Will long be held in pleasing remembrance by them,

" He being dead yet speaketh."

Reader! pause,
And contemplate the uncertainty of human things

And adore the Providence of him
Who worketh all things after the council of his own will,

But whose judgments are unsearchable,

And his ways post finding out.
Art thou young ? Yet dost thou stand

Upon the brink of the grave,
And although the tongue, which once warned you,

Lies silent in this tomb,
Yet from this tomb a solemn warning issues,

Be ye therefore also ready.


"Let my prayer be-as the evening sacrifice.**

Sortly now the light of day
Fades upon my sight away;
Free from care, from labour free
Lord, I would commune with Thee !
Thou whose all pervading eye
Nought escapes, without, within,
Pardon each infirmity,
Open fault, and secret sin.

Soon, for me the light of day
Shall forever pass away;
Then, from sin and sorrow free
Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee !
Thou wbo, sinless, yet hast known,
All of man's infirmity ;
Then, from thy eternal throne,
Jesus, look with pitying eye.

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#: W. H: and Adoniram, have been received. We exceedingly regret that some original Poetry, designed for this Number, has been mislaid, and we are obliged to use selected.


This work will contain an accurate copy of the common English version of the Scriptures, with References and a Key Sheet of Questions, historical, doctrinal, and practical, designed to facilitate the acquisition of Scriptural knowledge, in Bible-classes, Sunday schools, Common schools, and private families. Besides the References and Key, it will contain a Syllabus of Townsend's Chronological arrangement on the basis of Lightfoot's chronicle ;--a correct and elegant map and table of Scripture Geography; ;--a table of the Scripture proper names accented for pronunciation according to Walker's key and rules, with the etymological meaning given where that is deemed of importance ;-a brief table of Scripture chronology, and another of references to passages in the New Testament, where prophecies are either recorded or their accomplishment narrated. The whole shall be printed from new types, cast expressly for the purpose.


1. One edition will be printed in the Duodecimo size, and on the first quality of paper which can be prscured. It will make two volumes, and will be delivered to subscribers done up in boards, at two dollars and fifty cents per volume, including a coloured map of Palestine.

2. Another edition will be printed in Royal 18mo size, on good paper in two volumes, bound in plain sheep and lettered, at one dollar per volume.

3. The work will be published as early as the Editor's health and other circumstances will admit.

F Gentlemen receiving subscription papers are requested to atach a strip of writing paper to the Prospectus, engage some suitable ersonş to obtain what patronage they can conveniently within a v weeks after receiving them, and then return them either to ssrs. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co. Boston ; Messrs Bliss & White, * York; or Mr. E. Littell, Philadelphia. Agents will receive

sixth copy for the trouble of obtaining subscribers, and collectd remitting the money. The Testament can now be obtained

publishers at low prices.

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The Gift of Prayer-its Exer calculated to produce a good cise and Cultivation 361 Moral Influence

389 Biographical Sketch .. 366 || The Sabbath

391 Holy Affections necessary to Anecdotes the right understanding of

Faith in God illustrated , 392 Divine Truth

376 Colonel Ethan Allen. 393 The Moon and Stars, a Fable 378 The Sin of Slander

393 Creation

.. 382 | Poetry Biographical Reading :

... 384
Lord Byron

394 The Destruction of Sodom . . 386 Time, the Universal ComEarthly Bliss .


395 Comtemplations of Nature, To Correspondents






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