oud-10 endlessly delightful. How- improvement for it is the contrivance ever intricate may be the external and result of infinite wisdom. Liable character of the events with which to no change because the whole is the favored believer in Jesus is exer- founded on the will of him " who is cised, this one thing is most certain, of one mind and changes not.” The that they are all designed by an or- onė glorious mind and eternal purdination of marvellous and unchange pose of God, in operation, gives diable loving-kindness, to tell upon the versity to the character of events. splendour of his ultimate triumph. Variety is vividly characteristic of It cannot be otherwise, since all the providential dispersations. This vawheels of providence are full of eyes; riety is impressively set forth in Zeconsequently they cannot move other chariah by the different coloured wise than as directed by boundless horses seen in the four chariots which intelligence. -- Unbounded wisdom proceed from between the two mounshines with lustro, peculiar to itself, tains of brass. The horses in the in both the pre-arrangement and ac- first chariot are said to be red, those tual execution of the whole vast eco- in the second black, those in the third nomy of providence. Nothing is left white, those in the fourth grizzled to be determined either by fate or and bay. These all go forth in difchance; but all pre-ordained, ordered, ferent ways are all subject to divine and settled with infinite judgment in direction-are all instruments .em. the glorious mind, purpose, and de. ployed by the Lord of hosts for carcrees of the great I am. Events of rying out, in operation and display, providences are the effects of pur- his eternal purposes ; more firm, imposes. ·. These give actual being to mutable, and permanent than moun. those. The omnipotent power of the tains of brass. one, guarantees the accomplishment Here we have both variety and of the other, while the accomplish- certainty. Variety in the diversified ment of the one is the developement character of events ; certainty in of the other. Will divinė said what God's securing, by all that variety of purposes should bepurposes what instruments and circumstances, the events should be-events proclaim glorious developement of all his counwhat will and purposes are. This sels with the splendid accomplishsentiment was that which inspired the ment of all his vast designs. I theremuse and vibrated on the sweetly fore would hold in unmeasured reprostrung harp, of the melodious Watts bation that sentiment which involves when wrapt in adoration he sang,

the least precariousness in the govern

ment of the glorious God. Wisdom “ His providence unfolds, the book, boundless, love matchless, equity glo

And makes his counsels shine ;
Each opening leaf and every stroke

rious, piówer insuperable, faithfulness Fulfils some deep design."

divine, certainty absolute, is the com

bination of sacred excellences subFulfils some deep design." Im- stantially united and exerted in the portant declaration this. There are administrations of the Lord God. no , unmeaning events; no abortive These divine excellences in God's providences; for each and all fulfil government cannot fail legitimately some deep design." The chain of to work out all his plans-efficiently providence, with all its multitudinous to give effect to all his purposeslinks, originated in the sovereign will, eventually to display all his designs and is adjusted by the boundless wis- everlastingły ito magnify all his perjustment is liable to no change--capa- vine realities is the soul-stirring-the

om of the divine sovereign. This ad- fections. I Associated with these dible of no improvement. Capable of no soul-inspiring the soul-supporting

truth, "all things do work together Lord concerning me.” His eye of for good to those who love Godsto faith is open to see that the wheels those who are the called according to of providence are full of eyes,” and, his purpose.”, Calling is the effect therefore, however crushing may be of purpose ; love the consequence of some of the movements of those calling--a profitable working of all wheels, that love and wisdom reguthings, the chartered right of all those late, the whole, . Moreover, the be. who are called to love the God of all liever in this state of soul discovers grace.

