he can fiounder about in water, and work, 'baptism 'unto repentance; but visit Greece for to get the meaning where John stopped, there Christ be of the word baptism: and is deter- gan, with repent and believe the gospel ; mined to keep it on its own base, yet who himself baptized with the Holy he scruples not to set aside the spirit- Ghost and with fire, the disciples uality, and blessedness, couched in baptized with water, but Jesus bapthe Levitical dispensation, and at

tized not. This is not setting aside tempts to hide himself in his own nor trifling with scripture, neither, quibbles and verbosity : and to me it have I cut my fingers," nor attempis plain, that W. F. is not very ra. ted to take any thing out of the hands liant for the truth he professes, as of Jesus, and transfer it to the apostles. he appears constrained to write on W.F. should have given sound proof the subject by the desire of his friends; for his heavy charges, and that acconsequently it was not with a willing cording to truth and godliness, theremind ; this shows a want of some. fore his own words stand against him, thing somewhere in his professed saying is no proof.” faith, which I with my " self confi. Dear Sirs, it is most blessed to see, dence” will not attempt to determine ; know, and believe, having the eyes of but that something is manifest by his the understanding enlightened, that not quoting the whole, I wrote(1 Cor. the two testaments are inseparably x. 1-5,) fearing I suppose that he by united, and their contents in perfect so doing would expose the unscrip- harmony with each other ; and W.F. tural nature of his own statement; with all his word; statement cannot and he calls it an,“ isolated circum. separate what God hath joined to. stance"; which signifies alone, sepa- gether: the prophet Malachi eloses with rate, detached; this is charging the John and Christ ; and what he there Holy Ghost foolishly, setting at nought saith in prophecy each of thein fulfil ; his testimony, and openly denying the see relative to John, Mal. iv. 5, 6; unity and harmony of the scriptures; Luke.i. 15.-17; andconcerning Christ but with my“ presumption and self- Mal iii. 4 and what John said of him confidence," I rejoice in and before the carries the subject out in the accomLord that he hath in sovereign mercy plishing of the same by Jesus ; " 'iomade me a witness of the truth, full- deed baptize you with water unto ness, blessedness and spiritual import repentance; but he that cometh after of the words of the Holy Ghost for me, is mightier than I, whose shoes they drank of that Rock that followed I am not worthy to bear, He shall bapthem and that Rock was Christ : no tize

you with the Holy Ghost and saith W. F. it was only ceremonial; with fire, whose fan is in his hand and the words thus recorded only ad. &c. Matt. iii. 11- 12; there is certainmonitory. Alas what shall we hear ly an analogy in these things, and next; surely it is W. F. that doth also in the words of the prophet; and “ with ease openly deny the serip- the gospel of Christ who saith also ture”-and I rejoice that I am his according to the mind and will of the antipode.

Lord ;

