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fine blue Nates. Oats, barley, peale, flax, and CARABUS, in zoológy, a genus of infects ben potatoes are its clief produce. Belides supplying longing to the order of coleoptera, or the beetle the inhabitants, it exports annually about 4000 kind. See Plate L. fig. 2. The feelers are britly; bolls of barley. There are several villages in the the breast is shaped like a heart, and marginated; parith, in one of which a stamp-office is establish- and the elytra are likewise marginated. There ed, where, in general, there are upwards 100,000 are 34 fpecies of this genus, mostly diftinguified yards of linen stamped annually. The population by their colour. The most remarkable is in 1801, was 2097: Thirlage ftill continues and CARABUS CREPITANS, the bombardier, with is a bar to improvement.

the brealt, head, and legs, ferruginous or iron. CAPUTI. See CALEDONIA, 3.

coloured, and the elytra black. It keeps it felf CAPYCIUS, or CAPECE, Scipio, an eminent concealed among itones, and fecmis to make little Italian poet of the 16th century, defcended of an use of its wings : when it moves, it is by a furt of ancient family in Naples. His chief poem is a jump; and whenever it is touched, one is fur. philosophical work on the Principles of Nature, prised to hear a noise resembling the discharge of printed at Venice, along with another on St John a musket, in miniature, during which a blue fmoke ibe Baptift; by Paulus Manutius in 1546. may be perceived to proceed from its anus. It CAPYS, the father of Anchifes.

may be made at any time to play off its artillery, (1.) CAR, or CHAR, a river of England, which by scratching its back with a needle. Rolandt an runs into the sea at Charmouth, in Dorfethire. who first made these observations, says it can give

(2.) CAR, a village near Prescot, Lancashire. 20 discharges fucceflively. A bladder placed near

(3.) Car, a lake of Ireland, in the county of the anus is the arsenal whence it derives its stare, Armagh, 14 miles SSE. of Armagh.

and this is its chief defence againit an enemy, al. (4.) * CAR, Char, in the names of places, seem thoug! the smoke emitted seems to be altogether to have relation to the British ener, a city, Gibson. inoffenfive; except by causing a fright, or conceal.

(5.) * Car. n. /. [car, Welch: karre, Dut. crat, ing its course. Its chief enemy is another species Sax. carrus, Lat.) 1. A small carriage of burden, of the fame genus, but 4 times larger: when purusually drawn by one horse or two.--When a lady fued and fatigued, the bombardier has recourse to comes in a coach to our thops, it must be follow. this itratagem, by lying down in the path of the ed by a car loaded with Wood's money. Swift. large carabus, which advances with open month 2. In poetical language, any vehicle of dignity or and claws to fuize it; but, on this discharge of the splendour; a chariot of war, or triumph. artillery, suddenly draws back, and remains a

Wilt thou aspire to guide the heav'nly car, while confused : during which the bombardier And with thy daring fully burn the world? Shak. conceals himself in fome neighbouring crevice. If

See where he comes, the darling of the war! he does not find one, the large carabus returns, See millions crowding round the gilded car! takes the infe&t by the head, and tears it off.

Prior. CARAC, a small island in the Gulf of Persia,
The Charles's wain, or Bear; a constellation.- two leagues S. from the island of Cargen.
Ev'ry tixt and ev'ry wand'ring star,

(1.) CARACALLA, M. Antoninus Baffianus, The Pleiads, Hyads, and the Northern Car. succeeded his father Severus, on the imperial

Dryden. throne of Rome, A. D. 211, and put the physicians CARA, a finall itland of Scotland, lying W. of to death for not dispatching him as he would have Kintyre, and i mile S. of Giglia, included in the had them, He killed his brother Geta; and put county of Argyll. 'It is one mnile long and half a Papinianus to death, because he would not de mile broad, and abounds with iron ore, and every fend his parricides. He married Julia, his father's fpecies of sea foirls. By the rev. Mr raser's re- widow. Going to Alexandria, he mafiacred almost port to Sir J. Sinclair, it contained 22 inhabitants the whole of the inhabitants. See ALEXANDRIA, in 1792. Gigha and Cara constitute one parith. 4. In short, no fewer than 20,000 persons were See GIGHA.

