Paradise Lost Continued.

Book iv. Line 598.
Now came still evening on, and twilight gray
Had in her sober livery all things clad.

Book iv. Line 639.
With thee conversing, I forget all time;
All seasons and their change, all please alike.

Book iv. Line 677. Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep.

Book iv. Line 750. Hail, wedded love, mysterious law; true source Of human offspring.

Book iv. Line 810. Him thus intent Ithuriel with his spear Touched lightly

Book iv. Line 830.
Not to know me argues yourselves unknown,
The lowest of your throng.


Book iv. Line 918. All hell broke loose.

Book v. Line 1. Now morn,


rosy steps in the eastern clime Advancing, sowed the earth with orient pearl.

Book v. Line 71.

Good, the more Communicated, more abundant grows.

Paradise Lost-Continued.

Book v. Line 153.
These are thy glorious works, Parent of good !

Book v. Line 294.

A wilderness of sweets.

Book v.

Line 331.
So saying, with despatchful looks, in haste
She turns, on hospitable thoughts intent.

Book v. Line 601. Thrones, dominations, princedoms, virtues, powers.

Book v. Line 637.
They eat, they drink, and in communion sweet
Quaff immortality and joy.

Book v. Line 658. Satan, so call him now; his former name Is heard no more in heaven.

Book v. Line 896.
So spake the seraph Abdiel, faithful found
Among the faithless, faithful only he.

Book vi. Line 211.

Dire was the noise
Of conflict.

Book vii. Line 24.
More safe I sing with mortal voice, unchanged
To hoarse or mute, though fall’n on evil days,
On evil days though fallen and evil tongues.

Paradise Lost-Continued.

Book vii. Line 30.



my song, Urania, and fit audience find, though few.

Book viii. Line 84.
Cycle and epicycle, orb in orb.

Book viii. Line 282.
And feel that I am happier than I know.

Book viii. Line 488.
Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye,
In every gesture dignity and love.

Book viii. Line 502.
Her virtue and the conscience of her worth,
That would be wooed and not unsought be won.

Book viii. Line 548.

So well to know
Her own, that what she wills to do or say,
Seems wisest, virtuousest, discreetest, best!

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Book viji. Line 600.

Those graceful acts,
Those thousand decencies, that daily flow
From all her words and actions.

Book viii. Line 618.
To whom the angel, with a smile that glowed
Celestial rosy red (love's proper hue).

Paradise Lost - Continued.

Book ix. Line 26.
Pleased me, long choosing and beginning late.

Book ix. Line 249. For solitude sometimes is best society, And short retirement urges sweet return.

Book ix. Line 782.

Earth felt the wound; and Nature from her seat, Sighing through all her works, gave signs of woe, That all was lost.

Book ix. Line 1107.
High overarched, and echoing walks between.

Book x. Line 77.

Yet I shall temper so Justice with mercy, as may illustrate most Them fully satisfied, and thee appease. .

Book xi. Line 485.

Moping melancholy, And moon-struck madness.

Book xi. Line 491. And over them triumphant Death his dart Shook, but delayed to strike, though oft invoked.

Book xii. Line 646. The world was all before them, where to choose Their place of rest, and Providence their guide.


Book iii. Line 56.

Of whom to be dispraised were no small praise.

Book iv. Line 240. Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts And eloquence.

Book iv. Line 267. Thence to the famous orators repair, Those ancient, whose resistless eloquence Wielded at will that fierce democraty, Shook the arsenal, and fulmined over Greece, To Macedon, and Artaxerxes' throne.

Book iv. Line 330.
As children gathering pebbles on the shore.


Line 293.

Just are the ways of God, And justifiable to men.

Line 1350. He's gone, and who knows how he may report Thy words, by adding fuel to the flame?

Line 1695.

Tame villatic fowl.

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