lem, and they shall be my people, and please to remember me, with christian I will be their God, in truth and affection, to the few blood-bought of righteousness.” Oh for faith to cre- your little society,and very particularly dit what the Almighty saith. When to Mr. S. Hą, jun., and the citizens faith is in exercise, all is well. When of Zion who favoured me with such a poor Peter believed, he could walk on proof of christian love that will never the sea, but, ah, when he feared and be forgotten by me; and I hope my disbelieved, he began to sink; so even dear friends will recollect that my dear the father of the faithful, Abraham Lord Jesus will address them by and himself, when his faith was up, he by, saying “ Inasmuch as ve did it could go up Mount Moriah to offer to one of the least of these my bre. up his beloved son; but we see him thren, ye did it unto me.” I would before Abimeleck, afraid to own his finish my long jargon, by saying to wife-Say thou art my sister. O my you, what Aaron was commissioned dear friend, I have need to pray every to say, “ The Lord bless thee, and hour of my life, Lord increase my keep thee ; the Lord make his face to faith!

· shine upon thee, and give thee peace." I have once more paid a visit to So prays your poor brother, in covemy friends in Lincolnshire, where I nant bonds, think I had the happiest month I ever enjoyed in my life. I have been there nine times, and I trust I always found the Lord with me; and that

BY REV. J. VINALL, OF LEWES. which the Lord directed me to speak, I spoke, and no more. Oh, what a

(No. 9.-To be continued.) mercy it is that there are a few witpesses for the truth in all directions, ble, I will deliver thee, and thou shalt

* Call

upon me in the day of troubut, alas, how very few that profess the truth that ever felt the power of glorify me,” Psalm 1. 15. it. How many there are, go where As I am often led to speak of the you will, who, like the fig-tree, that evidences of a child of God, I shall never bare any thing but leaves, for it not at this time attempt to enter on stood in the highway, and was only a thạt subject, only observe that my hedge-row tree, and never planted in text applies to every regenerate child the vineyard. Just so it is, every one

of God, to the weak as well as those who is not born of the Spirit, like the who are sweetly established. I know barren fig-tree, will wither away.

Oh some of you will be ready to say, what a mercy if you and I, my dear have called upon God, month after friend, under the teaching of God the month and year after year, and yet Holy Ghost, are led to distinguish seem to obtain no answer, and faint between the seed of the woman and at ever obtaining the promised blesthe seed of the serpent-between the sing. I would ask


Can righteous and the wicked—between up and say I will call no more on this the saint and the sinner-between name? Oh, no, you will say, no more the son and the slave—the sheep and than I can give up eating food for the the goats—the chaff and the wheat; support of the body. Go on, then, and to know in whom we have be- poor soul, thou shalt reap in due time; lieved. I fear I have tired you with the longer thou hast to wait the grea. my long epistle and that you will be ter will be thy harvest : read the på hardly able to read it. I have been rable of the importunate widow, and very unwell since I came from Lin the man going to his friend at midcolnshire, the journey being rather to night. I have known the time, many long for


old tabernacle. You will years ago, when I had only to ask and

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you give

and more.

have, and continually had to prove are brought here ; whereas when we the substance of this text, Before rest on frames and feelings we are they call, I will answer; and while tossed about continually. I often find they are yet speaking I will hear,” these words of Mr. Hart sweet inBut alas, my dear friends, I have found deedsince then far otherwise; and my lan

" What Christ has said must be fulfilled, guage often is, in my heavy and long

On this firm rock believers build ; affliction, “How long, O Lord, how

His word shall stand, his truth prevail, long? wilt thou forget me for ever ?”

And not one jot or tittle fail.”. But I must also say my dear Lord often pays me a visit, and assures Then we glorify God by grateful acme he still loves me; and never did I knowledgements of his goodness when more than now, enjoy at times such we are delivered, as it is said, “Who. sweet communion. I spend much of

so offereth praise glorifieth me," &c. my time alone, and very profitable do We also glorify God by telling his I find it. But I must forbear saying children what we have proved of his any more of myself, I want to preach divine faithfulness Christ said to Jesus Christ and him crucified more one, Go home to thy friends, and tell

them what great things he hath done Now a little for the first part of my for thee. We also find, with the poor text. We find that sometimes the leper, how he returned and glorified Almighty long tries his children, at God. But some will say, When I am other times not so; how long Abra- delivered out of any particular trial, ham had to wait, so had Isaac, so had I sometimes find a want of that sweet Jacob and Joseph; and how long the gratitude that I desire. This is a children of Israel hail to wait in Egypt, most painful feeling; I have often upwards of four hundred years : but known it, and many a grief it causes what does God say, “ I have seen, I


soul; but here is our comhave seen the affliction of my people, fort, where there is first a willing mind and am come down to deliver them.' it is accepted. Perhaps, my dear At the time of Jacob's trouble with friends, we are not always to be trustEsau it was short, perhaps not many ed with what we want, for we might hours, but it was very severe. We make more of it than we ought, and find also, with Hezekiah, it was very

“ Spiritual pride would soon creep in, sharp, but it was not a long trial; I

And turn the very grace to sin.” mean in reference to the invasion of the Assyrian army.

