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Bird that shunn'st the noise of | Bond, 't is not in the, 38.
folly, 124.

Bondman, who would be a, 67.
Birth is but a sleep, 238.

Bondsmen hereditary, 260.
Biscuit, the remainder, 322. Bone and Skin, two millers thin,
Bitterness of things, 238.

Black spirits and white, 49. Bones, full of dead men's, 17.

- to red began to turn, 133. Bononcini, compared to, 171.
Blackberries, if reasons were as Booby, who'd give her for an-
plenty as, 55.

other, 170.
Blackbird to whistle, 130. Book, that mine adversary had
Bladder, blows a man up like a, 55.

written a, 4.
Blessed, more, to give, 20.

, your face is as a, 45.
Blessings wait on virtuous deeds, as good kill a man as a, 128.

is the precious life blood, 129.
and eternal praise, 237. sighed to think I read


brighten as they take of nature, short of leaves,
their flight, 176.

on him who invented 's a book, 268.
sleep, 295.

Books, making of, no end, 10.
Blest, man never is, but always to in the running brooks, 59.
be, 154.

wiser grow without his,
Blind, eyes to the, 4.

if the blind lead the, 16.

cannot always please, 220.
Bliss gained by every woe, 191.

quit your, 236.
virtue makes the, 199.

which are no, 248.
domestic happiness, thou some to be tasted, 296.
only, 212

Bores and bored, 270.
winged hours of, 249. Born, better to be lowly, 62.
Blockhead, the booksul, 162. Borrower nor lender be, 71.
Blood, whoso sheddeth man's, 1. Bosom, cleanse the stuffed, 51.

hot and rebellious-liquors 's lord sits lightly, 74.
in my, 40.

of his father and his God,
her pure and eloquent, 97.

felt in the, 233.

Boston, solid men of, 218.
of the martyrs, 306. Botanize upon his mother's grave,
Blot, which dying he could wish 237.
to, 191.

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Boughs are daily rifled, 274.
Blow, might be the be-all, 45. Bounds of modesty, 74.

-, every hand that dealt the, Bounty, large was his, 197.

Bourbon or Nassau, 147.
themselves must strike the, Bourne, no traveller returns, 81.

Bow, two strings to his, 135.
Blunder, frae mony a, 222. Bowl, mingles with my friendly,

worse than a crime, 309.
Blush of maiden shame, 284. Boxes, a beggarly account of, 74.
Boast, the patriot's, 201.

Boy, once more who would not be
Boatman, take thrice thy fee, 291.
Boats, little, should keep 'near Braggart, with my tongue, 51.
shore, 298.

Brain, raze out the written troub-
Body, absent in, 21.

les of the, 51.
form doth take, 96.

-> very coinage of your, 84.
would almost say her, Brains, steal away their, 88.
thought, 97.

Brass, sounding, 22.
Bond, nominated in the, 38.

evil manners live in, 64.


a, 259.



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poor for

Brave, how sleep the, 198. Cæsar, tongue in every wound of,
,on, ye, 250.

home of the, 291.

with a senate at his heels,
Breach, once more to the, 59.

more honored in the, 78.

dead and turned to clay, 86.
imminent deadly, 87. Cain the first city made, 107.
Bread upon the waters, 9.

Cage, nor iron bars a, 105.
Breakfast with what appetite, 63.

Cake is dough, 42.
Breast, light within his own clear, Cakes and ale, 29.

Caledonia, stern and wild, 252.
eternal in the human, 154. Calf's-skin those recreant
Breastplate, what stronger, 60. limbs, 53.
Breath can make them, 202. Calumny, thou shalt not escape,
weary of, 274.

Breathes there the man with soul | Cambyses' vein, 56.
so dead, 252.

Camel, swallow a, 17.
Brethren, pleasant to dwell to -through the eye of a needle,
gether, 6.

Brevity is the soul of wit, 79. Can such things be, 49.
Bribe, too


Candle throws his beam, 38.
Bridge of Sighs, 261.

, out, brief, 52.
Briers, this working-day world is

fit to hold


full of, 39.

hold, to the sun, 179.
Brightest and best of the sons of Canon against self-slaughter, 76.
the morning, 257.

Canopied by the blue sky, 267.
Bringer of unwelcome news, 57. Captain ill, 91.
Britannia rules the waves, 185. Captive good, 91.

needs no bulwarks, 250. Carcass is, there will the eagles be,
Britons never will be slaves, 185. 17.
Brook, noise like a hidden, 242. Card, we must speak by the, 85.
Brooks, books in the running, 39. Cards, old age of, 159.
Brotherhood, monastic, 239. Care adds a nail to our coffin, 216.
Brow, when pain and anguish knits


the ravelled sleave
wring the, 253.

of, 47.
Bruised reed, 10.

is an enemy, to life, 28.
Brutus is an honorable man, 67. Cares fret thy soul with, 96.
Bubbles, the earth hath, 44.

beguiled by sports, 201.
Bucket, as a drop of a, 10.

nobler loves and nobler,
the old oaken, 259.

