of God obstructs the power of way, and lay in a swoon for a conhoping and believing, and though siderable time ; but, by the help I would, I can do neither. I of some spirits, we brought him know not what some divines to himself again. . As soon as he mean, who say, He that desires had opened his eyes, he said, to repent, does it in some measure ; Oh, cruel, unkind friends, to I experience the contrary. A awaken me from a dream, in fruitless wish that comes not in which I had a cessation from my to act, is no more than a convic- torments !” This he spoke with tion which shall lay such persons so lively a concern, that no one under great condemnation.: You could refrain froin tears. “ You would have me supplicate that weep,” said he, “but your tears mercy I have abused. Alas, of come too late. Was I like athat I have no hopes, but what de- nother person that goes out of pend upon abused mercy! But the world, it would be one of my why said I hopes ? I have no greatest troubles to see you hopes! My hopes are frustrated, weep, or at best it would add to my expectations are cut off; and my pains ; for he must be unwhat remains behind ? Why am natural and senseless that would I bid to hope and believe ? Oh, not be troubled at the afflictions what mockery is this upon me! of others, especially his friends To find me in misery, and bid me and relations. But the case is be happy, without affording me otherwise with me. My cup is any power of being so! Indeed, full, and runs over already ; the should Jusus Christ say so to bitterness of my soul is as great me, it would be comfort ; but for as it possibly can be in this world ; you to say so; is the same thing my heart is full of horror and an as to bid a malefactor shake off guish ; no grief can add to mine, his chains, and assume his liber- being so great, that it is incapaaly ; or call up the dead to rise ble of receiving more. Perhaps

out of their graves, and challenge this may seem a paradox to you their estates and honours again. at first, but what think you of How idle is it to bid the fire not time, and eternity which comburn when fuel is administered, prehends and swallows up all and to command the seas to be time? Can any one add any smooth in the midst of a storm! thing to the wrath of God, which

a Such is my case ; and what are includes the fury of devils and the comforts of my friends ? But men ; this being derivative from, I am spent, I can complain no and independent of that? And more. Would to God that the can any one add to my grief and cause of my complaining would torture, who am fallen into the cease! The cause of my com- hands of the living God? No, plaining ! this renews my grief, no; reserve your tears for your and summons up the little sins, and cast them not away upstrength I have left to complain on one who is neither the better again, like an expiring blaze, be- nor the worse for them.” You fore it is extinguished. It is just may easily imagine what impresso with me : but whither am I sions this would make upon the

spirits of his friends. However, As he said this, he fainted a- in the midst of their grief and



amazement, they had the pru- greatest torment, my punishdence to think of the reputation ment here, is for an example to of their family, and to provide for others. Oh, that there was no as much secresy as was possible. God, or that this God could

They therefore conveyed him cease to be, for I am sure he by night to new lodgings. But will have no mercy upon me!" he was grown so weak that he -“ Alas,” said I, “ there is no fainted away several times in contending with our Creator, the chair ; they got him into his and therefore avoid such words chamber, and to bed, as soon as as may provoke him more.” they could. After a little rest, " True," replied he, “there is be yet found strength to express no contending; I wish there bimself thus :

were a possibility of getting “ I am not concerned to know above God, that would be a heawhither you have brought me, ven to me.” I entreated him or your reasons for so doing. not to give way to such blasphe: It had been something, if you mous thoughts, for- Here had changed my state with my he interrupted me.

« Read we lodgings: but my torments are not in the Revelations of them greater than before ; for I see that blasphemed God, because of that dismal hour just at hand, their pains? I am ope of their when I must bid yoų all fare. number. Oh, how do I envy vel."

the happiness of Cain and JuThe physicians were

das ?"_“ But," replied I, you sent for again, but they still de- are yet alive, and do not feel the clared they could do nothing for torments of those, that are in him ; only they ordered him hell.” some cordial julep, which, they He answered, « This is either said, might strengthen nature to true or false ; if it be true, how hold out two or three days longer, heavy will those torments be, of

My business calling me away which I do not yet feel the utfor a day or two, I came again on terinost? But I know it is false, Thursday morning pretty ear- and that I endure more than the ly; when I came in, I inquired spirits of the damned; for I of his friends, how he spent his have the yery same torture upon time. They told me he had , my spirits that they have, behad little company; and his ex: side those I endure in my body. pressions were much shorter I believe at the day of judgment than before ; but what he did the torments of my mind and speak seemed to have more hor- body will both together be more for and despair than before. I intense ; but as I now am, no went to his bed-side, and asked spirit in hell endures what I do. bim how he did.

