gave rise MUSICAL NOT'LS.

to the following pleasant remark

from one of the greatest men of : The first six invented by Gui, a

the present day, He said that his Benedictine monk of Alezzo, in

manner of living, and his looks Italy, A. D. 1022.

proved this--that though there

might be a doubt with respect to URINE.

ingate ideas, there could be none The inhabitants of London apd with regard to innate heef. It is Westminster ordered to preserve presumed that the wit meant beef it for one year to make salt-petre, in an early stage of existence by proclamation, 1626.

sucking beef.

Mr. Godea used to say, that the

LADY'S MISCELLANY. paradise of an author was to compose, his purgatory to read over

NEW-YORK, JUNE 9, 1810. and polish his compositions, and his hell to correct the printers'

The City. Inspector reports the death

of 29 persons (of whom 13 were men, 6 proofs.

women, 3 boys, and 7 girls) Juring the

week ending on Saturday last. As a pretty large number of culprits were going to take their

Died in the New-York Hospital, last degree at Tyburn, the wife of

IN MAY, 1810, one of hem pressed through the Stephen Berard, of St. Domingo, jew crowd, and told the sheriff she had eller, of consumption ; Edward Bailey,

New-York, painter, hydrothorax ; Con. come to see her poor husband ex

nel Deulan, Ireland, labourer, pneumo. ecuted, and begged that he might

nia ; Duncan M'Donald, Scotland, cart. be hanged first in the morning, as

man, apoplexy: Jane Montgomery, of she had a great way to go home! New Jersey, widow, consumption ; A.

braham Smith, Philadelphia, seaman,

hydrocephalus internus. Some thieves met a man, robbed him, and bound him in a wood; Fires ! On Saturday evening last;

between the hours of 11 and 12, a fire just after they met with another,

broke out about 5 miles from this city, bound him also, and laid him on

near the Bloomingdale road, and consu. the other side of the hedge; when

med a turpentine manufactory, together the villains were gone, one of them

with two stores, a dwelling house, and cried out, “ I am undone! I am wharf. tindone!-The other hearing On Tuesday night, between 11 and 12, this, begged most heartily that he a fire broke out in a two-story wooden would come and undo him too. building, on the corner of Depeyster &

Front streets, belonging to Thos. Har.

vey, which, together with the adjoining A sailor passing by a shop in

three-story brick house, owned by Mr.

Jacobs, were almost instantaneously con. Dublin, where they made small

sumed. By the usual exertions of the dolls, observed on the sign" Little

fire-men, the progress of the fiery element Children made here,” immediate.

was impeded: but not before material ; ly stepp'd in and asked if they injury was done to some of the adjacent wanted a Journeyman,


Longevity. Helen Gray, a woman who died a few years ago, in England, in the 105tb year of her age, had new teeth a few years before her death.

A Philadelphia paper says, on Wednesday morning, 30th ult. about 7 o'clock, the lightning struck four teams of horses, on the Newport road, about 14 miles from Lancaster15 of the horses out of 17 that composed the teamas, were killed. The drivers, altho


soated on the saddle horses, were not 29th ult. Deacon Calvin Jacobs, his son injured.

Saranus, and a boy by the name of Wil

liam H. Pearce, were drownied in Pal The Corporation of this city, at their mer's river, in Rehoboth, (R. 1.) They last meeting, passed an ordinance to pre. were washing sheep in the river, when vent persons from driving what is called Deacon Jacobs observed the boy overtandem, through the streets of N York, whelmed in the stream and struggling and also forbidding all persons riding with death. His son immediately ran on horse-back, driving carts, waggans, to his assistance, when both became en. two-wheel and four-wheel carriages with. tangled and unable to extricate them. in the limits of the city, at the rate of selves. Deacon Jacobs jumped from more than five miles the hour, and to the bridge, and endeavoured to relieve turn no corner except on a slow walk. them, but in the struggle of death they

The same law prohibits the driving held him to the spot, and the three liteany coach, coachue, cart, chair, gig or rally embraced death in each others other carriage by any church or other A boy who escaped from the place of public worship during divide river, by creeping on the bottom, relates service therein, on Sundays, and makes the particulars of this shocking affair. it lawful for each cóngregation in the city, to cause chains to be placed across the streets in front of any place of public

It will be highly gratifying to our reaworship during divine service on Snn.

ders, no doubt, to hear, that ROBERT days, as to prevent horses and carriages JEFFRIES, the person whom the inhupassing said places of worship during man Captain Lake, late af the British service.

