The Roman numbers designate the volume, the figures designate the paga.

ABILITY, natural, extent of, i. 93, 100.
Abraham, wisdom of God in his dealings with, i. 33, note.

vocation of, i. 320. ii. 23.

how justified by works, i. 380, 395.
Abrahamic covenant, ii. 463. (See Covenant.)
Acceptance with God, way and manner of, for sinners, what, i. 332, 333.
Adam, the public head and representative of his posterity, i. 36, 166, 224, 230,
234, 235.

his sin imputed to them, i. 223, 224.
moral image of God in which he was created, what, i. 135—137.
how lost by the fall, ii. 635, 636.
made a free agent, i. 275, 276.
his love to God before the fall, ii. 628-636.
his original obligation to love God, what, i. 183, 225.
his obligation did not cease, nor was it diminished by the fall, i. 242–244.
guilt of his first sin, what, i. 226, 227.
his conduct after his first sin considered, ü. 582, 583.
his trial just, i. 225, 226; and good, i. 228.

his representing his posterity, justice of, i. 228, 229.
Adoption, spirit of, what, i. 351, 352.
Advantages of the heathen, what, i. 107.

of the Jews, what, i. 111-116.
Affections, holy, excited by divine truth, i. 509. Ü. 439-444.
Amusements, vain and fashionable, sin and danger of, ii. 247.

- hinderances to piety, i. 551, 552.
Antediluviang, dealings of God with, i. 317–319.

wickedness of, ibid.
Antichrist, reign of, i. 324.
Antinomians, definition of, ii. 311.

doctrines of, i. 524, 525. ii. 213, 214.
errors of, respecting humiliation, i. 206, 207.
respecting faith, i. 291, 298. ü. 161, 601.
respecting satisfaction for sin, i. 290.
respecting the law and its requirements, ii. 584.

have no true idea of the grace of the gospel, ii. 311; nor of their need of
grace, and the atonement, ii. 585.

are enemies to the gospel, ii. 311.
Antinomian spirit, the source of infidelity, ü. 319.
Antinomianism, gross and refined, difference between them, i. 624.

blow at the root of, i. 491–525.
Angels, elect, ii. 53.

confirmed in holiness, when, ü. 64.
uses of the fall of angels and men to them, what, ü. 53.

Angels, their reflections, ii. 55–57.

on the death of Christ, ii. 57.
Angels, their reflections on the death of Antichrist, and millennium, ü. 69.

their glory consists in, what, i. 581.
Apostasy of angels and men conducive to the glory of God and the good of the

moral system, ü. 64.
Aristocles, minister of the church in Siena, character of, i. 607.
Arminians, errors of, respecting the doctrines of grace, what, i. 307.

respecting the law and its requirements, ü. 583.

religious exercises of, not according to the gospel, i. 390, note.
Atheism, practical, what, i. 529, 530.
Atonement of Christ, necessity of, i. 257—272. ü. 284, 294, 296.

design of, ii. 283.
made by his blood, i. 280.
opens the way for the free exercise of grace to sinners, i. 286.
not as paying a debt, i. 291.
extent of, i. 292-296.
sufficient for all mankind, i. 279–286.
consequences of supposing it limited to the elect, i. 294. ü. 187, 188.
objections to its universality answered, i. 301-310.
importance of the doctrine, ii. 282.
necessary, why, i. 301—310.
taught by the Mosaic dispensation, i. 391.

the importance of seeing our need of it, i. 270; seeing our need of Christ,
what, i. 271. ii. 245, 317, 383.
Assurance, Christian, attainable, i. 177, 178. ü. 658; and how, i. 601. ii.
225-228, 238.

was possessed by all Christians in the apostolic age, ii. 236, 237, 657.
doctrine of, considered, ii. 225-228, 265.
not of the essence of faith, i. 494–496.
controversy about it, considered, ibid.

Marshall's views of, ii. 188, 189.
Authades, account of, i. 607.
Awakened sinners, doings and exercises of, considered, i. 156, 166–168.

directions to be given them, what, ü. 574, and passim.
nature of their prayers, what, ii. 251, 688, 689.

Backsliders, to return to God, how, i. 317, 318. ii. 243.
Baptism, qualifications for, what, ii. 490, 492, 640, 641.

design of, what is implied in this covenant, ii. 492, 669, 674, 675.
covenant entered into by adults, what, ii. 640.
duty of those under baptismal vows, what, ü. 675, 676, 689, 691.
obligations arising from thence, what, i. 543—545.
infant, a covenant entered into by the parent, ii. 508, 675.
Dickinson's notions of, ii. 652.

does not entitle the subject of it to all church privileges, ii. 511, 512; nor
lay God under any obligations to grant them saving grace, ii. 588, 674, 690.

duty of parents who have dedicated their children to God in baptism, how
neglected, i. 544. ii. 675, 682.

directions given to persons, how to become fitted to offer their children in
baptism, what, ii. 694, 695, 708, 709.

-- and the Lord's supper, seals of the covenant of grace only, ü. 488, and
Believers, and their services, accepted in Christ, i. 55; and rewarded, ibido

not justified for their faith, i. 397.
how justified, ii. 398.
their spiritual conflict, i. 176, 177.

their views in believing, what, i. 401.
Believing that our sins are forgiven, not justifying faith, ü. 502, and passim.

Bellamy, Joseph, Dr., his directions how to profit by a perusal of his works,

what, i. 11, 12.
Benevolence of God, i. 259

tendency of the gospel to produce, i. 361.
Blessings of the gospel conditional, i. 521. ii. 202, 203.

temporal, all the fruits of Christ's purchase, i. 313.
Blameworthiness of the sinner, denial of, is a denial of the divinity of God,

ii. 578.
Blood of Christ, efficacy of, i. 280.

gives encouragement to all sinners to return to God, i. 293.
Boston, Mr., on the two covenants, scheme of, ü. 199, note.

