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“Dr Japp travels through a variety of subjects, always entertaining and in. structive."-Spectator.

Industrial Curiosities' is to our boyhood's 'Book of Trades' what the 'Student's Hume' is to old Goldsmith, completer, and-more trustworthy. Nowa-days boys are so fed upon story books and books of adventure that we welcome a book like this, which tells them something about the facts of the world they live in." -Graphic.

"We do not hesitate to pronounce this one of the most interesting books of the season."-Literary World.

Japp (A.H., LL.D.) LABOUR AND VICTORY: Memoirs

of those who deserved success and won it. Crown 8vo. Cloth
extra, with Portraits, 3s. 6d.
Sir James Outram.

William Ellis.
Bishop Selwyn.

Sir James Simpson.
Thomas Edward.

Sir Titus Salt.
Thomas Davidson,

Friedrich Augusti.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. "A useful book. Till lately we have singularly overlooked the educational value of biography; nor do any of the numerous series do for the young precisely what the plain record of such lives as Dr Japp has selected may reasonably be expected to do."--Graphic.

“Just the sort of reading which should be put into the hands of a boy, while grown men may also read it with profit."-Court Circular.

“Dr Japp makes good use of the materials on which his sketches are founded, and always writes in an interesting and instructive style."--Inquirer.

"A healthier book for young men could not be imagined."--Literary World.

“The writer of these charming sketches, that compress into a few pages the spirit of many a ponderous volume, is one of the truest benefactors of our busy age."-North British Daily Mail.

Master-Missionaries : Studies in Heroic Pioneer work. By

ALEXANDER H. JAPP, LL.D., F.R.S.E. With Portraits and
Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Cloth extra, 4s. 6d.
James Oglethorpe.

David Zeisberger,
Samuel Hebich.

Dr James Stewart.
William Elmslie.

Dr William Black.
G. W. Walker.

Bishop Patteson.
Robert Moffat.

John G. Fee.

APPENDIX. I. Dr Moffat's Labours. | II. More Facts about Zeisberger.

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OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. " An extremely interesting book. The reader need not be afraid of falling into beaten tracks here."--The Guardian.

"A collection of sketches from the practised pen of Dr Japp of men who have rendered good service to their race. All are graphic and very interesting."Nonconformist.

“It brings before the reader a vivid conception of all the grandest chapters in pioneer effort throughout the world. There are many who must have felt the want of just such a handy book as this, and these will be grateful to Dr Japp."— Glasgow Mail.

"A really excellent and readable book."-Literary Churchman.

Lushington (Cecilia). MARGARET THE MOONBEAM: A

Tale for the Young. Small 8vo. Cloth extra, 2s. 6d.

The Treasure-Book of Consolation, for all in Sorrow or Suffer

ing. Compiled and Edited by BENJAMIN ORME, M.A., Editor of "The Treasure Book of Devotional Reading." Crown 8vo. Cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. "This book is a striking testimony to the fact that, whatever else Christianity may be, it is emphatically a power that consoles. With great taste and judgment, and with wide Catholicity of sentiment, Mr Orme has made his selections. His book is, indeed, a book of consolation. We believe it will find a welcome in many a household, and help many who suffer to bear their pain hopefully." Spectator.

"The editor has ably performed his labour of love, and has, in this volume, opened a fountain of thought from which refreshing streams should go forth to console, to strengthen, and to nerve for fresh effort many grief-stricken mourners." -Nonconformist.

""The Treasure Book of Consolation' is admirably selected and edited in every respect, and should be welcome in every household in the land."--Court Circular.

“We cannot remember a book of this class which covers the whole subject so well as the volume before us. The selections are judiciously and aptly chosen, traverse the whole field of English literature, and are dexterously dovetailed into each other. The book is sumptuously printed and handsomely got up."Literary World.

"To all who are in sorrow or suffering we may safely commend this Treasure. Book.'

Mr Orme has made the selection in a truly Catholic spirit, with exquisite taste, and also with a delicate spiritual discernment and a keen insight into human needs. His book will be the means of carrying comfort to many a troubled heart."-The Freeman, “The excerpts are very appropriate and well classified,

There is much to admire in this volume, much that is very touching." --Literary Churchman.

Marshall Japp &

Company's Book List.

H. A. Page, Author of “Golden Lives.” LEADERS OF

MEN: a Book of Biographies specially written for Young

Men. Crown 8vo. Cloth extra, with Portraits, 4s. 6d. The Prince Consort.

John Duncan, Weaver and Robert Dick, Baker and Geolo. Botanist. gist.