Buckets into empty wells, 212.

dividing, 276.
Bucks had dined, 208.

Cart, now traversed the, 147.
Bug, snug as a, 298.

Casca, the envious, 67.
Build, he lives to, 181.

Cassius, darest thou leap, 65.
Burden, the grasshopper a, 9. Cast, set my life upon a, 62.
bear his own, 23.

Cat in the adage, 46.
Burning, one fire burns out an will mew, 86.
other's, 72.

endow a college or a, 160.
Bush, good wine needs no, 42. Cataract, the sounding, 233.

the thief doth fear each, 60. Cataracts, silent, 244.
Butterfly upon a wheel, 165. Cathay, cycle of, 279.

Cato, big with the fate of, 149.
Cabined, cribbed, confined, 48. Caucasus, thinking on the frosty,
Cæsar, not that I loved, less, 67. 54.
hath wept, 67.

Cause, hear me for my, 66.

[ocr errors]

years, 241.

Caution, cold pausing, 223. Child, a naked newborn, 218.
Cave, they enter the darksome, 95. airy hopes my, 239.
Caviare to the general, 80.

a simple, that lightly draws
Caw, what says he, 215.

its breath, 228.
Celestial, rosy-red, 118.

is father of the man, 228.
Chaff, hid in two bushels of, 36. a curious, 240.
Chalice, the ingredients of our,

a three
poisoned, 45.

spoil the, 133.
Chamber where the good man Childhood, days of my, 248.
meets his fate, 176.

Childhood's hour, 255.
Chance that oft' decides the fate Childishness, second, 41.
of monarchs, 184.

. Children of this world, 18.
- to fall below Demosthe-

of light, 18.
nes or Cicero, 227.

gathering pebbles, 120.
Chances, most disastrous, 87.

of larger growth, 141.
Change, ringing groves of, 279.

Rachel weeping for her,
Chaos is come again, 88.

reign of, 111.

Children's sports satisfy the child,
Charge, Chester, charge, 253. 201.
Chapel, the devil builds a, 146. Chimeras dire, 113.
Charities that soothe, 241. Chin, some bee had stung, 103.
Charity shall cover the multitude China fall, 160.
of sins, 25.

Chinks that time has made, 108.
Charm, no need of a remoter, 233.' Chivalry, age of, is gone, 301.
Charms strike the sight, 164. Chord in melancholy, 275.
Charmer, t’ other dear, away, 170. Christ, for me to live is, 23.
Charmers sinner it, 159.

Christmas comes but once a year,
Charybdis, your mother, 37.

Chasteneth, whom the Lord lov- Church, built God a, 213.
eth, he, 24.

Church-going bell, 214.
Chastity, saintly, 122.

Church, who builds to God a, 160.
Chatham's language, 211.

Churchdoor, not so wide as a, 74.
Chatterton, marvellous boy, 232. Churchyards yawn, 84.
Chaucer, nigh to learned, 109. Cimmerian darkness, 249.
Cheated, pleasure of being, 134. Circle, Shakspeare's magio, 141.
Cheek, feed on her damask, 29. Circumstance allows, the best his,

that I might touch that, 72. 175.
upon her hand, 72. Cities, far from gay, 168.
he that loves a rosy, 101. City set on an hill, 14.

iron tears down Pluto's Civet, good apothecary, 71.

Claims of long descent, 281.
the roses from your, 192. Clapper-clawing, 133.
Cheer, be of good, 16.

Clarion, sound the, 255.
Cheese, moon made of green, 134. Classic ground, 151.
Cherry, like to a double, 34. Clay, o'er informed the tenement
Chickens, all my pretty, 50. ot, 139.

count your, ere they of human kind, 141.
are hatched, 134.

blind his soul with, 281.
Chiel amang you takin' notes, 222. Cloud out of the sea, 3.
Child, train up a, 7.

capped towers, 26.
I spake as a, 22.

overcome us like a sum-
a wise father that knows mer's, 49.
his own, 37.

sable, 121.
to have a thankless, 70.

'but serves to brighten, 191.

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Coach, go

call a,

away, 101.

a, 65.

Cloy the edge of appetite, 54. Congregate, where merchants

most do, 36.
Coals of fire on his head, 8, 21. Conjectures, I am weary of, 150.
Coat, he used to wear a long Conquer love, they, that run

black, 291.
Coats, if there's a hole in a' your, Conquerors, a lean fellow beats

all, 106.
Coil, shuffle off this mortal, 81. Conscience, with injustice is cor-
Cold, the, the changed, 261. rupted, 60.
Cold'in clime, cold in blood, 264.

makes cowards of us
Coliseum, while stands the, 262.

all, 82.
College, die and endow a, 160.

of her worth, 118.
Cologne, wash your city of, 245. Consecration and poet's dream,
Colossus, bestride the world like 238.

Consideration, like an angel, 58.
Columbia, hail, 227.

