The Technology of Bread-making: Including the Chemistry and Analytical and Practical Testing of Wheat Flour, and Other Materials Employed in Bread-making and Confectionery

Bakers' helper Company, 1921 - 630 pagina's

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Pagina 146 - The chemical act of fermentation is essentially a correlative phenomenon of a vital act beginning and ending with it. I think that there is never any alcoholic fermentation without there being at the same time organization, development, multiplication of globules, or the continued consecutive life of globules already formed.
Pagina 16 - Since two volumes of hydrogen unite with one volume of oxygen to form two volumes of water...
Pagina 54 - ... is now applied to a large number of organic compounds, many of which, in their external characters, exhibit very little resemblance to common alcohol.
Pagina 594 - No person shall sell to the prejudice of the purchaser any article of food or any drug which is not of the nature, substance, and quality of the article demanded by such purchaser...
Pagina 161 - Its fermentative power varies considerably between two limits, fixed by the greatest and least possible access to free oxygen which the plant has in the process of nutrition. If we supply it with a sufficient quantity of free oxygen for the necessities of life, nutrition, and respiratory combustions, in other words, if we cause it to live after the manner of a mould, properly so...
Pagina 17 - The oxides which, when dissolved in water, restore the blue colour to reddened litmus are called alkalies : they form a subdivision of a larger class of oxides, the whole of which combine readily with acids, and are known as bases. A base is a compound, usually an oxide, or hydrate, of a metal (or group of elements equivalent to a metal), which metal (or group of elements) is capable of replacing the hydrogen of an acid when the two are placed in contact. The greater number of metallic oxides are...
Pagina 267 - Millers] is, that a strong wheat is one which yields flour capable of making large well-piled loaves, the latter qualification thus excludes those wheats producing large loaves which do not rise satisfactorily.
Pagina 8 - Law — The volume of any gas is inversely proportional to the pressure to which it is subjected.
Pagina 145 - Yeast, and, in general, all animal and vegetable matters in a state of putrefaction, will communicate to other bodies the condition of decomposition in which they are themselves placed ; the motion which is given to their own elements by the disturbance of equilibrium is also communicated to the elements of the bodies which come into contact with them.

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