cbscurity and perplexedness of his Stile, which makes bis Paraphrase somewhat difficult, and of less general Use; and besides, it was never printed by it self withcut bis large Notes. The Right Reverend Father in God Dr. Patrick Lord Bishop of Ely, has with admirable Learning and Judiciousness brought this way of Writing to Perfection, in bis Paraphrase upon some Bocks of the Old Testament; And all who desire to understand the Scriptures fully, will ever wish that his Lordship had gone through ihe whole Writings both of the Old and New Testament in the same way. Others who have written gocd Expofitions upon the Holy Scriptures, have either made large Commentaries, of less general and constant Use; or have insisted chiefly on such Critical Observations, as are proper only for the Learned.

I have endeavoured in these Papers to express the fuil Sense of the Evangelist in the plainest Words, and to continue the Sense without interruption by the clearest Transitions I could. I have all along consulted the best Expositors, and seleEted out of every one what seemed to discover the mojt natural Meaning of the Text. And where any thing remarkable offered it self to my Thoughts, different from what I met with in Commentators ; I set it down in short Notes in the Margin. But other Critical Obsirvations I havegenerally omitted, (excepi'ing what use is made of them in the Paraphrase,) that I anight rot (well the Marginal Notes into a Commentary, and trouble the Reader with repeating what others had jaid already. Through the whole, I have sincerely endeavoured to represent the Doctrine of our Saviour in its Original Simplicity, without rejjext to any Controversies in Religion ; And wheresvever I may have mistaken the Sense of the Evangelist, I shall be always desirous to be better informed.


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blind and dumb Man healed, ver. 22. Blasphemy against

the Holy Ghoft, ver. 31. Hypocrisie of the Pharisees, ver..

33. Their unreasonable in asking a Sign from Heaven,

ver. 38. Obedience the chief thing respected by Christ,

ver. 46.


Parable of the Sower, ver. 1. Why Christ spake in Para-

bles, ver. 10. Parable of the Tares, ver. 24. Of the

Mustard-Secd, ver. 31. Of the Leaven, ver. 33.


Explication of these Parables, ver. 19 and 34. Parable

of the hidden Treasure, ver. 44. Of the Pearl, ver. 45.

Of the Fishing-Net, ver. 47. The Use and Application of

them to the Disciples, ver. 51. Christ despised in his owil

Country, ver. 53.


Herod's Opinion of Christ; and the History of John Bap-

tist's Death, ver. 1. Five thousand Men fed with five

Loaves and two Fishes, ver. 13. Christ and Peter's walk-

ing upon the Sea, ver. 22. Many Sick healed at Gene-

faret, ver. 34.


The Pharisees Hypocrisy and vain Traditions reproved, and

the trué Notion of Cleanness stated, ver. 1. The Woman

of Canaan's Daughter healed, ver. 21. Many others cu-

red in Galilee, and four thousand fed with seven Loaves

and a few Fishes, ver. 29.


The Pharisees ask a Sign from Heaven, and are denied, ver. 1.

The Disciples warned to take heed of the Leaven of the

Pharisees and Sadducees, ver. 5. The Peoples Opinion of

Christ, and Peter's Confession of him, ver. 13. Jesus fore-

tells his Death, and rebukes Peter for speaking against it,

yer. 21. The necessity of bearing Afflictions and Perfecy-

tions, ver. 24.


Cbrist's Transfiguration, ver. 1. That John the Baptist was

Elias, ver. 1o. A Lunatick healed, and the Disciples re-
buked for want of Faith, ver, 14. Christ foretelleth his
Death and Refurrection, ver. 22. Chriji payeth Tribute,
yer. 24.


CHAP. XVIII. Innocence and Humility requisite to the making good Christians,

ver: 1. Of Scandal, and of Christian Reproof, ver. 6. and 15. Of forgiving the Penitent ; and the necessity of Dhewing Mercy to others, that we our selves may obtain it of God, ver. 21.

CHA P. XIX. QUE Divorces, ver. 1. Of Marriage, ver. 10. Chrift re

ceiveth and blesseth young children, ver. 13. Inftru£teth a young Man about Religious Perfection, ver. 16. The great Temptation of Riches, ver. 23. The Reward of those who Lose all for Christ's Sake, ver. 27.

CHA P. XX. The Parable of the Labourers hired into the Vineyard, ver. 1.

Jefus again foretelleth his Passion, ver. 17. Upon occasion of Salome's Petition, he teacheth his Disciples Humility, ver. 20. Two blind Men healed, ver. 29.

CH A P. XXI. Christ rideth into Jerusalem, ver. 1. Driveth the Traders

out of the Temple, ver. 12. Children make Acclamations to Jesus, ver. 14. Jesus curseth the Fig. tree, ver. 18. Silences the fews with a Question about John the Baptiff's Authority, ver. 23. Shows by the Similitude of two Sons, that the Jews were worse than the Gentiles, ver. 28. The Parable of the Vineyard let out to Husbandmen, ver. 33. The Pharisees Indignation at it, ver. 45.

CHA P. XXII. The Parable of the Marriage of the King's Son, ver. I.

The Calling of the Gentiles, ver. 9. The Punishment of wicked Christians, ver. 12. Of paying Tribute to Cæfar, ver. 15. The Sadducees confuted, and the Resurrection proved, ver. 23. Which is the greatest Commandment, ver. 34. The Pharisees filenced with a Question about Christ's being David's Son, ver. 41.

CHAP. XXIII Chris openly reproveth the Hypocrise, and vain Traditions and false Doctrines of the Pharisees, ver. 1.

Lamenteth over Jerusalem, and foretelleth its Destruction, ver. 37.

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