the time I have labored under great depression of spirits, have experienced languor of body, and coldness of spiritual affections. I desire to humble myself in the dust, and implore divine pardon for my inexcusable remissness, and resolve sincerely, through divine aid, to be more active, more self-denying, more prayerful. Thanks to unmerited goodness, my health is now restored, and I trust God is about to revive his work in this place. A little more than a week since, a meeting of the church, with their children, was held; from that time, I think the church has been awaking, and appearances are very favorable. An hour on Saturday evening, and one on Sabbath morning, is set a part for special prayer for the effusion of the Spirit, and I trust his influence is already felt among us. “O Lord, revive thy work.' Cleanse thy church, purify and sanctify each one of us, humble and prove us, and let not these rising hopes be disappointed.

February 14th, 1825.—The still small voice' of God is heard among us--producing in a very silent manner the most pleasing effects. Several young people have recently been brought, we trust, to taste the love of Jesus. Whether I am a Christian or not, I do rejoice in this work,

March 27th.--I would now review my exercises during the past winter. The Lord has been in this place, reviving, I trust, the languishing graces of his children, pouring out a spirit of prayer, and, by the still, small voice of his Spirit, convincing unbelievers of their danger and guilt, and giving them a hope in his pardoning grace. My heart, if it does not deceive me, has been deeply interested in this work. At times I have felt a joy inexpressibleand still I have ardent desires for its continuance and spread, till all shall unite in praising and loving and serving the dear Redeemer. Some very peculiar circumstances of an afflictive kind, have, I fear, at times too much engrossed my attention, and deadened my feelings to this subject. Yet I cannot but indulge the hope, that ultimately they will terminate in my good. I have viewed the hand of Providence in the events that have transpired; and I trust my faith and confidence in him have been strengthened. I have felt that he is indeed a “refuge in time of trouble. The promises have afforded me sweet consolation : and though at times nature has been ready to repine, yet I have earnestly sought his grace to subdue my will and make me wholly submissive. I have sometiines found

sweet peace in committing all my interests into his hands for time and eternity----my views of futurity have been brightenedand I have felt desirous to live more like a pilgrim, passing through a desert land,

seeking a better country, even an heavenly. May he perfect his work of grace in my soul, and enable me to receive the allotments of his providence with submission, rejoicing that his wisdom overrules all things for good to them that trust in him.

Nov. 27th.--Last evening was very agreeably spent at brother A's. The company assembled for the social visit were mostly professors of religion, and the latter part of the time was devoted to prayer, praise, and exhortation to persevering faithfulness. The frame of my mind was happy in the exercises, and I would record it to the praise of divine goodness, that I have had an unusual degree of enjoyment to-day. What solid joys, what rational pleasure, does the votary of the world refuse, for that which scarcely deserves the name of enjoyment, which leaves a wounded conscience, and a fearful foreboding of future retribution! O, my gracious God, give me my portion with thy children here, the hope of celebrating thy praise with them in thy kingdom hereafter, the comforts of thy

grace to cheer my passage thitherward, and to enlighten the vale of death with thy special presence, giving a foretaste of gloryand can I not say, it is enough?

“ This day is one I would note with peculiar feelings. It completes the term in my father's life, in scripture allotted to man. He is now three score years and ten. I would record with unspeakable gratitude to sovereign grace, the distinguishing spiritual mercies bestowed on his family. How can I sufficiently admire that goodness which has given us all a hope, that we are united, not only by the ties of consanguinity, but also by those of grace, and that all our names are numbered among the visible family of Jesus.

Jan. 1st, 1826.---As I enter, with trembling step, the threshold of another year, I feel the need of divine grace to enable me to commence its duties with a right spirit, and to prepare me for what awaits me. O gracious God! I beseech thee let me not relapse into that coldness and languor which I have too often experienced in times past. May I watch and pray against my easily besetting sins ; and should I be suddenly surprised by death, may

• I be ready to loose from earth,
Weigh anchor, and a happier clime explore.'

« Should I be called to part with dear relatives or friends, may I not have to lament that I have been remiss in exerting all the influence I possess to prepare them with myself for a happy re-union in the regions of light and everlasting love. I would adopt ! the language of the poet

With grateful heart the past I own;
The future-all to me unknown,
I to thy guardian care commit,

And peaceful leave before thy feet.' Jan. 24th.--'Tis near the hour of midnight. The stillness of the house, the calmness of nature, the lustre reflected from the new-fallen snow by the light of the almost full-orbed moon, the lengthened shadow of the trees, stript of their verdure, the clearness of the sky, displaying the starry gems of heaven, os losing itself in mellowing clouds, all combine to tranquilize the mind, to fill the soul with solemnity and awe, and raise the thoughts in holy adoration. The day is past-its transactions closed-its account sealed up for eternity. And thus our mortal days will all flit away, and soon the last will arrive. And can I be regardless for one moment of the solemn consequences that will be the result of my daily conduct? Jesus, Saviour, to thee again I flee; pardon the sins and follies of the past day. Grant

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