these, even at this early period; and will indulge the hope, that this medium of communication will be afforded us not unfrequently, and thus strengthen and perpetuate the bonds of affection, until our earthly pilgrimage shall close, and friendship, and love, and joy be perfected in the realms of endless bliss.

" How does our Sabbath school prosper? · I hope a deeper interest is excited with re

gard to it than was ever felt before, and that little children will there learn to lisp hosannas to the Son of David. May you enjoy much of Immanuel's presence, and be increasingly useful and happy.

“Yesterday was a day deeply interesting to us, and I trust to you, and all our Christian friends. I thought of that little beloved circle with whom I have so often met and enjoyed such precious seasons in the Monthly Concert, and imagined them uniting their hearts in pouring out their supplications before the throne of a prayerhearing God. Our little company would doubtless be the subject of their fervent petitions, and supposing our dear friends would feel intense solicitude for us, floating on the boisterous ocean, I remarked how great pleasure it would afford me, if the intelligence of our welfare thus far could be communicated. I would willingly have is made a considerable sacrifice for this purpose, but it would have been unavailing.

“My time passes very pleasantly for the most part, and I hope not unprofitably. A glance of momentary, fond regret is sometimes cast toward the endearments of my native town and dwelling, with all their christian privileges, and you will not be surprised, that a thrill of exquisitely tender emotions is felt, when these images rise before the mind, accompanied with the thought that I shall enjoy them no more on earth; no more behold my dear aged parents, or administer to their comfort; no more listen to the voice of dear brothers and sisters, or the prattling of their tender offspring; no more catch the accents of affection, flowing from the lips of kindest and most endeared friends; or take sweet counsel with those who go up to the courts of the Lord for solemn worship; or unite with the social circle in the conference-room where prayer is wont to be offered. Such emotions in such circumstances, I suppose, are inseparable from our nature. They cherish some of the best feelings, and I wish not to be wholly destitute of them. I do not imply the least sorrow for the step I have taken, and have no inclination to retract were it in my power. No, my friend, we seek a better country even an heavenly, where we hope to meet shortly. This world is the field of labor; only in the future are we taught to look for rest. What a blissful idea, that a rational hope is afforded of meeting so many to whom my heart clings with the grasp of fondest affection, where we shall never, never part; never more be harrassed with sin, but unceasingly join the anthem of eternal praise “ to Him who loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood. And if one heathen may then appear saved from eternal burnings, through any sacrifice we have made, my friend, how cheering the idea! Let it animate us to persevere in labor and never faint.

Sincerely yours, M. W. Allen.”

Ship Emerald, near the Equator, July 14th. “ My beloved Cousin 0---Shall Christians with their high hopes, with the example and command of the Saviour before their eyes, refuse to endure separations and privations for a few short years, shall they enjoy their friendships, their Christian ordinances, and live in plenty; while a large portion of our race are perishing for lack of that knowledge, which would put them in possession of the same hopes and privileges, e which we possess ? No, you readily res* pond; these light trials we will cheerfully

endure. Even now methinks your heart is He exulting with joy, that you are permitted to

sacrifice one friend for such a cause, and

your prayers will ascend with new ardor, El that she may not go in vain; and your faith

will glow with fresh vigor, and your zeal receive a new impulse to press forward in the

path marked out for you to tread, and your - path will shine brighter and brighter until you arrive at the regions of perfect day.

Yours unalterably, M. W. ALLEN.”

Could the spirit of the following be im7 bibed by every child and exhibited in its

conduct, every family would be comparae tively the abode of bliss, and the world again

become a paradise.

Bay of Bengal, Sept. 14th. e My dear Mother,—Nothing so sensibly

affects me in turning my reflections home

ward, as the thought of my dear parents, ; travelling along the declivity of life, with i one comfort after another torn from them, is like the tree stripped of its branches. Yet 56 these trials, I hope, are but the discipline of

a kind and gracious Father, purifying them Je to be transplanted to a better, purer state. It grieves me to think of the sorrow you have endured on my account. It would be a source of rich consolation to me, could I visit you, enjoy your company, and contribute to your happiness by any kind offices in my power to perform. But our sovereign Proprietor has ordered otherwise. I was called away from you under circumstances of peculiar trial. You heard the voice, and felt that it was the voice of Him who gave me to you; you cheerfully submitted, and I cheerfully obeyed.

“You have many, many comforts yet, and I am far from unhappy. You had perfect confidence in him to whom you gave me; and could you witness the kindness, affection, and tenderness with which I have uniformly been treated, and I have no apprehension but I always shall be, while he is spared me—you would still feel, that that confidence was not misplaced. Grieve not then for me. My situation is as favorable, perhaps, as is usual in this mortal, sinful state; for none are without trials. You, my dear mother, have not been without your share, and your lot has probably been, in comparison with the great mass of mankind, peculiarly favored. I left you sick; this was to us both an aggravating circumstance. But I rejoice that I was with you, and could

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