But vengeance will his foes attend :

Serve then the Lord with fear : O Holy Spirit, now descend,

And all thy chosen cheer ; That we the blessed Sun may kiss, And crown our faith with endless bliss.


Hallelujah ! "let the chorus

Loud from ransomed souls ascend ; Jesus ! sway thy sceptre o'er us,

For thy mercy knows no end. Hallelujah ! all possessing,

Thee we 'll laud in songs divine; Glory, honour, power, and blessing,

Be, dear Lord, for ever thine.





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It was indeed amazing love,
That brought our Saviour from above,
To groan and suffer, bleed and die,
For sinners vile as you and I. s
He tabernacled here below. ' .
Became a man of grief and woe;
Despised, rejected, scorned was Ke,
For sinners vile as you and me. , .
Oh! wondrous love, my soul adore,'
Thy ponderous load of guilt he bore ;
Yea, nailed it to th' accursed tree,
And magnified the law for thee.
While in this vale of tears I stay,
l'll praise his name from day to day;
And when I reach his throne above,
My song shall be-redeeming love!




LORD, to thee enthroned in glory,

Let our grateful praise ascend ; Saints adoring, bow before thee,

For thy mercy knows no end. Mercy shone in rays resplendant,

When for man thou deign'dst to die; Left the angelic hosts attendant,

Laid thy princely glory by. Mercy still through endless ages

Thine experience by the way ; Mercy oft our thoughts engages,

Is our shield, our hope, our stay. Mercy great, surpassing measure,

Towards thy church remains unmoved ; Wandering oft, yet still thy treasure,

Dearly bought, and dearly loved. Mercy, till o'er Jordan's river

Safe we pass, shall us attend; From each foe thou wilt deliver, .

Lord, thy mercy knows no end. Thus, while faith on eagle's pinions,

Rends the sky's ethereal blue, What to us are earth's dominions ?

Crowned with grace and glory too.

But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them

that are lost.--2 Cor. iv. 8. SOCINIANS, Arminians, I leave not a few,

With whom I could seldom have peace; I'll give them a hint, then bid them adieu ;

In the grave all contention will cease. On the brink of the grave, I will venture to

tell, (Although it will not be forgiven) There 's not a Socinian below now in hell,

Nor yet an Arminian in heaven.
In hell even devils they cannot deceive,

No hypocrite there can dissemble ; Socinians, like devils, will have to believe,

Like devils believing will tremble. No free-willer's note above can take place ;

They cannot such honor expect As to join in a song to the praise of free

grace, Where the singers are only elect. No harmony there could whatever take

place, If to them the indulgence was given : Confusion again-for free will and free grace

Would make even discord in heaven. " "Tis not him that willeth,” and “You may

if you will," Form a contrast that's truly so great, I often have said, and affirm 'tis so still,

They never together can meet. Election secured all the angels in light;

They were free all the others who fell, In pride they united 'gainst Michael to fight,

Till in flames they were cast down to hell. Since then they endeavour mankind to de

ceive, And succeed upon many occasions, To make war with God, and despise his de

And fall in the great condemnation.

R, D.




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" For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the FATHER, the WORD, and the

HOLY GHOST: and these Three are One."-1 John v. 7. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.--Jude 3. · Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."-1 Tim. iii. 6.

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OCTOBER, 1841.

A BEE-HIVE AND A WASPS' NEST. And now who cannot easily conjec

"Some shall depart from the faith, gi- ture my thoughts on this subject?' Is ing heed to seducing spirits and doctrines there not a double polity, or society of devils ; forbidding to marry and comman- of men, the one of which may justly ding to abstain from meats.1 Tim. vi. 1, 3. be resembled to wasps, and the other

Those two insects have, as the 'na- to bees? Wasps make combs, but turalists observe, a likeness in sundry they are empty ones; and heretics particulars. The

have one make churches, but they are void of common habitation, as well as the truth, which is that sweet honey that bees and are under the government of is to be found only amongst the asa king ; who, as the king of bees, is semblies of the faithful. What else the largest, and most beautiful among is that mother of abominations the them. In the building of their cells church of Rome, notwithstanding all and combs they are exact, and make those pretences it makes of being the them much like the bees both for their mother-hive, but a nest of angry figure and size. But they make no wasps under the rule and sway of a honey at all, nor yet any wax that is fit spiritual Abaddon. How many swarms for service ; they live only upon rapine, have gone out from thence not to make and are injurious to most kinds of honey, but to destroy what others fruits ; like thieves they enter by force have made ? Frauds, robberies, violence into the hives of bees and devour the and murders have been the things honey which hath with much industry which they have practised, and with been gathered by them. So eager are which their habitations have been filthey after what is sweet, that any led; have they not thrust their stings narrow-mouth glass set near the hive deep into thousands, who have detecwith a little sweet liquor becomes a ted their impostures, and who have snare to drown and destroy and is a been enabled to hold the mystery of security to the bees to prevent their faith in a pure conscience? Have theft, which pass the more freely into they not wasted many places, which their cells, and are not tempted to en- were like the garden of the spouse, full danger their lives, or to neglect their of all manner of precious fruits, into work by the sight of such a pleasing which her beloved might come, and eat bait.


