render you lovely and amiable in the whole circle of your acquaintance.

On the other hand, consider how much you will disturb the quiet, and wound the feelings of your dear parents, by cherishing a contrary spirit-a spirit of ingratitude and disobedience. Every time you refuse to obey, you pierce their hearts as with an arrow. If you inanifest a reluctance to comply with their wishes, you grieve them; the child who stubbornly resists the salutary restraints of parental authority, brings on his parent the bittere-t sorrow, the keenest anguish. Such conduct, I am sure, you look on with abhorrence. And while you would shun such a character, be not contented, iny dear C., with some tolerable good degree of obedience; but let it be your constant aim in this thing to be perfect. Let every command be obeyed without a murmuring word-every wish complied with, without any reluctance on your part. So will you be happy in yourself, your parents will be happy in you, and you will share largely in the love and esteem of all your friends


[For the Monitor.]


AMONG those circumstances which gladden the hearts of christians, by their bearing upon the future prospects of the church; none shines in my view with a brighter lustre than the growing attention to the Bible. Missionaries have done much, and, I trust, will yet do much more, to rejoice the heart's of God's children. The same may be said of Tracts, and many other things connected with the benevolent operations of the day; but after all, it is to the law and to the testimony, to the sure word of prophecy, that we must go for our strongest encouragement.

In proportion as the churches, and especially the youth in our churches are familiar with the doctrines and requirements of the Bible, in the same proportion will

they be likely to feel interested in the great work of benevolence there enjoined.

It is worthy also of remark, that the interest in these things which is thus gradually, and perhaps imperceptibly interwoven with the forming character of the mind, is much more permanent and efficient than any other. Under the influence of a Charity Sermon the feelings may be excited, and very properly, in view of the wants of others, and their own obligations, and perhaps a liberal contribution may be made to the object proposed; but if these feelings are not founded on a familiar acquaintance with what the word of God teaches concerning the great duties of benevolent exertion, they will be but of transient duration.

Such at least has the case appeared to me, and I think such also is the experience of the churches. Now if such is indeed the fact, it evidently follows that those who are labouring to promote among our youth a thorough acquaintance with the doctrines and duties of the sacred pages, are taking the most effectual measures to raise up active and permanent friends to the benevolent institutions of the age.

Another advantage worthy of our particular attention, is, that those who are in the habit of committing the Scriptures to memory, can never be found unarmed when attacked by the enemics of our holy religion. The sword of the Spirit is always lying ready drawn by their side They can always grasp it in a moment. Are they told how great and learned men have believed in past ages? They immediately reply, “ to the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Are they told that the doctrine of divine sovereignty contravenes the juistice of God, in taking vengeance on his enemies? Who art thou that repliest against God ? is instantly suggested to their minds.

And so it is in every other case, where the memory is stored with those weapons for defending the truth which are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. Whilst pious and intelligent people may sometimes be perplexed by the subtle

reasonings and evasions of those who reject the truth, the humble christian who has the word which the Holy Ghost teacheth always at command, will ever be able to give a reason with meekness for the faith as well as the hope that is in him.


(For the Monitor.]


Young people have too generally been left without any special religious instruction; but a brighter day appears to be dawning upon Zion. The attention of many is turned to this object. The more they contemplate it, the more its importance is magnified. The nearer they view it, the more it warms their hearts. And as the fruits of righteousness have often abounded in connexion with Bible Class instruction, its friends and advocates are becoming more numerous and more active. Indeed it is an object, which at once commends itself to the approbation of every friend of the Bible and of souls. We have learned that a large proportion of the youth of Northampton have recently beep formed into Bible Classes. A great readiness was manifested to be thus instructed. This will probably be the case wherever the attempt is made by the pastor.

The General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church attest this fact, when in their last report they say: “We are happy also to state, that in many of our churches Bible Classes have been instituted for improvement in the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures--that our more advanced youth are ANXIOUS TO BE INSTRUCTED in this manner, and that their pumbers and zeal appear to be increasing.”

This extract, however, not merely proves that young people are beginning anxiously to seek such instruction, but that the Judicatories of the church at the south are awaking to this object. We rejoice to find a resolution of the General Synod so firmly advancing into a

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field where the Dutch Reformed Church had not before legislated.

Resolved, 3dly, that it be earnestly recommended to all the pastors of our churches, that in connexion with the usual catechetical instruction, they institute Bible Classes under their own immediate superintendence for the instruction of persons more advanced in Biblical knowledge.” We cherish the hope that this resolution will speedily bring thousands more to enjoy the inestimable privileges of Bible Class instruction. Nor are we willing that the churches of New England should be behind their sister churches in such labours of love.

We are pleased that new measures have recently been adopted by them. The Suffolk Association have instituted the inquiry, “What can be done to promote Bible Class instruction.” They brought it before the Pastoral Association of Evangelical Ministers in Massachusetts, at their late meeting in May, and that body

6 Voted, That we highly approve of Bible Classes, and that this subject be referred to a committee, who shall be authorized to take any measures they may think

proper for the formation of Bible Classes the preseut year, and make report of their doings, and also of their views relative to the subject at our meeting next year.

66 Voted, That Rev. Mrs. Wisner, Grcen, Fay, and Wilbur, be that committee."

The Suffolk Association have since instructed their delegates to the General Association of Massachusetts, to direct the attention of that body to the object. Indeed it is the design, that systematic, organized, and efficient measures shall be devised and executed for the whole of New England, to give young people an intimate acquaintance with the oracles of God.

We are happy to state likewise, that, in an interview with the Rt. Rev: Bishop of the Eastern Diocese, we were informed that measures are soon to be taken to have some uniform method of instruction used in all the Episcopal Churches of this Diocese

May the divine blessing accompany these efforts, and many souls will rejoice through an endless existence, that they were youths in this age of the world.

(For the Mouitor.]

Remember the Sabbath-day to keep it holy. Exodus xx. 8.

This command was given by God, on Mount Sinni. accompanied with thunderings and lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet.

How awfully grand and sublime must have been the sight-the Divine Majesty, seated on a cloud, and descending in all the grandeur of unexampled magnificence! So terrible was the sight, that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake, and all the people that were in the camp trembled. But how awfully is this command neglected, notwithstanding it was delivered in so solemn a manner, by the Governor of the Universe, and everlasting punishment denounced against the transgression of it. Alas! how much is it neglected by multitudes, even in our highly favoured country, where we enjoy such distinguished privileges of worshipping God. Regardless of the divine command, hundreds and thousands convert the Sabbath into a day of recreation and amusement; neglecting the sanctuary, they turn their backs on the offers of salvation, and they debar their souls from the very means which God has appointed to direct them in the way to eternal life. Influenced by this example, others follow in their steps; and thus the contagious infuence spreads from one generation to another. May all my youthful readers hearken to the voice of God, and - Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.”

W. H.

[For the Monitor.]


SCARCELY a month passes away without some valuable little book for children, comes from the press, which it would be exceedingly desirable to have read in every family of the land. Few families, however, can be at the expence of purchasing but a small part of these

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