Line 5.
Above the smoke and stir of this dim spot,
Which men call earth.

Line 205

A thousand fantasies Begin to throng into my memory, Of calling shapes and beckoning shadows dire, And airy tongues, that syllable men's names On sands, and shores, and desert wildernesses.

Line 221.
Was I deceived, or did a sable cloud
Turn forth her silver lining on the night?

Line 244. mortal mixture of earth's mould Breathe such divine, enchanting ravishment?

Can any

Line 249.
How sweetly did they float upon the wings
Of silence, through the empty-vaulted night,
At every fall smoothing the raven down
Of darkness till it smiled.

Line 256.
Who, as they sung, would take the prisoned soul
And lap it in Elysium.

Line 373.
Virtue could see to do what virtue would

Comus - Continued.
By her own radiant light, though sun and moou
Were in the flat sea sunk.

Line 381.
He that has light within his own clear breast
May sit i th' centre and enjoy bright day;
But he that hides a dark soul and foul thoughts
Benighted walks under the mid-day sun.

Line 453.
So dear to heaven is saintly chastity,
That when a soul is found sincerely so,
A thousand liveried angels lackey her.

Line 476.
How charming is divine philosophy!
Not harsh and crabbed, as dull fools suppose ;
But musical as is Apollo's lute,
And a perpetual feast of nectared sweets,
Where no crude surfeit reigns.

Line 560.

I was all ear,
And took in strains that might create a soul
Under the ribs of Death.

Line 752.

What need a vermeil-tinctured lip for that,
Love darting eyes, or tresses like the morn ?

Line 790. Enjoy your dear wit, and gay rhetoric, That hath so well been taught her dazzling fence.

Comus --Continued.

Line 816.

His rod reversed,
And backward mutters of dissevering power.

Line 1012. But now my task is smoothly done, I can fly, or I can run.


Line 10.

He knew Himself to sing, and build the lofty rhyme.

Line 14.
Without the meed of some melodious tear.

Line 70. Fame is the spur that the clear spirit doth raise (That last infirmity of noble mind) To scorn delights and live laborious days ; But the fair guerdon when we hope to find, And think to burst out into sudden blaze, Comes the blind Fury with the abhorred shears, And slits the thin-spun life.

Line 101.

Built in the eclipse and rigged with curses dark.

Line 109.

The pilot of the Galilean lake.

Lycidas - Continued.

Line 168. So sinks the day-star in the ocean bed, And yet anon repairs his drooping head, And tricks his beams, and with new-spangled ore Flames in the forehead of the morning sky.

Line 193.
Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new.


Line 8.
The gay motes that people the sun-beams.

Line 39.
And looks commercing with the skies,
Thy rapt soul sitting in thine eyes.

Line 61.

Sweet bird, that shunn’st the noise of folly,
Most musical, most melancholy!

Line 105.
Or bid the soul of Orpheus sing
Such notes, as, warbled to the string,
Drew iron tears down Pluto's cheek.

Line 120.
Where more is meant than meets the ear.

Line 159. And storied windows richly dight, Casting a dim, religious light.


Line 25. Haste thee, Nymph, and bring with thee Jest, and youthful Jollity, Quips, and cranks, and wanton wiles, Nods, and becks, and wreathed smiles.

Line 31.
Sport that wrinkled Care derides,
And Laughter holding both his sides.
Come, and trip it as you go,
On the light, fantastic toe.

Line 67.
And every shepherd tells his tale
Under the hawthorn in the dale.

Line 79. Where perhaps some beauty lies, The Cynosure of neighboring eyes.

Line 85.

Herbs, and other country messes,
Which the neat-handed Phyllis dresses.

Line 117. Towered cities please us then, And the busy hum of men.

Line 121.
Ladies, whose bright eyes

Rain influence.

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