murdered by his orders. At lafl, going from E. CARABARA, a town of Georgia, in Afia. Lon. desia to Mesopotamia, one of his captains licw 4;. 40. E. Lat. 42. 49. N.

him in the 7th year of his reign. CARABAYA, or CARAVAYA, a district or ju (2.) CARACALLA, in antiquity, a long garment, rifliation of South America, in Buenos Ayres, a. having a sort of capuchin, or hood-a top, and bout 10 leagues in extent; the country is moun, reaching to the heels; worn among the Romans tainous, but in many places fertile in grain, fruit, by both men and women, in the city and the and legames; there are also mines of gold and fil. camp. Spartian and Xiph in represent the empe, ver. St Jean de l'e: is tre capital.

ror Caracalla as the inventor of this garment, and (1.

) * CARABINE, CASBINE. 7. /. scarbine, Fr.] hence suppose that appellation was tirit giren him. A finall fort of fire-arm, 1- orter than a full, and Others, with more probability, make the caracalla cirrying it ball of 2; in the pourd, hung by the originally a Gallic habit brought to Rome by that liste härfe at a bel: orer the left thoulder. It is emperor, who first enjoined the foldiery to wear a kind of medium between the rise and the mus it, and from whom the people allo called it antoker, having is barte' two foot.d a half long. ninian. It was a sort of cattock, or lartout. Sp (3.) Car.ISINES

merimos furrowed friral. Jerom says, the caracalla, win a retr mcament of di Winin, which is saiu to ałd io 12 range of the the capuchin, became an ecclefiaftical garrett,

It is described as mae of several piec s cv: ard CARABINER. . T. Francaretire. A fort lewed together, and hanging down to the fire. Pflight hatte crryir; lon carattan The CARICAO. See CURACAO. Te aad uid founctimes on root. Litliners.

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la disputations in the academy; and the literati

(1) CARACCAS, a district of Terra Firma in were always decided by Lewis. Every body was South America, belonging to the Spaniards. It is well received; and though stated hoars were albounted on the N. by the Gulf of Mexico, E. lotted to treat of different matters, yet improvebạ Communa, and S. by New Granada. The ments might be made at all lours by the antiquis coat is rucky and mountainous, interspersed with ties and the designs which were to be seen. The fnull fertile valleys ; subjected at certain feasons fame of the Caracci reaching Rome, the cardinal of the year to dry NW. winds, but bleiled in Farnese tent for Hannibal, to paint the gallery of general with a clear air and wholesome climate. his palace. Hannibal willingly went, having a gut illicit trade is carried on by tie English great defire to fee Raphael's works, with the an. and Dutch with this province, though the Spa- tique statues, &c. The gasto which he took there niards have scouts perpetually employed, and from the ancient sculpture, made him change liis treat-works raised in all the valleys. A vart Bologuian manner for one more learned, but less number of cocoa trees are cultivated in it. The natural in the design and colouring. Augustin cup of cocoa amounts to more than 100,000 fa- followed Hannibal, to asiit him in the Farnese tirgas, of 1:0 pounds each. The country of gallery; but the brothers not agreeing, Tarnets Santa Fe coufumes 20,000; and Europe from 50 funt Augustin to the court of Parma, where he to 60,000. The cultivation of the plant employs died in 1602, aged 45. His most celebrated piece IC UT 12,000 negroes. Such of them as have ob- is the communion of St Jerom, in Bologna. In taited their liberty have built a little town called the mean while, Hannibal continued working in Nirva, into which they will not admit any white the Farnese gallery at Rome; and, after incon. prople

. This district also produces indigo, sugar, ceivable pains and care, finished the paintings in

