home with almighty power to my I would just notice, by way of conheart, “ For I am with thee, and no trast, a few of the effects they must man shall set on thee to hurt thee; and do have on the minds of those for I have much people in this city,” who receive them in the love of them.

This was the most powerful season In the first place, the doctrines of I ever had since my first espousal to grace, when received into the heart Jesus; I really thought the Lord by faith, have a very humbling tenwould have killed me with his love, dency; for whenever the Holy Spirit I wish I had a little more room to is pleased to open the blind eyes of a tell my sister what I saw and felt at poor sinner, he is instantly laid prosthis time. On Saturday and Monday trate in the dust, stripped, and made I was indulged with the same sweet bare : all his creature-props on which love visit : “ Praise the Lord, O my he used to rest are taken away,

he soul.” If my sister looks at the looks upon himself as lost and uneighteenth of Acts, down to the tenth done, and almost in despair he is led

there is the way the Lord has to utter from his inmost soul that all. led me to this time; my path has prevailing prayer, “ God be merciful been rough, bless the Lord. Poor P to me a sinner.” Then he looks -K-is much tried at present; we

back and takes a view of his base often meet to petition the King of original, that is of his awful state by kings for his poor tried family. Give nature, and at the same time is made my love to Mr Y., and your family. to feel his own weakness and utter

All the little flock send their love inability to do any thing towards his to you ; should be glad to see you at recovery; then he cries out in the any time, if tře Lord will, and may bitterness of his soul, Oh wretched 'he for ever bless you and your's man that I am, who shall deliver me

from the body of this death ?" Thus he views himself as dead, but dead

he is not, for this cry is an evidence ARE THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE DAN

of life (that is, spiritual life), yet he GEROUS ?

is not aware of it. Thus having 'no

hope in himsell, he is led by the Messrs. Editors.-Dear Sirs,

Holy Spirit to look out of himself, READING in the last month's even to that Lamb which was slain Magazire a short letter signed by a from the foundation of the word, the friend of Zion's Casket and a Minis- great Physician of souls. ter of Christ's gospel, requesting a this one thing I am sure, that no few remarks from you, as to what poor sinner will ever apply to him effects we do and may expect to see till he despairs of all hope of saving produced on those who receive the himself: but when like the stormdoctrines of grace in an unhumbled tossed mariner he is brought to his mind? and in your note at the end wits' end, and knows not what to do; you have offered the answering thereof wheu every false refuge is swept to any of your correspondents, if any away, and he is expecting every moone of them should feel so disposed. ment to sink to rise no more; then Now as a few thoughts have occurred it is by feeble faith he is enabled to to my mind while inusing on the cast anchor on the Lord Jesus Christ

, subject, I will endeavour to collect to commit his poor trembling soul them together, and put them down in into his hands, and to trust and leave the plainest manner I possibly can. his all with Him “who is too wise to

But before I proceed to speak on err, and too good to be unkind." In the effects which the doctrines of this state some of the sweet invitagrace have

upon the unhumbled mind, tions of the gospel are brought to


And of grace

He sees

his mind, and the Holy Spirit having wonders of his everlasting love ? opened his eyes, he is able to see by And by that which bringeth salhis light the blessed contents of these vation he is taught, that dengiug unletters of love, sent by the God of godliness and worldly lusts, he is to Love to his beloved family.

live soberly, righteously, and godly in they are directed to particular char- this present evil world; and the desire acters, not to any one at random : of his soul is to be found walking in thus they are to the hungry and all the ordinances and commandments thirsty, to the weary and heavy-laden; of the Lord blameless. These truths and just such he feels himself to be : have a constraining influence on him, a hope springs up in his heart that so that he not only believes in and they are intended for him. Anon he loves the truth, but walks in the is enabled to taste a little of the truth and contends for it, and the sweet ảnd precious promises of the language of his heart is, “ Come and gospel. And thus by little and little, hear, all ye that fear God, and I will as the Lord sees fit, he is led into the tell you what he hath done for my truth. First he sees one doctrine soul." and then arother, until at length he Thus having pointed out a few of becomes established in all the funda- the effects the doctrines of grace have mental doctrines of God's truth. upon the Lord's people, I shall now God's election he loves, for he hath a Secondly, proceed to notice some hope put in his heart that he is one of the effects these doctrines may be of that number; God's predestination supposed to have, nay do really have he loves, for that makes all sure : he on the unhumbled mind; and which worketh all things after the counsel effects have, as I conceive, been made of his own will; God's effectual ‘visible enough in all ages of the world. calling he loves, for by faith he be. But may I not ask A Minister of lieves himself called, and he reads in Christ's Gospel,“' what could have God's word that what He hạth done been his motive for asking such a is done for ever; the doctrine of the question, when the answer stares us saints' final perseverance he loves, for in the face look which way we will ? thus he reads where God hath begun But let us, however, in noticing a a good work, he will carry it on until few of these effects, begin where the the day of Christ Jesus; the ductrine word of God begins. In the first of eternal glorification he loves, with place let us look at Abel, who was a every other doctrine contained in the good man and accepted of God; but standard of God's unerring truth. every one knows that Cain was

