<< Entrust the reins-distinctions level
“ And only let us to the Devil
“ Drive all your Ministerial train off,
“ We'll leave you nothing to complain of."-

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In an old book, that 's left i’ the lurch,
Save by queer folk who go to church,
We read that safety 's to be found
Where learned counsellors abound;
If then, in zeal for Britain's good,
Of counsellors a multitude,
Opinions give profound as these,
And of their client ask no fees,
(Unlike your trading King's-bench counsel
Who admonition by the ounce sell),
Our Constitution safe and sound
'Gainst all attacks must stand its ground.

Yet, 'though these reformadoes wiser Than Solomon in their own eyes are, They're but reforming geese and calves Who do their business by halves.Patrons of Courier, Post, and Chronicle! Whig Sectaries, and Whigs canonical ;

Chairmen of Opposition revels,
Whig Printers leagued with all your devils;
Quid-nuncs, who climb debating rostrums,
What are your alterative nostrums
To Horne Tooke's Reformation Broom,
That sweeps an empire to its doom ! *_

Doctors of Med'cine


By dint of making sick men sound;
Fame-seeking Doctors politic
With trite harangues make sound men sick,
And 'though they oft get nothing by't,
Prescribe and give advice for spite :
Patent pretend from mob-authority
To purge a plethoric majority,
And cure the sturdy wights who thwart 'em
Of loyalty,—secundum artem.
Yet ev'ry doctor 's but a dunce
To him who kills and cures at once :

* The present traitors did not aim at small and partial changes or amendments, but were secretly labouring to bring about the destruction of the constitution, and of government, by one sweeping and general change.—Non fortunas tantùm sed sanguinem nostrum concupiscent.

Mr. Albot, House of Commons.-May the gth

The Constitution in a breath
Recruits by bleeding it to death.--
Resolve, Horne Tooke, this paradox!
(For, proof against Old Bailey shocks,
What nobler triumph couldst thou boast,
Unless to fill th' important post
Of meanest private in the bands
Of maudlin cits whom Fox commands, *
A bankrupt cause and chest to aid ;-
Thou who, by such a general led,
Wouldst dye thy cast-off black coat red,
Shoulder thy firelock, and take aim
At monarchy, the noblest game;
And neither conscience-struck nor sorry,
Search through the ranks thy Royal quarry.t

* Such are the doctrines of Mr. Horne Tooke, and he is the man who declares, that from Mr. Fox he has “ nothing more to ask, nothing more to expect; and that it will be the utmost of his ambition to be the MEANEST PRIVATE in those ranks which Mr. Fox shall command.

The country cannot be too often reminded of this Union, and of the Principles upon which it is founded.

Anti-Jacobin.-April the gth, 1798. + It was thought a daring expression of Oliver Cromwell, in the time of Charles the First, that if he found himself placed Oh deign to state with just precision (Reveal’d to thy prophetic vision, And current in anticipation) The sum, exceeding calculation, Of public happiness accruing From indiscriminative Ruin! Shew how the wreck of ranks and orders Shall give us peace in all our borders. And blest Equality repay us If we convert the realm to chäosShew how, in cutting off a Crown'd Head, The Rights of Citizens are founded ! Shew us how Freedom sanctions slaughter, And changes blood to holy water! As Spain's Jack Ketch of ancient date, When Carlos quarrell’d with his fate, Admonish'd him ;_" Pray, Sir, be steady; 66 'TIS FOR YOUR GOOD THAT I BEHEAD YE!"

opposite to the king in battle, he would discharge his piece into his bosom as soon as into any other man's. I go farther ; had I lived in those days, I would not have waited for chance to give me an opportunity of doing my duty; I would have sought him through the ranks, and, without the least personal enmity, have discharged my piece into his bosom rather than into any other man's

J. H. Tooke's Letter to Junius.

Let none contemn as tainted trash
This dainty Reformation-hash,
Much less our Whig-Archimagirus
To set us down to 't so desirous :
But join to eulogize Horne Tooke,
And freely own one Brentford Cook,
Who welcomes us to such Good Things,
Is worth a brace of Brentford Kings ;'
And, 'though our beef he's gallimaufryd,
Swear 'tis the best we ever sáw fried !

Yet since Fried Cabbage, or, what 's worse To some folks, Frícando of verse From brain of poet piping hot, is Likely to parch the epiglottis Of patient readers, who neglect Red Lane adusted to humect: Let me an antidote suggest Which all allow—“ probatum est.”Of old Oporto bumpers nine Quaff to the Muses' healths and mine! Thus prim’d I'll set before you soon A SECOND COURSE to th' self-same tune.

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