I'm so sorry:

ShE. Have you ever known what it was things—I know you do-for I hear of to feel everything you said or did of more them from Mrs. Dollin. importance to one person than anything HE (aside). 'Seems to me that Dollin is else in the world—to find yourself treated making a burial-service to be said over his as absolutely perfect ?

own grave.

(aloud.) I never understood HE. Poor beggar! So bad as that, it was my mission to amuse à countrywas he ? (aside.) I wonder if the beast house for the sake of young Oulthorp. would bolt. I don't like this talk,

And, really, do you think that a-a-reSHE. But have you ?

gard that-cannot stand a little chaff now He. N-no. Why should I?

and then-- ? ShE. How can I tell ?

And have you

ShE. Oh, it will go fast enough under ever found all that trust, all that belief, and any circumstances. Only—only I don't all that adoration bore you beyond words ? want to lose it before I must.

HE (as his heel goes home). Come HE (softly, looking at her). Forgive me. round, you brute ! come round ! She. And yet have you felt that you

ShE. Do I look like a woman who needs wouldn't give it up for anybody—that it pity? Why should you give it me?-I was, somehow, a refuge from yourself, don't want it. when you were afraid to think or remem- He. Because of what must have gone ber? Can't you see? He believes in me before. absolutely.

SHE. I don't know what you mean. HE (looking between his horse's ears). HE. Don't you? Would you like me Um !

to explain ? SHE (quickly). Has he said anything ShE. No. But what do you mean? in the smoking-room?

He. Nothing. I ask no questions. HE. Certainly not. (aside.) Dollin is Only, as a general rule, I imagine a woma fool, but he has evidently bad sense an does not take a deep interest in the enough not to tell everything.

blind adoration that a boy like Oulthorp ShE. Then what do you mean ?

gives—a bog for whom she does not care HE. Let us look this thing in the face either—unless she has lost something since you will insist on scolding me. Will much—much-more important.

But you do young Oulthorp any good ? perhaps you are the exception ?

SAE. I shall make a man of him at SHE (bowing her head). That's enough. least.

I am the rule.

And now do you HE. I fancied Miss Massing was more

understand me? than equal to that little business.

HE. Less than ever, to tell you the truth. ShE. She is at perfect liberty—when I ShE. Shall I tell you the truth for a have finished.

change? He. Which will be-?

HE. At your own risk. Remember I ShE. When he goes of his own accord. can guess at the outlines, and you may

HE. Have you courage to wait for the hate me because you have told me. end, then ?

(aside.) I wonder if she tells everybody. ShE. I don't think you quite under- Couldn't be, 'r else I should have heard stand. He bores me-horribly.

something about her in the smoking-room. HE. So I am willing to believe.

What a chin it is ! ShE. Too good of you, I'm sure, to ShE. Would you care if I hated you

? take the trouble. .... It is only because HE. Not a bit. It might worry you a he thinks me sweet and perfect. It is not little. Well, tell me. (in a low voice and slowly) it is not—that She (after a pause). It's—it's difficult. - I care ; I don't. But I shall do him There was--and I couldn't help it—and I no harm-indeed I sba'n't.

had my warnings --lots of women told me HE. I have nothing to do with the about him, and I knew that he wasn't to affair.

be trusted, and I knew that I was the only ShE. Yes ; you have. They'll listen one who knew that. So I was sure of to you forever in the smoking-room. You myself—and I was, you know. But I did have influence over them. Why can't care—everything, in every way. you keep them amused, instead of help- why, perhaps, it ended as it did. After ing to make fun of him ? You tell them seven years. My God, after seven years !

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That was

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HE. And what did you do?

the pain, and so, you see it's doubly worthSae (simply). Said“ Fank'oo,” and less. Believe me, if he were to cross the went away smiling.

road now under my feet, I shouldn't even HE. You !

turn my head to-Good God, what's that! ShE. Yes, me! Why shouldn't I! It A shepherd jumps into the road from a was everything in the world to me. And bank. Mickey shies. when it finished I hadn't the heart to HE. Drop your hands ; he's going to complain.

bolt ! Gone, by Jove ! Do I follow? HE. You don't look like a person who ShE (over her shoulder). Yes. would be grateful for being treated in that just hold him. Come along ! Where way. And after ?

does this road end ? SHE. I continued to exist beautifully- HE. 'London, if you go far enough. with variations.

Can you take a pull at your brute ! HE. Of what kind ?

SHE. I'll try. (leans over.) No! Wait ShE. Oh, pictures and the poor. 'Spe- till a bill tires him. I'm not afraid. cially the poor.