Remember ye the law of Now for the “

startling" part; but Moses, my servant, which I commanwhat hath W. F. proved, only he is ded him in Horeb, for all Israel, with startled, and well he may be ; for it the statutes and judgments" Mal. i. appears that in all places where he finds 4. Is it not plain there were neither the words baptize, baptized and baptism statutes por judgments set forth in he can only see material water; and the ten commandments; but the lexi it still remains to be proved that ever tical law, called by W. F. the dispenChrist baptized with water ; I cannot pensation of Moses was filled with sce that Christ, came to do John's statutes and judgments as well = sacrifices and offerings; but 'the Lord's sed portion of his word: which is word by the prophet, namely, "re- quite distinct from water baptism; member" is set at nought by W. F. "For by one Spirit we are all bapit being isolated and only ceremonial. tized into one body,” &c 1 Cor. xii. I leave others to find out the spiritual 13. Surely W.F. with his presumed. mindedness of W. F. and who ordai. tererence for the word of God will ned him to be a minister' ; and add not pervert this; and however he may here that I have read over the Acts & blush at what I said relative to Matt. few times, and dare not deny any xxviii. 19, 20; I can assure him that statement there relative to baptism I did not charge the apostles' with a with water, not any of the acts of the disregard to the commandments of apostles by the Holy Ghost. And I the Lord, I only asked him why they have been and am now much pleased did not baptize in the name of the with the following words, beginning Father, Son and Holy Ghost : but from the baptism of John. &c Acts. not as he says, Three-One-God ; this i. 22 : mark the word from ; not in, term to me is quite “ isolated" and by, with, or at, but from : and as I foreign from the scriptures : W. F. am'a baptist, having been baptized in hath used a river of words but not a a river July. 1815 I never yet could spoonfull of spiritual matter is theresay a word against water baptism; but in: I am no advocate for sprinkling ; I cannot make a door of water as an yệt those that are, say they have the entrance to the Lord's Table : as word sprinkle in the Bible, but we childship and privilege arise from baptists have not the word immersion'; being born of God; and I feel great and some Greek scholars, read unto pleasure to be living in the spiritual instead of into the water relative to import and blessedness of the words in Philip and the Eunuch: as to W.F. Rom. vi, and I cannot find material calling any brethren and not admit water in that description of baptism them to sit at the Table of the Lord there ; neither in Coll. ii. 11, 12, and appears a monstrous incongruity, for it is for W. P. or others to determine there is not a verse in all the New what one baptism Paul had in view Testament that can be taken, or found when he said, "One Lord, one faith, to establish the fleshly tradition. I one baptism :" Eph iv. 5, if W. É believe according to the scriptures saithi it is water, he sets aside the that all who are born of God have an baptism of the Holy Ghost; if he equal right to partake of the Lord's admits the latter, then he destroys supper, to show forth his death, and his own belief and faith in water, for to do it in remembrance of Him.' ' it is but one baptism: 'I write not this · Again, as W. F.'is not about to as he saith, to set him fast, there is no resume the subject, I also say, finally need of that, but I should like to see farewell : but add, that the apostles him as a true Hebrew creeping out of did not preach baptism; Peter preachhis holes. · Fdo not wonder that W. F. ed Christ, and when he saw Cornelius is confused, if he attempts to write to and others had received the Holy the Jews, as he discards' all their Ghost, he then said, "see, here is ceremonial dispensation. But I can water;" and thus Philip to the Eunuch assúre' him that I have had great Paul to the Jailer; and it remains for pleasure for years to speak and write W. F. to prove that there were not to such without being confused, ac- children' baptized in those households cording to Rom: ii. 28, 29, ; and I we read of: and although I am styled cannot refrain from rejoicing in and a' creedless christian, I daily live in praising the Lord, that he hath in the blessednes of the following seripsovereign "merry, given unto me a tures; John. i. 12, 18 ; Rom. X. 8. little knowledge of the following bles. 11; 1 Cor. i. 30; Eph. i. 36412; 1




No. 1. To be Continued.

Thess. i. 4; and John. xviii. and no years in the wilderness as Israel was, one shall stop me of this boasting; and am about to state to you, as near the Lord liveth, and blessed, 'be iny as I can, the way in which the Lord rock and let the God of my salvation hath led me, and for this purpose I be exalted:

besought the Lord often during the A MEMBER OE A PARTICULAR

month of October last, as I then felt BAPTIST CHURCH.

a calm, and lay quiet at anchor at the

foot of the cross; but I was quickly Dated from the Tabernacle,

interrupted, by three adverse winds, Remote from Creed Lane, Oct. 1841.

the world, the flesh, and the devil. You know, Sir, what I have felt in my family, and in my situation. And you know, by experience, the advan

tage Satan takes, when we are thus, [Under this title will be presented to the tried; but I have to bless and adore reader the autobiography of an Aged Pilgrim the great Immanuel, that it did not who was for many years a member of the blow the Euroclydon, as I could Church under the pastoral care of the Rev.