Calling, effectual, what, ü. 445.
Calvinistic doctrines, whether they tend to licentiousness, or to the disuse of the

means of grace, considered, i. 706.
Carnal mind, enmity of, proved, ii. 610, 611.

consists in what, ii. 613-618.
Character of the persons addressed in St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, i. 363.
Charity, evangelical, what, ii. 580, 581.
Christ, the second Adam, i. 231, 236.

the anointed, i. 282.
infinite dignity of, i. 280, 418, 419. ü. 256.
High Priest, i. 272, 282.
sufficiently authorized to be a Mediator, i. 281.
divine and human nature of, united, i. 427-429.
humiliation of, i. 429.
exaltation of, i. 433.
intercession of, i. 286.
necessary that he should be God, i. 426, 484.

has made satisfaction to divine justice, i. 282, 286.
Christ's death, designed not to procure a repeal of the law, nor any abatement of
it, i. 70; but to fulfil all the demands of the law, i. 71.

not to lessen the evil of sin, i. 289.
not to draw forth the love and pity of God to sinners, i. 289, 290.
designed to honor the divine law, ii. 312—316.

the highest proof of the goodness of the law, ii. 319.
Christ formed in the soul, what, ii. 428.
Christian faith, assent to the articles of, has been uniformly a term of communion

in special ordinances, in New England, i. 597.
Christian, marks of, what, and how discovered, i. 193—200.

character of, drawn by our Savior, ü. 228.
Christianity, happy effects of, considered, i. 590.
Christian love, what, i. 119–123.

diligence and watchfulness, motives to, i. 208–216.
Christless sinner, what is meant by, ii. 685.

has no covenant right to any good, ii. 592.
Children, morally depraved, i. 137–140.

whether desirable, since they are born in sin, i. 254.
of believers, entitled to baptism, and why, ii. 467.
advantages of baptized children, piously dedicated to God, ii. 509.

the Lord's property, why, i. 539.
Coming to Christ, consciousness of, necessary to assurance of hope, i. 613

Compliance with the gospel and enjoyment of its blessings connected, ü. 646,

Common and special grace, difference between them, what, ü. 562, 663.
Confidence, difference between true and false what, i. 181, 182, note.

no proof of orthodoxy, ii. 660.
Conscience, a case of, resolved, i. 411.

Conscientiousness in wrong conduct does not exempt from blame, ii. 661.
Constitution, original, made with Adam, i. 224.

holy, just, and good, as relates to Adam, i. 225.

equitable for his posterity, i. 228, 229.
Conversion, true, nature and manner of, what, i. 160, 335.

consists in what, i. 163. ü. 218, with note.
evidences of, what, i. 194.

counterfeits of, what, i. 162.
Convictions, genuine, what, i. 159.

legal uses of, what, ü. 94.

necessarily precede conversion, i. 404.
Cornelius, in what sense a believer, and accepted before hearing the gospel, ü. 484.
Covenant, a conditional, what, ii. 531.

of works, what, ibid.
of grace, what, ibid.
graceless, what, ibid.,
complying with, what, ii. 531-533.
entering into, what, ii. 533, 534,
unconditional, what, ii. 534.
of grace, blessings of, what, i, 351, 352.
condition of, what, i. 354. Ü. 202, 204.
stability of, i. 354.
is conditional, i. 520, 521. ii. 202, 547.
conditions to be complied with, before entitled to its blessings, i. 521.
is made to believers, ii. 459; and to none else, ii. 587.
the only covenant between God and man, ii. 690.
- seal of, may be applied to infants, ii. 467; parents covenant for them,
ii. 507, 508.

- Gentiles admitted into this covenant on the day of Pentecost, ü. 484; their
profession, what, ii. 484; their evidences of grace, what, ü. 487.

complying with it, what, ii. 532, 685, 686.
performing the conditions necessary to enjoy its blessings, ii. 546, 547.
requires holiness, ii. 680 ; sincerity insufficient, ii. 702.
no graceless heart complies with it, ii. 686.
with Abraham, a covenant of grace, ii. 463, 545.
was conditional, ii. 547.
consequences of supposing it unconditional, ii. 548, 549.
required faith and holy obedience, ii. 547.
circumcision its seal, ii. 465.
baptism, seal of the same under the gospel, ii. 467.
promised eternal life to them that complied with it, ii. 465, 647.
faith entitled Abraham to its blessings, ii. 465.

graceless, none existing between God and man, ü. 483, 523, 527, 691,

definition of, ii. 531.
supposed conditions of, ü. 632.
use of it, a proof of gracelessness, ü. 663.
laid aside when religion is revived, ü. 664.
external, in what sense understood by Mather, ii. 459.
essentially different from the gospel covenant, ii. 482-488.
vague and unintelligible, ii. 494-499.
not a means of conversion to sinners, ii. 554.
is inconsistent, ii. 509–520, 552.
not adapted to the state of a sinner under conviction, ü. 498, 499.
compliance with, not a means of grace and conversion, ii. 618.
no definable qualifications short of repentance and faith, ii. 497, 637, 639, 641.
Mr. Mather's scheme, view of, ii. 529, 598, 600.
is inconsistent, ii. 461, and note, 509.
with the Israelites at Sinai, what, ü. 471.
conditions of, with which the Israelites professed to comply, ü. 471, 472.
the same as repentance and faith, ibid.,

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