You can think sometimes Who'd have thought it in a quiet steady if you sit alone painting. If you slum- I believe I shall be afraid in a mingullion you can't think. Many others ute. Ow! There goes my hair loose. have found out that trick, and the poor He. Shall I lean over and take a pull at owe much to it. Then the boy-young him ? Oulthorp came in, he was some sort of a SHE (gasping and pulling). No ! 'Bring rest. But I have found that I have a him down if you did. He's coming indouble brain that does its own thinking a-little-bit. Ouch! That's better. whatever I do. Did you ever find that ? Steady, Mickey darling. There's notbing

HE (incautiously). Yes, worse luck. to be afraid of. Softly, old man. (pulls

She (aside). I knew the fire had gone horse into a canter.) I didn't like that. over his face. (aloud and very slowly.) HE. Which? The man that appeared ? 'Pleasant, isn't it-to find all the sorrow, ShE. No. Trying to ride away from and all the sacrifice

myself. We might have ended in a quarry. HE (koarsely, looking into the fog). HE. It was the other beast bebind him There's no sacrifice. I'll swear there isn't. that drove Mickey mad. The best of ShE. —all the sacrifice, the care and horses get excited sometimes.

By the the tenderness, the forethought, the com- way, have I to go back and pick up hairprehension, and—and all the rest of it go pins ? for nothing just because one person has ShE. Poor thing—no. I'll bundle it up

under my cap somehow with the few that HE (with a shiver). For goodness' sake remain to me. (aside.) This man is a man. let's talk of something else.

(aloud.) I wish people wouldn't pop up SAE (bitterly). What shall we talk so suddenly about? Nice things — pretty things ? HE. He came just in time to show how Books and pictures and plays ? I'm quite little you cared. ready. You begin.

ShE. No, that was Mickey's fault. HE (after a pause.) 'Don't think the HE. Even if you caught Mickey short conversation led up to nice things exactly. by the head and drove your spur into ShE. How strange! Well ?

him ? He. Er-does the-does the pain last ShE. I deny the spur. The other thing forever?

may be. (watching his face.) It seems ShE. I don't know. I've only had four to please you, somehow. years of it-every day and all day long. He. No-I don't tbink so. But


do He (feebly). Not really?

care for that man even now ? Sye. If—if the other thing was real, SHE. Yes. this is. It begins when I wake and it He. In spite of everything? ends when I sleep--and it begins again ShE. In spite of everything-yes. when I wake again.

HE. Good Lord ! HE. How you must hate the man ! ShE. I don't think He bas anything to

ShE. Worse than that. I only hated a do with it. He doesn't even help one to little in the beginning. Now I am begin- forget. He leaves that to the Bambino. ning not to care. It's all overall except

ÉE. That reminds me. Since we have

grown tired.

You can

can hurt

HE. Five years.

gone so far, I shouldn't build too much on, then. You were talking about mental on young Oulthorp's absolute devotion.

symptoms. ShE. What do you mean? Julia Mas- ShE. I was, but I won't go on. (aside, sing?

to herself.) It seems to me that the fog HE. Yes, I think so.

or something is seriously affecting your SHE (absently). Little liar! He's like brain, dear. Never mind. Dinner at you, though.

eight, two gongs, and a fat man to take HE. Why? I never adored you.

me in.

Let us be thankful, o CivilizaSHE. No, but you have lied to some one tion, for all thy mercies. else. I am certain of it.

He. I want you to, though. HE. And if I did, what have you gained ShE. Then I will. (aside.) You will by keeping faith?

bave it, and I would have let you off beShE. Seven years of life at least. I am cause you understood—a little. (aloud.) only paying for them now.

There are one thousand different ways of He. Is the price too high-are you going to perdition. She will probably sorry ?

cboose the nine hundred and ninety-nine ShE. Yes, I am sorry—bitterly sorry, that I have not taken. And it will be that I ever knew bim. There's no digoity your fault. She may even bless you later of tragedy to console me. I am sorry, for setting her on one of those roads. and I laugh at myself for being sorry. Does that hurt sufficiently ?

HE. But if you had the chance over HE. I have known pleasanter things. again what would you do?

• Well ? ShE. Why do you ask-why do you ShE. There's no more to say. want to find out ? So that you may meas- hurt yourself better than I

you. ure another woman's pain by mine ; be- How long was your affair for ? cause you bave treated some woman as—. Is that it ?

ShE. Who ended it ? HE. I—I don't know.