Thus the poor sinner, when taught murderer, and slew his brother, beby God the Holy Ghost, is enabled cause he was more righteous than to believe in and leave all, with that himself: this was the effect God's God who is of one mind, and who is grace to Abel had upon Cain. 2. the same yesterday, to-day, and for Ncah was a preacher of righteousever, in whom is no variableness nor ness, and the effect his preaching had shadow of turning

on the antediluvian world, was only Being led thus far, and taught to harden them more and more in these precious truths, and often by their sin, until they were ripe for that very painful and bitter experience, destruction which the Lord God inwhat effect is it possible they can tended to bring upon them. 3. What produce, but an utter loathing of effect had Lot's preaching and warnhimself on account of sin which he ing on the men of Sodom ? just the still feels, and a supreme love to that

4. What effect had the miraGod who hath brought him in so

cles and wonders the Lord wrought marvellous a manner to behold the by Moses on the Egyptians? just the



same. 5. What effect had the prea- to say, a few years since, I think ching and exhortations of the prophets thirteen or fourteen, while I sat under whom the Lord raised up in the world this minister, it so happened (not by at large ? none, that we know of, ex- chance, as some people say, oh no, I cept that they were left without ex. believe chance if there is such a thing cuse. 6. What effect had the doc. had nothing to do with it) that the trines of grace when preached by the Spiritual Magazine was recommended apostle Paul on these characters ? the to me by a friend; and when I got it very same as we see them have in the I was highly delighted with its conpresent day wherever they are faith- tents, and simpleton that I was I be. fully preached: If these things are gan to talk about it and shew it to true, said they, then let us do evil others : but I was soon given to unthat good may come : and so say the derstand that the high doctrines held despisers of free grace now. 7. What by the writers in that periodičal were effect had the doctrine of God's elec- of a very dangerous tendency, and tion when preached by the Lord Jesus many warnings and cautions did I Christ himself ? read Luke iv, 28, 29, receive at the first onset to be very 8. What effect had these precious careful how I dabbled in these things. doctrines when preached by the wor. However these warnings and cautions thies of the fifteenth and sixteenth were but of little use to me, I concenturies ? read the Book of Martyrs tinued to read, (although my prejufor an answer. And, lastly, What dices were strong against those vile effect may they be expected to have wretches Antinomians, whom my in this enlightened age? why just the friends had painted in the most sable same as they ever had; the devil is colors,) and the more I read the more the devil still, he is the father of lies, I was confirmed in my own mind, for and as a father he teaches his children I found that these people had the to make them as much as possible like whole Bible on their side. Thus was himself: does he belie the truth of my soul led to drink in the doctrines God? so do his children: is he a roar of grace as the thirsty ox drinketh in ing lion and roars against the truth? water. I soon after this became acso do his children: does he despise quainted with the writings of Leighthe truth ? so do his children : is he ton, Toplady, Huntington, Hawker, a murderer of the truth? so are his Pierce, &c., and in their company I children: is. he a deceiver? so are his have spent many happy hours. After 'children: is his nature still unchanged reading these it may easily be conand his appetite as keen as ever? even ceived that my seat at the workshop so are their's: does he worry those he became rather uneasy; my old minis. cannot devour? even so do they. All ter and my new companions could these effects, and many more, wher- not agree, so that their continual ever the truth of God is proclaimed, clashing made me often heartily glad are visible to every attentive observer. when I could get away; but the effect

They are so to the writer of these this had on me was, that it sent me remarks, who for nearly twenty years to the Bible to see if possible who sat under a Calvinist Arminian prea- was right: and sure enough when I cher,—Calvinist in name but Armin- came to compare notes, truth comian in creed,—though perhaps the pelled me to decide in favour of free proper name for such a minister is grace, for I could not find that free mongrel; however names in them will had a single leg to stand upon. selves are but of little consequence; This effect was produced by a cause, I desire to look at their creed, not at as all effects are ; but this effect soon their name, for “ by their fruit ye became a cause, and in its turn proshall know them. But, I was going duced other effects, even as God had

decreed it should. But what effect his character in the eyes of his fellow had this on the minister and people men; a vile antinomian, say they, an whom I left? Why it was the means enemy to both God and man. My of stirring up the seeds of enmity in kingdom, saith Christ, is not of this their hearts, which led them to say world, if it was my servants would all sorts of bitter things against the fight for it; even so the religion of doctrines of grace; for these doctrines free grace is not of the world, thereare in direct opposition to their dar- fore the world fight against it: the ling systems of free-will and duty- children of Hager ever were and ever faith.