and tobacco. be

the perfection in which they are ftill to be seen. 11. CARACCAS, the capital of the above district, He hoped that the cardinal would have rewarded 4° :., Dampier says it stands at a considerable him in some proportion to the excellence of his ditance from the sea; is large, wealthy, and po. work, and the time it took him up, which was 8 pulbus; and extremely difficult of access, by.rea. years; but the cardinal, influenced by ignorance fosza of the sleep and craggy luills over which an e. and avarice, gare him but a little above 2001. ziemy muft take his route. The bay of Guaira at though he doubtlefs deserved more than twice as two leagues distance serves it for a harbour. Its many thousands. When the money was brought commerce was long open to all the subjects of the 'bim, he was so surprised at the injustice done him, Spanih monarchy, and is still fo to the Ameri- that he could not speak a word to the person who are; but the Europeans are not so well treated. brought it. This confirmed him in a melancholy, In 1928, a company was formed at St Sebastian, to which his temper naturally inclined, and made wid obtained an exclusive right of maintaining him resolve never more to touch his pencil; which canctions with this part of the new world. resolution he had undoubtedly kept, if nis neret Four or five ships, which they dispath every year, fities had not compelled him to break it. It is Lil frorn thence, and return to Cadiz. Lon. 67. said that his nielancholy gained so much upon

him, that at times it affected his reason. It did 1.) CARACCI, Antony, an eminent history not, however, put a stop to his amours; and his painter

, born in 1583. He studied under Hanni- debauches at Naples, whither he had retired for bal Caracci, (N° 2.) at Rome, where he died in the recovery of his health, brought a diftemper

upon him, of which he died in 1609, in his 49th **-*) CARACCI, Lewis, Augustin, and Hanni- year. His veneration for Raphael was so great, bal, ; celebrated painters of Bologna. Lewis was that it was his deathbed request to be buried in

and was cousin-german to Augustin the same tomb with him ; which was accordingly 2nd Hannibal who were brothers, the sons of a done in the pantheon at Rome. There are extant tarilor, who gave them a liberal education. They several prints of the Virgin, and some other were both disciples of their cousin Lewis. Augué subjects etched by him. He is said to have been tin gained a knowledge of mathematics, natural a friendly, plain, honest and open-hearted man; philofophy, music, poetry, and most of the liberal very communicative to his scholars; and fo ex. ants

: but, though painting was his principal pur- tremely kind to them, that he generally kept his uit

, he learned the art of engraving from Corne money in the same box with his colours, that lies Cort

, and furpassed all the matters of his time. they might have recourse to either as they had Hanibal dever deviated from his pencil.

These occasion. While Hannibal worked at Rome, 3 painters, at length formed a plan of association, Lewis was courted from all parts of Lombardy, and founded that celebrated school, called Carac- especially by the clergy, to make pictures in their s's academy. Hither the young students resorted churches ; and we may judge of his capacity and es be intructed in the rudiments of painting; and facility, by the great number of pictures he made. here

, the Caracci taught freely all that came. In the midst of these employments Ilannibal folitique tatues and bas-reliefs. They had designs gallery, fo earnestly, that he could not avoid coins of the bett matters ; a collection of curious books plying. He went to Rome; corrected feveral on all subjeďts relating to their art ; and a skilful things in that gallery.; paintd a figure or two adatomił to teach what belonged to the knitting himself; and then returned to Bologna, where he and motions of the muscles, &c. There were of died in 1619, aged 64.

* CARAĆK. n.). (caraca, Span.) A large ship


10. W. Lat. 10. 30. N.

2018, aged 35.

bom in


В 2

called galleons.--- In whici river, the great carack the common way of reckoning in Europe, and at of Portugal mas ride afloat ten miles within the the gold mines in the Spanish West Indies, but fouls Ralrigh;

with fume variation in the subdivision of the ca. (1.) * CARACOLE. n. l. [corncole, Fr. from rat: among the Germans, it is divided into 12 caracol, Span. a mail, An oblique trade, traced parts; and by the French, into 32. out in femi.sounds, changing from one hand to CARACTACUS, a renowned king of the an. another, without observing a regular ground cient British people called Silures, inhabiting Sourd When the horre advance to charge in battle, they Wales. Having valiantly defended his country 7 ride rom times in ciracoles, to a nule ibe enemy, years against the Romans, he was at last defeated;

puit them in doubt, whether they are and flying to Cartifmandua, queen of the Brie bout to charge them in the front or in the flank. GANTES, was by her treacherously delivered up Farrier's D;?.

to the Romans, and led in triumph to the empe (2) CARACOLE, in architecture, a stair-case in ror Claudius then at York; where his noble br. a spiral form.

haviour, and heroic but pathetic speech, obtained T CARACOLE. v. n. (from the noun.) To him not only his liberty, but the esteem of tte move in caracoles.

