MEDIÆVAL ART. Br Dr. Franz von REBER. Translated by JOSEPH

THACHER CLARKE. Handsomely Illustrated. pp. 776. 8vo, Cloth, $ 5 00. INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORY. By BORDEN P.

BowNE. pp. xiv., 330. 8vo, Cloth, $175. LOCKSLEY HALL SIXTY YEARS AFTER, ETC. By ALFRED, LORD

TENNYSON. pp. 198. 16mo, Cloth, 60 cents. A TRAMP TRIP. How to See Europe on Fifts Cents a Day. Bv LEE

MERIWETHER. With Portrait of Author. pp. 276. 12no, Cloth, $1 25. RETROSPECTIONS OF AMERICA. By Joun BERNARD. 1797–1811.

Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by LAWRENCE IIUTTON and BRAN

DER MATTHEWS. With Portraits. pp. xvi., 380, 12mo, Cloth, $1 75. PSYCHOLOGY. By Professor John DEWEY, of the University of Mich

igan. 12mo, Cloth, $1 25. A SHORT HISTORY OF PARLIAMENT. By B. C. SKOTTOWE. 12mo,

Cloth, $1 25. A BOUT MONEY AND OTIIER THINGS. By the Author of “John

Halifax, Gentleman." 12mo, Cloth, 90 cents. THE GUILTY RIVER. A Novel. By Wilkie Colliys. 16mo, Clothi,

60 cents. HAPPY HUNTING-GROUNDS. A Tribute to the Woods and Fields.

By W. HAMILTON Gibson. Illustrated by the Author. 4to, Illumi

nated Cloth, Gilt Edges, $7 50). (In a Box.) THEIR PILGRIMAGE. By CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER. Richly Illus

trated by C. S. REINIART. Post 8vo, Hall Leather, $2 00. SIR PHILIP SIDNEY. By J. A. SYMONDS. 12mo, Clothi, 75 cents. (In

· Morley's English Men of LettersSeries.) IN THE WRONG PARADISE, and Other Stories. By ANDREW LANG.

16mo, Ilalf Bound, 60 cents.

FRANKLIN SQUARE LIBRARY. (Latest Issues.) GLADYS FANE. A Story of Two Lives. A Novel. BT. Wemyss

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ELIZABETH'S FORTUNE. A Novel. Bv Bertha Thomas..........
A NEAR RELATION. A Novel By Christabel R. Coleridge...
Devon Boys: A TALE OF THE NORTH SHORE. By George Manville

Fenn, Profusely Illustrated...........

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paid, to any part of the United States or Canada, on receipt of the price.


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BOUND VOLUMES. Bound Volumes of the MAGAZINE for three years back, each Volume containing the Numbers for Six Months, will be sent by mail, postage prepaid, on receipt of $3 00 per Volume in Cloth, or $5 25 in Half Calf.

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