How gladly would I change my He replied, “Damned and lost condition for hell! How earforever." I told him the de- nestly would I entreat my angry crees of God were secret; per- Judge to send me thither, were haps he was punished in this I not afraid that out of vengeance life to fit him for a better. He he would deny me!" Here he answered, “ They are not secret closed his eyes a little, and beto me, but discovered ; and my gan to talk very wildly, every now and then groaning and act or dispose of myself as I gnashing his teeth : but soon pleased; then would my horafter, opening his eyes, he grew rors cease, and the expectations sensible again, and felt his own and designs of my formidable enpulse, saying, “ How lazily my emies be frustrated. But, oh! minutes go on! When will be this cannot be, for " the last breath, the last pulse, His voice failed again, and he that shall beat my spirit out of began to struggle and gasp.for this decayed mansion, into the breath ; which having recovered, desired regions of death and with a groan so dreadful and horhell? Oh! I find it is just now rid, as if it had been more than at hand! and what shall I say human, he cried out, “OH, THE now? Am not I afraid again to UNSUFFERABLE PANGS OF HELL die? Ah, the forlorn hopes of AND DAMNATION !” and then him that has not God to go to! expired.

V. D. Nothing to fly to for peace and conifort !”

Here his speech failed him : we all believing him The confessions and petitions contained to be dying, went to prayer ;

in the following PRAYER are perfectly which threw him into an agony ;

adapted to the present state of our na.

tion, and we recommend it to the re. in which, though he could not

ligious attention of all our pious speak, he turned away his face, readers. and made what noise he could A PRAYER, EXTRACTED FROM to hinder himself from hearing. BISHOP HALL's“ HOLY ORDER Perceiving this, we gave over.

OF MOURNERS IN SION." As soon as he could speak, O OUR God, thou hast remov(which was not till after some ed our souls far from peace, thou time) he said, “ Tigers and hast most justly filled us with monsters, are ye also become thine indignation ; for we have devils to torment me, and give deserved that thou shouldest pour me a prospect of heaven, to make our iniquities upon us, and my hell more intolerable ?"

shouldest bring upon us the fruits « Alas, Sir,” said I, “ it is our of our own thoughts, and measdesire of your happiness that ure our works into our bosoms, casts us down at the throne of and cause us to drink at thy hand grace ; if God denies assistance, the cup of thy fury ; yea, even who else can give it? If he will to have the dregs of the cup of not have mercy, whither must trembling to be wrung out to us, we go for it?"

for we have walked every one afHe replied, “Oh, that is the ter the imagination of his own dart that wounds me! God is evil heart. Our transgressions become my enemy, and there is are with us and are multiplied benone so strong as to deliver me fore thee ; and though we have out of his hands. He consigns professed to be humbled under me over to eternal vengeance, thy mighty hand, we have not and there is none able to redeem cried to thee in our bearts, neithme! Was there such another er have we loathed ourselves in God as he, who would patronize our own sight for the evils that my cause ; or was I above God, we have committed ; so that we or independent on him ; could I do now justly lie down in our shame, and our confusion cover- magnify thine infinite goodness eth us; willingly acknowledging in thy gracious forbearances and

that our iniquities have most de- our powerful conversion to thee. • servedly turned away thy bless. And though we cannot but con

ings from us, and drawn thy fess we are a sinful nation, a people judgments upon our heads. laden with iniquity, a seed of evil