en?peror, A. !). 52. Buchanan, Monipenny, and CARACOLI, 2 kind of metal of which the Ca. our other ancient Scots historians, make this te gibbers, or natives of the Leller Antilles, make a rcie prince one of our Scots monarchis; nephew fort of ornament in the form of a crefcent, which and jucceflor 10 king Meteilanus; and say that he they allo call curacoli. It comes from the mun was elected general of the united army of Scois, jand; and the common opinion is, that it is a Pills, and Britons. compound of silver, copper, and gold, fomcthing CARAGACII, in commerce, a kind of cotton like the ancient Corinthian brass. There inetals are that comes from Smyrna. to perfectly mixed, that the compound, it is said, CARAGANA, bitter vetch. See Ervun. has a colour that never alters, how long focver it CARAGROUCH, in comır.erce, a filver coin remias in the Laor ander ground. But this is of the empire, weighing 9 drachr... It goes at quite incredible, if copper makes part of the com Constantinople for 120 alpers. There are 4 forts pound. It is also fun to be somewhat brittle, and of thein, all of the same value. that those who work at it are obliged to mix a CARAGUATA, a name given by Plumier to a Turce proportion of gold with it, to make the gents of plants, called by Linnæus Tillandsia. compound more malleable. But no mixture of CARAITES. See KARAITES. gold, silver, and copper will be brittle, unless fome CARAMAN, a town of Frafice, in the dep. of other metal, or semi-metal be mixed with them. the Upper Garonne, and chief place of a canton,

(1.) * CARACT. Carat. n. / carat, French, in the district of Rivel, 5 leagues ESE. aí Touloul, 1. A wright of four grains, with which diamonds CARAMANGCE, a Chinese druz, much el. are weighed. 2. A manner of exprefling the fine teemed by the Tonquinese. ness of gold.-A mark, being an ounce Troy, is CARAMANIA, à congderable province of de divided into 24 equal parts, called caralis, and fiatic Turkey, in the S. of Natolia. It comin. each car & into 4 grains: by this weight is diftin. bends the ancient Pamphilia, and a great pui of Fuihed the different tineness of their gold; for, Cilicia, Pilidia, and Cappadocia. It contains for If to the finest of gold be put two caracts of alloy, veral lakes, which abound with him, and furish both making, when cold, but an ounce, or 24 great quantities of salt. Vajngat !!. unired it to farafts, then this gold is said to be 22 caratis finc. his empire in 1488. Satalia is the capital. Cocker.

CARAMANICA, a town of Italy in the kirga Thou beft of gold, art worst of gold; dom of Naples, and province of Abruzzo lilida Other, less fine in cara!, is more precious. Skak. 8 miles N of Solmona.

(2.) CARACT (Ç 1. def. 1) is also used in weige (1.) CARABIANTA, a province of S. Amti. pearis and other precious stones. It is by fomc ca, in Terra Firma, cxtended on both sides the cterives from the Greek xspice 7999 the pliqun, or ca river Cauca; bounded on the N. by Carthager), youb bean; each of which may wrigh about a grains on the E. by New Grenada, on the S by Pcpayip of us deat, whence the Latin filigrua has been used and on the w. by Popayan and the audience of for a weight of 4 grains. The caract grains are Panama. It is a valley surrounded on every live Something lighter than the grains of other weights. by very high mountairis. Lach of these grairis is subdivided into ii , , (2.) CARAMANTA, the capital of the province, on y's, ard or

lies on the Cauca, 208 miles NNE. of Popayat. (3.) CARACTiO 1. def: 2.) is also written, cor. Lon. 72. 15. W. Lat. 2. 18. N. ra', iarrat, karruet, and karrat. Kuret derives

CARAN, a river in Gloucestershire. fr from core&a, a terin which anciently denied

CARANDA, in botany. See TAMARINDOS.. any weight, and came not till of later days to be

CARANGA, an inand near Bombay, which appropriated to that which expresies the finencés

affordo rice, fowls, and goats, for that market. of yod and the gravity of diamonds. These ca.

