christians, that all may have a spirit of revival. Our work will be shortly closed. May we then be judiciously active while the day lasts. The degree of health I now enjoy is a favor which calls for lively gratitude. It is beyond what I expected, and ought to be a constant motive to diligence. Still life appears to me a vapor. Oft am I reminded of its fleetness by finding a new channel of grief opened. But our Father wounds his children for their good. This must silence every murmur.”

The following lines were presented to an intimate friend who was expecting soon to engage in a foreign mission :

“Disciple of the cross, Yes, go, by pure motives influenced, That spring from real faith, and daily show How Jesus lived; thy loved and loving Lord. Go, copy his humility, his zeal To glorify his Father, his contempt • Of vain, base earth.' Yes, happy favorite, Go plant the Rose of Sharon in that soil, Where nature's wild yields a luxuriant growth Of deleterious weeds-idolatry, Ignorance, superstition, cruelty. Go, tell the wretched Pagan of a Savirur, And thine the pleasure be, to see his heart, His stony heart, melting with soft contrition At the recital of Redeeming love. Won by the sweet, constraining eloquence, . Lo! he is weeping at the cross of Calvary. His hopes all cluster there. His countenance beains

With joy seraphic; and his heart now glows
With the pure ardent flame of quenchless love.
Yes, if to such a work thy Saviour call thee,
A friend will bid thee go. Yes, cheerfully
Obey the sovereign mandate. He hath said
I never will forsake thee: no, never.
He will not leave thee comfortless. He'll guide
Thy weary steps and oft refresh thy soul
With Hope's bright vision of eternal rest.

And though the sigh of friendship oft arise O’er thy loved mem'ry for her tender ties, Her sweetly cherished cords will thus be riven; Yet 'twill be quickly hush’d. The separation Is only for a little season. Soon Life's labors ended-death's dark waters past And kindred spirits meet-to part no more ; Where pure, unsullied friendship ceaseless reigns, Cemented by indissoluble bond3— While heavens high arches loud resound With their reverberated songs of praise.”

In the spring of 1826, the subject of this Memoir was called to lament the sudden death of a beloved sister, respecting whom she furnished the following obituary for publication.

“During a time of religious excitement eight years since, she was a subject of awakening and Christian hope, and publicly professed her faith in Jesus. From that time forward, she manifested a steady attachment to the doctrines of grace, was uniformly an assistant in the instruction of the Sabbath school; and in the recent work of

grace with which that people have been favored, she discovered a deep interest. During much of her short illness which terminated her earthly existence, she was delirious; but in her more lucid intervals appeared calm, tranquil, and submissive. For several days preceding her decease, her delirium had so increased, that her friends were apprehensive she would be unable to express her views of an opening eternity; but to the praise of a prayer-hearing God be it recorded, in her dying moments her mental faculties were perfectly restored ; and though it was with much difficulty she could converse, in answer to questions proposed to her, she was enabled to speak of the preciousness of Christ, exhort her friends to be faithful, recommend religion to others, and wish those destitute of it, to be warned from her to embrace it immediately.' After remaining silent; some minutes, she exclaimed, “I long to be gone. She com- ' mended her companion, with whom she had but a short period enjoyed the endearments of the conjugal relation, to the grace of God in an audible voice, prayed that he might not deceive himself, confessed her unworthiness, pleaded mercy alone, and seemed to commit herself into the hands of her Saviour. She then articulated · Fare


well, fare ye well-sunk into the cold embrace of death, and breathed her soul, we trust, into the bosom of Jesus. Her bereaved companion and a large circle of relatives and friends, deeply feel their loss; but they have strong consolation in the belief, that “to depart and be with Christ was for her “far better than to remain with them. Impenitent sinner, will you suffer the word of affectionate exhortation ? Can you find in the temporary, empty pleasures of sense, an enjoyment that can balance the support which the religion of Jesus can impart to its possessor in a dying hour, and the consolation which a triumph over death and the grave can afford to the survivors of dear, deceased friends ? Do not the thoughts of death and eternity sometimes appal you with chilling fear, and deprive you even of that short lived pleasure? Oh then listen to the voice that addresses you from this dying bed, and from the silent tomb sincerely repent,renounce your sins and give yourselves to the service of your Saviour. Then shall you enjoy a permanent peacema peace which the cold hand of death cannot destroy, and which eternity shall perfect.

Disciple of Jesus, let this renewed instance of the triumph of faith in a dying hour, quicken thy zeal, and encourage thy

perseverance in the path of duty. Soon thou too shalt pass these dark waters, but let thy faith apprehend the promise They shall not overflow thee. •Be thou faithful unto death,' and thou shalt receive a crown of life.""

The following note to a friend may well excite other christians to greater activity and zeal in the service of their divine Mas


My dear E.-Are not the motives set before us this morning, sufficient to arouse all the dormant energies of the christian ? or rather can a christian's energies be dormant? Surely not while in the exercise of gracious affections. But where are we? involved in worldly cares and plans for future life? If it be thus with us who have professed to find our chief happiness in God, and to whom the unbelieving world are justly looking for examples; the question, why the impenitent are careless about the awfully interesting realities so often placed before them, is at once solved. If we who profess so deep an interest in the realities of eternity, feel so little, why need they trouble themselves ? Such an inference they will readily draw. Oh how dreadful, should their blood be required at our hands !

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