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Pagina 66 - I would go down to the shop with her ; and there, after much hesitation, we chose out three caps to be sent home and tried on, that the most becoming might be selected to take with us on Thursday. She was in a state of silent agitation all the way to Woodley. She had evidently never been there before ; and, although she little dreamt I knew anything of her early story, I could perceive she was in a tremor at the thought of...
Pagina 90 - There was in them a vivid and intense sense of the present time, which seemed so strong and full, as if it could never pass away, and as if the warm, living hearts that so expressed themselves could never die, and be as nothing to the sunny earth. I should have felt less melancholy, I believe, if the letters had been more so. I saw the tears stealing down the well-worn furrows of Miss Matty's cheeks, and her spectacles often wanted wiping. I trusted at last that she would light the other candle,...
Pagina 20 - I am quite aware of that," returned she. "And I make allowances, Captain Brown." "Just allow me to read you a scene out of this month's number," pleaded he. "I had it only this morning, and I don't think the company can have read it yet.
Pagina 96 - But this was nothing to a fit of writing classical poetry which soon seized him, in which his Molly figured away as ' Maria.' The letter containing the carmen was endorsed by her, ' Hebrew verses sent me by my honoured husband. I thowt to have had a letter about killing the pig, but must wait. Mem., to send the poetry to Sir Peter Arley, as my husband desires.
Pagina 19 - It was to take the taste of this out of our mouths, and the sound of this out of our ears, that Miss Jenkyns proposed music ; so I say again, it was very good of her to beat time to the song. When the trays re-appeared with biscuits and wine, punctually at a quarter to nine, there was conversation, comparing of cards, and talking over tricks ; but by-and-by Captain Brown sported a bit of literature. "Have you seen any numbers of 'The Pickwick Papers?
Pagina 8 - Our friends have sent to inquire how you are after your journey to-night, my dear" (fifteen miles in a gentleman's carriage); " they will give you some rest to-morrow, but the next day, I have no doubt, they will call; so be at liberty after twelve — from twelve to three are our calling-hours." Then, after they had called : — "It is the third day, I dare say your mamma has told you, my dear, never to let more than three days elapse between receiving a call and returning it; and also, that you...
Pagina 6 - ... geese that occasionally venture into the gardens if the gates are left open ; for deciding all questions of literature and politics without troubling themselves with unnecessary reasons or arguments ; for obtaining clear and correct knowledge of everybody's affairs in the parish ; for keeping their neat maid-servants in admirable order ; for kindness (somewhat dictatorial) to the poor, and real tender good offices to each other whenever they are in distress, the ladies of Cranford are quite sufficient....
Pagina 71 - When the ducks and green peas came, we looked at each other in dismay; we had only two-pronged blackhandled forks. It is true the steel was as bright as silver; but what were we to do?
Pagina 51 - Of course I promised to come to dear Miss Matty as soon as I had ended my visit to Miss Pole; and the day after my arrival at Cranford I went to see her, much wondering what the house would be like without Miss Jenkyns, and rather dreading the changed aspect of things. Miss Matty began to cry as soon as she saw me. She was evidently nervous from having anticipated my call. I comforted her as well as I could; and I found the best consolation I could give was the honest praise that came from my heart...
Pagina 64 - Jenkyns! God bless my soul ! I should not have known you. How are you ? how are you ?" He kept shaking her hand in a way which proved the warmth of his friendship ; but he repeated so often, as if to himself, " I should not have known you !" that any sentimental romance which I might be inclined to build was quite done away with by his manner.

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