Samuel Greg. Commodore Goodenough.

Dr John Wilson.
George Moore.

Dr Andrew Reed.
Lord Lawrence.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. "Mr Page thoroughly brings out the disinterestedness and devotion to high aims which characterise the men of whom he writes. He has done his work with care and good taste."-Spectator.

“No one knows better than Mr Page how to put within moderate compass the outstanding features of a life that has blessed the world so as to present a striking and impressive picture. This is just the volume to enlarge the views and to ennoble the aims of young men, and to such we specially commend it."Literary World.

"Here is a book which should be in the hands of every boy in the Kingdom in whose mind it is desirable to implant a true ideal of life, and a just notion of the proper objects of ambition; and we may congratulate Mr Page upon having carried out his task with all possible care and skill."-Court Circular.

Literary Bye-Hours : A Book of Instructive Pastime. By H.

A. PAGE. Crown 8vo., 2s. 6d. Containing Vers de Société and Parody, with typical Illustrations of

all present-day styles.

Plant-Life ; Popular Papers on the Phenomena of Botany. With

148 Illustrations drawn by the Author. Crown 8vo. Cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. "An unpretending book, whose contents cover a very great extent of botanical ground, particularly those parts which are new and interesting. . . . All abund. antly and well illustrated, proving the author to be a man of thorough botanical culture, and possessing much grace of literary style."-Science Gossip

"A commendable attempt to interest a wider public in the pursuits to which the author has evidently paid great attention. ... We have no doubt that many into whose hands this book may come will be stimulated to use their own observing faculties in the same field; and to this end we wish it every success."Academy.

"Will be found of material assistance to young students of botany. The volume contains more than 150 illustrations, and will make an excellent companion to any ordinary text-book of botany."-Scotsman.

If this volume does not speedily become popular, we venture to say it is not the fault either of author or publishers. The former writes with a mastery of the subject and a perspicuity of style, which make his chapters delightful reading, while the latter have evidently spared no expense in seconding his efforts to popularise one of the most fascinating of all studies.”Literary World.

"For information at once scientifically exact as to its substance, and thoroughly popular in form, while it has the further merit of embodying all the latest acces. sions to the knowledge of botany, we can heartily commend * Plant-Life,' a richly. illustrated little volume."-Glasgow Mail.

"It is written in an interesting style. Its few quotations are so apt, and its stray allusions so wisely and happily chosen, that we feel its author could have given us much sound philosophy if he had seen fit. The book has 156 illustra. tions of great beauty and value." —Aberdeen Daily Free Press.

"A more delightful work than this we have seldom met with."-Newcastle Daily Journal.

Poetical Reader for the use of Schools: Arranged on an

entirely new principle, with Illustrations specially done for the work. In Two Parts, price is. 3d. each, or in sections.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. “We can cordially recommend these Poetic Readers. The special claims made for them are, that the editor has aimed at excluding all poems which, so far as he can find out, have already appeared in School Readers; that he has, in his arrangement, credited the bulk of boys and girls of twelve and thirteen with the capacity to learn "a little regarding the more artificial forms of verse"; and that the little cuts inserted have been done expressly for these readers. The selection of poems is excellent." -Figaro.

"Show much variety and excellent taste."-Liverpool Mercury.

"These selections are good and well arranged, and the books are very attrac. tive."-Edinburgh Daily Review.

Rae (Mrs Milne, Author of " Morag,” “Hartleigh Towers,"

&c.) DAN STAPLETON'S LAST RACE. Small Svo. Cloth extra, is. 6d. Gilt edges, 25.

Tytler (Sarah, Author of "Papers for Thoughtful Girls," &c.)

FOOTPRINTS: Nature seen on its Human Side. With 150
Illustrations. Small Crown.


THREE FRIGHTS. Small 8vo. Cloth extra, 2s. 6d.

Marshall Japp & Company's Book List.


Vivisection Scientifically and Ethically considered, in Prize

Essays. By JAMES MACAULAY, A.M., M.D., F.R.C.S.E. ;
Rev. BREWIN GRANT, B.A., Vicar, St. Paul's, Bethnal Green,
London, E.; and ABIATHAR WALL, L.R.C.P.E., Member of
the Royal College of Surgeons, England, &c. Demy Svo., 4s. 6d.

Way to Fortune (The): A Series of Short Essays, with Illus.

trative Proverbs and Anecdotes from many sources. Crown 8vo. Cloth extra, 2s. 6d.

Winmore & Co.: A tale of the Great Bank Failure. Small 8vo.

Cloth extra, Is. 6d. Gilt edges, 2s.


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