anchor on the 46th Psalm, and amidst William Huntington and who took down in short hand and afterwards published Mr H's the winds and the storm, repeatedly, Sermons entitled " Napthali,? • Final Exfor: hear the small still voice, " be still tation;' &c. We have read the series with and know that I am God ;” and as considerable interest and pray that the Holy often my groaning troubled spirit Comforter may be pleased to bless them to would reply, “ God is my refuge and the souls' profit of our readers, so that they may be strengthened, encouraged and edified strength, a very present help in trouwhile travelling in the road to Zion, by pet ble." I believe you, Sir, have had your rásing the self-told tale of a brother's difficul: share of; trials, perhaps as much of ties and the manifest. proofs of our exalted them as any ministeri now alive, yet Elder Brother's unceasing and all powerful these are the things sent to humble us, protection.--Evs.]

and to conform us to the sufferings Dear Brother,

and death of our Lord, to whom will You have often expressed be glory for ever." Amen. a desire that I should particularly All the time that we have been in state for the benefit of others and for the wilderness, it hath been a day of the Glory of God the discoveries the rebuke and blasphemy, but how aw. Holy Spirit bath made unto my soulfully hath this appeared during the in this house of my pilgrimage; then last few years : : this showeth the bear with me whilst I relate some of necessity of all who have been favourthe kind providences of a compas- ed with a knowledge of Christ, to sionate, Saviour which have been exalt him, as they know that God the manifested from time to time above Father hath, at his own right hand, sixty one years. It is now 15 years to be a prince and a Saviour; to lift since I first heard your voice in Ghim up, that some may see, and beChapel, a night to be remembered, and lieve, and have everlasting life. How 25 years before that period it pleased truly have we seen the word of God the Lord to arrest me with the spirit verified towards this present increase of bondage more powerful than I had of sinful men, as recorded in the ever before felt it: although from my 2 Thess... 10, 11, 12. And as some earliest years I felt a slavish, fear of have perished so we have cause to God, and felt I was a sinner against believe that many will perish in the him, ; In the year 1799 in reading the strong delusion now, as a pestilence writings of the pious Hervey I felt overspreading our land, yes still the this fear awfully increased'; thus you highly favoured land of our nativity, will perceive I have been these 40 wherein still are ministers, old men, fathers, young men, and babes in 1781 she took me 18 miles to rela.. Christ, --conversion work still going tions, who were farmers, and at whose on, God the Holy Spirit still taking farm we made a long stay; untik of the things of Christ and revealing both mother and child were recovered. him, and it, to the understanding of I think I could not be much above his people : we still have the showers six years of age when my mind was imof divine grace to refresh our souls pressed with reverence to the name we still have and I pray God may and person of our Lord Jesus Christ, continue to the end of time, gospel especially' by hearing a book often ordinance, gospel ministers and gosi réad entitled “the Cry of Jesus the pel privileges, and the sleeping dust Son of God." Also the Bible continuof the tens of thousands of God's ally, the Pilgrim's Progress, the Great British Israel.