CARÅNGES, a district of Buenos Ayres, 4 ruts are only imaginary eights. The whole

mais, leagues in length, and so W. from the river Platz, be the weight what it will, is conceived to be di. It has several valuable filser mines. vided into 24 carats; and as many 24th parts 29 CARANNA. See KABANNA.

pure gol, it is called gold of so many CARANTANI, the people of CARINTHIA, carats, or ju many carat! 12. Thus, gold of in

CARANTIA, in botany. See CFFATONIA. carats is a mixture, of which 18 p?e is pure gold,

CARANTOCK, a village in Conwa:), near God the oies six an inferior mei3l, &c. This is



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n Eropa

CARANUS, the first king of Macedon, and the * CARAWAY. ..!! (carum, Latin. A planta şth of the race of the Heráclidæ. See ÆGÆA, sometimes found wild in rich moist pastures, espe. and MACEDON.

cially in Holland and Lincolnshire. The seeds are CARAPACE, the thick, solid shell, which co- used in medicine and confectionary. Millar.

vers the turtle; and to which adhere those fine CARAXERON, a name given by Valliant to dhe te transparent helis, called tortoise Shells, of which the globe amaranth. See GOMPHERNA. fou.boxes, &c. are made.

CARBASA CARYSTIA, a term used by ancient CARAPOPEBA, in zoology, a small species of writers for cloth made of the albellos. Gizard, common in the Brasils, and esteemned poi CARBENSIS AQUA, a mineral water of Ger. fonous. Its body is of a liver colour, and has se- many, of which Hoffman from Petzlerus has given veral white spots. There are marks of white on a particular account. the tail, variegated with yellow. Its eyes are CARBEQUI, a copper coin current in the pro. bright and vivid. Rar.

yince of Georgia in Afia; particularly at 'Telflis. 1. CARARA, a town of Tuscany, in the princi. CARBERRY Hill, a hill in Mid-Lothian, methe depuity of Malla, celebrated for its quaries of marbles morable for a battle fought between the adherents

of various colours. It is s miles NNE. of Malía. of Q. Mary and the asociators.

(2.) CARARA, a weight used at Leghorn and o CARBERTON, a town of Nottinghamshire, in
ther parts of Italy, in the sale of wool and cod fish the parish of Edenstow.
equivalent to bo pounds of that country.

(1.) CARBON, a river of European Turkey, in
CARASU, a river of Turkey in Natolia, which the Morea, anciently cailed ALPHEUS.
rifes in Caramania, crofles part of Aladula, and (2.) CARBON, the radical of the carbonic acid.
falls into the Archipelago

See CHEMISTRY, MINEROLOGY, &c. Canasu Mastro, a river of European Turkey, * CARBONADO. 12.1. {carbonnade, Fr. from Supra in Romania, anciently called Nessus.

carbo, a coal, Lat.) Meat cut across to be broiled CARASUI, a lake of Bulgaria, formed by a upon the coals.- If I come in his way willingly let branch of the Danube near its mouth containing him make a carbonado of me. Shakespeare. Several lands.

* To CARBONADO. v. a. (from the noun.] To CARAT. See Caract, $ 1-3.

cut or hack,--
CARATH, the Arabian name for ACACIA.

Draw, you roguc, or l’ll so carabonado
CARAVACCA, a town of Spain, in Murica, Your fhanks.

Shaidpeare. kited among the mountains, near the river Segu. CARBONARA, a town of Italy, in the kingcionn fs, on the confines of Andalusia and New Caftile. of Naples, and country of Bari, 2 1. SSE. of Bari.

CARAVAGGIO, a village of Italy in the Mi CARBONATES are neuteral falts, composed lanefe

, and late republican dep. of the Adda. of the carbonic acid, and certain bafes. See Che(2) CARAVAN. n. S. (caravanne, Fr. from MISTRY the Arabick.) A troop or body of merchants or CARBONI, a town of Italy, in the kingdom of pigrims, as they travel into the East.-When Jo. Naples, and province of Bafilicata, 16 miles sw. Lapk, and the Blefied Virgin Mother had lost their from Turfi. molt boy Son, they fought him in the retinues of CARBONIFIED, adj. or part. condemned; distheir kindred, and ibe caravans of Gallilæan pil- liked. This word which is not be found in any

English dictionary, we infert upon the authority 14.1 CARAVAN, See KARAVAN.