Constable, outrun the, 132.
Column, throws up a steamy, 212. Consummation devoutly to be
Combat deepens, 250.

wished, 81.
Combination and a form indeed, Contemplation he, and valor

formed, 115.
Come live with me, 93.

Content, humble livers in, 62.
Come what come may,


farewell, 89.
like shadows, 50.

to dwell in decencies, 159.
Comforters, miserable, 4.

Contentment, the noblest mind,
Coming events, 250.

has, 95.
Commentators, each dark passage Contradiction, woman's a,

shun, 179.

Cord be loosed, 9.
-, plain, 220.

Corn, reap an acre of, 228.
Commonplace of nature, 232. Coronets, kind hearts are more
Communion sweet, quaff, 117.

than, 281.
with nature, 284. Corporations, no souls, 307.
Companions, I have had, 248. Corsair's name, he left a, 266.
Comparisons are odorous, 33. Cortez, like stout, 272.

are odious, 97. Cot, beside the hill, 277.
Compass, a narrow, 108.

Cottage, the soul's dark, 108.
Compulsion, give you a reason

stood beside a, 283.

Couch, drapery of his, 284.
Compute, we partly may, 222. Counsels, perplex and dash ma-
Concealment, like a worm in the turest, 113.
bud, 29.

Counsellors, safety in the multi-
Conceals, the maid who mod tude of, 6.
estly, 192.

Country, undiscovered, 81.
Conceits, be not wise in your

God made the, 211.
own, 21.

my bleeding, 248.
Conclusion, most lame and impo- Courage, screw your, to the stick-
tent, 88.

ing place, 46.
denoted a foregone, 90.

mounteth with occasion,
Concord of sweet sounds, 38.

Confines of daylight and truth, Course, I have finished my, 24.

'of true love never did run
Confirmations strong, 89.

smooth, 34.
Conflict, dire was the noise of, of empire, 172.

Courtesy, I am the very pink of,
Confusion, worse confounded, 114.


On, 55.

Counterfeit presentment, 84. Cycle and epicycle, 118.
Coward, thou slave, 53.

Cymbal, tinkling, 22.
on instinct, 55.

Cynosure of neighboring eyes,125
sneaks to death, 172. Cypress and myrtle, 264.
Cowards die many times, 66. Cynthia of this minute, 159.

what can ennoble, 157. Cytherea's breath, 43.
Crabtree, and old iron rang, 132.
Crack of doom, 50.

Dacian mother, 262.
Creation sleeps, 174.

Daffodils that come before the
Creator, remember thy, 9.

swallow, 43.
Creature not too bright, 231. Dagger I see before me, 46.
Creatures, millions of spiritual, Daggers drawing, 133.

Dale, haunts in, 248.
Credulity, ye who listen with, 189. Dame, our sulky sullen, 221.
Crebillon, romances of, 197. Dames, of ancient days, 201.
Creed, and suckled in an outworn, Damn with faint praise, 165.

Damnation, the deep, of his tak.
sapping a solemn, 261. ing off, 46.
Crime, within thee, undivulged,

round the land, 163.

Damned be him, who first cries
it was worse than


hold, enough, 52.
Crimes, the dignity of, 217.

to fame, 167.
Critics, not trust in, 268.

Dan to Beersheba, 300.
Critical, nothing if not, 87. Dance, when you do, 43.
Criticizing elves, 209.

attendance, 64.
Cross, sparkling, she wore, 163. Danger, out of this nettle, 55.
last at his, 292.

Dangers of the


Crotchets in thy head now, 28. Daniel come to judgment, 38.
Crown of glory, 7.

Dare, what man dare, 1, 48.
fruitless, upon my head, 47. Dark, illumine what is, 110.
, uneasy lies the head that Darkly, through a glass, 22.
wears a, 58.

Darkness visible, 110.
Cruel as death, 185.

the raven down of, 121.
Crumbs, dogs eat of the, 16.

cimmerian, 249.
Crutch, shouldered his, 203. Darien, silent upon a peak in, 272.
Cry is still they come, 52. Dart, like the poisoning of a,
and no wool, 132.

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Daughter, still harping on my,
Cunning, let my right hand for- David, Nathan said to, 3.
get her, 6.

not only hating, but the
Cupid kills with arrows, 32.

king, 139.
is painted blind, 34. Dawn, exhalations of the, 246.
Cups, freshly remembered in their Day, what a, may bring forth, 8.
flowing, 59.

sufficient unto the, 15.
that cheer but not inebri , jocund, stands tiptoe, 74.
ate, 213.

as it fell upon a, 94.
Current of a woman's will, 182.

not to me returns, 114.
Curs mouth a bone, 209.

brought back my night, 127.
Curses, rigged with, dark, 123.

the great, important, 149.
not loud, but deep, 51.

big with the fate of Rome,
Custom stale her infinite variety, 149.

her suffering ended with
more honored in the the, 283.
breach, 78.

I've lost a, 175.
Cut, the most unkindest, 67. Days, though fallen on evil, 117.


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