But, O Lord, hast thou so smit. doers, yet, Lord, thou knowest ten us that there is no healing for thou hast thy secret ones among us? have we put ourselves utter- us, a people that prayeth and ly out of the reach of thy bound- trembleth at thy judgments, and less mercies? art thou not the waiteth humbly at the door-posts God that retainest not thine an- of thy sanctuary ; a people that ger forever, because thou delight. desireth to walk close with thee. est in mercy! O thou, the hope their God, and to be approved of of Israel, and the Saviour thereof thee in all their ways; a people in the time of trouble, return, that sigheth and mourneth for return to thy people in the tender the abominable sins of the land bowels of thine infinite pity and of their nativity : (), for their compassion, humble our souls sakes be thou entreated to hold thoroughly under the sense of off thy revenging hand from this our many backslidings and griev. sinful nation, and even yet still ous provocations of the eyes of provoke us by thy goodness to thy glory. Oh, strike thou our repentance. Othou, the righteheart with an unfeigned repent- ous and merciful Judge of the ance of all our evil ways, and world, who even for ten righteous once again speak peace unto thy persons would have spared a Sodservants. Was there ever om and Gomorrah from their fimore stiff-necked and rebellious ery execution, be pleased tenderpeople, O Lord, than thine ly to regard the cries of thy Israel? more eminent in a- many hundred faithful and debused mercies? more notori- vout souls that sue to thee for ous in all kinds of abomin. the stay and removal of thy deable wickedness? more exer- served judgments. Oh, do thou cised with variety of judg- look down from heaven and be. ments ? yet when they cried to hold from the habitation of thy thee in their distress, thou wert holiness and thy glory, the un-' still ready to hear and deliver feigned humiliation of thy serthem, and to renew thy so often vants, who are prostrate before forfeited blessings upon them, thee with fastings, and weeping, and wouldst not let loose thy ven- and mourning : turn away thy geance upon them till there was heavy displeasure from us, and no remedy.

pity thy sanctuary which is desoBehold we are thy people, late ; so shall our mouths be full though a sinful one, a second Is- of the praises of thy name, and rael both for sins and mercies: thy saints shall rejoice and sing now, Lord, since it is thy mar- new songs unto the God of our vellous mercy that we are not yet salvation. Amen. consumed, be still pleased to





bunal was respected as the rery seat of justice. Even the Ros

mans themselves appealed to it EXTRACTS FROM DR. ODMANN's in weighty matters. Pericles, on

GEOGRAPHICAL POCKET DIC- being refused admittance as a TIONARY OF THE NEW TESTA. member, diminished its power, MENT.*

and from that day the Areopagus, AREOPAGUS, Aguasaayos, the and the morality of the Athenians celebrated tribunal of Athens, suffered a common fall. It was held on a hill of that name. before this tribụnal, which was Here Mars is said to have been held in the open air, that St. acquitted by twelve of the gods, Paul delivered the address refor having killed the ravisher of corded by St. Luke, Acts xvii. · his daughter. This circumstance 22, &c. seems to have been invented, in Chios, Xios, an island in the order to add solemnity to the tri- Archipelago, a few miles south bunal. It is not known, whether of Lesbos ; called by the Greeks it was instituted by Cecrops, or Chio, but by the Turks Saki AdasCranaus, or Solon, The number si, (Mastic island.) It occurs onof the members is variously state ly in Acts xx. 15, at the last deed to have been 9, 31, and 51. parture of St. Paul from Greece. They were chosen from among It is about 50 miles in length, the most virtuous citizens, and and 25 in breadth, mountainous such prefects, as had distin, and of a poor soil, but famous for: guished themselves by their pa- the mastic, with which it supplies triotism. The office was held the royal seraglio. This gum, for life ; but if a judge behav- which is chewed by the Turkish ed improperly, intoxicated him- ladies, in order to preserve their self, or uttered any indecent teeth clean, and their breath words, he was immediately de. sweet, is collected by the Chrisposed. Here sentence was pro- tian inhabitants of the island, nounced, not only on capital who, as a remuneration for it, are crimes, but also on immorality exempted from half the poll tax. and idleness, which last was The manner of collecting it is looked upon as the parent of all described by Tournefort, Bellovices. Disrespect for religion nius, Thevenot, Monconys, Carwas treated with the greatest se: reri, Pocock, Chandler, and othverity, and forensic oratory was Although the climate of totally prohibited, lest it should the island is reckoned healthy, influence the judges. This tri- it is often visited by the plague.

The number of inhabitants is * Dr. Odmann is minister of Up.

100,000, and all live comfortably sal, in Sweden, a learned and respectable divine, author of several works by industry. An old building is in high repute in his own country.

stiil to be seen, which goes by The work, from which these extracts the name of Homer's School ; but are made, and which was designed

according to Mr. Chandler, it for a companion to the younger clergy, highly approved by the Eng.

was a temple of Cybele. The lish Reviewers, and a translation of island is circumstantially describit recoin mended.

cd by Myller


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