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ANOTHER year has flown away. While months and seasons have been rolling on towards the ocean of eternity, the MAGAZINE has endeavored to keep pace with their course, and present the reader with meditations suitable to each. An address adapted to the present season, will t refore be paturally expected. Though the empty compliments which custom requires of the world at this time, the unavailing wishes of health and long life, of prosperity and bappiness, will not be withheld; yet something more is required of a faithful friend and monitor, that has travelled round the year in company with the attentive reader. For him more substantial blessings are devoutly implored from the Father of lights. May he have wisdom to improve the past year and all its opportunities, to the glory of him who rules the changing seasons. May he have that virtue and religion which shall make him infinitely blessed in eternity, when he shall have done with seasons and years. And may the Divine Author of all being, the fountain of all light and knowledge, pour down his blessings, both temporal and spiritual, upon the patrons of this work; upon all who have contributed their labors in filling its pages, or have favored its circulation. To them be health and competence, a sound mind, and a continued disposition to do good, to labour unweariedly in the vineyard of God, nor doubt of a reward in the end. To them be peace of conscience, and assu. rance of the Divine favor through this year, and forever.

Having thus discharged a duty, required by custom and proprie. ty; not in unmeaning formality, nor with the thoughtless levity of folly, too common among men; but with a solemn sense of his presence, in whom we live, and move, and have our being, and by whose protection alone we may hope to reach another such period, (and that we shall, who knoweth but he ?) another duty remains to be discharged; a duty more important. Time rolls on! It is carrying us rapidly to the shore of 'eternity. How little do we tark its progress! A day, a month, a year, how short is their date in our imaginations, when once they are past !- Eager in


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