Bible Classes.

355 methods of forming, conducting, and benefiting Bible classes, or other ways of increasing Bible knowledge.

Your Committee have likewise examined the Bible class Text Book, Sunday School Testament, and proposed edition of the Reference Bible, by the Rev. Mr. Wilbur, and fully concur in the recommendations, which have been given by great numbers of literary and clerical gentlemen, and especially in the one given by the General Association of Massachusetts. They would therefore recommend them to the notice of this Body, and through this Body to the public, as eminently well adapted to aid Pastors, 'Teachers, and Parents, in communicating Scriptural knowledge, and promoting vital piety, in Bible classes, Sunday schools, Common schools, and private families. In conclusion, your Committee would congratulate Zion on her prospects, that the next generation of her children will possess eminent qualifications, united with Scriptural and ardent zeal, for extending her conguests in a revolted world.

By order of the Committee.



ART. 1. This Society shall be called The Bible Knowledge Society of New Hampshire.

2. It shall consist of the members of the General Association of New Hampshire, for the time being, and of such other persons, as shall be duly elected, or subscribe the requisite sum for constituting membership.

3. The object of this Society shall be to promote the formation and prosperity of Bible Classes; to collect and disseminate knowledge of the best methods of conducting them, and of their practical utility.

4. Any person may become a member of the Socie. ty by subscribing one dollar to be paid annually, and any person may become a member for life, by paying into the treasury, at any one time, ten dollars.

5. The Society shall meet annually on Wednesday, the week of the annual meeting of the General Association of New Hampshire, at 8 o'clock, A. M.

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Bible Classes


6. Besides the Moderator and Clerk of the Annual Meeting, who shall be the same as the Moderator and Scribe of the General Association for the time being, the officers of the Society shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, I reasurer, and twelve other Directors; six clergymen and six laymen, (five of whom shall constitute a quorum,) and an Auditor; the Treasurer and Auditor always to be laymen; all of whom sball be chosen by ballot.

7. The Directors shall meet annually, at the time and place of the meeting of the General Association, and at such other times and places, as they shall appoint, and may adopt such rules, and appoint such Committees as they may judge conducive to the objects of the Institution; and take such other measures, from time to time, as they shall think expedient for carrying into effect the objects of the Society. They shall make report annually to the Society of their proceedings.

8. The Treasurer shall take charge of the funds of the Society, managing them and keeping his accounts, under such regulations, as shall, from time to time, be prescribed by the Directors.

The Secretary shall faithfully record the proceedings of the Directors, and in their name, correspond with those who may have business to transact in connexion with the Institution, and others, as he shall deem conducive to its interests.

10. This Constitution shall not be altered, except at an annual meeting of the Society, and with the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.

By order of the Committee.


A true copy,

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Scribe of Gen. Association.

Rev. John H Church, D. D. President.
Hon. John Vose. Vice President.
Rev. Jonathan Curtis, Secretary.
Mr. John W. Shepherd, Treasurer.

Directors. Professor Adams

Rev. J. Carpenter Judge Darling

Rev. A. Burnham Doctor Kittredge

Rev. J. Ward. Newton Whittlesey, Esq. Rev. J. W. Putnam George Woodward, Esq. Rev. E. L. Parker Deac. D. Bartlett

Rev. B. Perry S. Fletcher, Esq. Auditor. Londonderry, Sept. 10, 1824.


When learning that more than 500 young people united with the Bible classes when they were first organized in Salem, Dr. Beecher remarked, “ they will soon have a revival there." We were recently informed that the Bible class meetings in the society of Rev. Mr. Cornelius are second to none of their private meetings, in the deep and solemn interest which is taken in their exercises, in this season of refreshing from the presence of the Lord; and that they have contributed much to promote the good work there. We presume the same is true in the other Congregations in Salem where Bible classes are established. We expect soon to receive accounts for publication from their respective Pastors.

(For the Monitor.]


He who lags in the Christian race falls far behind the active spirit of the times. The church is beginning to look up from her low state of inaction, and shame be to the man who composes himself to the sleep of uselessness. The Jews--the Africans--all the world, are to be regenerated; but what can a feeble piety do towards producing such mighty effects ? " The Sacra

mental hosts of God's elect,” with 6 the King of glory" at their head, are on their way to universal dominion, armed for the battle, and moving onward with the sure and rapid strides of victory over the powers of darkness and the gods of the heathen. The attendant her. alds are crying, “ Come ye up to this battle !"

But you, inactive Christian, who did once answer this challenge, put on the armor, and join yourself to the ranks, bave now become deaf to those heralds' voice, have put off that armor for the trappings of worldly honor, and have deserted those ranks to lie down and slumber. While you slumber, the hosts are marching forward to conquest; the battle is fought, the victory is won, but you are not there.


ORIGINAL ANECDOTES. Not long since in one of our Sea ports, a lady, from mere motives of curiosity, was attracted to a Bible class meeting. Unexpectedly to hersell, she became deeply

interested in the exercises, and at their close took a Bi.ble class Text Book, for the purpose of attending again as a member of the class. After returning home, she began to read this system of questions in which the answers are Scripture language entirely, followed by a question or two addressed directly to the conscience and the heart, and.continued reading it in course two or three hours. The sword of the Spirit wounded and alarmed her. She retired to bed, but slept little ;-she arose with her anxiety and convictions of her sinfulness deepened: nor did they leave her till she cherished the hope of having been renewed by the Holy Spirit.

A WIDOWED mother of a young family in a country Parish where a fourishing Bible class exists, hearing more than usual said of the value of the Bible, and the importance of becoming intimately acquainted with its truths, began to think that she must read her Bible more than once a week, as she had before done, She deter.

mined to read it once a day, and when beginning to read it every day, she presently feit that she inusi attempt to pray; and while she read and attempted to pray, she became convinced that she was a sinner; that she deserved and was exposed to everlasting perdition; that she needed an infinite atonement and an Almighty Saviour to rescue her from destruction. She is now cherishing a hope of an interest in the great salvation, and is regularly calling her little ones around the family alter to be instructed from the Bible and borne on her prayers to the throne of grace.


The following Epitaph is inscribed over the grave of one whose

worth we wish to record on our pages, where we shall in some future number give a more full account of him.

Sacred to the memory Of the Rev. BĄCKUS WILBÚR, A. M. Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Dayton, Who departed this life on the 29th of Sept. A. D. 1818,

In the thirtieth year of his age,

Five weeks after his ordination.
By a mysterious dispensation of Providence,

He was cut off,
In the morning of life, and in the midst of usefulness.

In him were combined those qualities
Which constitute the exemplary Christian and the

Faithful pastor.
Zeal united with charity,
Firmness with humility and meekness,

Gravity, tempered with
Affability, prudence, diligence, and perseverance,

Were among the rich endowments
Of this devoted servant of Jesus Christ.

As a preacher
He was evangelical, instructive, practical, and impressive

His prayers, sermons, conversation,

And unblamable life,
And especially his dying admonitions,

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