But whatever Oh, what lessons we have to learn our trials are, whether long or short, whilst here below. But the time is the promise will be fulfilled, “ I will fast coming when we can serve him deliver thee.”

as we want to serve him, without inSecondly. But when, how, and by terruption, for ever and ever. I often what means ? This is very often our long to be dissolved, to lay down my enquiry, but with this we have nothing poor afflicted tabernacle and be for to do; the Almighty is infinite in wis- ever at rest; but yet would I desire dom, and will work in his own way, to wait my dear Lord's time, and to his

own time, and by what means he do what he has yet in reserve. pleases; we have to do with the pro- If any poor soul has received a mise; and here I desire more and more blessing from these few broken unto rest, and desire, my dear friends, connected hints, may the Lord have to lead your minds to the stability of all the praise, and thus I shall leave the everlasting covenant, ordered in the subject. Amen. all things well, and sure to all the

Leu es. seed. What peace is felt when we



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you again!

I can never forget you

so long as life and memory remain. My very Dear Brother,

Tender my love to Mrs. P. I believe I HAIL you in the Lord's she is a lively stone ordained to shine dear name as one of the blood royal, in that stupendous fabric—the temple whose destiny is the heaven of hea- of God-founded on the incarnate vens : after you have suffered awhile, Son of the' eternal Father. Every a few more surges, and you will enter predestinated soul is a part of that the haven of endless rest. I often noble building of exquisite workmanlook in upon you in my thoughts, ship. Every stone washed in blood and often call to mind the many divine-hewn, polished, and fitted for sweet seasons of heavenly fellowship its place--shall shine in the same. we have enjoyed together, which will A building not made with hands : never be wholly forgotten. You that is, not human. · Not by might complain of Mr. F's ministry as not nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith being of a piece: this is always the the Lord.” case where the Holy Ghost is not the Every blessing needful be with you teacher, A wolf may appear in a and your's, and all the Lord's resheep's clothing, but the sharp scen- deemed. So prays your unworthy ted of the family will smell them, and brother in the Lord, a circumcised ear trieth words, and a sound judgment weighs the subject. I know you possess some of these

THE TRUE NATURE OF SPIRITUAL AND qualifications, therefore take care

TEMPORAL BLESSINGS. what you hear and how; try the spirits, all are not of God, and the LEARN to value spiritual blessings sheep will not, cannot hear them. I and temporal likewise, not by the do feel for you, my brother, and the things themselves, but by the love of few straggling sheep around you : God from which they came. A small the Lord will most assuredly take blessing may be out of abundance of care of you. But you will say “No love: God may abound in love to gospel ministry, no refreshing sab- thee in bestowing it, when the blesbaths, can this work for good?' yea sing in the matter of it is but little. it must, for He hath spoken it, and What is the reason that many good in his own time He will either send souls, who have true grace wrought you the gospel or you to it. “ Fear in their hearts, are so very unthanknot, thou worm Jacob.” " Who ful? They look to the grace wrought shall lay anything to the charge of in them, and see there is but little of God's elect?” Christ's death was that; and they value all by what the death of death and sin's destruc- they find in themselves, by the bles. tion. Our God and Father ever ing wrought; I find but little in me, beholds us in his Son without spot if any at all: and while they thus and blameless, amid all the corruption value the blessing by what they find we are the subjects of in ourselves. in themselves, they prove unthankful The Holy Ghost leads the poor sinner unto God. Whereas that little grace out of himself to Jesus for every thou hast, that little faith, be it but thing.

as a grain of mustard seed, it proMy dear brother, I am still preach- ceeds out of abundance of grace

in ing no other gospel than you have God. God abounds infinitely in his heard from my lips. I know no other. love to thee, when thou hast but the God has revealed no other. My soul least beginning of grace in thee, as desires no other. Say you not so ? small at first as Nicodemus had.

Oh how glad should I be to see Eph. i. 8; ii. 4; iii. 11.


But this preco

Poor green

Would you

Dialogues on the Apocalypse; shewing to review the book, and not to act as

that the whole tenour of Prophecy judge of the man. relates to Events which are yet to cious youth, mounted upon the stilts Come. By Henry Erskine Head, of editorship, and inflated with a pride A. M,. Rector of Feniton, Devon. which, if he be a partaker of divine 12mo. pp. 138. London, Palmer grace, will one day undoubtedly cause and Son.