that all his afflictions derive an unAMictions then, to such i distin- utterable sweetness from the love guished persons; must be covenant and work of the cross. How sacred mercies-must substantially : benefit the moments --- how transcendently, the covenant patentees+must re precious the hours which the suffer: dound to the honour of the love, wis- ing believer spends at the cross of his dom, and sovereignty of Israel's wondrous Immanuel. He can bear covenant and triune God. Those patiently, yea joyfully, the rod on his, wilderness vexations which are sanc- back with the cross in his sight. The tified, are among the precious stores virtues of Calvary give an incomparaof the believer in Jesus. To God's ble sweetness to the believer's sufferIsrael painful events are made to bring ings. His, afflictions derive orient forth pleasurable advantages." Paul beans from the name, person, work, had the highest reason for affirming, blood, righteousness and complete "Now no chastening for the present salvation of his thrice precious Jesus; seemeth: to be joyous, but grievous ; beams sufficiently prient to enable nevertheless afterwards it yieldeth the God's, afflicted Israel to see love in peaceable fruits of righteousnessunto every stripe, mercy in every stroke, them which are exercised thereby," tenderness in every dispensation, and It is the very same everlasting love faithfulness in every chastisement, which chose God's people that cort This discovery, by the gracious workrects them. Their election and chas“ ings of the Spirit of God upon the tening may be traced up to the same heart, effectively reconcile the believer source of ancient favour; therefore it to God in all the dispensations of his is that they are encouraged to regard providence; so that the heart responds correcting providences' as lucid evi- to the slaying as really as to the dences of their adoption interest. smiling movements of the Lord God.

I am, my dear friend, come at An experimental acquaintance with length to what I had in contempla- these glorious realities, is invaluable tion in my preceding remarks, re- in a world of sorrows like this. specting events being the effects of -You will be glad to learn, from my purposes, viz., that God's saints arë next communication, the marvellous to view everlasting love in their afflich goodness of my blessed Lord towards tions. -Such a view, if operative, will me in my late season of affliction. dispose the tried pilgrim cordially to For the present I drop my pen, and embrace the rod under which

send up a prayer that Zion's God

may smartsy and to realize a sacred some be with you,; to bless. jyou with joy placencyi in that state of things apy and peace in believing. Amen, pointed by his blessed Lord. In this

"I am, my dear friend, favored view of periods of trouble, the redeemed expectant of bliss,c though it! 2. E?

Your's affectionately, exceedingly pinched by affliction, can gir'rti 17 91 ROBERT BARNÉS.KI with noijinconsiderable satisfaction exclaim;r" Good is the will of the Glemsford, August, 1841.


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و 4 : من 11 ( دوری } داره ! أدر

Jei STOUTLINES OF A SERMON them in covenant ; every blessing Preached" at Galhampton Chapel,

which they need is bestowed upon Somersetshire,

them. How doth the Spirit help our BY THE REV. W, PAGE.

infirmities ? ; He enables. his people Prayer is the breath of the new. to pray with an understanding heart; born soul, and is of the greatest im- he gives them an understanding of portance to every christian. All true the Father, and of Christ and of his believers know this.

work of redemption; he is their guide 1. The object of prayer. God is and comforter. the only true object thereof; none

-. It is requisite that we should know but God himself can hear or answer something of ourselves ; that we are jirayer. The child of God is enabled fallen and lost in Adam. When we to pray to him as his creator and pre

are brought to feel this, we shall be server; he also prays 'unto him as

in earnest with God. The Spirit aphis Redeemer; he prays in the name plies the forgiveness of sins to his of Christ.' What is it thus to pray? people; he enables them to pray with It' is to come according as he hath sincerity. Nothing but this will do: commanded his people, to make men

God knows every motive of our hearts. tion of Christ as their representative, The Holy Ghost helps them to pray to rely entirely upon that atonement in faith; he works this saving faith which he has made for them. Why in their souls, by which they are enare we to pray in the name of Christ abled to realize their interest in the On account of our guilt and corrup. mercy, love, and covenant of Jehovah. tion. Our very nature is sinful; we