of his honey and honey combs. Whọ October, 1841.]

es ?

can express the rage and scorn with cells against wasps and drones? and which they have trampled upon those, is it not a sad spectacle to behold that would not embrace their impieti- christians who should be joined toge

How fruitless then must the ther, by the bond and cement of faith attempts of those be, who appear as and love, to be divided one from an. if they had forgotten what Amalek other, and in animosities to draw the hath done (and they are not altered) sword, and to sheath it also in the yet are for setting on foot overtures bowels of each other? And yet such of peace, and terms of accommodation animosities there have been and still between protestantism and popery? are between brethren. How the As if the distance betwen the one and wolf must grin to see the sheep and the other was more seeming than the shepherds biting and worrying one real, and might as readily be brought another! And well he may. He together as the two extremes of a knows that contentions are a surer serpent, which can, when it pleaseth, way to weaken the spirit of love, and cast itself into a circle, and take its stop the progress of the gospel, than tail into its mouth. But who know- his old stale method of fire and sword. eth not that a little leaven leaveneth I could methinks give way to sorrow the whole lump ; and so will a little and let it overflow the banks, to see error diffuse its poison through the those who profess to be the humble whole body of truth, like a drop of followers of Jesus Christ, to be less oil on cloth, it no sooner falls than tender of Christ's body, than the solspreads; like a spark on tinder it diers were of his coat; for few seem to catcheth, and runs at once. And prize that unity which is the glory of therefore Paul would not for one hour the faith of the gospel. If we are be. give place unto false brethren, lest lievers, have we not all one Father, God the truth of the gospel might be en- blessed for ever? have we not one dangered. To do it then with the elder Brother that loves at all times? least prejudice to truth is sinful: are we not quickened by one Spirit

, and to effect it without, is impos- who is a spirit of love ? Are we not sible. Sooner may they reconcile an- enlisted in God's service as his soldtipathies in nature, than in religion. iers ? how can we then turn enemies When therefore they have combined to one to another? O God do thou, fire and water, without extinction of who hast made that blessed promise each other, and made an amity be- of giving 'thy people one heart, and tween the dove and the hawk, between

one way, put into them a spirit of wis. the wasps and the bees; so that the dom and love, “ That they may put one shall not infest the other, then

on as the elect of God, bowels of may they promise themselves success,

mercy one towards another loving onein making up the breaches between

another and forgiving one another as Babylon and Zion. But O that they God for Christ's sake hath forgiven who are so studious to make strife to them.” And that they may walk cease between the Philistines and the wisely to those that are without and Israelites, may be led by the Spirit to loving one towards another ; that bị heal the divisions of Israel, among, this all men may know that they whom there are great thoughts and are Christ's disciples indeed and take searchings of heart.

knowledge of them that they have Is it not a pity to see the industri- been with Jesus and drank deep of ous bees, whose labours are so useful his spirit. Amen, to the owner, to make war in the mouth of their hive and to bite and

And while such waspish worms,

Each others, side devour, devour one another by those stings And buried are in forms, with which they should defend their Give me, O Lord, the pow'r,

led one.




The power to feast upon thy grace

expectations in his great and unsearchAnd live the life of godliness.

able kindness to me, the very least of May truth direct my tongue,

all bis children, not worthy to be calAnd grace my heart controul

Oh my dear friend, little And Jesus be my song,

could I think that your kindness to While endless ages roll ;

me ever would run so high, or flourish To please him be my single aim,

so abundant; this reaches to the very And all my trust in his dear name.

heavens, and spreads his blossoms through the earth, and God will own and honor it, yea acknowledge it before angels, men, and devils at the

great day : and this fruit shall abound SONS OF CHICHESTER, TO A FRIEND.

to your account.

Now my dear No. 8.--To be continued.

sister, rejoice with me, for I went My dear Sister. May the grace, out empty, and the Lord brought me mercy, and truth of God be sweetly back again full; so much so that I enjoyed in your heart through an all had more pounds when I returned than precious Jesus. 'Amen.