He. It ended itself. ShE. But I do. (edging in toward him.) ShE. Sweet child of nature ! That Look at me. Even I-even I am Bea- wrought my only woe.

In other words, trice ! That line at the corner of the eyes it was your vanity-as it was his. comes from crying—doctors will tell you HE (aside). My turn now. (aloud.) 80—crying till there are no more tears to Perhaps your friend got tired. cry.

That little horseshoe in the forehead She. It is very possible. I was every-now considered fascinating--comes from thing and more than everything. Now I lying staring wide awake without shutting am nothing, and less than nothing. But your eyes, night after night, thinking, I never cheated in word or deed. thinking, thinking everything over again HE. Did he, then ? from the beginning. You can get that ShE. I was thinking of her. mark for life after three nights' pain. I HE (wincing). I can do my own thinkbave it. Those are the outward and visi- ing there, thank you. ble signs—some of them. The mouth, SHE. I fancied from your invitation you too-leaning to the off side).

wanted an assistant. He (dully). Yes, I see.

HE. Good heavens! What is the use Sue. You don't. All you are thinking of two rats in a burning bucket biting at of is

each other ? Let's swcar eternal peace. HE. God forbid !

ShE. Because you are getting burtmeh? SHE (leaning further). My dear sir, it I am hurt day after day, hour after hour, would be quite enough if í (softening) minute after minute—but you only while gave permission.

you are talking to me—because you're a HE. No, thank you. Not this dance. man, and therefore a coward. SHE (resettling herself in her saddle). HE. And therefore a coward. Then I believe you do care for her. consoling knowledge. (he edges horse tow

He (aside). A chance missed. (aloud.) ard clif's edge.) Pooh ! that's no proof. But you needn't ShE. Doesn't it make you want to swear continue your explanation.

at me? ShE. I could say such a lot if I chose. He reigning up and looking at the HE (leading toward the clif's edge). Go beach below). No. Anything but that

It's a tion."

I yawn.

just now. Can you see down there, possible result of what you may have done through the fog ?

to her ; and you don't like it? Sorrow ? SAE. Yes! It's a remarkably pretty What use is sorrow to me? If all the view. (sees Oulthorp and Miss Massing, hosts of Heaven came down and said they side by side.) Aah !

were sorry for me, I could only give them HE. So much for Norman ruins. tea, and tell them that they bored me.

ShE. Thank you. So one of them They should have set things right in the thinks. But what a finished liar Oulthorp beginning. must be. If he had only spoken the truth. HE. Blame the poor little cherubs, of (to herself.) Why, only to-day.

course! I thought you were more honest HE. I dare say he had a natural hesita- than that ! tion about approaching you on the subject. ShE. I am only talking nonsense-you

ShE. He didn't understand. (critically know what I mean. We have no right and peeriny down.) He is kissing Julia to complain. But we do. Massing.

HE. It takes a great deal to make peoHE. Why not?

ple understand that if they break the TaShE. Why not, indeed ? At this very bles of Stone the pieces cut their feet. moment, by the light of the knowledge ShE. And then they find out that they you taught her, she may be-(his horse mustn't show the pain. It isn't pretty, plunges away from the cliff).

and it doesn't amuse drawing-rooms.

If HE (administering correction with the it did, I should be happy to scream for crop). That engagement will be given out. hours like a steam-engine. to-night, in their faces, and announced at HE. Which reminds me-by way of breakfast to-morrow. You'll have to con- stoking—I wonder what there'll be for gratulate him.

dinner to-night. SHE. If you had only kept the smoking- ShE. The first and the last dish is Mr. room amused, I might have had three Warbstow, who explains to us that we days more of Oulthorp's “ eternal devo- attach too much importance to the Deity.

That's all. IE. Remember, I only came into your HE. Mrs. Deeley has a gift for collectcouncils tbis afternoon-late.

ing queer people at her troughs. ShE. And we have done each other an ShE. And none queerer than our two immense amount of good since ?

sweet selves. Fancy her face if she could HE. We have sympathized at least.

Jisten now ! She throat note in voice). There's HE. She would be truly grieved. Don't nothing like sympathy-holy sympathy, you think we might try to change the conis there?

versation ? HE. Nothing. Especially when one is ShE. I forgot. I have my punishment in real trouble

here now and yours comes later. Very Sne. 'So sweet, when a man lays his well. What shall we talk about? The hand on yours-quite by accident-and fog ? says that he is prepared to sympathize with HE (after a pause). I don't see why you to any extent


should be so certain of your own luck. He. Ho! ho ! They do that, too. I am punished too.