. 1 Assize, or the day of judgment, hear. It was by the divine appointment ing şermons, and the fear of death, I that at 10 o'clock on the night of had two narrow escapes from drowni. November the 5th 1778, I was born at ing, twice from being gored by bulls, A- Devonshire,at an hour when the and once by a pack of 365 pounds of faggots were on the surrounding hills wool falling on me, with many an flaming to commemorate the won. awful dream, which took away very derful providence displayed by our often the sweets of life, and for years Lord God in bringing to nought I could not join the minister and the counsels of the wicked, whose people when they repeated at Church. grand aim was then, as it always “ we bless thee for our creation,” as hath been and is, to destroy the scrip- I had, 'to contend with so many tures and the people of God; but be things that would and did from year assured of this that in every attempt to year make me sigh out, I would of this sort they will sooner or later to God I had not been born. 2 meet the fatę i of Pharoah, Jehovahi At fourteen I was put out as an Jesus will frown upon them, and the apprentice to learn the wool-combing deep will swallow them up. , I have trade, .soon after which my father often read and admired the address died; this circumstance made great of the heaven-taught Flavel in his havoc 'of' my feelings. The expression book on the Divine Conduct, when of joy because his Lord and Saviour treating on the place of our nativity had comforted him in his dying hour which was considered by him as it is was rivetted on my mind. About two by every British Israelite, the most years after, my master died; I lived favoured spot on the globe principally with his widow one year, then with a for those blessings I have inentioned. gentlemen in the same trade above It hath often been a grateful consid- one year, this place I had long coveeration to me that so many of our ted, but when in it, I found it a misfamily that I have known, and of erable situation, it was no home for others of whom my Christian mother me. I formed a resolution to leaye, hath told me, have left behind them and told my mother if there was no undoubted proofs, of their being saved other way to escape I must go to with an everlasting salvation. My Plymouth and enter into the king's mother was a remarkable proof of service; but I had much rather go to this, who slept in Jesus aged eighty my brother in London ; this was the two years and six weeks. I have cause of many prayers being offered learned from her that for three years up by my mother and the church, I after my birth I was the most weak heard their prayers, they could see and sickly child in the town, she her. no open door for three or four months, self being before my birth apparently but him who had fixed the bounds of in a decline ; that in the summer of my habitation provided the means, and constrained my master even great town, this was a great cause of against his will to say in a pet, you my fear, as we were at war with may go ; it was even as Pharaoh when France. I felt my native place the 26th he let Israel go from slavery. He Sept 1796 in the morning and arrived was a great worldly man and we all at Exeter (which was 20 miles) that feared him, as soon as this was afternoon, I met many enlisted young known to the Church, several met men on their way to Plymouth all of over night at my mother's for prayer whom I shunned by turning out of and to remember me and my case the road, thus far the Lord was betbefore God, and to intreat of him to ter to me then my fears or deserts protect me during my life, I remem, as be ever hath been since. ber how earnest they were at a throne Adieu, Dear Sir, for the present, of grace that their Lord and master from your brother and companion in would protect me from the traps of tribulation. the recruiting parties then in every



A Word of Caution to the Church of arrived are not quite apparent. We

God: a Letter to Mr. A. Triggs, shall however proceed to examine a being a Few Observations on his few of them. Sermon. By Thomas Ovenham. Mr. Oxenham first objects to Mr. 8vo. pp. 16. London, Palmers'. Triggs telling his hearers · Well, you

know if you do not like it (alluding When a minister comes into this to his preaching) you may leave it great metropolis, and obtains' so and at the close of his Sermon, 'I speedily the popularity which Mr. stop with the words of brother Paul.' Triggs has acquired, he must expect Indifference in a christian minister is to be assailed with pop-guns from in. highly culpable : sent servants of dividuals who seek renown by assail Christ cannot but be anxious to see ing eminence; and he will do well to sinners converted and believers edified treat all such attacks with merited through the instrumentality of the disregard ; but when his statements preached gospel, and therefore we are criticised by a veteran of four, agree with the writer of this pamphscore, one, who during that long let that the expression taken in its period hath maintained high and literal import is improper, and does blameless reputation, it behoves him not accord with those desires which to listen attentively to observations were so frequently expressed by the which, he may be well assured, will apostle in his epistles to the different have great weight upon the minds of churches ; that his preaching might be the Lord's people. Regarding this made of God profitable to those whom little pamphlet with these feelings, we he addressed : therefore, our author have carefully perused it, and pon. remarks, that Mr. Triggs has no right dered both Mr. Triggs' statements to claim affinity with the apostle

. and Mr.Oxenham's objections thereto. But we feel compelled to hesitate at And, with all due respect to our aged such a deduction, and would rather friend, we must express our opinion hope that the preacher's intention by that the conclusions to which he has this remark was to convey a wish that

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