sloop of war Recruit, put on shore on

the barren and desolate island of Sam. The British ship Albion, capt. Kilby, || brero, was taken off early in the month from New-Brunswick, was fallen in with of January, 1808, by capt. John Dennis, at sea, a wreck, March 10, lat. 67, long. Il in the schor Adams, from Martinico for 42, having been dismasted and upset 37 Marblehead. His situation at the time days before, but righted some days af- of his deliverance was affectirg and truter, The surviving part of the crew ly distressing. It appears, that he had (the captain and two others out of 13) been on the rock seven days that his were in such an emaciated state, that only subsistence was a little water which they were unable, without much assist. he procured from the rain, and the cockance, to get into the boat belonging to les which grew on the rocks ...that he tho vessel that first relieved them, hav. was so weak and emaciated as to be uning been thirty-eight days without food. able to stand on deck without assistance They had erected a temporary wood hut

that he asserted it was the first time upon deck (the vessel being full of wa. of his being at sea--that he was im. ter) and were there chewing the bark of pressed and that bis crime was the a spruce spar which had been their taking from one of the casks in the hold principal support, and had been without two quarts of common beer !That the water four or 5 days. What added to Captain of the Recruit refused to give their distress was that of seeing ten of him, when ordered into the boat, either their unfortunate sufferers perishing by bread or water, though earnestly ini. hunger!

portuned by the Lieutenant, who hú.

manely commiserated his unhappy con. Mplancholy accident. On Tuesday, dition, and generously, when on leaving

the island, took his shots from his feet,

Chíklren's Play! and gave them to Jeffries, who was en. At Kingston, (Mass.) Mr. Geo. (irely destitute.

Thomas, aged EIGHTEEN, to Miss Jeffries is a blacksmith by trade, and Maria W. Foster, aged TWENTY. resides in Wenham (Mass.) Last sum. At Scipio, 1. T. Mr. Jonathan mer he visited Marblehead, earrestly Woodworth, aged NTNE TEEN TO Miss expressed his gratitude for the kindness Ellen Cumming, aged ELEVEN. he bad received, and the pleasure he ex.

A Dead Match ! perienced in being able by his oecupa In Rowley, Mass. Philemon Howe, tion and industry to support himself Ësý. dged éigh*r-NINE, to Mrs.

* NOTE.- Something ominous in old Mary Wise, aged NİNĒTT-ÈIGHT. Shoes not to be sported with!

Slow Match !

In Summerstvorth, N. H. Capt. It is with pleasure we learn, that the

Henry Tuck, to Miss Joanna H. celebrated Joel Barlow is engaged Drew, after a courtshin one seven in writing a history of the United States

years! It appears that Mr. Cooper, the Tragedian, is on the eve of his departure

DIE D, for Europe, and that itis uncertain whe

On Wednesday lasi, Mrs. Giraud ther be intends to return to this country. I wife of Paul T. Giraud.

On Wednesday läst, Mrs. Sarati The Emperor Francis, of Austria,

Campbell, wife of James Campbell. on the marriage of his daughter, created

On Monday tast, Mr. Thor. Haren two hundred and fifty Knights, the grea. well, printer. ter part of whom were military officers.

On Monday last, Mr. Jacob So

merindyke, aged 63 years. TO CORRESPONDENTS.

On Sunday evening, Miss Mary

Cornwell, daughter of Capt. Thomas The Letter and Poem, eommunicated

Cornsvell, late of Annapolis, N. S. by W.A.T. shall appear in our next.

On Wednesday, the 30th May, in Belcraon to Caroline; is inadmissible.

the 81st year of his agiê, William Dall of Philadelphia, csquire. He

was an attending member of the 80MARRIED,

ciety of Free Masons upwards of 57 On Monday lust, by the Rev. years and was the first Grand Mr. Lyell, Mr. George M. Hyer, Master of the Grand Lodge of to Miss Catharine Barber, all of Pennsylvania. this city.

At Frankfort (Pennsylvania) on On Saturday evening last, by the Wednesday the 30th of May, in the Rev. Mr. Baldwine, Mr. George 80th year of her age, Mrs Hannah Long, of this city, printer, io Miss Carhenter. Sarah June, of Stratford, Conn. On the 26th ult. at Red Springs,

On the 5th inst. by the Rev. Mr. ll Queen's County, (Long Island) Eben. Smith, Mr. Edrvard Davis, John Weeks, aged 91 years. of Georgetown, Col. to Mics Ann B. At Lanesburg, in this state, Tho. Powell, of this city.

mas Trenor, son of Mr. T. Trenor, On Tuesday last, by the Rev. Mr. aged 13. When an infant he swalRich. Mooe, Mr. Robert G, Clark, lowed a half penny, which lodged is merchant, of Oneida county, to fis the #sophagus, and finally producbigail Langdon, tf Hærlem. ed a hamorrhage, of which he dicd.

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