The Comic Annual

H. Colburn, 1834

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Pagina 91 - I'd give the whole wide world, if the world was mine, to clap my two longin' eyes on his face. For he's my darlin' of darlin's, and if he don't soon come back, you'll see me drop stone dead on the place. I only wish I'd got him safe in these two Motherly arms, and wouldn't I hug him and kiss him!
Pagina 96 - Now the dreadful thunder's roaring, Peal on peal contending clash, On our heads fierce rain falls pouring, In our eyes blue lightnings flash. One wide water all around us, All above us one black sky, Different deaths at once surround us : Hark ! what means that dreadful cry ? The foremast's gone...
Pagina 99 - While o'er the ship wild waves are beating, We for wives or children mourn : Alas ! from hence there's no retreating, Alas ! to them there's no return. Still the leak is gaining on us : Both chain-pumps are choak'd below.
Pagina 85 - ... s him. Except being so well dress'd, my mind would misgive, some old beggar woman in want of an orphan, Had borrow'd the child to go a begging with, but I'd rather see him laid out in his coffin ! Do, good people, move on, such a rabble of boys ! I'll break every bone of...
Pagina 96 - Bout danger, and fear, and the like ; But a Boultoti and Watt and good WalVs-end give me ; And it ain't to a little I '11 strike. Though the tempest our chimney smack smooth shall down smite, And shiver each bundle of wood ; Clear the wreck, stir the fire, and stow every thing tight, And boiling a gallop we '11 scud.
Pagina 24 - You know I once was all your own, But now a shark must share ! But let that pass — for now, to you I'm neither here nor there.
Pagina 149 - you are a fool ; would you have the boy good for nothing ? " The same lady once consulted the Doctor on the degree of turpitude to be attached to her son's robbing an orchard. " Madam," said Johnson, " it all depends upon the weight of the boy.
Pagina 24 - Alas ! death has a strange divorce Effected in the sea, It has divided me from you, And even me from me ! " Don't fear my ghost will walk o' nights To haunt, as people say; My ghost can't walk, for, oh! my legs Are many leagues away! " Lord ! think when I am swimming round, And looking where the boat is, A shark just snaps away a half, Without
Pagina 65 - Then I saw in my dream, that, when they were got out of the wilderness, they presently saw a town before them, and the name of that town is Vanity ; and at the town there is a fair kept, called Vanity Fair.
Pagina 161 - a delicious green spot, and very handy to the Green Man for getting porter." Mrs. C was assisted out of the cart; and then Miss C was lifted out by Mr. Hodges; and then the children were lifted out by the Mother; and then the nursemaid, an awkward plainlooking girl that nobody helped, tumbled out. In the mean time, Master C jumped out, all agog after blackberrying and birdnesting ; and had...

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