Hiravelet in Vol: 6.P.3.

G.V. Gucht Scul

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Knights attending on the King, Officers, Messengers,
Soldiers and Attendants.

SCENE yes in Britain.


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A C T I.

SCENE, the KING'S PALACE Enter Kent, Glo'fter, and Edmund the Bastard.


Thought, the King had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall.

Glo. It did always feem so to us: but now, in the Divifion of the Kingdom, it appears not, which of the Dukes he values moft; for qualities are fo weigh'd, that curiofity in neither can make choice of either's moiety.

Kent. Is not this your fon, my lord?

Glo. His Breeding, Sir, hath been at my charge. I have so often blush'd to acknowledge him, that now I am braz'd to't.

Kent. I cannot conceive you.

Glo. Sir, this young fellow's mother could; whereupon fhe grew round-womb'd; and had, indeed, Sir, a fon for her cradle, ere she had a husband for her bed. Do you fmell a fault?


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Kent. I cannot wifh the fault undone, the iffue of it being fo proper.

Glo But I have a fon, Sir, by order of law, fome year elder than this, who yet is no dearer in my account; though this knave came fomewhat fawcily to the world before he was fent for, yet was his mother fair; there was good fport at his making, and the whorfon must be acknowledg'd. Do you know this Nobleman, Edmund?

Edm. No, my lord.

Glo. My lord of Kent ;

Remember him hereafter as my honourable friend.
Edm. My fervices to your lordship.

Kent. I muft love you, and fue to know you better. Edm. Sir, I fhall ftudy your deferving.

Glo. He hath been out nine years, and away he fhall Trumpets found, within

again. The King is coming.

Enter King Lear, Cornwall, Albany Gonerill, Regan, Cordelia, and Attendants.

Lear. Attend the lords of France and Burgundy, Glofter.

Glo. I fhall, my Liege.


Lear. Mean time we shall exprefs our darker purpose. Give me the Map here. Know, we have divided, In three, our Kingdom; and 'tis our fast intent, To fhake all cares and business from our age; Conferring them on younger strengths, while we Unburthen'd crawl tow'rd death. Our fon of Cornwall, And You, our no less loving son of Albany, We have this hour a conftant will to publish Our daughters fev'ral Dow'rs, that future ftrife May be prevented now. The Princes France and


Great rivals in our younger daughter's love,
Long in our Court have made their am'rous fojourn,
And here are to be anfwer'd. Tell me, daughters,
(Since now we will diveft us, both of rule,
Int'reft of territory, cares of ftate ;)


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