The blood of Christ cleanseth them dare not approach God in our own

from all sins. All the promises are name in whole or in part. There is theirs. Through him they pray in no other name whereby we can come

love' to God, as their reconciled Fato the Father but hy Jesus Christ: ther, and to Jesus as their Redeemer. he is the only mediator God has ap. They are likewise enabled to pray pointed. How does Christ intercede with humility; this is a very becom, on behalf of his chosen ? He died the ing grace. Abraham prevailed with death that God the Father appointed ; God to bring Lot out of Sodom; he satisfied divine justice for his peo“ Jacol) wrestledis and prevailed; Job ple'; 'he not only laid down his life was led by the Spirit to abhor him, for them, but rose again and ever lives self, and repent in dust and ashes"; to intercede for them; he presents Isaiah exclaimed, "I woe is me, for I his people to his Father. As Aaron am a man of unclean lips,” this was bore the names of the twelve tribes the time that God called him to the of Israel on his breastplate, so Jesus office he had appointed him nnto. bears all the names of his saints on The apostle Paul went to great lengths his heart. Aaron was a type of Christ. in sin; he was then ja proud boastThe Redeemer stands in the presence ing pharisee ; but when Christ. gave of his Father, perfectly "holy The him a sense of himself he was then answers all the accusations brought less than the least of all saints against his people; he takes away in his own estimationi :: So it is their filthy garments and clothes them with all the regenerate children of with his spotless righteousness (Zec. God. Now the Spirit works this iii. 4); he presents the incense of his temper in themo The Spirit helps own merits with the prayers of his them to práyło with fervour. The people, therefore they are acceptable. Spirit enables them to continue in

2. The help the people of God prayer Notwithstanding their trials have in prayer, which is the Holy he will never let them give up prayer Ghost. He enables them to ask for until it is turned into praise in the those things which are provided for mansions of eternal glory.

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istub sellest

.. THE SAINTS SUBSTANTIAL COMFORT. In Christ they find their peace, and still...

Joy in the King of Zion's ***I'will set mine eyes on them for good.

Onward they press by pow'r divipe,
Jer.xxiv. 6.

The joys of earth for heav'n resign ;
Great is thy name, and good thy ways,

And find, when near to Jordan's flood, il Thou everlasting King of grace ;

Thine eyes are set on them for good, Thy nature pure from every stain,

Here then is comfort men can't stay, Nor let'st thy children call in vain.

Nor devils drive from saints away ; it Thou hast been kind in ages past,

From him who chose them ere the flood, . Thy kindness evermore shall last;

And still doth look on them for good. Thy word hath firm for ever stood

United thus to Christ their Head, "I'll set mine eyes on them for good.”

They daily feąst on living bread; Thy chosen flock to thee are dear,

Find fountains in the vallies rise,
By thee they oft are sav'd from fear ;

To bear their hopes above the skies.
Thy watchful eye on them doth rest, Be it 'my càre to love thee still,
And they continually are blest.

And bow unto thy sacred will;
When they are sunk in troubles great,

Then find with grace and love endued, On thee for help they daily wait ;

Thine eyes are set on me for good. And though in grief they cry for food;

Then though grim death my body seize,., Thine eyes are set on them for good.

My spirit shall find perfect peace ;; Beset with foes on ev'ry hand,

Safe shall I pass through death's cold flood 'Tis in thy strength' alone they stand;

For Christ hath look'd on me for good. By thee, they are with pow'r endu'd,

In heav'n through Christ I shall arrive, is set on them for good.

And with him there for ever live ; By thee they overcome their foes,

Find all my pow'rs with love imbu'd, And find relief for all their woes;

To him who look'd on me for good, Daily they have their strength renew'd,

Rudgeway, Glo'stershire. J. HARDING, Thine eyes are set on them for good. They travel on from strength to strength,

A FAREWELL TO A DEAR DEPARTBD In hope to reach to heav'n at length ;

Find day by day their foes subdu'd,
Thine eyes are set on them for good.

Farewell, dearly valued, thou’rt gone to thy When they in sin had wander'd far,

glory, And dar'd to wage tumultuous war,

No more thou complain'st in this desert below; With thee, the source of purest joy,

And bright was the vision that opened before

thee, Thine arm brought sweet salvation nigh.

And joyful thy waking from sorrow and woe. Yes, dearest Lord, when sunk in sin, Thy pow'r brought deep conviction in ;

No longer the subject of sin and temptation,

The clouds that around thee oft cast a dark Thy Spirit's sword rebellion slew,

shade; And did thy chosen sons renew.