will be at war with the children of Now there are, as I know of, but promise. There is no peace, saith two religions in the world,—the reli- my God, for the wicked : and so we gion of free will, and the religion of find it. The enormity of the Canafree grace. The former is the religion annite is such that he cannot make of the world, and those who are not peace with the children of promise ; of this religion, are said, by them, to and the children of promise dare not be

very bad characters, and not fit to make peace with them, for they are be tolerated. However these good the sworn enemies of the Lord their folks are

not all perfectly agreed King. Thus a continual warfare is among themselves on certain points, kept up, but the issue is not doubtful, though they agree well enough in the for will not the Lord avenge his own main; they have not all one name, so elect, who cry day and night unto they sometimes fall out through that; him? most assuredly he will: then but in essentials they are all agreed: let the enemy fight, let the lions roar, thus every one is a good christian, they can do nothing but by his perhowever differing he may be in name, mission, nor go any further than he provided he fall down and worship the allows them. But the Lord keepeth idol free. will. It is true they some- the feet of his saints, and though times quarrel with each other about they may be but few in number, and the forms and ceremonies to be ob- their enemies many, he is their Faserved, for each one thinks his own ther, and his promise to them is,the best; but free will is still the “ Fear not, little flock, it is your

Facentral point in which they all meet, ther's good pleasure to give you the and free grace is the stumbling block kingdom.” against which they all kick, and all Having. dear sir, extended these their energies are united to root it remarks much further than I at first from the earth. It matters not to intended, and fearing that I have the devil what men profess, if it be said little or nothing to the purpose, not the truth: nay, some may even I hasten to subscribe myself, hold the truth, but then it is in un

Your's, in love, righteousness; some may profess part

For the truth's sake, of the truth, but then they keep back Swaffham. the other part, and that is dishonesty: so, as I before said, it matters not how men may hold the truth, or even contend for it, in the letter only, if they do not embrace it. But whenever a MARY, through rich and free grace poor soul is brought to embrace the a sister of “ Sarah, a Saved Sinner," truth, those humble creatures soon though a babe in experience when throw off the mask, and shoot at compared with Sarah, would be obliged him their arrows of bitter reproaches, if she would favour her with a little and call him by all the vile names explanation of that part of her Letter they can possibly think of, to blacken in the Spiritual Magazine for March,

April, 1841.)

J. E. C.




1841, page 64, wherein she says, that to strike hard, and strike home: 1 * There was a time when the interest meant to give a striking likeness; and of Zion lay so near my heart, that if the young men to whom I alluded like another Uzzah I have put forth are somewhat startled at their own my puny arm, (in prayer,) to stay the picture, and so are led some little to ark,” &c. How was it that she abate the violence of their language, could sin like Uzzah by praying for I shall have been the means of doing Zion ? does she mean that she prayed good both to them and their hearfor what it was not the purpose of ers :—" faithful are the wounds of a God should be ? How then does she friend." know that she may not be doing the Contrast sometimes does more than same thing, in praying that his ser- argument, I will therefore copy here vant (to whom she writes) may go an extract from the Standard Editors' there again twice in the year? M. opening address for 1841, and conwas reminded of Abraham's praying trast it with another from their openfor the preservation of Sodom, and ing address for 1837. Thus they the Lord's being angry with him for write for 1841 :-“ No railing nor so doing, seeing (as we know) that rancour should ruffle their still waSodom was to be destroyed. Any ters; no wrath nor clamour should thing that Sarah may be pleased to stir up mire and dirt; no partiality favour M. with in reply to this, she or prejudice should taint its streams." hopes will be received in a teachable This certainly reads very pretty, but mind. Deprived of attending the rather unlike their address for 1837, public means of grace through bodily from which I copy the following affliction, she finds amusement, and choice morsel :-" The dogs that are she hopes profit also, by reading this without: the dead hypocrites, and Magazine and other works written rotten self-styled Calvinists, that wanby those to whom the doctrines of der up and down for meat, and a free grace gospel have been made grudge if they be not satisfied, may known and are precious, and by which make a meal upon the dry bones

, she concludes Sarah has been sup- abundance of which fare is provided ported, or rather by the great Author for them in periodicals called Spiriof them, when passing through fire tual, &c.” Is there no railing, no and floods. Should Sarah think that rancour here! It will be seen, by she sees only ignorance here mani-reference to my letter, that it is writfested, may she be led not to despise; ten against the bitter unchristian spi. and should she not feel disposed to rit displayed and fostered by the reply, may she remember M. at a Editors of the Gospel Standard. Gud throne of grace, where she doubts is my witness I write not against the not S. is favoured to go holdly, crying doctrines generally advocated in the Abba Father.

Standard, or their preachers, I firmly Colchester.

believe them, and my house, my purse, and my heart have ever been open to the men who experience, profess, and teach them. I write against the spi

rit these Editors encourage, which Dear Sirs,

was evidently rebuked by our Lord, You will naturally look for (Luke ix. 55,) when he said, “Ye some reply from me to the observa- know not what manner of spirit pe tions in the Standard of last month. are of.” And again in the parable of That my letter should have given of- the wheat and the tares. And if the fence, does not surprise me; I meant disciples could not distinguish be



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