ShE. You know. And the next minute ShE. Only a little—for just as long as you find that the hand has become an arm, you are talking to me. Wait the hereand you are standing with your back to after. the mantel-piece spitting “ Sir-r !” like He (wiping his forehead). But surely I an angry pussy-cat, and asking what in am punished now.

If I had killed any one the world be means. For comprehension it couldn't be worse. and disinterestedness, give me the sympa- ShE. Killing's nothing. You may have thy of a man.

done exactly the opposite. In which case, HE (tenderly). All the same, I am your torment will be beavier.

Think of sorry for you-dear,

it for a minute. I was killed : and I am ShE. I didn't catch the last word. I'll not grateful to the man who killed me. believe the others.

She may thank you yet for waking her to He. That's enough, then. I am sorry. life. Does that hurt enough? ShE. Because you see in me the best HE. Enough to pay for all.

of agony

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ShE. Not unless you keep on thinking. have given me the same comfort, and One spasm

does not pay. You it's very cold. (a long pause, during must think.

105 dati' which he watches her face.) Oj. 11900w boom HE. I-I dare not.

SHE (dropping right hand on the pomShE. Exactly. I dare because I must. mel-head). Let's protest. You don't because you have other things HE. Against what, and which, and to do. Therefore you will be dealt with how ? COTTON later. As my murderer will be. si Buts cois ShE. Everything that makes us what we 15 HE. How do you know ? FAIT waits are. Lost faith-lost hope-lost beliefShE. I don't and to tell the truth I and and all the rest.

D. don't care-as far as you're concerned. HE. Then isn't there anything to pick HE. I know you don't, but you needn't out of the wreck!

17. have said so.11: ŽK YAT3

SAE. If you give everything nothing ShE. What mercy do you deserve? If remains.

Dora you suffer as you say you do so much the He. Are you so sure ? better for you. Oh, dear God ! if I could ShE. As sure as you are. believe that he felt for one little minute HE. Every moment tells me that-1 am

1021) only a title of what I feel every hour I'd not sure, die contented.

She (aside). How like a man. (aloud.) HE. Have you never tried to go through That is the last five moments-only a little the door then ?

feeling born of pique and longing for the ShE. Once. A year ago. impossible.

127.2 HE. How?

HE. It is more.

certain of it. Sue. The silver cigarette-case and the All things have their first five minutes graduated tubes, of course. Is there any though they go on for centuriesother way? And—and when I had sat

She (aside). It grows amusing. He is down--I was in that old black frock you almost interesting. spilt some coffee over the other night-I

-We both stand at the same start- I thought, when it would be all over, of ing-point ; we have gone through the same a hand keeping me down in the chair, and fire. Doesn't it draw us together? saying—“Think. Go on thinking, dear. She (with a little laugh). How ; in There's all eternity to think in.' So it what? In that we have both come out on seemed to me I should gain nothing. the other side with the life burnt out.

HE. An eternity of sitting still in a The sympathy of cinders ? Too late, it is comfortable chair and thinking.

all too late.

theid ShE. That was only my notion. We're HE. I don't believe it's possible to suffer told that God's mercies are infinite. There for—(Mickey shies violently and disappears may be more horrible tortures.

into the fog). What's that—where have HE. Which be they?

you gone to lindos cili Sue. For you! Oh, watching her- She (from the fog). A gipsy fire, I perhaps. I don't think anything could think, "Burned out. What a stupid make ine do more than giggle. My pun- horse ; he must have seen that a dozen ishment is now-now-now! Here, at times. the Deeleys' and anywhere else, and the HE. The fog made it look large. Come only pauses allowed are like the vinegar back (voice rising), Oh, come back to me, to give me fresh strength to feel. It's little woman ! cruel, pa

SHE, I never came.

How can I come
He (laughing). Wages o' sin, mum, back!

HE. Then come now.
ShE. It's not fair. If the wages were

ShE. Mickey's 'fraid.
death I'd have claimed them long ago

HE. Cut his soul out ! long ago.

ShE. And make him happier than myHE. On the strict understanding that self. No. (To horse.) Come along, you went to sleep immediately afterward. Mickey. There's nothing to be scared Ísn't that a little cowardly?

at. Only ashes, little white ashes. (canShE. O help me! Am I to endure for- tering through the fog ; leaning of side and ever ?

par to boosts holding out her hand.) I am tired, so tired HE. As long as the Law endures. You and I am here. We-ell ? NEW SERIES. – VOL. LI., No. 6.


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wages o' sin.

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