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TAE Jews had accomplished their murderous purpose, and the innocent victim of their malice hung lifeless on the cross. The spectacle the guiltless sufferer presented as he bowed his head and yielded up his spirit was to them one of joyful triumph; but how different was that sad scene to his affectionate disciples. They had seen his miraculous displays of power, and admired the heavenly graces of his character. He had informed them of that errand of mercy on which he came, instructed them in important truths concerning the kingdom he came to establish, and gave them assurance of their honour and happiness in it. In the excess of admiration and love which so glorious a character inspired, they had lightly regarded the intimations he had given them of his approaching sufferings and death. They had supposed he would become a mighty earthly prince, and that they should occupy stations of glory and exaltation in his temporal kingdom. Full of delightful anticipations of their Lord's triumph over all his enemies, and the prosperity and glory which would attend his kingdom, how dreadful was the shock the scene they witnessed gave them! On yonder tree hung Jesus, whom they supposed was to become a glorious potentate, and to be clothed with all the honours of royal majesty, object of contempt, dishonoured, wounded, dead! The Roman had pierced him, the Jew spit upon and mocked him, the malefac

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