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Till both their proper elements do touch.

Long doth she stay, as loth to leave the land

From whose soft side the first did issue make;

She tastes all places, turns to every hand, Her flowery banks unwilling to forsake.

Yet Nature so her streams doth lead and carry,

As that her course doth make no final stay,

Till she herself unto the Ocean marry, Within whose watery bosom first she lay.

Even so the soul, which in this earthly mould

The spirit of God doth secretly infuse,

Because at first she doth the earth behold,

And only this material world she views.

At first her mother Earth she holdeth dear,

And doth embrace the world, and worldly things.

She flies close by the ground and hovers


And mounts not up with her celestial wings:

Yet under heaven she cannot light on aught

That with her heavenly nature doth agree;

She cannot rest, she cannot fix her thought,

She cannot in this world contented be.

For who did ever yet, in honor, wealth, Or pleasure of the sense, contentment find?

Of the same kind, which shows their nature such";

So earth falls down, and fire doth mount Who ever ceased to wish when he had


Or having wisdom was not vexed in mind?

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