of the Earl of Buchan,' who thus ufes it, in the CARAVANIER, the leader of a karavan. introduction to his Eary on the Life of Andrew 4.)CARAVANSARY. n. S.[from caravan.] Fletcher; (p. xxiii)." to women fomehow or a A touse built in the Eastern countries for the re ther, we have been indebted from the beginning, Ception of travellers. --The inns which receive the for fortunate revolutions, saving in the case of Catarans in Persia, and the Eastern countries, arė Lady Adam; and even that is not carbonified by celled by the name of caravan saries. Spečiator.

the firictest theologians."-We have been 'aflisted (s.) CARAVANSARY. See KARAVENSERA. in discovering his lordhip’s ineaning by Perfius, CARAVANSERASKIER. See KARAVANSE- who uses the phrase carbone notare; for, to dislike, RASITE.

or to condemn. (r.} CARAVEL, a imali vesel on the coast of CARBONNE, a town of France, in the dep. of France

, used in fishing herrings on the banks. Upper Garonne, and chief place of a canton, in the They are commonly from 25 to 30 tons burden. district of Rieux, 1 league N. of Rieux, and


S. of (2.) * CARAVEL. Carver. n. j.caravela, Sp. ] Toulouse. A light, round, old fashioned ship with a square CARBRIDGE, a town SW. of Wittney, Oxpoop, formerly used in Spain and Portugal.

for dihire. CARAVI, a small island in the Grecian Archi CARBROKE, in Norfolkfhire, near Watton. pelago. Lon. 41. 22. E. Ferro. Lat. 36. 53. N. CARBU, a town of Italy, in the territory of CARAVILLA,

a town of Italy, in the kingdom Genoa, 7 miles WNW. of Finale, of Naples and country of Molife, 12 miles NW. of (1.) * CARBUNCLE. *. : (carbunculus, Lat. a

little coal.] 1. A jewei Mhining in the dark, like CARA VIRZA, a town of Macedonia, in Eu a lighted candle.-It is believed that a carbuncle ropean Turkey. Lon. 22. 32. E. Lat. 10. 23. N.

does thine in the dark like a burning coal; from CARA USIUS, a celebrated British prince, who whence it hath its name. Wilkinso---Carbuncle is a rebelled again the Rom:ns, under Carcallà

, and none of the ruby kind, of a rich blood red colour. fought for the freedom of his country, but was at

Woodward. 2. Red spots cr pimples breaking out lat Wain by Alectus, atcut A. D. upon the face or body ---It was a peftilential fever


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grims. Taylor.


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hut there followed no carbuncle, no purple or livid A rotten carcajs of a boat, not rigg'd, spots or the like, the mass of the blood not being Nor tackle, tail, vor mast. Shakespeare tainted. Bacan.

4. The main parts, naked, without completion or (2.) CARBUNCLE, in heraldry, a charge or bear ornament; as the walls of a houte.- What could ing, coufisting of eight radii, four whereof make be thought a fi:ficient motive to have had an e. a common cross, and the other four a (altier, ternal carca's of an universe, wherein the materials

(3.) CARBUNCLF, in medicine. Sue ANTHRAX. and politions of it were eternally laid together!

(4.) CARBUNCLE, in natural hiftory, a very cle. Hali's Orig. of Mank. s. [In gunnery.) A kind gant gem, whore colour is deep red, with an ad. of bomb, usually oblong, conlisting of a hell or mixture of scarlet. This gem was known among cafe, fometimes of iron, with holes more com. the ancients by the name of anthorax. It is usuals monly of a coarse Ilrong stuff, pitched over, and ly found pure and of the same degree of hardners girt with iron hoops filled with combustibles, and with the fapphire. It is naturally of an angular thrown from a mortar. Harris. figure, and is found adhering, by its bare, to a (2.) CARCASSES, ( 1. def. 5.) are of an oval Berry and ferruginous ftone of the errey kind: figure, and filled with powder, salt petre, sulphur, its usual fize is near a quarter of an inch in lengthy broken glass, l'avings of horn, turpentine, taland two thirds of that in diameter in its thickett low, &c. They have 2 or 3 apertures out of which parts: when held up against the amn, it lor's its the fire blazes and they are intended to fet houtes deep tinge, and becomes exactly of the colour of on bre, and do other execution. The name care a burning charcoal, whence the name. It bears ca's is derived from the iron hoops which relemble the fire unaltered. It is found only in the East the ribs of a human carcass. Indies, and there but very rarely.