Are lost in the radiance of Jesu's salvation, Thou stopp'd them in t?

their wild career, And nought more can harass or make thee Made them through grace thy name revere;

afraid. Gave them to feast on heavn'ly food, And set thine eyes on them for good.

Methinks I can hear the high praises ascen

'ding How sweet the hour when cords of love, From golden harps mixed with losapnas of Drew them to lift their thoughts aboye ;

men ;

Thine eye i

W. J. R.

me, Lord,

shore ;

And thou in the concert thy voice too art Grant us, O Lord, below, blending,

A taste of dying love ; And sweet is thy song to the Lamb that was Máy'we in wisdom grow, slain.

Until at length, above,

We view thy face, and then confess, With rapture unfeign'd thy companions have Christ is alone our righteousness.

hailed thee. Another brightjewel to deck their loved King; And we who are left, shall we grieve and bea

LEBANON LEAVES. wail thee? No, rather with them our thanksgiving holy.”—Exod. xx. 8.

Remember the sabbath day to keep it we'll bring.

'Tis the Lord's day; the day We'll bless our Redeemer ; in love and com

Which at the birth of time was sanctified; passion

Which every future dispensation raised He came to his garden, and called thee away,

To even higher glory. Teach me to shun, In the fount of his blood washed away each

As I would shun a pestilence, the men transgression,

Who strive to drag it from its pinnacle, And made thee all perfect in regions of day! And mingle it with common days. Teach Ere long we shall join thee, and raise the To disregard their various sophistry, sweet chorus

And, mindful of the mandate of my King, 'Tis the same that we lisp as we journey Neglect not to assemble with the saints, along.

Seeking a sabbath blessing. Thou hast said, Thy Saviour permits thee a little before us Thou wilt be always present where they meet; To tune thy glad harp with the glorified Fulfil to-day thy promise : let thy smile, throng

Like a spring sunbeam, shine delightfully:

Shake the green boughs—the richly laden But though for a moment from us disunited,

boughs We feel we shall meet thee on Canaan's bright Of life's all-fruitful tree above our heads,

And let us every one obtain a grape, There, hopes and affections by sin are ne' er

A berry, or an apple. Let the Wind blighted,

Rustle amid the branches, scattering leaves There, saints free from sorrow their Saviour

To heal the sin-sick soul. Lift us to Pisgah, adore.

To Calvary, and to Tabor ! Give us each,
Both in thy suffering and triumphal scenes,

Sweet sin-subduing fellowship; and when

our eyes, On a Sermon preached by Mr. S. Ponsford, Faith-strengthened, view our bright inheat Devonport, Sunday, March 28, 1841.


May we ascribe to thee the glory, Lord, The eyes of the Lord are upon the right. Praising for sabbaths which bring heaven eous and his ear is open to their cry.

to earth,

Being themselves delightful harbingers Upon the righteous man,

To glory's endless Sabbath.
The Lord doth keep his eye ;
And never, never can,
His ear neglect their cry :

His Church he strips and clothes anew,
And views her pure and holy too.

Accepted in Christ we surely are made,

Who is our true God, our Brother, our Head; Though darkness cloud the mind,

Accepted in him, and made free from blame, And Satan'oft assail;

Through his precious death, his stripes and Though every day you find,

his pain. You're poor and weak and frail :

Accepted in Jesus and in him belov'd, His eyes are on thee, courage take,

And he by his dying my sin has remov'd; He'll keep thee safe for Jesus sake. Now Satan nor men I need now to fear,

For in his perfection I holy appear. Each sheep amongst the fold,



The shepherd knows right well, Accepted in Jesus, and am God's delight; The lambs his bosom hold,

For in Christ's perfection I'm perfectly And all shall have to tell Of sov’reign love, of grace most free, Accepted in Jesus, 'then let devils roar, Aud self by them debased be.

For I am accepted in Christ evermore.


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