Manna: For the Mandelstams for the Mandelas

U of Minnesota Press, 1994 - 294 pagina's
In this act of willful writing, by turns lyrical and intense, Helene Cixous brings Osip Mandelstam and Nelson Mandela together through the common first syllables of their names, the dates of their respective exiles, and the women, Nadezhda Mandelstam and Winnie-Zami Mandela, who disclose and restore their partners' lives through language. For Cixous, politics is approached most openly and freely through poetry; social change cannot exist without linguistic change. Her poetic language moderates the historical, political, and personal tales of Mandelstam and Mandela to produce a new sense of individual tragedy and cultural possibility. This intriguing and beautiful book is an act of emancipation as it releases its subjects - along with its readers - from the restricted language of constraint and exile. Long distinguished among creative writers in France and as an intellectual in the United States, Helene Cixous is the author of more than thirty volumes, many of which are now available in English-language translation. She has been highly praised in France and elsewhere by such renowned intellectuals as Jacques Derrida.

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Manna: for the Mandelstams for the Mandelas

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Cixous has written a prose poem tying together the life experiences across time, space, and ideological boundaries of Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, who died in a prison camp in the 1930s, and South ... Volledige review lezen

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Dedication to the Ostrich 1
Face of Abandon
The True Portrait of Nelson
Akhmatovas Egg
The End of the Unfinished Poem
Osips Last Letter
All the Things They Couldnt Do
The Without Farewell of the First of May
A Life of Letters
The Posthumous Poem
Notes to the Introduction
Translators Notes to Manna
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Over de auteur (1994)

Born in 1937 in Algeria, Helene Cixous came to Paris, where she is currently professor of English, in 1955. After a dissertation on James Joyce, The Exile of James Joyce (1968), she began to publish novels, critical essays, and plays, most notably Le Portrait de Dora (1976), a feminist retelling of a Freudian case history. Jacques Derrida has named Helene Cixous the greatest contemporary French writer. Cixous has been an active participant in the development of literary criticism after structuralism and has been a leading figure in the French feminist movement.

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