CARCASSONE, an ancient city of France, in CARBUNCLED. adj. (from carbunele.} I. the department of Aude, and ci-devant province Set with carbuncles,

of Languedoc. It is divided into the upper and An arhiour all of gold; it was a king's- lower town, by the river Aude, and both are sur-He has de ferv'd it, were it carburcled

rounded with walls. The former is seated on a Like holy Phoebus car.

Shakespeare. hill, and has a call. It is Nrong, not only by 2. Spotted ; deforned with carbuncles.

its fiuuation on a craggy rock, but also by feseral CARBUNCULAR. adj. [froin carbuncle.) Be. large towers which are joined to its walls, and longing to a carbuncle; red like a carbuncle. render it of difficult access. The cathedral is re.

• CARBUNCULATION. n. f. lcarbunculotio, ry ancient. The lower town is large, and built Lat.] The blafting of the young buds of trees or in the modern taste. The streets are straight, and plants, either by excessive heat or exceflive cold. lead to a large square in the middle, from whence Harris.

may be seen the 4 gates of the town. It has ta. CARBUNTORIGUM, an ancient fort of Ca. rious cloth manufactures, and an aqueduct. This Jedonia, mentioned by Ptolemy, and supposed to place suffered considerably during the crusade a. diave been situated on the S. side of the parish of gainst the Albigenfes in the beginning of the 13th CAER LAVE ROCK, where the vestiges of a moated century, which affords one of the most fingular triangular calle may still be traced, though with instances of superstition and barbarity to be found foine difficulty.

in the annals of the world. When the royal pow. CARBURY, a town of Ireland, in Cork.

er was nearly annihilated, during the reigns of CARCAJOU, in zoology, a species of quadru- the last kings of the Carlovingian race in France, peds, in North America; small, but very Itrong most of the cities of Languedoc were erected into and furious: described by M. Sarallin, in Hifl. little independent states, governed by their own Acad. Sc. 1713.

princes. Carcafione was then under the domi. CARCALTON, or COLSTON, a town in Not. nion of viscounts. When Pope Innocent III. bad tinghamshire, on the N. side of Bingham. proscribed the Albigenses for herefy, Raymond the

* CARCANET. n. f. (carcan, Fr.) A chain or reigning viscount was included in that profcrip. collar of jewels.--I have seen her befet and be. tion. Simon de Montfort, general of the army deckt all over with emeralds and pearls, and a of the church, invested Carcailone, in 1209. The carcanet about her neck. Hakewill on Providence. inhabitants, terrified at the fate of other places

CARCAPULI, the Indian yellow orange of where the most dreadful massacres had been comMalabar; a species of Citrus.

mitted, demanded leave to capitulate; but this CARCAR, a town of Spain, in Arragon on the act of mercy was only extended to them under a Ega, 3 leagues froid Calhora.

condition equally cruel, unparalleled, and indeed (1) * CARCASS. n. f. (carqunlle, Fr.] 1. A incredible, if we had not the unanimous testimony dead body of any animal

of all the cotemporary writers. The people were Where cattle paftur’d late, now scatter'd lies, all obliged, without exception of rank or fex, to With carcases and arms, th' insanguin'd field, evacuate it in a state of nudity; and Agnes, the Dcferted.

Milton. viscounteľs, was not exempted though young The scaly nations of the sea profound, and beautiful, from this ignominious and shocking Like stripwreck'd carcojes, are driven aground. disgrace. Carcassone is is mile W.-of Narbonne,

Dryden. and 400 S. of Paris. Lon. 2. 25. E. Lat. 43. 14. N. 2. Body; in a ludicrous sense.--He that finds

* CARCELAGE. n. f. (from curcer, Lat.] Prio himielt in distress, either of carcals or of fortune, fon fees. Dia. should deliberate upon the matter, before he prays CARCERES, in the ancient Circenlian games, for a change. L'Errange 2: The decayed parts were inclosures in the circus, wherein the hories of any thing; the ruins; the remains.-

were restrained till the signal was given for start


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