await the righteous, or the never-ending torments the wicked must endure in those regions of despair, where no hope will ever penetrate, no friendly voice be heard to soothe the bitter pangs of remorse, where discord, wailing and blasphemy shall reign with perpetual sway. Oh, the inconceivable worth of an immortal soul, and the folly of those who misimprove the precious season of probation! Will not my dear M. resolve by divine aid, that she will not be allured by the specious appearances of worldly honors or pleasures to defer another moment the work of preparation for eternity? Do not hesitate to appear decided and resolute in seeking an interest in Christ.

“With affectionate desire for your best interests, I am yours,


To the same person she wrote on another occasion as follows:

My dear, dear Miss R.-By a sudden and unexpected stroke, you have been bereaved of a dear earthly parent. He who has been the guide and protector of your youthful days, now sleeps beneath the clods of the valley. I mention not this to affect you and open afresh your wounds; but to

direct your attention to the voice of providence speaking to you this solemn admonition, Be ye also ready. In this instance it is strikingly manifest, that in such an hour as we think not the Son of man cometh. Yes, and the voice of mercy too is heard sweetly inviting you, ‘Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.' Encouraging promises are these surely, and be assured, my friend, the gracious Redeemer is now addressing this language to you. He now addresses you in strains of melting tenderness to come and make trial of his mercy. He doth not willingly afflict nor grieve the children of men.' No, he doth it in mercy that they may be inclined to think on their ways and turn to him, that they may forsake the pursuits of vanity, and seek for substantial joys, untiring pleasures, in communion with the

Father of spirits. It is the exhortation of k the wise man, “In the day of adversity con

sider.' () my dear friend, it is the earn-
est desire and I trust, fervent prayer of your
M. and many others, that you may cherish
the Holy Spirit and not grieve Him to with-
draw his gentle influences, lest He should
never return. Now is a favorable time for,

you to embrace the offers of mercy, and secure to yourself present peace, and eternal felicity. To-morrow may be too late.

• The now that flies, may be the last;

Sure the salvation, ere 'tis past,
Nor mourn the blessing gone.'
Your sincerely affectionate

M. W.”

The ardor of Mrs. A's piety was evinced by the lively interest she ever manifested in the prosperity of the church. She was engaged in unwearied efforts to revive religion among its professors. Of this a few sentences, selected from a multitude directed to them, may suffice.

My beloved Sisters, „A few of us have enjoyed a female meeting for social prayer this eve-I have had my feelings considerably excited in view of surrounding stupidity; but still more have I been grieved for that which has existed, must I say, yet exists, in my own heart. It is perfectly astonishing, absolutely inconsistent, that one should bear the christian name, and in a day like this profess to have felt the worth of the never dying soul, and yet feel so little concern for the salvation of those who are perishing

in sin. Casting our eye over the narrow tract of time, the dim shades of eternity press upon the vision of faith, and what further can it descry ? The tribunal of Jehovah-the sinner arraigned before a holy God with all his guilt crowding upon his memory—filling him with consternationthe keenest anguish and despair visible in his very look. And who is this sinner; Oh! can we discern the features of a friend, a relative in his countenance ? Heart-rending thought! But hark! does he address us as he turns his steps towards the prison of woe? What is his language ? *Had you been faithful, I might have escaped this doom. Had you walked with God, led a life of faith and prayer, and exhibited constantly a consistent example, I might have been induced to embrace the religion you professed: now all is lost, forever lost.'

6 Behold the judgment spread, and what account shall we give ? My friends, the reality has not yet arrived, but it shortly will. Oh, how shall we best fill our station. In looking on the past, I know not what to do, but take the posture and adopt the words of the publican, God be merciful to me a sinner. Pray for me. Pray for the church. Pray for the impenitent. Pray for the youth in our schools, and those who instruct them.

We walk in the midst of snares. • Lord, teach me what thou wouldst have me to do, should be our language hourly. I hope that next — , if it finds us on probationary ground, will find us wrestling like Jacob and like Israel prevailing. Adieu.”.

“I do think I never felt more deeply the worth of the soul, or the importance of working while the day lasts. I feel particularly anxious for the children and youth around me, and am looking with lively interest to the commencement of the Sabbath school. Can we live without a revival ? O can we? If so, how many immortals must perish. O let us awaken and wrestle and plead and do what we can!”

“ When one christian catches the flame of divine love, it is certainly a duty to communicate it, and if but a word be spoken or one line written, the Spirit may condescend to bestow the blessing. Have we not now occasion to excite each other to prayer and praise. Can we not discern something unusual in the signs of the times for this place? Are christians awaking ? I must tell you I was delighted with our interim meeting, and ready to hope for happy results. O let us intercede for a copious shower of grace here. Let us pray much for professing

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