him grief, struts about, fixing the Before entering upon the contents destinies of his brother mortals, by of this volume, we feel it right to smelling, feeling, and touching the advert to the splenetic review of a publication which may happen to be Series of Tracts by this same author, sent him for review. which appeared in last month's num- headed lad! he feels the pulse of the ber of the Gospel Standard,' caused tract that he may know if the author we presume by their bitter hostility to is a believer : he smells the tract that the Establishment in which Mr. Head he may ascertain if the author is continues to officiate as a minister. spiritually taught: he touches it and We had hoped that the wholesome looks at it, under and over and on and necessary reproof which we had both sides, to determine if the author administered to this juvenile reviewer, is sound in the faith. would have taught him some little ever think that a man would acknowprudence ; but alas, as the wise king ledge himself such a simpleton ! of Israel found it to be in his day so Really instead of playing these it is now, “ Though thou shouldest mountebank juggleries, instead of bray a fool in a mortar, among wheat practising these spiritual sorceries, if in a pestle, yet will not his foolishness he had quietly sat himself down in depart from him,” Prov. xxvii. 22. his arm-chair and soberly read the Without noticing the coxcomb lan- tract, comparing its contents, as the guage in which it is concocted, we Bereans did, with the pages of inspi. assert that it is most unjustifiable for ration, he would we submit have been any man—when in his capacity of better qualified to give his opinion editor he is pretending to inform his to those who may consider his opinion readers as to the character of the of any value. book before him—to assume the

po- Having said thus much on the unsition of Jehovah, and to determine the scripturalness of a reviewer reviewing spiritual condition and eternal destiny the author instead of reviewing the of an author. God hath said " I am he book, we proceed to notice the volume that searcheth the heart, and tryeth before us. the reins of the children of men;" It is written dialoguewise, and and no authentic intelligence has yet divided into nine chapters, having at reached us that this high prerogative the close a large folded sheet of the hath been transferred to the censo import of the Apocalyptic seals, rious self-opinioned pedant who hath drawn up on the principle that they of late officiated as editor of the are all unfulfilled. Th in fact is • Gospel Standard.' This young man the substance of the entire work ; doth not seem to understand the Mr. Head's object being to prove office of a reviewer. His business is that the trumpets and vials announce

September, 1841.]

judgments still in futurity—that the in panoramic outline, the gorgeous slaying of the witnesses has not at features of a stone-built Jerusalem, present taken place—that the beast and to fancy the splendours of another with seven heads, &c. is a man yet temple-to represent Christ holding to appear-that the Babylon of the an earthly court, and to be one of Apocalypse is an actual city yet to be the attendants at his royal pavilion : built-and that the conversion and but to the spiritually awakened eye restoration of the Jews to their own all these things sink into insignifiland, with the rebuilding of the city cance. The believer remembers that and temple, wherein sacrifices shall Christ hath said “ My kingdom is be again offered, is the leading feature not of this world :” he reflects that of the Apocalypse.

while Christ once humbled hiraself So much has been written on this and came in the form of a servant to mysterious portion of God's word, work out and bring in an everlasting and opinions so opposite to each salvation, nowhere is he spoken of other have been maintained with so as humbling himself a second time. much pertinarity by their respective He is now seated on his high and authors, that we frankly acknowledge glorious throne in the heavens, and we take up with but little interest every view which represents him as any new work upon the subject. We descending into the position of an have nevertheless read this volume earthly king, is a second humiliation, throughout: there are many judicious which no scripture can be found to observations contained in it, and in justify. some parts undoubtedly these afford Again, we do believe, notwith. considerable insight into dark passa- standing all that this talented author ges of scripture: but we can by no has advanced to oppose it, and not. means give in our concurrence with withstanding that we remember our the general tenour of the author's dear friend Dr. Hawker differed from sentiments. Our space here will not us likewise, that the papacy is speciallow of our entering into detail upon fically alluded to in the book of the the whole subject, nor is it necessary, Apocalypse. We cannot with this While we are completely at issue writer, and doubtless many other with those who scoff at the idea of a great and good men, deem the bishop millenial period, wherein shall be ex- of Rome as the head of a systemperienced a more abundant outpour- too mean and too little to engage the ing of the influences of the Holy Spirit's notice.

He who is repreGhost, and when shall be blissfully sented as preserving in a bottle the realized those delightful scenes which tears of his saints, regards not withthe prophets have in figure adumbra- out observation that mystery of ini. ted-while we believe that God's word quity which hath caused the outflowpositively predicts a time yet to arrive, ing of rivers of their blood! To our when in the exuberance of spiritual view the picture is complete, and mercies Immanuel may be said to most confidently do we believe that reign manifestly King in Zion: we upon Popery as a system will get be at the same time repudiate, as un- poured out the vials of God's indig. scriptural and degrading, all those nation. She may arise from her carnal views which represent the Sa- present enfeebled state : yea she is viour as visible monarch of a visible arising : she is gathering together earthly kingdom, and imagine terres. her strength for one concentrated tial dignities for the saints of the effort to regain her latent despotism; Most High. These things may be and it may be that our God for wise pleasing to the flesh; to the eye of purposes will permit her to do so eense it may be rapturvus to sketch, successfully. God's Zion may again

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