I had shillings when I went out. But I arrived safe home with the bless. this will not give me satisfaction, no ing of God upon me, for I was not nor all the world, nor that which is in like poor Naomi, who went out full the world of a perishing nature. anıl returned home empty, but quite What then, says my sister, will

. Methe reverse, as my sister shall see, if thinks she knows, it is my Beloved ; God will, that our dear, almighty to find the giver in the gift, to have everloving, wonderful working, eter- souls for my hire, the prayers and afnal God and Saviour may be glorified. fections of the Lord's dear family, and Now my dear friend you must know sensibly and sweetly to have the apthạt when I set out to come to your probation of the Almighty resting on place, I had but five shillings; and this my soul, and to enjoy the heart-comwas not the heaviest burden, but one forting presence of a dear, dying, and far worse, that made everything living Jesus. O my dear sister, what dark respecting my coming, which has prayer done for us ;--overcome was this-having bills brought in to sin, satan, the world, all our foes, and the amount of ten pounds, and no all our fears ; brought Christ into our means to pay; this sent me to a hearts the hope of glory, heaven into throne of grace often, and at times our souls, and the joys of it in part. I was fully persuaded my good God Yea it has caused coaches and horses would appear for me; and to the dou- to run to my relief, and taken sleep ble and triple honour of his eternal from the eyes of persons and constrainname he did : for whilst I was with ed them to come to my relief when I you, working in the vineyard of my have been almost in a perishing condear, faithful and honoured Master, dition, and brought flesh by ravens he was at work for poor hell-deserv. into my house when my children have ing me in a most marvellous manner, been crying for meat, paid my rent for the letter I received when at your and kept a house over my head, clohouse informed me that the good thed my back and filled my empty Lord had sent me five pounds from belly, and that of my poor little offLondon ; Oh that men would there. spring, when to all outward appearfore praise the Lord for his goodness, ence I must starve for want. Yea, and for his surpassing love to you and moreover, have moved the most stub. worthless me. But this is not all,' born and incurable diseases of body my loving sister, for my good God and soul, when all human aid has fail. and loving Saviour surpassed all my ed. This, and much more, the poor

with you ;






mortal that now writes is a living wit- see them blessedly united; hence we ness of. O my dear friend, pray with hear him say “ I cried to thee, O Lord, out ceasing, and you shall prevail with and unto the Lord I made supplication thy Jesus, and constrain him to turn thou hast turned for me my mourning

and do not forget the poor into dancing, thou hast put off my helpless worm, as he cannot forget you sackcloth and girded me with gladness: and your's. Many cries went out of my I will give thanks unto thee for ever.” heart for you on my road home. God It is to be lamented that we, who for ever bless you and your's, so prays, are the recipients of so many mercies,

should allow them to be buried in oblivion; and that because they are so constant and oft repeated in their

communications we should overlook CHRIST.

the hand that bestows them, and so

criminally fail to realize the fountain I will call upon the Lord, who is wor

from whence they flow. If we survey thy to be praised."

the works of creation, and contemBeloved FRIENDS—I do most hear- plate the mysteries of his providence. tily rejoice with you for the grace even these are only so many faint exmanifested in your experience; calling pressions of his infinite wisdom, and you, by an act of sovereign and eter- skill. Indeed, from the highest angel nal love, out of darkness into God's in glory, down to the meanest insect marvellous light, by which you may be that crawls beneath the earth, all assured that he that hath begun a unite in setting forth the intelligence, good work in you, will perform it un- the power, and the faithfulness of him til the day of redemption. I felt quite who speaks, and it is done, who comhappy in witnessing your attendance mands, and it stands fast for ever. at our social prayer meetings, and do David was quite familiar with this inhope that you will ever regard this ex- teresting subject, and refers to it on ercise as a mean the Lord has appoint- many occasions, in order that he might ed to impart spiritual instruction, and exhibit the uncreated glories of Jesus, comfort to the souls of his children, as contrasted with his own nothing. fitting and preparing them to every ness and insignificance; hence he says, good word and work,

When I consider the heavens, the As you have now entered upon a work of thy fingers, the moon and the public profession of the name of Christ stars which thou hast ordained, Lord


walk circumspectly, re- what is man that thou art mindful of deeming the time because the days him, and the son of man that thou are evil;" and if at any time you feel shouldest visit him.” This view of the disposed to forsake assembling with character of Jehovah, in connection your companions in tribulation for with a feeling sense of interest in covprayer and supplication, suspect that enant mercy, led him afterwards to all is not right within, and never let it say, " all thy works shall praise thee, be said of you

O foolish Galatians, O Lord, and thy saints shall bless who hath bewitched you, that ye thee.” Again, I would say, were it should not obey the truth, before not for the insensibility of which we whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been are the unhappy subjects, so numerous evidently set forth crucified among are our mercies, and so constant in you.'

I would remind you that their return, our whole lives would be prayer and thanksiving were two of the one continued expression of praise and principal features in the experience of thanksgiving. Do we fail, my dear the sweet singer of Israel, and that in friend, of motives of excitement to this his most highly favoured moments we exercise ! Think for a moment of

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see that

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