6 24th.--Mr. Allen and myself took a ride to Bandora, a village at a short distance from Mahim. We had a delightful ride, and enjoyed a fine country prospect, which after confinement to a city for so long a time was truly refreshing.

6 At Mahim is a fine building for a Catholic church. At Bandora there are two.

66 We often see the remains of Catholic power, and the priests do their utmost to maintain its sway over the ignorant. But the most they can do, is to keep their former ground, and there are many marks of decay among them. The time is approaching when the beast must be destroyed, and there are many tokens here that his dominion is short. We have recently heard of a Catholic priest who has renounced his errors, and embracing the Christian faith, has become a preacher of the gospel.

66 30th.--My friends at home, who can lie down at night with windows and doors all unfastened, will scarcely know how to sympathize with those, who are at any time subject to be alarmed by thieves. They will almost be ready to attribute any such fears to timidity. But if they could know the dreadful enormities sometimes committed by thieves in Bombay, they would not be surprised if a disturbance about the house

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in the night, should a little break the rest of females sleeping in it alone. There have been several instances since I have been here, of robberies accompanied with mur-, der. English people generally keep one or more natives to watch during the night, and the instances have not been few, in which they have turned thieves, and purloined the property they were placed to defend. It is said that seapoys who are set to watch the city at night, will sometimes so betray their trust that at the striking of the bell, they cry, all's well, and immediately engage themselves in a robbery. So destitute of moral feeling are those who have no fear of God before they eyes. Inters

Feb. 11th. There is nothing here that well supplies the place of apples; and milk is seldom obtained unmixed with water. A seer is the common measure here, as well as weight. In measure it is about a pint ; and for a seer of milk we give five pice which is nearly five cents. Almost every article of food is high in Bombay. , I am obliged to manage with as much economy as possible. We expect not, we wish not the luxuries of life; but we have more of its comforts than many missionaries enjoy. We have reason to be grateful for so great blessings and so few privations. A man's

life consisteth not in the abundance of the things he possesses ;' and a pilgrim in a strange land, will surely be content, with a comfortable supply for present necessity, looking forward to his Father's house, for that which constitutes enjoyment and rest.

6 17th.-Mr. Graves has gone in search of the lamented Hall's grave, taking a plain stone to erect on the spot, and distinguish the place where he lies. On it, is inscribed in English, merely his name and office and the time of his death. Beneath it is an inscription in Mahratta, of nearly the following import-- A servant of Christ, Gordon Hall, travelling in this place to declare the worship of one God and the only way of salvation through his own incarnation, died and was buried here. Concerning this salvation do you make search; for you also it is necessary.' 7.“I have often wished to send a more connected and full account of Bombay, its climate, productions, &c., than I have yet done: perhaps I cannot better fill the remainder of this manuscript, than by giving some particulars of this kind : I have already mentioned the estimated number of inhabitants to be 220,000. The adjoining town or island of Salsette contains 60,000 people. These are of various languages and va

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rious religions. There are also various shades of complexion, from the blackness of the negro to the fairness of the English. The negroes, here called caffres, are not very numerous. They form a distinct caste, and live mostly by themselves. The native Mahrattas are much the same in form and size as the English. They are not usually very dark, though there is not an uniformity in their complexion. Were they early taught habits of application and reflection, I think their minds would be equally capable of improvement, with those of our savored countrymen. But all their practices and opinions are calculated to debase and stupify the mental powers, as well as to paralyze exertion.

“ The Mussulman caste have a very high opinion of themselves, and usually appear in much neater and cleaner dress, than the Mahrattas. Their language is Hindoostanee. The Parsees rank next the English population. They are often of a fair complexion, and few of them are poor. They are a commercial and enterprising people. They imitate the manners and customs of the English to considerable extent, frequently appear in great style, and discover considerable haughtiness of air and mien. Many on Musselmans are Arabs. They

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have a peculiar dress long flowing robes, sometimes black, and sometimes of various colors. These, with their long beards and majestic attitude, give them quite a commanding appearance. I have often been forcible reminded of patriarchal times, and imagined their appearance to correspond with that of the ancient Jews. I suppose that many of the customs and ceremonies of this country are strikingly similar to those of scripture times. Certainly I never so clearly understood many scriptural descriptions and allusions, as since I have witnessed them. . . .

“ There are in Bombay fifteen or twenty thousand Catholics. Eight Protestant missionary stations have been formed within the presidency of Bombay, connected with five different societies in Great Britain and America. I

'm “ The various means of conveyance in use here, are such as must excite the curiosity of every stranger. There is every grade that can be imagined, from the splendid chariot to the meanest vehicle that can be formed. There are various descriptions of chaises, some most elegant, some very mean. The natives manufacture them, and many are shipped from England, as also from Bengal. There is one kind of car

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