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In fancy I stand by the grave of a friend,
And sigh on reviewing the scenes that are past;
We fondly imagined our joys ne'er would end
The pleasures we tasted forever would last.
Ah fleeting delusion! the years rolled along-
They scarcely began, ere in silence they fled;
They seemed like a story--a vapour-a song,
But bore my companion and friend to the dead.
Ah William! how short were the days of thy youth !
But happiness mark'd thy descent to the grave,
And the tear-drop of sorrow shall witness the truth,
Thy friend ever low'd whom his love could not save.
Why, why did not death stay his arrows a while,
Till I could bend o'er thee, and close thy dim eyes?
Till thy friend could receive from thy visage a smile,
And see thee in raptures depart for the skies?
He's gone-and I trust to a haven of rest,
Where they who are righteous will ever repair,
'Midst thrones of Archangels and seats of the blest
He shouts loud his songs to Immanuel there.
Hail spirit, released from thy prison of clay!
Thou friend of my childhood and joy of my youth!
Though thy mansion be fixed in the regions of day,
And thy anthems'arise to the fountain of truth,
Look down--and wlien darkness encircles me round,
And the gloom of uncertainty broods o'er my soul,
Let a view of thy splendor my scruples confound,
And the high swelling billows of passion control.
Peace, peace to thy soul! while memory remains,
I'll never forget how intense was thy zeal ;
For Afric you wept when you saw her in chains,
For India--the land of Idolatry-died.



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-.-W:-M:—and T. P.J:are received We have also received a communication, which with just severity exposes the guilt and the evils of plagiarism. We intend the writer shall be allowed, in our next number, to speak for himself. We likewise hope that in future our correspondents will either save us the trouble of striking out their Americanisms of lengthy and lengthily, or the mortification of having inadvertently inserted them.


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