An Authentic Narrative of Some Remarkable and Interesting Particulars in the Life of ********.: Communicated in a Series of Letters, to the Reverend Mr Haweis, ... and by Him... Now Made Public

S. Drapier, T. Hitch, and P. Hill, 1765 - 191 pagina's

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Pagina 170 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men.
Pagina 33 - The scene presented to my imagination, was the harbour of Venice, where we had lately been. I thought it was night, and my watch upon the deck: and that, as I was walking to and fro by myself, a person came to me (I do not remember from whence), and brought me a ring, with an express charge to keep it carefully; assuring me, that while I preserved that ring I should be happy and successful; but if I lost or parted with it, I must expect nothing but trouble and misery. I accepted...
Pagina 90 - I began to pray ; I could not utter the prayer of faith ; I could not draw near to a reconciled God, and call him father : my prayer was like the cry of the ravens, which yet the Lord does not disdain to hear.
Pagina 15 - ... encouragement of pious parents to go on in the good way, of doing their part faithfully to form their children's minds, I may properly propose myself as an instance. Though in process of time...
Pagina 98 - ... and before we had been there two hours, the wind, which seemed to have been providentially restrained till we were in a place of safety, began to blow with great violence; so that if we had continued at sea that night, in our shattered enfeebled condition, we must in all human appearance have gone to the bottom. About this time I began to know that there is a God that hears and answers prayer.
Pagina 15 - ... their children's minds, I may properly propose myself as an instance. Though in process of time I sinned away all the advantages of these early impressions, yet they were for a great while a restraint upon me; they returned again and again, and it was very long before I could wholly shake them off; and when the Lord at length opened my eyes, I found a great benefit from the recollection of them. Further, my dear mother, besides the pains she took with me, often commended me with many prayers...
Pagina 33 - My fears were at an end, and with joy and gratitude I approached my kind deliverer to receive the ring again; but he refused to return it, and spoke to this effect : —
Pagina 89 - Heb. vi. 4, 6, and 2 Pet ii. 20, which seemed so exactly to suit my case and character, as to bring with them a presumptive proof of a divine original. Thus, as I have said, I waited with fear and impatience to receive my inevitable doom. Yet though I had thoughts of this kind, they were exceeding faint and disproportionate.
Pagina 149 - However, I considered myself as a sort of gaoler or turnkey, and I was sometimes shocked with an employment that was perpetually conversant with chains, bolts, and shackles. In this view I had often petitioned in my prayers, that the Lord in his own time would be pleased to fix me in a more humane calling...
Pagina 88 - Lord sent from on high, and delivered me out of deep waters. I continued at the pump from three in the morning till near noon, and then I could do no more. I went and lay down upon my bed, uncertain, and almost indifferent, whether I should rise again. In an hour's time I was called, and not being able to pump, I went to the helm, and steered the ship till midnight, excepting a small interval for refreshment. I had here leisure and convenient opportunity for reflection.

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